Grudge Fuck


By: Sammy Parsons

Yes, I am an asshole. Some people take offense to being called such things but some of us truly earn the title, I am one of those people. Carrie, my first wife and I married too young, I was 21 and she was 18 when we got hitched. It was a truly horrific roller coaster ride for 2 years, at the end of 2 years about all we had in common was arguing and fucking; when the fucking stopped it was time for the bitch to leave.

She and I had always been compatible in the sack; it was part of the sexual chemistry between us. We tried almost everything in the book but the one thing I could never get her to go for was butt fucking. Even when I got her shit faced drunk I could never travel down the Hershey highway with her. As soon as she even thought I was thinking about it she would freak out.

I finally reached my bullshit limit on a cool Friday morning in September. I remember the morning in vivid detail; I woke up early to go to work and had the nerve to say "good morning" to her. She bitched at me about waking her and turned her back to the wall as I got up from the bed and headed to the shower. As I showered I continued to seethe at her attitude and made a split second decision that changed my life and hers forever.

As I pulled back the shower curtain and stepped from the shower I gazed at the smile on my face in the mirror on the wall, I was getting ready to set the wheels of freedom in motion and I was grinning from ear to ear. I shaved and then returned to the bedroom to dress, I did not do it quietly on purpose and soon she turned on her back to give me a piece of her mind. As she stared at me trying to make the point that she was pissed at me I simply smiled at her.

I think it made her madder than if I had yelled at her, I next put one knee on the bed and leaned her way to give her a kiss.

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   She childishly pulled the covers over her head and never said a word. A moment later I reached and pulled back the covers so hard that I jerked them from her hands, the look in her eyes was priceless, still indignant like she was in control of the situation.

I looked straight into her frosty blue eyes and said to her, "If you think you would be happier somewhere else then get the hell out of this house!"

To say the least she was stunned, in all of the disputes we had I had never kicked her out. But to be honest I did not throw her out I simply put the ball in her court.

"Fine, I will not be here when you get home!" she tried to blurt out but could not quite get any sting on it since she seemed to still be in shock.

"Your choice dear" I calmly purred to her as I got up, turned and walked out of the house.

At 11am I called the house to see if she was still there, when she did not answer I hung up and called a Locksmith that I knew and told him to go over and change the locks on the doors . My next call was to my Attorney, after I explained my problem to him he set up an appointment to come to see him but made a great suggestion that he draw up a preliminary property settlement agreement for her to sign.

He told me that when most women first leave a marriage they are willing to sign most any agreement as long as they get their stuff and their freedom. It is after they stew for a while and talk to family and friends that they want it all. After I told him what I thought was reasonable he told me if she called to have her contact him.

At 1pm Carrie called me at work to tell me that her key did not work on the front door. "I know I changed the locks" I replied to her, "why, did you change your mind?"

She stammered a bit and said, "No, I just need to get my stuff. "

"Well, I you will have to wait until I get home after 4 but in the mean time if you really want a divorce call Russ, my Attorney. "

"Your Attorney?" she asked with a puzzled tone to her voice, "why?"

"He is handling this for me; he knows our assets and says he will draw up a fair settlement agreement for you to look over.

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I could tell she was shocked but still pissed so I gave her his address and hung up. I stopped and paid Dave for the lock work and got my new keys before heading home. She met me at 4pm at the house and it was a priceless scene. She was with her cousin Fran who was driving her husband Bill's pickup truck. Carrie sprang from the truck like a woman on a mission waving the agreement that Russ had her sign.

"You son of a bitch, I am here to get every item on this list and there is not a thing you can do to stop me. "

"I don't plan to stop you" I coldly replied.

My heart sank for a moment as I thought that Russ might have given away a lot of my stuff but as I looked at the "list" I had to leave the room to keep a straight face. She got all of her clothes, those God awful ugly knick-knacks of hers and all of the linens and dishes. If I had sold all of that crap in a yard sale I could not have cleared $75. The one possession that was not on the list was her piano but I was sure she had not thought of that yet by the way she was acting.

As the last of the crap was stowed away in the truck she said "I will be back tomorrow to get the piano"

"Why?" I said to Carrie, "It's not on the list!"

"It has to be, that was my granny's piano and remember you have always hated it"

As she looked over the agreement again I saw the sinking bolt of reality hit her as she did not find it on the list.

"Sweetie, you signed the agreement, you live with it" and escorted her and Fran out the door.

An hour later she called me crying about that dammed piano, I listened and then told her to come over by herself tomorrow afternoon and we would discuss it. As I hung up I looked at the piano.

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   She was right I had always hated it, it was a baby grand heirloom of her families, the only real asset she had and she had signed it away to me. Of course I realized that in the long run she would be able to get it back and probably more but I decided to use it to my advantage.

The next morning she arrived at the house and I let her in, she went to the sofa and sat down, I went to the kitchen and got a beer. I asked her if she wanted one but she said she wanted a cola instead.

"In what?" I giggled, "I don't have any glasses. "

"Oh, that's right" she smirked back, "okay, a beer. "

As we sat and talked we both knew what we wanted, she wanted her piano and I wanted to violently fuck her in the ass, not for the sex, I wanted a good grudge fuck. She laid out her case to me and I sat there with a straight face until she finished and said "so how about it, can I have the piano?"

"I will give you the piano" I said then paused, watching the rush of joy fill her face. "But. . . " I could see the apprehension set in as she realized there was a catch. "You have to let me fuck your ass. "

I could not have stunned her more if I would have pulled a gun on her, she was totally shocked. I saw rage mixed with confusion in her eyes, and then I saw the thing that turned me on most, I saw acceptance in her eyes and she said "okay you bastard? "

I was like a kid with a new toy, my dick sprang to attention with a warm rush of blood racing to it in anticipation of the going away present I had for her.

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   She got up and started to go to the bedroom but I gently grabbed her arm and told her I wanted to do it right there in the Living Room. As I quickly undressed and stood there naked and hard waiting for her to hurry up. After all I was free from making this a sensual experience for her.

As she undressed slowly she seemed to be trying to tease me, slowly dropping her bra after peeling of her top showing me that great, firm set of tits she had. Then facing me she slowly slipped her jeans and panties down her smooth, tanned legs. I momentarily glanced at her pussy and remembered how good she could be at fucking when she wanted to be but I quickly let that thought pass and I zeroed in on my prize.

As she stood there naked she asked me, "what now?"

"Bend over the arm of the couch baby"

She shot a mean look at me but complied just the same. As she bent over the arm of the couch she rested her elbows on the cushion, as she did it raised her ass up into the air and I sprang into action. She was apparently under a couple of false impressions, the first of which seemed to be that she thought it would be over quickly.

As I stood behind her and began to press my dick between her ass cheeks she realized that I had not lubed up, on several of my former failed attempts to get her ass I had always lubed either my finger or myself before attempting entry, right now she was under the impression that I gave a damn about her comfort.

    "What about. . . " was all she got out before I rammed my rock hard pecker about one inch inside of her poop chute, she gasped like she had been punched and screamed in pain. Without letting up a bit I pulled back half as much and drove hard into her bowels again, this time I managed to bury half of my 7" cock into her tight, bone dry asshole.

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       She was hysterical with searing pain but I was not giving her a second to recuperate. On the third entry I buried my entire cock into the depths of her.

    Normally I would have probably given her a break but that was before she left, I now began to ravage her asshole like a locomotive. For me it was an amazing experience, the dry tight walls of her asshole allowed me to experience intense pleasure from the friction. At first I thought I would probably shoot my load quickly from the intensity but within a minute I had my second wind and I was pile driving her bowels.

    Her end of the experience had to be horrifying, she was screaming, cursing and crying. Her breaths were accentuated at the end of each pile drive I delivered to her ass with a grunt as if she were being punched in the abdomen.

    "Stop! Please stop!" she screamed after a couple of minutes.

    "If I do the deal is off. So, do you want the piano or not?" I cruelly taunted her.

    "I want it, I want it!" she sincerely sobbed.

    "Then shut the fuck up bitch!" I yelled at her.

    I slammed ever harder into her asshole, pushing her so hard that she actually rose up onto her tip toes from the force of being driven forward. I was a maniac at that moment. I was so cruel that when I felt her canal get a little slick I looked down to see that the reason was blood and shit coating my dick.

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       Instead of letting up I laughed out loud and told her "there's your lube baby. "

    She then buried her face in a pillow and continued to scream and hysterically cry. The pain must have been intense for her because a few times I looked down to find her biting the pillow and followed by muffled screams. On the other hand I had never had such an intensely pleasurably experience in my life. It is still hard to explain except to say that it was fucking awesome.

    Maybe it was all of the frustrations of two years welling up in me but I was still pile driving her and could still not feel the end nearing. I was on a power trip and I was milking it all the way. After what must have been 15 minutes of all out fucking I was getting winded and was feeling the fire of impending orgasm welling up in the base of my dick.

    As the burn in my shaft began to rise to the tip I was plunging into Carrie's bowels with continuous 7" thrusts then I exploded into her asshole adding my cum to the mixture of blood, shit and the sweat off of her body which was streaming down the crack of her lovely ass. Several volleys of warm, sticky come were deposited into her bowels. As I pulled back and out of her hole I was amused to see the sight I saw.

    Her poor asshole was still stretched out a bit from the exit of her unwelcome intruder; it was a mess of all of the above mentioned ingredients. There was a mixture of red and brown streaming from her still gaping open poop chute. The area around her hole was smeared and splattered with blood and to my amusement small pinkish bubbles of cum mixed with blood was percolating out of her asshole like one of those old fashioned coffee pots.

    She was still sobbing and as she stood tried to stand up and couldn't she turned to look to me for a little help.


       Her face and hair were a twisted mess. She looked terrible. I guess it makes me a heel but I had to laugh at her but I did help her stand up and steadied her until she could stand. As she started to calm down she was still mouthing about what an asshole I was.

    I simply smiled at her and said, "I bet you would like to take a shower. "

    She weakly looked at me and said, "That would be nice right now. "

    I then grinned at her and smirked, "sorry dear, I don't own any towels. "

    Grasping the irony of the situation she lowered her head and began to round up her clothes, as she stood there on the carpet slipping back into her clothes and wiping away the remains of the fucking from her legs and such I said to her, "Sweetheart, could you please dress in the Kitchen? You are messing up my carpet. "

    She kept her head bowed and dragged herself to the linoleum floor in the Kitchen, Finished dressing and dragged herself bowlegged to the door and left. That was when my conquest of her was complete.
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