Happy birthday


"It's a surprise" she told him. Stan tried to pull it out of her but she refused to tell him anything about what she had planned for his birthday later that night. All Alice told him was that she wanted his balls full.

Before they left she blindfolded him. While in the car driving, Alice let her hand rest on his inner thigh, slowly sliding up to his balls and back again. She asked him to unzip himself for her, but instead of pulling his cock out of his pants she reached inside to softly touch on either side of him.

"Are they full?"
"Yes. . "

They came to a stop but Alice warned him not to take the blindfold off.

A short walk to a door that she opened for him, people's voices, then elevator. . . and another door. "Keep the blindfold on" she told him again as she lightly pushed him against the wall.

A minute later Stan felt her hand reaching up to finally take the blindfold off. When he opened her eyes.

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  . . it wasn't Alice. A tall blonde in black stilettos and black sheer negligee smiling up at him.

"I'm Anna" she said, as she took his hand and lead him to the couch.

As he sat down he saw Alice across the room, sitting on the edge of a bed in a red satin corset. "Watch" she said.

Anna walked over to the bed bent down and kissed her. Alice's hands were on Anna's legs, then higher on her ass. Alice then stood up and they both came closer. Another kiss - this time Stan could see Alice's tongue entering Anna's mouth, as Anna's hands started exploring her breasts. She loosened Alice's corset and one hand reached underneath. Stan could hear Alice gasp, her eyes closed. Slowly Anna took the corset off and said "now undress me. "

Alice peeled Anna's negligee off, kissing and sucking Anna's full breasts and brushing against her pierced shaved pussy.

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   Alice took a step back, and sat in Stan's lap, facing Anna. She could feel Stan's hard cock against her ass. Reaching back, she undid his belt and pant button. Anna spread Alice's legs and got down on her knees. Both her hands on Alice's breasts, squeezing and playing with Alice's nipples, her mouth on Alice's stomach. As Anna's tongue started to go lower Alice moaned and Stan could feel her ass starting to twitch against his cock, moving against him side to side. Anna's tongue was now on Alice's panties, her fingers teasing her clit but denying skin to skin touch. Alice started to moan louder, one hand on Anna's head pulling her closer, one hand guiding Anna's inside her wet panties.

Stan could feel Alice grinding against his cock more urgently. Anna took Alice's panties off but then got up and put her leg on Stan's shoulder. Alice turned to Stan -

"Do you want me to lick her pussy?"
"Eat her for me. "

Alice started rocking back and forth again. Her fingers on Anna's pussy, her tongue just above the clit.

"Eat her. .

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  . "

Stan watched as Alice's tongue slid down between Anna's lips. Eating her pussy. With her hands on Anna's ass, her mouth stroking her clit, Alice continued to grind on Stan's throbbing cock.

He reached around Alice to feel her pussy. He found it wet and aching. He needed to touch more of her. Alice spread her legs for him, now getting loud, her mouth still hungrily buried in Anna's pussy, her tongue inside of her.

"You are going to make me cum. "
"Cum for me. . . cum while you are eating her. Cum. Don't stop licking her.

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   Cum for me"

Stan felt Alice starting to cum, the sound of her muffled by Anna's pussy still in her mouth. Finally she collapsed back onto him.

"How full are they now?".