He Was Only 14


It was a saturday, The sun was hot and bright and the heat was unbearable. We were jumping on the trampoline with our shirts off, trying to take advantage of an artificial breeze. I'm 17, lean and tan with dark hair, Jack is 16 with sandy blonde hair and a lean build with washboard abs. Tim is 14 with beautiful long blonde hair and a lean developing body. He had baby fair skin and peircing blue eyes. He was so beautiful. His ass was round and firm and I watched it as he jumped.
Then we played with the hose to cool off. watching those two sprayy each other, their bodies glistening in the miday sun, was almost too much. I could feel my pants growing tighter.
Jack had some lesson at 230 leaving me and Tim alone in the house. We sat on his bed and he played video games and I watched his half naked body, fantasiing about wrapping my arms around him and sliding a hand down his pants. After a couple minutes I noticed something. A bulge made obvious by his small wet shorts.
"What's going on down there?" I joked, indicating his crotch. He blushed, "It's all good.

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   It happens," I said. Then a thought struck me. "You ever masturbated?"
"Yeah," he said.
"Ever been masturbated?" I asked, ready to play it off as a joke.
He looked up at me with those peircing blue eyes with excitement and confusion.
"You would do that?" He asked.
"Sure," I said. "If you want. "
"Yeah, sure. " He said, his bulge growing.
"Alright, whip it out," I said.
He did. He unbuttoned his shorts frantically and pulled them off. He had trouble with his lime green boxers because they were wet, but he managed. And there he was, standing in the middle of the room, but naked in front of me with his 5 inch cock sticking strait up in the air.

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   I stood. I grabbed his dick and started rubbing it slowly. He turned red immediately from pleasure and emitted low moans. I started going a little faster. He moaned a little more audibly. Then he grabbed my wrist to get me to go faster and harder. He threw his head back and let out a loud groan. He looked back at me his face contorted and red. I smiled. "I'm coming," he said. "I want you to come on me," I said and I got down on my knees, angling his dick toward my chest. With one more moan he came, shooting come all over my body. His small body shook with the convulsions of the orgasm and he made a face of pure satisfaction. I moaned as his warm cum soaked my bare chest and abs.
"Shit I need a shower now," I said.

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"I'll join you," He said .
I smiled. How I'd corrupted him. And Christ, he was only 13. Oh well, I didn't care. I led him to his own shower and stepped into the bathroom, fresh cum still dripping off my body. I turned on the shower and when I turned back he grabbed my crotch. Then he unzipped my fly and undid my pants and pulled them off with my boxers in one movement. My 7 inch was fully erect when I stepped into the shower. He followed.
I let the cum wash off my body while he stood behind me, his dick resting against my ass, his hands carressing my abs, my pubes, my balls, everything but my cock, making it torturous and amazingly erotic at the same time. When the last bit of his semen had washed off my body he stood on his toes and whispered in my ear: "What do you wanna do?"
"I dunno. " I said.
"You can put that thing anywhere you want,"" he said. I chose his ass.

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   How could I resist something so firm and beautiful. It was like a dream come true.
I pressed him against the back wall of the shower. He was bent over just a bit. I told him it might hurt and he said I hope it does. I feld around in his crack at first, taking my time, savouring it. Then I rammed my cock up his virgin ass as hard as I could. He screamed bloody murder and that only made me want to ram him harder. I fucked him and fucked him for ten minutes strait. By minute seven he had stopped screaming and was now only silent. His ass was so tight and I was liberal with my hands, spending most of the time caressing his ass, only ocassionally moving to feel his dick. After ten minutes I came in him with a loud moan. He said nothing as he got out of the shower and put on his boxers, I followed suit and we lied in his bed together in out underwear in silence. Pure satisfaction.

Then Joe came home.

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