Helen Gets Punked


Helen held the name card in front of her. Her eyesight wasn't as good now. She just hit fifty but was surprised how fast her body went downhill. The name card read "James Booker, Advertising Manager". She looked at the brown building. The place was correct all right.

She entered the office complex and entered the claustrophobic elevator. James' company had posted a job listing last week asking for potential ladies as models for a fashion line catered to mature women. It promised to pay well for two hours work.

Helen fitted the bill more or less. Age between 45 to 65, check. Height at least five feet, check. In good health, check. Bubbly and friendly personality, check.

Helen tapped her fingernails on the metal handles as the elevator creaked upwards. She really hoped this gig would work out.

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   Since her husband died of cancer last year, she was floating in and out of part time jobs. Monthly rent was always a problem. Her 22 year old son Bobby was still studying in a local college and fees weren't cheap.

After an eternity, the elevator finally opened to a carpeted corridor and she found a glass door labelled with "James Booker Advertising". She checked her reflection in the glass door. Her hair was dark and still full, though grey was sh9 wing at her temples. Eyebags a little saggy but she applied enough makeup and eyeliners to cover it up. She adjusted her red full-length blouse that she usually only wore to dinner parties. Her body was still rather curvy for her age but she just felt fat.

Helen knocked on the door and moments later, the door opened revealing a handsome young man, dressed in a white tee and faded jeans. His body was muscular and fit under the tight shirt. He smiled and said, "Mrs Carter? I'm James Booker. "

"James? Just call me Helen. " She shook his hand as he ushered her into a small office. There was an oak desk with a laptop and a video camera on a short tripod stand.

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   Next to the table was a yellow sofa and a rack of clothes, presumably, the fashion line.

"Please, take a seat Helen. I'm so glad you could make it. "

Helen took a seat on the sofa while James sat behind the desk, scanning a piece of paper. Looking up he asked, "You're fifty this year?"

Helen rubbed her neck, a pang of fear that she was too old. "Yes, earlier this month. Is there a problem?"

James laughed, waving his hand. "No, no. You look so much younger than I fifty. You work out a lot?"

"I control my diet and go for walks. " She didn't tell him about her part time job scrubbing toilets and shifting boxes till her whole body ached. She touched the clothes in the rack. "Is this the clothing line?"

James nodded then bit his lips. "Helen, I have a side business too, besides the fashion line. I think you'll be perfect for it.

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Helen leaned forward, hand clasped in her lap. "What is it? I'm all ears. "

James cleared his throat and said calmly, "I do nude photography of older women. There are certain clients who enjoy those kind of pictures. Would you be interested?"

Helen stiffened up and her heart beat raced. She crossed an uncrossed her legs. It sounded like those perverts on porn sites. Naked? She couldn't do that. "I'll just stick to the clothing line please. "

James frowned. "Listen, those clients pay good money. "

"How much?" She remembered the rent was coming soon and her bank account was nearly dry.

"$500 for two hours. "

Helen let out a low whistle. "That's a lot of money.

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  " Her fingers kept twitching nervously. Bobby's school fees, rental, groceries. Damn, this really could help. Then she thought of her late husband and a pang of guilt hit her.

"Look, I got it here. " James said, opening a drawer. He took out a stack of cash and slapped it on the desk. "I like you Helen. I'll increase it to $600. " He fanned it out on the desk to show her the six hundred dollars.

Helen really wanted the money but at the cost of baring it all? Her pastor definitely wouldn't approve. But he didn't have to face sleepless nights crying wondering how to buy the next meal. Nude? That wasn't so bad. Some art pieces had nude ladies too right? No big deal. The money seemed to be calling out to her.

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Helen finally breathed out and said, "Fine, two hours, $650. "

James grinned, taking out another fifty dollar note and adding it to the stack. "Let's get to work shall we? Please stand up and take off your clothes. "

This was it. No turning back.

He retrieved a DSLR camera from under the desk and carried it. Helen stood up nervously and kicked off her heels. Then she undid her blouse and let it drop to the ground around her feet.

James started snapping photos. "Keep going. Great. "

Helen removed her bra and panties, feeling in that instant so cold and exposed. James smiled as he snapped, coming for closeup shots of her breasts.

"Helen, your body is really perfect. "

"You think so?" Helen said amused, unsure if it was just flattery.

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James replied, "Met a few other applicants like you, younger and in much worse shape. Had to turn them down. You're the best by far. "

Helen blushed. She was instantly attracted to this handsome young man. He snapped a few more photos and said, "Could you sit down and spread your legs?"

"What?" Helen asked in surprise. "That is rude. "

"My clients like that though, and I'm just the supplier. Come on, don't you want the $650?" James frowned.

She stared at the money on the desk again. "$700. "

"Wow, you're a ruthless businesswoman. But since I know people will pay for you, agreed. " He went back to the desk and took out another fifty note. "Happy now?"

How much money does James have in that drawer? Helen smiled and slumped to the sofa, opening her legs gingerly to reveal her soft pussy and labia.

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"Wonderful. " James knelt on one knee and pried her legs wider. He began snapping closeups of her vagina and Helen tried to think of the money. Her thoughts were interrupted by James.

"Could you use your fingers to spread the lips apart?"

Helen cringed as she tenderly pulled the lips of her pussy apart. She didn't want to know who got a hard-on by those pictures. Get her money, get out. That's the plan. Goodbye James.

James stood up and placed the camera on the desk. "Beautiful, really beautiful. "
"Are we done?" Helen asked, scooping up her clothes quickly.

"It depends on you. " James said, leaning on the table, a twinkle in his eye.

Helen cocked her eyebrows at him.

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   Another proposition again?

James placed his hand on the video camera standing on his desk. "Would you be willing to star in a porn film?"

Helen laughed. "First the fake fashion line, then the nude photos and now a porn film? You're crazy. I'm taking my $700. "

She started wearing her dress when James sighed almost theatrically. "What a pity Helen, I could have paid much much more. "

She stopped her blouse midway to her waist and asked, "Really? How much more?"

James bent down and took out a stack of notes from the drawer again. Her eyes bulged at the amount.

"I'll pay $1300 on top of your $700. That's two grand. "

Helen gulped, her throat raw and dry. That's how much she earned on a good month working her butt off. No, this wasn't right. Her husband was the only person she ever had sex with and it was going to stay that way. But another part of her knew that he was gone forever.

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   She had to face reality now. Bills to pay, mouths to feed.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She'd do this for Bobby. She'd let him down too many times already.

"Deal," she smiled grimly, adrenaline rushing through her veins. What did she agree to?

James clapped his hands and clicked a button on the video camera. It beeped, its cold lens staring at her. "Now let's begin. "

Helen was still holding up her dress midway and she just let it drop down in a pool around her feet. James smiled as he stepped closer to her. His hands reached out and started squeezing her breasts until her nipples went hard.

"Are you excited? Your titties sure are. "

"A little I guess," Helen said, as James bent his head down to her breast. He cupped her breast with both hands and pressed it hard as if juicing an orange.

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Helen winced uncomfortably as he began licking and then sucking her nipple ferociously. It felt weird but stimulating. As James continued exploring her nipples, he reached down to unzipped his pants, withdrawing his hard cock. It was large and throbbing with life.

Helen felt an excitement flow through her body.

James said, "Give it some love. " He roughly pushed Helen to her knees and she wrapped her lips around his cock. She hadn't done that for a long time, not since her younger days. As she sucked, James grabbed her hair and jammed his cock deeper into her throat, causing her to gag and cough.

He pulled her head away to let her catch her breath before banging his cock against the back of her throat. "That's what I'm talking about girl. You're a dirty slut inside. Ready for more?"

Helen coughed and said, "Yes, I want your cock so badly!" She didn't know why she said that, as if her body was responding automatically. Helen continued sucking his wet cock, using her hands to hold it in place until James, yanked her hair backwards.

She was panting now, her body flushed and hair wildly plastered to her face.


   James pulled her up by the armpits and placed her on the sofa. He forced her legs apart, and his face dove into her pussy, his tongue exploring her clitoris and vagina like a snake's tongue.

She felt nothing like this before, her breathing getting faster. "Keep it up James. Yes!"

James licked her clitoris unti it was swollen and huge. Then he slipped his index finger into her vagina, sliding it in and out. She felt so violated but somehow didn't want it to stop.

Helen couldn't control her moaning as the orgasm ripped her up. James laughed as he finally, removed his finger and held Helen's waist. "Turn for me," James said, pivoting Helen's waist. "Get on your knees. "

Helen obeyed, getting on her knees, her arms outstretched, gripping the end of the sofa. Her body trembled, unsure what James had in store next.

James stripped off his jeans and underwear, positioning himself behind her. He thrusted powerfully into her, his cock filling up her tight pussy, making a smacking sound as his flesh contacted her butt.

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   Helen moaned, the size of James' cock creating new emotions in her. It was a bit painful at first, as his massive size stretched the limits of her pussy. Stars exploded in her skull as the raw sensations overwhelmed her.

"Yes, fuck me harder! Fuck!" She screamed again and again and James thrusted into her again and again wih grunts.

"Take this you old bitch!"

He grabbed her waist as he rammed fiercely into her. Helen's fingernails clawed the sofa as the feelings were almost unbearable. Her husband never pleased her like that before. She didn't think it was possible until now.

Her knees buckled and James placed one of his arms below her tummy to support her. "Giving up so fast bitch? This isn't worth my money. Give me all you got slut. "

Helen held her head down and saw James' hairy balls hanging behind her pussy. She said, "Well then, that's cause you're not fucking the daylights out of me. " She laughed hard and gritted her teeth, activating every fiber in her body to stay in place.

"That's the spirit," James said as she watched his black balls swinging back and forth like a wave crashing, his cock slamming deep into her.

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"Shit, that's what I talking about. " Her voice trailed off.

His wet cock spasmed inside her and hot cum shot into her pussy. His body jerked for a few seconds as he left his cock inside her.

"Fuck, that was good," James said, breath ragged. "Helen, that was perfect. I couldn't believe it you got it. The inner porn star. "

He pulled himself out of her and turned her around. Helen fell back on the sofa, her chest heaving. Her arms and thighs were burning with exhaustion. Her vagina was dripping with sticky cum and James pointed to his glistening cock.

Helen took it in her hands and licked it hungrily like a dog with its favourite bone. His softening cock jerked, releasing more cum into her mouth. She spat it out on the floor in disgust.

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"Hey, next time, swallow it. "James said as he rested on the desk.

"Next time?" She glared at him as he wiped beads of sweat off his face.

"Next time because I think the audience is going to love you and want more of you. "

"Audience?" She was too tired to wear back her clothes and laid splayed out on the sofa. Age was catching up.

"This video will be for my premium clients on my show 'Aunties got Punked'. " James tapped the button on the videocamera to stop recording. He wore back his jeans.

Aunties got punked? Certainly, she was punked by James. Fashion shoot to porn star. But she had to admit, it was easy money. James handed her the money. She counted it gleefully and kept it in her handbag.

For a split second, a chill ran up her spine.

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   James wasn't using a condom. Could she get pregnant or worse, get some disease from him? Okay, pregnancy was low but not impossible. She hadn't hit menopause yet. But disease. That was highly possible this playboy who fucked who knows how many ladies already.

"What's on your mind?" James asked.

"Do you have any sexual disease?" Helen asked.

"As far as I checked, no. Don't worry, I'm clean. "

It was too late for any checkup anyway. James passed her some tissue to clean up before wearing back her clothes. James opened the main door for her. "Would you be interested in future shoots?"

Helen thought for a while. Once was enough. An isolated incident for a specific time.

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   "No thanks. Just let me know how the video was received. "

She left the office, promising that this was the last she would do this kind of thing. Her husband would roll in his grave if he knew. But then, the experience was so surreal.

Her handphone rang. It was Bobby.

"Hi mom. Pizzas for dinner?"

She felt guilty all of a sudden. "Hey, I'm in the mood for French tonight. "

"Really, that's quite expensive. "

"Don't worry, let's celebrate mommy's belated birthday. My treat. "

She clicked off the phone. The sun began to set and evening was beginning.

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   She felt so alive, though her joints were aching terribly. She was unsure if it was the money or the intense sex with James.

Helen brushed away the thoughts and crossed the street.

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