Help Me Daddy - part 1


I was quite fortunate that after traveling much of the world and building my company from scratch, I was able to sell the business and retire to a warm year round climate. All that success at middle age did not go to my head. I live a comfortable, simple life in shorts and t-shirts with the time and resources to do pretty much whatever I want, within reason.

I never married, but had a daughter with a trailer trash bitch I screwed around with in my college days. It was a very messy arrangement. A lot of personal grief from a woman that wasn't even a good fuck. Part of the custody agreement was that my daughter, Tess, would come live with me for six weeks every year, no matter where I was living. And I lived in many different places for 12 to 18 months at a time.

All the bullshit aside, I felt very close to Tess. I supported her financially and emotionally as best I could from a distance. I called constantly and visited her whenever I could. And those yearly visits Tess made to stay with me were fantastic. She was pretty, healthy and very bright; all anyone could hope for their children. I loved Tess and she loved me very much.

The last time Tess came to visit me was when she turned eighteen years old. She was a beautiful senior in high school with excellent grades.


  . . and she was four months pregnant. She said she was in love and wanted to have the baby. It was a big disappointment for me. As a father I wanted better for my daughter. I wanted her to go to college and make something of herself. I didn't want her to become like her mother. However, after a great deal of conversation I told her I would support her decision an help in any way I could.

Over eight years have passed since that last visit. Tess was married to the father of my wonderful grand-daughter and lived a somewhat normal life, so I was told. But the entire sky fell upon Tess' life. First she discovered her husband making love to her mother. Then two days later her husband was killed in a freak industrial accident at work.

I was sitting in an outside tiki bar having lunch when I received a call.

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   Tess, sobbing uncontrollably, told me what happened. She was absolutely devastated! I was on a plane a couple hours later and pulled up to her apartment that night. I held Tess and my eight year old grand-daughter, Mandy, in my arms for what seemed like hours. It was all I could do to calm them and make them feel safe.

Tess' mother was not much help; actually Tess said she never wanted to see her again. I helped Tess and Mandy pack-up some belongings and the three of us were on a plane the next day headed to my house in the tropics.

Tess had a lot of time to think during the flights and when we entered through my front door in the evening, she let out a big sigh of relief. She was exhausted. A long bath before going to bed was all that was on her mind.

Mandy stayed close to me from the time I arrived up north until we returned to my house. I could tell she was scared and didn't understand what was going on. Once we were home, I spent a lot of time with her trying to explain as much as I could to an eight year old. She fell asleep in my arms and I carried her to the guest bedroom and tucked her in.

It was warm in the evening as I sat on the dimly lit back porch in just a pair of baggy sweat shorts. The overhead fans helped cool the skin as I sipped a glass of wine; my emotions and concerns for my only family rolling around in my head.

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   I knew just ahead of me was going to be the most difficult personal time of my life. But I never thought the changes in my life would be even close to what occurred.

I was on my third glass of wine when I felt warm hands wrap around my chest from behind and heard a calm soft voice say, "I love you daddy. Thanks for being there for Mandy and me. " I reached around and pulled Tess in front of me. She sat on my lap and hugged me hard, like she was still my little girl of so long ago.

As Tess' head was snuggled against my chest, I kissed her gently on the top of her head. She lifted her head and kissed me passionately on the lips. "Daddy, I really love you. I have never felt loved in anyone's arms but yours from as far back as I can remember. "

I was startled, but remained calm. I never, ever, thought of my daughter sexually. But at 48 years old with a gorgeous, young 26 year old woman sitting on my lap, holding and kissing me, I couldn't stop some of nature's callings. My heart rate increased and my cock was getting stiff under Tess' perfect athletic ass. Guilt, embarrassment, shame.

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  . . and desire overwhelmed me simultaneously.

"Daddy, remember how you always held me when I was growing-up? I felt so loved and I loved your touch and attention. " She kissed my chest and said, "And I really miss you, your touch, your guidance and the feeling of being loved. ""

I saw where this might be going. Hard-on or not, I had to stop it. "Honey, I love you too and I'll always be there for you. But you're a grown woman now with your own child. I can't hold you the way I used to when you were a little girl. You are my daughter, not my lover. "

She started to cry. "Daddy, you never did anything wrong. You were the perfect loving father who taught me so much even when I was little. There was nothing wrong with your touch when you held me then, and there is nothing wrong with it now.

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   I just need more. I need you to teach me how to make love to a man. "

Tess reached down and rubbed my cock through my shorts. "My husband didn't know how to make me feel loved, and when I caught him with mom he said I was a lousy lover. That's why he was fucking her. I remember as a teenager overhearing mom telling a friend that you were the best lover she ever had and she was sorry she screwed things up between you. I want you to teach me, daddy, and I want to make you feel good, too. "

My cock was rock hard and Tess reached under my shorts. Her hand tenderly gripped my shaft and pulled it out. She kissed me again, her tongue parting my lips and moaned softly. "Take me to bed. daddy. "

I didn't argue. My 26 year old daughter is a petit woman, only 5'1" and about 110 lbs. I stood with her still in my arms and carried her to my bedroom.

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   It was as easy as carrying her around when she was still a child. I didn't say a word until I laid her down. Then I bent down, kissed her and said, "I love you sweetheart. " She smiled and stared into my eyes, anticipating what was next.

Tess was only wearing one of my t-shirts, which rode up when I carried her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me on top of her with a sense of urgency, but I moved over and laid next to her. "We aren't just going to fuck, honey. I'm going to make love to you. "

I took my role as teacher seriously and softly told Tess, "Using your mouth and tongue is very erotic and brings much pleasure. " as I pulled the t-shirt off and began kissing, licking and sucking her breasts. For a small woman she had perfectly formed c-cup tits and the nipples hardened in my mouth immediately as Tess laid motionless, eyes closed.

I whispered, "No part of the body is off limits to a lover's kisses and touches. " as my hands roamed gently over her body and my mouth slowly dropped down below her breasts. Tess was breathing heavier and started participating by massaging my back and shoulders with light touches. I thought, 'How could she be a bad lover? Was it because she never had a good lover.

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It was warm in the room with only the island breeze coming through the open French doors and an overhead fan moving the air around. A light sweaty sheen covered our bodies as I slowly worked my way down to Tess' lean legs. When I ran my tongue along the side of her pussy and began kissing the inside of her thighs, she gasped and began trembling. Maybe I was taking this too slow?

I started out wanting this first time making love to Tess last forever, but my own anticipation, as well as a cock as hard as granite throbbing in my shorts, made be finally realize that we have plenty of time to make love many, many times. She can't learn everything in one session. So as unclear as my thinking was at the time, I decided I was going to eat that lovely pussy until she exploded in orgasm, then we could go from there.

I slid my body down between Tess' legs and gently pushed them up exposing a wonderful site. With her knees up and feet planted right next to her perfect ass, she moaned loudly as I ran my tongue up, starting at her ass hole and ending with a quick flick of her engorged clit. She immediately grabbed my head with both hands and ran her fingers through my thick brown hair, applying just a little pressure to pull my tongue back to her dripping slit.

The aroma and taste of her sweet love juices sent my mind reeling. I lapped again, and again, and again, with delicate kisses in between. When I slid both my hands under her ass and plunged my hot trembling tongue inside her glistening pussy, she squealed out loud and closed her thighs against my ears. I couldn't understand what she was saying to me, but I understood she was about to go into the throughs of an intense orgasm. Her breathing became erratic, her stomach was heaving in and out as I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue furiously all around it.

Tess couldn't take it any longer.

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  Her daddy, who she loved so much for so long, just ignited the strongest orgasm she ever experienced in her life. "Oh daddy! Oh daddy!" was all I could hear, over and over again. She pulled my head in tight and shoved her pussy hard onto my smothered face. Her juices flowed as I sucked them in and swallowed as much of the nectar that I could. I don't think I ever tasted a pussy this good before. Never!

As Tess began coming down, I continued slowly lapping her clean from her clit down to her ass hole. Every time my tongue hit her ass hole, she jumped a little. "Daddy, I've never had a tongue on my pussy or ass hole before. That was fucking incredible!" She looked down at me, smiled then closed her eyes as I made one more long tongue swipe through her ass crack and ended with a soft kiss on her clit.

I moved up next to her and cuddled her next to my body. I still had my shorts on, but slowly pushed them down to my feet and flicked them onto the floor. As we spooned with my arms around her, tweaking her nipples, she could feel my hard cock throbbing between her ass cheeks. "Daddy, please fuck me now. ", she said matter of factly. "Please fill me with your wonderful cock.

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The end of my cock was slippery from all the pre-cum and slid easily back and forth along her ass crack. It would have been very easy to lower the aim just a little and enter that sopping wet slit from behind, but my response was quick, "No sweetheart. "

Tess turned to face me with a frightened look on her face. "Is something wrong daddy? Did I do something wrong?", she said peering into my eyes.

I smiled and kissed her on the nose. "Nothing's wrong, but I'm not going to fuck you. You are going to fuck me. "I held her close, pulled her on top of my sweaty body and kissed her passionately. "The teacher needs to assess the pupil before creating a curriculum, ya know what I mean?"

Tess smiled broadly and started kissing and licking my chest, stopping briefly to nibble on my nipples, then slowly worked her way down. As her tits moved down my body, she slowly started a rocking motion with my cock and balls sliding through her little cleavage as she licked and kissed all over my stomach. How could her ex-dead-husband think this woman wasn't sexy?

When her mouth reached my pulsing shaft and started with little kisses and licks around the bulging head, I thought I would blow my load right then and there. But I held on and enjoyed the attention, especially when she licked down the length and sucked my right ball into her warm mouth, then the left nut was atacked. "That's good sweetheart. " is all I could say.

But Tess still had one thing on her mind.

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   She wanted to get fucked, and she wanted desperately to please her daddy. And so when she sat up and guided my cock to her slippery sheath, I knew the moment of no return was about to happen. She hesitated for a few moments with my cock head bearing against the opening. Then she leaned forward, placed her little hands on my shoulders and slowly lowered herself.

Tess was not a virgin. She had given birth to a lovely little girl and was married for eight years. But her cunt was as tight as anything I had experienced. She grimmaced just a bit as a couple of inches entered the warm love tunnel. "You're so big daddy. ", was all she said as she continued to slide down my hard rod. Now I'm not hung like a horse, but when she had all eight inches firmly implanted, I could tell from her facial expression that she had never had anything like it stuffed into that tight box.

Tess just sat there for what seemed like minutes. I tightened my sphincter which made my cock jump in that tight space. "Oh Daddy! Oh fuck!", then she started slowly moving up and down, eyes closed, her finger nails almost piercing my shoulder flesh. Up and down, Up and down, a quick plunge upward to meet her movements caught her off guard and she let out a loud moan.



My emotions hit me like a Mac truck. Here I was with my hard cock sliding in and out of my daughters hot cunt. Extasy and guilt simultaneously. I was blinded now by complete eroticism. I felt by balls lifting and was about to unload. "Fuck me sweetheart. . . I'm going to cum!" came out of my mouth as a guttural exclamation. Tess was panting heavily and started slamming her petit body very rapidly up and down on my shaft. Within seconds she screamed and fell forward onto my chest as we both simultaneously finalized our incestuous act of passion.

It had been a long day and we were both totally exhausted. Naked and sweaty we quickly fell asleep holding each other in the moon light glowing through the open doors.

I heard birds chirping outside as my mind began waking. But something was not the same.


   I felt something unusual. When I opened my eyes Tess's head was lying on my stomach, kissing, licking and sucking my hard cock. I reached down and ran one hand through her hair as the other gently caressed her smooth, firm ass. She turned and looked up at me as my cock flopped out of her mouth onto my stomach. "Good morning daddy. I hope you don't mind me practicing my cock sucking skills. " she said with a broad smile.

"Well I guess it's O. K. , if you want to be an expert. Do you like your morning cream before you pour your coffee?" I asked jokingly.

"Well. . . ", she said in a long draw.

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   "I've been practicing for awhile as you slept. Let's see how good your cream is. " She began sucking in earnest. One hand sliding up and down to the same rhythm as her hot mouth. The other hand kneading my balls. She was on a mission and just before I was ready to shoot a load, she slid her slippery index finger all the way up my ass.

I went off like a rocket, shooting big streams of cum into my little girl's hungry mouth, then heard in the background, "Hi mom. What cha do'in?"


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