Her unknown nakedness.


Surprise nakedness.

I'd set the camera,set the floodlights. The person to be interviewed appeared and settled on to her plush cushioned couch as directed, while the interviewer prepared. I indicated I just needed to make minor adjustments to some of my kit. One in particular - what amounted to a steady non-strobing but extremely searching light flashed on - I adjusted it lower to avoid throwing glare into the guests eyes. She in turn glanced at this light then turned her attention to the interview as I now studied the video view.

There it was,her black clothes had become transparent. This chubby pleasant faced middle aged woman with the double chin - Which I found so attractive - sat perfectly positioned for my intregue. I revelled in the fullness of her breasts that lay on her rib cages plumpness. The bulge of her middle below her tits giving them support,the upper waistline equally resting on a medium sized spare tyre that bit in sharply at the small area of her pubic mound.

With stiffening prick, I now surveyed what was showing. The whiteness of her flesh was plain to see,her legs and thighs were as tho' naked right into her groin as it met her soft belly. A darkness about an inch or so wide at the hips illustrated she had black bikini style knicker's on. - So attractive to me in larger women - These strips leading into the wider part of her pants that cut along the crease across her pubic mound while the stressed vee shape, disappearing down between her broad strong thighs,between mound and lower belly. Two layers of black hid her pussy, or did it? Was that a slight shadow of pussy fur just at the lower end of this bikini triangle. My cock thought it was,so I studied more, a centre line ran up her belly vertically until disappearing under the top she had on.

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   The double covering of black clothes stopped anymore of her upper body being exposed.

Now concentrating on her centreline I dearly wanted to know if it was a seam on her lower clothes or a cute line of hairs running up the centre of her belly to her navel. - I'll study that later. - The trick was now to get my part of the video separated from the official piece the company needed. . . No problem,I've done it before.

What was new this time was; Although this female was a politically orientated animal - in the kindest senses of course. Which I certainly am not - I wanted more,I could go for this woman bigtime! - I had no idea if she had a husband,or in these days if she was a liberated lesbian. Interview over,they drifted off and it was some while before I myself, having sorted my take from their take so to speak. Arrived at the canteen. I was pleasantly surprised to see them still hanging in there. Getting a coffee,my heart sunk as heading to sit nearby, the group stood ready to leave. But surprise, surprise,she sat back down and clearly had a fair amount of coffee still to drink.

Clocking me and smiling slightly at me, I winked and getting a further smile from this lady was encouraging me to join her,which I did.

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   - "John. Of course I know your name Lynda" - Our converation struck a comfortable pace and having ascertained her day was a free one workwise,mutual talk followed. I wouldn't say I was leching her, but I felt she was very comfortable with staying. - Yes she was married - Sort of as she put it - Moving forward, my comment - Lucky bloke - got, to me what was a surprise response - "He doesn't think so!" - The opening was too good to miss - "OH! I've been looking for a gorgeous woman to call my own, a woman exactly like yourself. Sorry for being so forward. An attractive woman like yourself! is my dream. If only you weren't spoken for!"

She opened up. - "I'm not really, - well now with husband that is. He's one bastard really,know what he said? You're a fat political animal that doesn't deserve a horny bastard like me as a husband. . . That's a laugh. . . He's never done a days work since he moved in on me, as for sex, well if you can call it that,the drunken old fart can barely get it up,then its all soft before he can get me off on it" - "What an idiot I commented!" - "You know John, I shouldn't be talking like this especially to a complete stranger,but I know this will sound corny,but I feel I could talk or tell you anything" - Now gripping her spare tyre then propping up her breasts with each hand - "Yeah I know I've got a bit of fat around my middle - 'Very nice too, I interjected' - But the fucker (Excuse my french) got a beer gut like a woman nine months gone.

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   That cock of his would work better if he could get a few inches into a woman"

I wanted to tell her, I'd have no trouble getting seven or eight inches into her bikini style Knick-knicks. I didn't of course. - "Hey,I've got everything clear for now, my place is to public, how about yours, Wife? 'No!' Ties? 'No' You on your own then? 'Yes' I am really. No ceremonials, I'm game if you are. We're not all frigid feminists believe me. . . I bet you're thinking I'm a right old slut!" - "I'm hoping, I just hope you're slutty enough for me" - Up we got and off we went, trailing slightly I assessed her nicely rounded ass cheeks as she unconsciously moved her hips as only a woman can. Shit, I'm about to play with all I'd admired on my secret video less than two hours ago.

That cock of mine couldn't wait. She hesitated to let another person thro' and low and behold my semi pressed into her rear. - "Steady boy,I felt that - Grinning widely - You'll have me grabbing you in public if you're not careful" - Putting my mouth close to her ear now, - "It wasn't me,it was him" - equally secretive - "Good boy,I need to be poked around a bit. . . nearly forgot what a prod from a penis feels like,good job I'm wearing something underneath,or it would show" - Adding - "The lovey stuff" - Me too" - I'm not telling anymore.

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  . . After all she is a public figure still - She should be in any minute now. Binned her husband, got a new one ME!!! - Only last night,on reaching for a camera - typical of a woman - "You're not going to strip me naked with that thing again are you?"

"You are already!" - "Oh! - I mean the sheet over me" My devilish grin had her going - Wait till she see's my latest offering of her godly body, I've framed it, but its turned to the wall. The front is showing a normal picture in case we get any visitors.