Higher Education


Linda shifted uncomfortably in her seat, as her Mom, Beth, and the school's principal, Ms. Alice Lomax, entered the room.
"I'm afraid that your daughter's behavior is not worthy of our high standards, Ms. Sanford", the principal said, "she is facing expulsion. "
Beth Sanford sighed, she had worked hard, and paid a lot of money, to get the tuition to enroll her 17 year old daughter in the best private school available, and her daughter was on the verge of flushing it all away. She was hoping that the school, and its discipline, would be able to get the wild, rebellious streak of hers under control.
"What has she done now?" Beth sighed.
"Perhaps it would be best if we showed you, so you can see first hand" Alice Lomax replied.
Pressing a button on her office telephone, she said, "Please send Jason Everson in. "
A few moments later, a handsome, well built black man entered. She introduced him as Jason Everson, the school's star quarterback. Linda started to fidget, as he gazed at her.
"Linda, when you see Mr. Everson, what happens?" Alice inquired.
"I can't help it, I need to suck that huge black cock, until he fills my mouth, then I want him to stuff that monster prick in my tight pussy, and ravage my cunt until I cum again and again!" Linda growled.
Beth was dumbstruck, her darling 17 year old was talking like a slut, and acting like one!
Jason looked at Ms.

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   Lomax, and she nodded. In a few moments, Jason had stripped, and his cock was a big one, twelve inches of rock hard granite satisfaction towered up from his groin! Linda was practically drooling, from many previous encounters, she knew how good it felt to have that huge stalk of flesh fill her mouth and her cunt, and she wanted it every time she saw him!
Another nod from Ms. Lomax, and Jason was standing directly in front of Linda! She quickly wrapped her lips around his prick and swallowed nine inches of his huge shaft! She bobbed her head up and down, up and down!
Ms. Lomax commented, "As you can see, always ready to suck Jason's large cock. And it doesn't matter if there are other people around. "
Linda jumped up, and yanked off her dress, she was completely naked underneath!
Ms. Lomax commented, "Walks around without a stitch of underwear on, so she's always ready to fuck Jason. "
Beth was awestruck by the way her daughter had turned into a fuck and suck machine! Not only that, the wanton display of her daughter's sexual needs was making her horny! She could feel the dampness of her desire patterning the crotch of her panties, as her pussy started to churn with her juices.
Linda had lay back on a corner of the large desk, spreading her legs wide, in full heat, ready for Jason's super hard cock!
"Yes, oh yes Jason, fuck my pussy, and ram every last inch in! Ream out my burning fuck-hole!" Linda grunted.
Jason was ready, and mounting Linda, he penetrated her! Beth stared in wonder, she got a ring side seat view, as Jason smoothly slid every last inch of his 12 inch monster, deep inside her overheated daughter's cunt! She could hear Linda's howls of delight, as his monster split open her daughter's tight teen cunt. She watched her daughter wrap her legs around Jason's waist, she he could slam it in, right to the balls!
"I almost can't believe she's taking it all" Beth whispered.
Her panties were now a soaking wisp of silk, as her pussy was drenched with her juices. She was so captivated by watching her daughter, and so turned on she did not notice that Alice Lomax had stripped off her clothes, and had strapped on a vicious looking black dildo! Usually, in these cases, it was best to show the mother exactly what it was like. The strap on dildo was an actual cast of Jason's rock hard cock! Jason had been more than happy to have his cock sucked up to full height by Ms. Lomax, and she had applied the plaster when he was at full glory, and had been able to use that mold to create an exact replica of Jason's pussy splitter, so the mother could feel what it was like to take on Jason's hard cock! Jason had a magnetic appeal, 5 other horny daughters had been eager to spread their legs for him, and Ms.

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   Lomax had shown five other mothers exactly what it was like! Beth was going to be the sixth! She smiled as she took Beth's arm, pulled her up, turned her around, and pushed her face down across her desk, only a few feet from where her daughter was being fucked!
"Wha. . what's going on? What are you doing to me!" cried Beth fearfully.
Linda looked over, and grunted, "She's going to fuck you like you're a cock hungry slut!"
Alice lifted the back of Beth's dress up, and felt her own juices flowing! Beth's ass was the perfect heart shape, smooth, shapely and so sexy, covered with a fine wisp of silk panties. She skimmed them down, and Beth was ready!
Getting between her legs, Alice Lomax placed the head of that big dildo against her, and pushed! Beth had not been fucked for while, and she let out a cry of pain as her pussy was invaded, split open by that hard rubber penis! Ms. Lomax pushed in, smoothly and firmly, and Beth could feel every inch of her tight cunt get split open by the big dildo! With a final push, every last inch was jammed up her, drawing a cry of mixed pain and pleasure! Grasping Beth's hips tightly, she drew back, and slammed it in again! Beth's cry now was one more of pleasure, as the pain of the initial entry was now fading, being replaced with pleasure, as her cunt, very slick and slippery with her juices, adjusted to the huge stretch!
Jason jackhammered his huge pussy splitter up Linda's tight cunt, while Ms. Lomax reamed out Beth's horny cunt, giving her a doggy style power fucking! Beth could feel her pussy throbbing, and a huge orgasm was growing! She looked at her daughter, saw Jason fucking her daughter hard, and Linda was looking at her, as Alice Lomax slammed the rock hard replica deep up Beth's horny cunt! Both mother and daughter were getting the fucking they were horny for, and Linda's cunt was throbbing, getting ready to blow also!
Almost on cue together, they both felt their cunts wrench and start spasming crazily!
Linda howled, "Fuck, yes, blow that load up my cunt, I'm cumming, oh fuck, yes, yes, YES!"
Beth grunted, "Fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming, oh my god, YES!"
The orgasmic shrieks of both mother and daughter filled the room, as Linda's wildly quivering cunt clamped tightly around Jason's rock hard cock, milking his cock tightly! Jason grunted, he slammed in deep, his cock pushed against Linda's cervix, exploding and squirting wildly, filling the horny teen's womb with a massive load of fiery cum!
Beth's cunt clamped tightly around the huge dildo, as her cunt exploded, she had not had such a powerful orgasm in far too long, as the burning fire of orgasm consumed her, her body shaking and shuddering wildly!
While mother and daughter were recovering, Ms.
    Lomax gave Jason's cock a wash, taking him deep into her mouth, and sucking off all the mingled spunk and juices that he had pumped up Linda's burning cunt. With a broad smile, Jason left the room!
    "So, that is the problem, Ms. Sanford", Ms. Lomax said. "However, if your daughter can restrain herself to fucking and sucking Jason in private, with no one else around, I think we can make an allowance for that. "
    "Thank you, could we discuss this further, in private? How does my house, at 7 PM sound?" Beth replied.
    The horny gleam in Beth's eye told Alice Lomax what she wanted to discuss! Alice always enjoyed introducing willing ladies to the delight of lesbian loving, and Beth was indeed ready! Alice made a mental note to take along what she called her "goody bag", filled with lots of toys for horny ladies to enjoy!
    After hugging her Mom, Linda was dismissed to her room. Alice walked Beth out to her car.

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       Turning to face her, Beth and Alice locked lips in a passionate heated kiss! The both placed their hands on each others asses, so they press their horny crotches tightly together. When they broke the kiss, both women's faces were flushed, and Beth was more than eager for more instruction in lesbian loving!
    "See you at 7, Beth" Alice whispered, "I have so much to teach you!".

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