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It had been ages since I’ve gotten to spend a weekend alone in a hotel room. Houseplant caught on fire earlier this week. It was the only thing that burnt, but caused enough smoke damage for the insurance company to put us all up in a hotel for the week. I got a room to myself. My parents shared a room across the halland my sister and her boyfriend were right next door to them I was hoping to ge tt the room next to my parents. Just in case they were planning on enjoying themselves this weekend. I’d love to get an earful of their action before bedtime.

The night had been pretty mundane so far. I had a few drinks at the hotel bar/ unfortunately it had been snowing all day so there weren’t many people out tonight. I headed back up to my room and decided to see if there was anybody on Craigslist close by. I read through the first few pages and a handful of ads and pics got my cock to stir in my pants. I sent outa few emails only to hear they were too far away or no longer available. I refreshed the page on last time before giving up. A new ad came on to the page

“Cock in need of attention”

I clocked on the link and began to read through the description.

“It’s been months since I’ve slid my cock into a nice warm mouth. I’m married, but the wife wont go down on me anymore.

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   I’m into guys, but I really need a blowjob now sojust looking to meet up with someone and get sucked off, that’s it. .
Stats: 56 6’0” Black male 9 inch dick thick as a paper towel roll. ”

My jaw droppedas I stared in amazement at his posted picture.

He listed his location as being in a hotel in the same town so He has to be close. I was hoping for more action than that, but I’d be happy to settle for sucking a thick black cock tonight. I wrote him an email detailing how I’d love to get down on my knees and slob up and down his cockand make him cum so hard then swallow every drop.

Not even 5 minutes went by before I got a response. .

“What’s your room number? I’m in the same hotel. The wife has been a real bitch lately, so I’ve got 6 days of built up pressure. ”

I replied back with my room number then quickly prepared to serviceis cock. I got another email a minute later.

“Umm can I ask you a favor? I’m not really into guys so would you mind keeping all of the lights off and waiting on your knees right inside the door so we can get right into this?”

His request was a little odd,, but I thought it was a bit kinky so I happily agreed.

He replied back with a smile saying he’d be here in 5 minutes.

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I threw on a porno for some additional motivation and new tips to please a cock. One minute before the meeting time I went around shut off every light, got down on my knees just inside the door and waited. I heard a knock leaned forward and opened the door. He slipped in quickly shutting the door behind him.

He stood with his back to the room door legs spread just past shoulder width apart.

“Go ahead and get to work. ” He said in a deep somewhat familiar voice. I recognized it from somewhere but I couldn’t figure it out. Luckily the lights were off and he didn’t get alook at my face.

I reached forward my hand found the inside of his thigh. I movedup a few inches before discovering a large bulge inside of his pants. I got my hand around the head of his cock and it was even thicker than it looked. My mouth began to water at the same time my asshole quivered. I slid my hand up his shaft then up to his waist. I unfastened the button unzipped his fly and freed thenine inch monster dick from his boxers.

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   His cock sprang out and landed smack on my forehead. . I quickly took hold of his shaft and guided the tip of his cock towards my mouth. I Licked my lips and opened wide wrapping them around the knob of his giant black dick . My tongue flicked back and forth across his tip as I sucked his dick deeper into my mouth. I slowly lifted my head running my wet lips along the shaft of his cock pulling back to tip of his cock before going back down pushing his dick into my mouth. I took him a little deeper into my throat each time and held his dick in while the muscles in my throat tightened around his cock making me gag.

“Oh god!” he moaned stirring my curiosity further. Who’s cock is this in my mouth? I thought to myself. . Everything about this man seemed familiar but I still couldn’t place him. I let my mind drift from the subject while I continued to bob my head slobbering up and down his cock. The feeling of this hot thick jumbo rod in my mouth got me extremely hot and worked up. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and smacked it across my cheek a few times making me feel real slutty.

I wrapped my right hand around the base of his shaft, tilted my head to the right and pushed the head of his cock between my lips and turned my head to the other side as his cock slid into my mouth.


   Then spun my head around the other way on the way up making a spiral pattern up and down his shaft. I sucked his dick faster spinning my head around and around on his cock. Making him pump his hips into me. His rich precum leaked from his cock and trickled down my throat . I sucked wanting more of hissweetfluids. I took my hand from hi shaft and placed both hands against the door behind him to brace my self . Things got more intense as he pumped his hips forward fucking my throat as I sucked his dick into my mouth. The head of his cock slidso far down the back of my throatuntil it stretched around every inch of his dick.

“Fuck yea!” He grunted and grabbed my head with both hands fucking my throat faster and deeper. I relaxed my jaw as he pounded my face and jammed every inch of cock down my throat. . My dick filled up in my pants getting harder than ever while his thick throbbing rod plunged in and out ofmy mouth. His dick throbbed uncontrollably in while he powered through his last thrusts before burying his meat all the way into my throat. My kips tightened around the base of his cock as he erupted deep in my throat spurting cum down the back of my throat. .

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   He lunged forwardhis body continued to spasm while I sucked harder and fasterStream after stream ofjizz filled my mouth until I cum ranfrom the corner of my mouth. . I couldn’t swallow fast enough to keep up.

“Oh my god fuck yes!” he groaned as he orgasm faded and his dick slid out of my mouth. He didn’t pause for a second before tucking his soaking wet dickinto his pants and reaching for the doorknob. As he opened the door and turned to leave a ray of light hit his face from down the hall.

“Mmm gurgle!” was the sound I that came from my mouth as I thought “DAD!”The door closed behind him just as quick as it opened. ? I remained on my knees in total shock with my mouth still full of my fathers cum. I was torn. Being tricked into sucking off my own father while being incredibly turned on at the same time. I pulled out my rock hard dick and started to stroke it hard and fast. I leta big drop of cum fall from my mouth onto my cock and jerked my dick like an animal. . His hot slick cum felt so goodas my hand slid up and down my shaft. My heart pounded in my chest as I stroked my dick harder and harder.

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   I spit a wad of his cum on my chest then rubbed it around and pinched my nipple pushing me closer tot the edge. I threw my head back as I started to cum. My hand was a blur working my cock into a frenzy. I moan escapes my cum filled mouth in a gurgle as a wave of pleasure shot through my body. A stream of cum shot from my cock up into the air landing across my neck and chest. .

I gulped the rest of my dads cum down my throat as I shot 3 more loads across my stomach before collapsing on the floor.

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