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hello friends my name is Abhishek (17), we have 4 members in our family mom, dad and sister Jyoti(18) she just gave her 12 th exams (waiting for results) ,she is very beautiful ,Fair in colour ,her figure is 36-28-36 ,she has the best curvy ass every boy love to fuck , My and her relationship is always been like fighting and hating each other ,I never saw her in sexual way . Here it all started ,
one day My best friend Rahul bring some porn videos in his phone ,we watch all porn videos . I started liking watching porn , sometimes Rahul bring his phone in school and we watch porn in free periods ,it's become a routine watching porn . Summer Holidays come Now I watch porn in my room alone ,me and Jyoti have separate rooms ,So it's very easy to watch porn , I watch porn whole day and night ,it's become a habit for me ,,One night after watching so much porn I get very horny I want to fuck someone very badly ,but it's impossible at that time ,so I jerkoff and sleep .
Next day while I was searching for new porn ,I click on the category name "incest" ,there is a lots of porn about brother and sister ,i don't know what came in my mind and I click one of the video ,in that video brother is fucking his sister ,I jerking off watching porn , suddenly my sister image came in mind and I cum ,this is best felling I ever had . After that day I started having sexual feelings towards my sister ,I started checking out her butt while she walking , around the house ,I get hard whenever she walks ,
Day after day spend ,my eagerness of having sex with her is increasing day by day . After 2 weaks
Theday come ,Our relatives come to visit us for 3 day ,so my parents told Jyoti to give her room to them ,i know she heated me but there is no other place to sleep ,so she had to sleep in my room ,I had only one bed in my room which is not enough for two people's so it would be fun sleeping on same bed with her, The whole day I was waiting for night ,
at 9:50pm everyone finish eating and headed to their room for sleep, I am still downstairs my room is upstairs , waiting for Jyoti to sleep ,after 20 min I went to my room ,Jyoti is sleeping on her back ,she is wearing her nightgown ,I changed my clothes into only boxers , Jyoti is covering more than half bed ,than I switch off the light , every thing is clearly visible thanks to moon light, I started laying down on bed ,I lay on my back ,there is no place my left hend is touching her right hand , the thinking of my sister sleeping next to me makes me horny , Slowly I put my arm on her belly ,she is sleeping ,her night gown is covering her legs till her thighs ,
My hand is still on her belly , Suddenly she move ,i took my hand back ,she turn her position now she is sleeping facing away from me ,her butt is now in front of me ,There is very less distance left btw my hand and her ass ,I slowly put my hand on her waist ,there is no reaction she is in deep sleep ,I took it as a chance ,I slowly turn my position and my face is facing Jyoti's back ,i lower my boxers till my ankles and now my hard 7inch dick is out ,i move towards her slowly so that my dick is touching her ass ,

it's feels so good ,now I wanted more ,I slowly raised her nightgown to her stomach ,I placed my dick btw her ass crack ,it feels like a heaven ,she still has panties on ,so slowly I put my two fingers in her waistband and slowly lowered her panty till her thighs ,now her butthole is clearly visible to me ,her pussy is hide btw her legs ,so I slowly put my dick btw her thighs on top of her pussy ,it feels like a heaven ,my dick is already covered with precum ,my dick on her hot pussy feels so good ,I don't want to miss that chance so I took my phone and take some photos of my dick btw her ass ,I lay like that for half an hour enjoying the feeling ,I am also feeling scared if she wake up ,now I started playing with her butt hole ,I slowly tried to insert my one finger in her butt hole ,but it's not getting inside so I applied some spit on my finger and tried to insert in her butthole , slowly slowly my whole finger gets inside her butthole,I took my dick out from btw her thighs ,and I placed my dick head on the entrance of her butthole ,and I applied some force ,but her butthole is very tight my dick is not getting inside ,so I stood up from bed ,went to toilet ,I applied some oil on my dick and went back to bed she is still sleeping in the same position ,I lay down on the bed in same position besides her ,now I applied some oil on her butt hole ,I placed my dick on the entrance of her butt hole ,I push slowly but hardly ,my half dick head went inside ,my hand are shivering at the moment ,but I applied some force and now my half dick went inside her ,I feel like heaven ,and the feeling made me cum ,I came inside her ass hole ,I feel so scared ,I took my dick out and clear the cum leaking from her butthole ,i make jyoti's all clothes normal and I went to sleep . Next morning every thing is normal ,I wake up Jyoti is not there she is doing home stuff , when I wake up I thought what happene last time is a dream but it is real ,but I don't fuck her ,I just insert my dick inside her butthole and take it out ,I have 2 more days to do more ,after that relative will go back and she will sleep in her room. I want to enjoy each moment of these 2 night . So I call my friendRahul and I tell him everything about last night ,I thought he is my so he is not going to tell anyone ,so I call him and I told him each and everything about last night ,I send him all the pics I have click ,firts he can't believe that I have done this to my own sister ,then he told me that he also want to enjoy with Jyoti ,I feel little awkward ,than I said ok ,but how . he told me that he will make a plan tomorrow I said ok ,he told me to send more photos I said ok and hangup the phone . Again I am waiting for the night ,today I have already bring some condoms , today I am going to fuck her . And the Night came ,we finish eating and everyone headed to sleep ,I went to my room , lights are already off that means Jyoti is already sleeping ,she is sleeping on her back ,in her nightgown ,I changed my clothes into only boxers ,my dick is already hard ,I check a little if she is sleeping ,I yelled her name slowly ,no response she is sleeping. I lay on the bed on my back ,i already placed some condom and oil mera the bed , I was waiting for her to turn around ,after half an hour she turn around facing away from me ,I wait for 10 minutes ,now I turn my side facing her back . I move towards my dick is already making tent in my shorts,with no scare I took my boxers down I am totally naked sleeping next to my sister ,I lifted her night gown up till her stomach , she is wearing black panty ,I inserte two fingers in her panty band and took it down till her foots ,now her ass is full naked ,her ass shape is very great,i slowly put my one hand on her ass check ,I covered her whole ass with my one and started pressing it slowly ,it's so soft ,my dick is hard as rock now ,I move my waist towards her ass ,I placed my dick btw her ass crack and started rubbing , she is sleeping on her side so her right leg is on her left leg so her pussy is btw her leg, before starting anything I took a condom and wear it first because I don't want to make her pregnant , slowly I lifted her upper leg now her pussy is visible to me clearly ,her pink pussy is fully shaved , I took some oil and applied on her pussy ,I inserted my one finger it get inside easily ,then two then three fingers ,I check her face she still in deep sleep, now I took my dick in my left hand ,I am holding her leg with my one hand is move further and I place my dick head on the entrance of her pussy ,now I started applying some pressure ,my dick head went inside ,more pressure and now my dick is half in her and then full , I am feeling so good at the moment ,I closed my eyes in pleasure ,I lay there for 10 minutes and then I slowly started moving back and forth ,I increase my pace , I can't believe she is still sleeping ,now I Started fucking her hard , I fuck her pussy for an hour and them i cum huge inside ,I took my dick out than what I see Is that condom is break ,and I came inside her pussy ,cum is leaking from her , than I realise without condom it feel so good , I took the condom out from my dick ,than I want do something interesting ,which is risky but enjoyful ,I got up from my bed ,I took my phone ,took some photos of Jyoti ,her naked ass ,pussy for Rahul. Than I want to do something more ,I stood up from the bed I walk toward Jyoti face ,with my phone in my hand ,I stood in front of Jyoti face ,my dick inched away from her face , I open my came and started to make video ,I step forward ,I took my dick in my right hand and place my dick on Jyoti's lips ,I was scared because I am in front of her face ,but I know she is a deep sleeper ,I open her lips and teeth with my hand then I insert my dick head slowly in her mouth ,I shoot the whole thing ,my phone flash light is making everything visible ,I put my whole dick in her , feeling is awesome ,I started moving back and forth ,when I was going to cum I took my dick out I cum on her face ,my cum splashes on her eyes and hairs ,I brought the towel from toilet and clear the mess ,I stop the recording and save it .

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   Then again went to bed ,this time I am started feeling sleepy ,but my dick is still hard ,I check the time it's ,1:45am, I wanted to try something new ,I put alarm of 6:00am , my ideas is to sleeping with my dick inside her ass ,so I did ,i slept behind her than I placed my dick on her ass hole ,than I push really hard this time ,my whole dick get in just one thrust , I give 3-4 thrust and than I headed to sleep . I wake up my alarm I quickly stop the alarm so Jyoti will not wake ,my dick is still inside her ,my dick is already hard , again I gave her 5-6 thrust than I took my dick out ,lots of cum came outside from her butthole ,I quickly clean the mess ,I made her panties up and nightgown in normal position ,than I went to sleep facing away from her . At around 10:30am I woke up Jyoti Is not there , I am feeling so awesome today ,I went downstairs ,mom and Jyoti are doing housework , I take a bath and then I call Rahul ,I told him about last night ,he get very excited he told me to send pics ,I send him every pics and video I recorded ,Iam pretty much sure he is going to jerk off watching jyoti fucked . It's morning Time ,Rahul call back me again,he told me that he also want to see jyoti ,I told him to come to my home today , He told me he will be there at noon , I waited from him whole day ,at 6:00 pm he rang the door bell ,I opened the door we hand shake ,then he entered in the house ,I introduce him to my mom's and my relatives ,than my sister came out than I introduce Rahul to her ,they shake hands ,then I take Rahul to my room ,I closed the door ,he told me that ,"oh god your sister is so sexy " I told him I know ,I told Rahul ,today is the last day of enjoyment ,relatives will go tomorrow . He told me he also want to see me fucking her at night , I told him ok . Rahul quickly call his mother and told her he is staying at my home for the night ,coz it's too late ,his mom said ok . Now I went to my mom and told her Rahul is staying here at night ,coz it's too late ,mom said "no problem ,but where is he going to sleep",I told her Rahul and I will slept on the floor and Jyoti will sleep on bed ,mom said ok . Time is already 8:30pm at that time ,Rahul and I talk alot ,I told him every moment I enjoyed , at around 9:00pm my dad came from office I introduce Rahul to dad ,I told him that he is staying here for night ,my dad is a very open minded person ,he quickly said ok,than at 10:15pm everyone finish eating and headed to their room,
at 10:30 me and Rahul went to my room ,Jyoti is already sleep as usual ,I put some blanket and pillow on the floor , Rahul is very excited ,i am also very excited , but he is scared also ,I told him don't be scared Jyoti is a deep sleep no one would wake her once she sleep, Jyoti is sleeping on her back in her night gown ,which covers her till her thighs ,I told him to wait for 15 min , we were sitting on the floor , after 15 minutes I stood up to check , Jyoti sounds sleep , Than Rahul and I stood up and sat on the edges of the bed ,I took my shorts down ,my dick is in my hand now,than Rahul take off his pants, I get shocked seeing his dick ,his dick is 9 inchand thick also , he is already hard , now we both are naked ,Rahul is already stroking his dick ,I slowly take Jyoti night gown up till her stomach ,and I quickly take off her panties ,Than Rahul came side me and started take her night gown fullyoff ,he took her night gown and throw it on floor ,she is not wearing anybra ,Rahul quickly started pressing her both boobs, I never noticed her boobs her earlier ,they are big ,Now take off her Panties ,now She is fully naked,Rahul is sucking her nipples like and hungry wolf ,Than i spread her legs apart ,there is a clear view of her pussy , Rahul told me "please let me fuck her firts " I said ok , Rahul came btw her legs with his monster dick in hand ,he placed his dick on top of her pussy lips ,he push a little but his dick very big for her ,he widen her pussy hole with his fingers and then he applied very hard force ,his wide dick head went inside her ,then he applied some more and more force his full dick went inside , than is started fucking her ,I can see small amount of blood Coming out of her pussy ,Rahul said don't worry , at the time i am playing with Jyoti boobs ,they are very soft ,
Rahul Is fucking her like a horse now ,After more than half an hour he cum inside her and stop ,he lay down next to her , he is taking deep breath , Now it's my turn , he pussy is still bleeding ,she is still sleeping on her back ,I went btw her legs and position my dick on top of her pussy which is already wide open ,I slide my dick it wents inside smoothly , I started fucking her ,Now Rahul stood up again ,he went near her mouth and insert his dick inside ,he is fucking her mouth , I am near to cum ,my pace increase I came inside her ,now Rahul came back again ,He wants to change her position ,so we push Jyoti from her side ,she slide and Now she is sleeping on her stomach , her ass is up now , I took out some pillows and insert it down to her stomach , now she is in doogy style ,,Rahul came behind her and Now he wants to try anal with her tight ass hole , I told him not to do that ,coz his dick is so big she will get hurt ,But he told me don't worry , Now Rahul place his dick on her ass hole and started pushing in ,but it's not getting in becoz its too thick for her ,he tried very hard , he head went inside , his placed his both hand on her waist and started pulling her ass toward his dick , he tried very hard , he full dick not getting inside ,now he started fucking her ,with his half dick , Rahul. told me to record a video ,so I did ,I started recording him ,he is fucking her in doggy style , Jyoti is looking very hot , every one is completely naked . so it's clearly a porn video, Now Rahul came inside her ,he stops ,I placed my camera on the table so it can record everything correctly ,no Rahul his dick out , he lay down on bed ,Jyoti is still in doogy style , Jyoti ass hole is very wide open ,my dick went inside slowly ,I fuck her for more 25minutes and then I stop,I cum inside her , we both are now feeling sleepy , I told Rahul to make Jyoti cloths normal ,I push Jyoti to turn her on her back ,now I lift up her ,Rahul took her night gown and starting pulling it down ,now Rahul take her panties I told him ,let her sleep without panties ,he stop and left the panties on bed ,now he told me we should sleep her with Jyoti , bed is very small for 3 people's ,we can sleep if all three sleep on their side ,we did I turn Jyoti around on her side ,Rahul slept behind her and I slept facing her , Now Jyoti is sleeping btw us ,her ass is towards Rahul ,I again put a alarm of 5:50am , I want to sleep with my dick inside her pussy , Rahul sounds sleep ,I left her upper leg and put my dick inside her pussy , than is felt something , I check to see what is that , what i see is that Rahul full dick is in her ass hole and he is sleeping ,I went to sleep ,I woke up at alarm at 5:50 ,I am sleeping on my back ,my dick is out from her pussy ,I check Rahul ,he is still sleeping his dick is still inside her asshole ,I wake him us very fast ,I told him to clear the mess , cum is leaking from her pussy ,than Rahul took his dick out from her ass ,huge load of cum started leaking , I bring the wet towel from toilet and clear everything ,Rahul put her panties on , and then we put our clothes on and went to sleep on bed ,I wake up at 10:15 am ,Rahul is still sleeping ,I woke him up ,Jyoti is not there , we woke up ,we talk a little about last night ,and then went downstairs , We can clearly see Jyoti is having problems in walking , Then Rahul went to his home back , my relativeswent back ,but I fuck her every night , in her room . One day I found out why she never wake up ,coz she take sleeping pills ,she will never know how much I fuck her. .
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