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When we got home, mom left on more errands. I took the opportunity to install mini-video cams all over the house including her bedroom and bath. I also installed cams in my sister’s rooms and the hall bathroom. I installed so many mini cams I had to make a drawing where all the cams were installed. I loaded the software on my laptop and I was ready to start viewing personal porn video of my mom and sisters. This would help me how, where and when to plan. I also got an idea of making money with these porn videos on the internet. All I had to do is blur their faces and any familiar body marks.

I was downstairs laying on the couch and mom came in the house and did not notice me. I got up and was going to say hi, but she was already going upstairs and I could see her up her skirt and she had on a pair of tiny sheer black panties. The panties covered the top of her very low back, but the material that was supposed to cover her ass cheeks went into the crack of her ass, this mad her ass cheeks very visible. I was starting to understand that mom likes to wear very sheer panties and possibly a size smaller.

I quickly went to my bedroom to monitor mom’s bedroom. Mom took her clothes off and she had 36 cup size tits, I wish I was biting them right now. She still had her heels and sheer black panties on and walked to her dresser and took out a vibrator. She went back and laid on the bed and started fingering herself.

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   She also started the vibrator and vibrated around her pussy as she fingered herself, I realized mom was masturbating. I never saw mom date, so this must be what she does to relief her sex urge. She started making moaning sounds as she obviously started coming, because I could see a very wet spot on the crotch of her panties. I thought to myself, I wish my cock was that finger of hers.

When she finished jacking off she took her shoes and panties off and went to the shower. I switched to the bathroom cams and I could see her fully in the bathroom with no clothes on, she was beautiful. I thought, man, I would just love to keep mom in bed every day and fuck the hell out of her.

I saw mom put on a change of clothes. She was now wearing a pair of sheer pink panties with black trim with matching sheer bra and light black stockings and pink garter belt. She had on a sexy pink top that showed some cleavage and a black skirt about 2 inches of above her knees. She left her bedroom and was coming to my mancave in the basement. I quickly closed my laptop. Mom knocked on the door and I said come in. Mom, asked I am going to the mall, want to go? I replied sure, let me change clothes. Mom said, O.

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  K. , I will be in the kitchen. Mom turned and walked away and I quietly hurried to the base of the stairs as she started to walk up. I took and zoomed my mini-cam and took video of her ass cheeks hang out of her panties as she was going up the stairs. I wonder what mom would say if she knew that I know all the underwear she was wearing right now, right down to her pink panties with black trim and matching bra. I got hard just thinking of her pink panties and pink garter belt she was wearing as she walked away from me. I wanted to just grab her and drag her to my bed and fuck the hell out of her.

I changed clothes and met mom downstairs and we left. As we left Jordan had come in and said she was having her friends over. I thought good, When I get back, I will check the video out.

We went to sport shop and mom went in to a changing room to try out a workout outfit. I told her I would be by the football stuff. Before leaving mom closed the drapes and I could she did not pay attention and she left a gap open. No one noticed except me, I could see her in her pink panties, garter belt and bra. I could see that these pair of panties were like all her other panties, one size smaller and made her ass cheeks hang out.

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   She looked hot, I wish I could have just rushed in the room, pick her up and put her back against the wall and just fuck the hell out of her.



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