i was doing some land scaping for this smokin hot...


this is a story about a 16 year old boy and his dream come true

i was laying sod at this brand new house one day, the women who owned it was very lonely as her husband worked on an oil rig and was gone for months at a time.
" can i get you n e thing to drink?" she called down to me from her deck.
" sure" i said, i was parched. the sun beeded down on my shirtless body, as i walked up on to the deck where she met me with a tall ice cold glass of lemonade.
"thanks" i said as i sucked the glass clean. she pulled a cold beer from her cooler and placed it on her neck. i watched anxiously. she was in her ealry 20's, and smokin hot.
" its hot outisnt it".
"it sure is" as i turned to go back to work she stoped me and said
"you look like you need a break, sit for a while and have a beer"
i did
i could see her starring at my stomach. she sat there in her bikini. it was quiet for a few minutes then i asked if i could use the bathroom.
i walkde in her bahroom and saw a dildo in the shower. i quickly imagined her in the shower using it.
i finished up then walked out and she met me in the hall way.
"her let me dry som of that sweat of yuo"
i stood there as she coressed me with i peice of paper towel.

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   this made me so hot, i didnt even notice the paper towel fall to the floor and her hand continuing to feel my pecks and abs.
our eyes met and she kissed me.
i could feel her perky breasts on my chest,her nipples practicaly poping out of her swim top.
her hand moved down and cuped my manhood. i grew hard instantly. she took my hand a lead my to her bed and sat me down at the foot. she undid her top and it slowly fell of her. i sat in awe, ive never seen breasts so perfect.
then she nelt down and pulled my shorts of. and cock sprung outand smacked my stomach.
"oh my" she said surprised at the size of my cock for my age.
without hesitation, she grabed my cock and stroked it.
i felt her tonge run up my shaft. my cock throbed with pleasure. when her mouth got to thw top she took me down her throat.

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this went on for five minuts.
"oh shit im cumming"
she sucked even harder, then i shot my hot man jiuce straight down her throut. she swalloed evry last drope.
then she climbed on top of me and i took her breasts in my mouth, i sucked her hard nipples as she moaned.
her swim bottoms disapired and i began to rud her freshly shaven cut. she was so wet, she rolled of me and i went down on her. she was very sensitive.
i ate her for only a mintue and she came 6 tiimes.
my cock was still harder then steel. she screamed
"FUCk ME!" she i moved up and my cock slid into her harm pussy. she loved it>
"o my fuckhuge" shestuderd. not long after i blew inside her and she screamed with pleasure. i pulled out and continued blowing my load all over her stomach. i was the biggest load i ever had.

first timeer.

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