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I had known Jane for over ten years, we had always been friends but just friends. By chance, Jane began working in my office as my secretary. We often chatted about our spouses, their positives as well as their drawbacks, that about all for three years, then she had transfer to another division.

We kept in touch as we always had, by telephone and occasionally in person. One day I was at our headquarters and Jane asked if she could call anytime she wanted and I of course said yes. When she said she wanted to talk to me when my spouse was not present I knew something was up but we never did anything beyond innocent things, with the exception of one day when I walked in on her, massaging her nipples. She pulled one out of her bra, was wetting her fingers and getting the nipple very hard. She looked up and saw me but didn't stop, I walked away because we were in the office.

Anyway, in about two or three days she called me at about six in the morning, asked if my wife was there, she wasn't. Jane said she was alone and wanted to cum with me on the phone. I was shocked but got an instant hard-on. Jane asked if I was offended, I wasn't, so she proceeded to tell me she had wanted to be with me since the first day we met. I was apprehensive at first but she turned out to be a real freak and talked me into it. She was unbelievable on the phone, when I came, it was like Peter North, lots of volume and high in the air. I told her the result and she said hers was just as remember able. She said her spouse was out of town for the week and wanted to see me very soon.

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I called her two days after, really expecting to hear she was ashamed and did not want it to go any further, was I wrong!I offered lunch but she said we just needed to fuck. OK!I met her just after lunch and damn. She showed up in a pair of nice fitting black warm up pants and a pretty white top. Immediately she stated she did not have any panties or bra on and was very wet for me. I couldn't believe it, her top had shields so her nipples wouldn't show and her tits looked just as good as they always had, with a bra on. I could not wait, I kissed her deeply and slid her top down, started sucking her nipples and massaging her clit. She immediately stripped and I ate her for what seemed to be only a few seconds, she came so wildly,rolled over and mounted me, fucking me like an animal until we both came violently. She lifted herself off of me and sucked me dryer than a petrified rock.

I wanted to please her more and played with her through two more orgasms. I became as hard as and oak tree and got on top of her, entering slowly but she grabbed my hips and pulled me in hard and fast. After about ten strokes, she threw both legs over my shoulders, told me to relax and started pushing my dick out of her pussy. She guided me into her ass and told me to fuck her ass like there was not going to be a tomorrow. I had never had a woman allow me to do more than slightly penetrate her anally so I went crazy. She was screaming and coming in multiples, finally after quite a while she reached under, started tickling my balls and telling me to come in her ass. Eventually I did as requested and lay back in a sweaty, well satisfied lump.

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  We both showered and Jane said we have our own secret, but we have to do this again and soon.

That will be another true and unbelievable story. .
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