Jennifer Lawrence: Like A Good Neighbor...


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own State Farm or the characters from it. I do not know Jennifer Lawrence or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: MM/F

Like A Good Neighbor. . .
By Muhabba

“Dude, she’s, like, completely naked, I’m tellin’ you,” Doug said before taking a quick toke of Kevin’s blunt. Nobody can roll a blunt like Kevin, it was, like, his one redeeming factor as a friend.

“Dude, whatever,” Kevin laughed as he took the blunt back, “She’s, like, totally wearing a bikini and then they paint over it, man. It’s, like, on the Blu-Ray extras and stuff,” he laughed before taking a toke from his blunt, holding in the sticky sweet smoke. He loved Doug’s entertainment center, it was, like, his only redeeming factor in their friendship.

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“Dude, look at how those tits are movin’, man,” Doug said, pointing at the blue woman on the TV screen across from them on the couch. “Those right there are the unencumbered tits of heaven,” he added before taking Kevin’s blunt back.

Jennifer Lawrence, painted up like the mutant Mystique, ran across the television screen, her large breasts jiggling with each step. Kevin spoke up again as he released the smoke from his lungs as X-Men: First Class played out on Doug’s TV. “I ain’t sayin’ I wouldn’t like to see Jennifer Lawrence naked but seriously, dude, who would just paint and actress and let her run around nude?Get real,” he said.

“Whatever, man, whatever,” Doug said as he took in a lungful and held it. “Sides,” he said with wisps of smoke escaping, “I seen her tits in The Fappening and those are the painted tits I seen. ”

“Whatever, man,” Kevin said as the movie stopped and a commercial started playing.

Doug stared at the commercial blankly for a moment and then started coughing again. “Man, you know what I’d do to those titties, man,” he said as he stopped coughing long enough to speak.

“Please don’t tell me, man,” Kevin said with a smirk, “’Cause I’d do better. ”

“You wish,” Doug chuckled as he stared at the TV with glazed eyes. “Man, you think that would work?” he added.

Kevin looked over at the TV and blinked. “What?”

“The commercial.

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  What do you think I’ve been talkin’ about,” Doug said as he nodded to the TV.

“I have no idea what you been talking about,” Kevin said and started laughing.

“The State Farm commercial,” Doug said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Like, you sing the jingle and stuff just show’s up?”

“Ha!” Kevin laughed, “Like Jennifer Lawrence. ”He started humming the jingle and then started singing, “Like a good neighbor, Jennifer Lawrence is there. . . ”

“. . . naked and horny!” Doug added and then started laughing out loud.

Suddenly, in a blink and without warning, Jennifer Lawrence appeared between Doug and Kevin on the couch, completely naked. “Where am I?” she squeaked as two young men stared at her in shock. She looked down at her nude body, her large, cone shaped tits sat high and proud on her chest and just a small peek of her pubic hair was visible from between her thighs. Even the scrunchy she had been wearing to hold back her long, wavy blonde hair was gone.

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“The fuck. . . ” Kevin started, looking from Jennifer to Doug and back again.

“The hell. . . ” Doug added taking in Jennifer’s naked body.

Jennifer felt a warm throb from deep in her body, a blush breaking out over her naked body as her nipples grew tight. Her breathing became husky as a groan of lust escaped past her pink lips. Her arms seemed to move of their own accord, her hands reaching out to caress down the two young men’s thighs, stroking up until she could feel their soft cocks through their dingy jeans. “Soooo horny,” she groaned lustfully.

As their pricks stiffened under their pants, Doug and Kevin looked at each other in amazement from around Jennifer’s naked body. Suddenly Doug broke out in a dopey grin mirrored by Kevin and they gave each other a quick thumbs up before lunging towards the star. They each slid a hand between her supple thighs and latched onto a firm tit with their mouths, sucking hungrily at her hard nipples.

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  They nursed at her tits like hungry calves as she moaned in lust, massaging their now hard pricks through their jeans.

Deftly pulling down their zippers and unbuckling their pants with one hand each, Jennifer pulled their hard pricks out and began roughly jacking them off. She spread her thighs to give them easier access to her steamy cunt, letting their hands massage and caress her horny pussy. She moaned out lustfully as a pair of fingers slid into her cunt, fingering her twat as her juices flowed out of her. She leaned back onto the couch, the boys following her chest as she arched her back out, pressing her firm tits harder against their sucking mouths.

Doug slid his fingers as deep into into Jennifer’s sopping wet pussy as far as he could, wiggling them around slightly before sliding them part way out, finger-fucking the hot star. Jennifer rolled her hips up to meet his and Kevin’s hands as his friend slid his fingers up and down her labia and teased her clit. Doug sucked on her tit as hard as he could, massaging her warm flesh with his tongue as she enthusiastically jerked him off.

Since Doug already had his fingers stuffed up Jennifer’s twat, Kevin decided to go around to her back door. He continued playing with her clit as he slid his free hand under her firm ass, his fingers parting her taunt cheeks. Her juices were sliding down her gushing pussy, coating her puckered asshole before soaking into the couch. He probed her tiny hole until he could get his finger inside of her and caused her to gasp out as he penetrated her, digging into her tight ass.

Jennifer had no idea what was going on and as horny as she was she didn’t care. She had been sitting alone at home, reading a new movie script when all of the sudden she found herself naked on the two guys’ couch. She gasped out in lust as her pussy and ass were penetrated, rocking her body against the two strangers’ hands and questing fingers.

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  Her entire, naked body was flushed with desire, bolts of electricity coursing through her from her chest to her churning pussy and ass.

Doug’s cock throbbed in pleasure and he knew that at this rate he was going to cum soon but there was still parts of Jennifer Lawrence’s body he wanted to explore. He got up on his knees, the horny star never relieving her grip on his dick, and aimed his prick at her gasping mouth. She immediately opened her mouth and yanked his cock forward, her lips snapping shut around his girth and her tongue lashing his shaft. She sucked him into her gasping mouth as hard as she could, the tip of his prick bumping the back of her throat as she jerked the base of his cock.

With Doug’s fingers out of the way, Kevin slid the hand not fingering Jennifer’s ass between her legs, fingering her sopping pussy as well. His hungry mouth never left her tit as he sucked her breast into her mouth, nearly biting into her silky, warm flesh. With her leaning towards Doug it made it easier form Kevin to slip his fingers deeper into her ass and cunt as he added new fingers, her body clamping down on his invading digits.

Moaning around the cock in her mouth, Jennifer bobbed her head back and forth, sucking it in as far as she could and massaging the big vein underneath with her warm, wet tongue. She continued jacking the base of him as she sucked him vigorously, hungrily, intently. All she cared about was the feel and the taste of a cock in her mouth, drooling in hunger and need.

Gripping the sides of Jennifer’s head, Doug fucked her warm, wet mouth. His balls slapped wetly against her chin, her drool sliding down and coating his sack. She was practically ravenous as she bobbed her head back and forth in time with his thrusts making sure to swallow him as deep as she could into the back of her throat.

As Jennifer leaned further and further away from him, towards Doug, Kevin pushed her forward until she was nearly on her side.

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  He pulled his mouth away from her tit and pulled his fingers out of her pussy and ass. He grabbed her hips and positioned her naked body until she was on her hand and knees, her large tits dangling below her. Positioning the tip of his cock at the entrance to her wet, hot, cunt, he slid himself forward, filling her tight pussy, the walls of her pussy parting tightly around him.

Doug began timing his thrusts into Jennifer’s mouth with Kevin’s thrusts into her pussy. She rocked back and forth between them as they pistoned in and out of her, her ass rippling with everyone of Kevin’s thrusts, her tits swaying back and forth beneath her. She continued moaning and groaning around his cock, humming with glee and sending vibrations across the sensitive flesh of his cock.

As Jennifer’s body was rocked back and forth between the two cocks, she gurgled in pleasure around the dick in her mouth. Her orgasm rose up and rolled through her body, her pussy clamping down on the prick in her pussy, rippling along the shaft as she sucked the cock in her mouth as hard as she could, enjoying the taste of him as she happily rode out her orgasm.

Kevin held Jennifer’s ass to his hips possessively as she came, enjoying the feel of her pussy convulsing around his shaft. His balls were pressed tightly against her plump pussy-lips as she writhed against him, nearly making him cum with her. As his need to cum subsided he looked over at Doug holding himself against Jennifer’s face letting her ride out orgasm. “Pull out. I wanna do something,” he told his friend.

Jennifer eagerly let one of the guys position her and his friend around, already craving another orgasm from them. One of them sat on the couch and she straddled him, reaching down to grab his cock and hold it up to the dripping hot juncture of her thighs.

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  Her hungry pussy swallowed his throbbing cock, coming to rest on his lap as his hands reached around to grab her ass and his lips latched onto her swaying tits. The other strangers gripped her hips, holding her steady as he aimed his cock at the entrance to her ass. “Ohhhh fuck,” she gasped out as he slowly pushed himself inside of her tightly clutching rear-end.

“Oh geez, no homo, oh geez, no homo, oh geez, no homo. . . ” Doug chanted as Kevin slowly slid into Jennifer’s ass. With his friend inside of her ass her pussy felt tighter than a fist as she panted and moaned in lust above him. The celebrity’s tits around his head muffled the sound of her voice as he slid his tongue across her chest, eager to feel every part of her in his mouth. As Kevin finally bottomed out inside of her, Doug began sliding himself out and as he slid back in, Kevin slid out of her. They began fucking her in unison, one cock sliding in as the other slid out like a piston, thrusting into her like a machine.

As the two strangers began fucking her pussy and ass, Jennifer began panting in lust, sweat rolling down her body. With one arm she held the guy beneath her to her chest while the other arm wrapped behind her back, her and spreading her ass-cheeks open so the guy behind her could get his entire cock inside of her ass. She let them do all the work, moving her body back and forth, forward and back, filling her over and over again. She squealed in delight as their cocks filled and throbbed inside of her, grunting in pleasure like an animal in heat.

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“Fuck, fuck, fuck. . . ” Kevin grunted as he fucked Jennifer’s ass, his balls swinging below him. He lurched forward, burying his prick as deep inside of her as he could just as he came, filling the celebrity’s ass with his thick cum. He pressed himself against her completely, his chest pressed against her sweat slick back.

Jennifer gasped out as she felt the guy behind her cum, triggering her own orgasm. Her ass and pussy clamped down around the cocks invading her, her body trying to milk the shafts of their hot cum.

“Gawwwwd,” Doug gasped as Jennifer’s pussy clenched his cock, rippling around his shaft and making him cum. He buried his face as far as into her cleavage as he could, groaning between her tits as he erupted inside of her.

As the three of them came, their grunts and moans of lust echoed through the small living room, the couch groaning and creaking beneath them. As Jennifer's twitching body began to relax she leaned farther into Doug, smothering him with her breasts as Kevin collapsed against her. Their ragged gasps for breath began to subside as they regained control of their breathing and Jennifer began wiggling beneath them.

"Can. .

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  . can you get off of me please?" she asked the guy leaning against her back. She could feel his cock softening inside of her sore ass and repressed a shudder of revulsion as he slid out of her. When the stranger behind her got off of her she dismounted the guy below her and had to repress another shudder as his soft prick slid out of her wetly. She sat between them, awkwardly naked and looked around the dingy living room in confusion. "Okay, I'm just gonna ask this once before I lose my mind and start screaming," she announced, "Where the fuck am I and who the fuck are you two and what the fuck just happened?"

Doug looked at the naked, cum filled star and then at Kevin. "Well, I'm Doug and this is Kevin. We're at my house and. . . Well, I can't really explain what just happened really. "

Suddenly a even more important question entered Jennifer's mind. "How the fuck do I get home?" she asked, unsure of what to do since she was completely naked and freshly fucked and had no money.

The End. .

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