Kaley Cuoco Is The Rav 4 Genie


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Toyota or the characters from it. I do not know Kaley Cuoco or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Kaley Cuoco is the Rav 4 Genie
By Muhabba

For his 16th birthday Dennis finally got his dream vehicle, a Rav 4 SUV. Sure, all his friends were after sports cars to show off in but he just wanted something he could load up with beer and girls and take off in. And his dream had come true, at least until his little brother had narc’ed on him about the porn on his computer. Now Dennis was grounded for two weeks and hadn’t even got the chance to drive his truck around the block yet. Plus his parents had heaped a bunch of extra chores on him. So here he was on a Saturday afternoon with his parents at his little brother’s soccer game and he was stuck at home.

Dennis walked out of the garage into the drive-way, pushing the lawn mower and a can of gas. The afternoon sun glinted enticingly off his truck, drawing his eyes.

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  He put the can of gas down and walked over to his shiny vehicle. “It’s OK, baby. We’ll be together soon,” he whispered as he lovingly stroked the hood of his shiny SUV. Quickly turning around to gas up the lawn mower he missed a large cloud of purple smoke coming from the exhaust pipe of his truck.

“I’m the Rav 4 Genie,” a perky voice from behind Dennis said, startling him. “And your wish is my command. ”

Dennis quickly turned around, nearly tripping over the lawn mower and saw a beautiful blonde girl surrounded by a cloud of evaporating purple smoke. “What the hell,” he muttered as he stared open mouthed.

The beautiful blonde snapped her fingers at Dennis as he stared blankly at her. “Hello,” she said impatiently. “Rav 4 Genie here. This is your truck, right?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” Dennis answered. “It’s mine. Who are you?” he asked as he stared at the sexy woman.

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  Her blonde hair was curled slightly and the purple pants-suit she wore did nothing to hide her impressive curves.

The Genie placed her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes. “We’ve already covered this. I’m your Rav 4 Genie. ”

Dennis stared at the beautiful girl’s large chest which had to be a C-cup at least. Tearing his eyes away from her large breasts he tried to keep his eyes from wandering. “And what?Genies just come with the truck?”

“He finally catches on,” the Genie exclaimed. “I thought I’d become the Rav 5 Genie before you finally caught on. ”

“And you’re like, a Genie Genie?” Dennis asked, trying not to laugh. The girl was definitely hot but also definitely crazy. “Three wishes and whatever Genie?”

The Genie rolled her eyes again. “How come so many people have a problem with this concept,” she wondered to herself. “Yes, 3 wishes and ‘whatever’. ”

“Heh,” Dennis chuckled, “Whatever. ”Turning his back to the hot, crazy girl he began filling the lawn mowers gas tank. 

  “If you were my Genie you’d be wearing a itsy bitsy bikini and heels. ”

“Your wish is my command,” the Genie said as she snapped her fingers and was surrounded by a cloud of purple smoke.

A sudden breeze startled Dennis and he spun around just as the purple cloud of smoke began dissipating from around the Genie.

The Genie was now wearing 5 inch spiked heels that stretched out her smooth calves and thick thighs and from her wide hips to her small waist. The front of her purple thong with white trim had just enough material to barely cover her obviously shaved pussy to become white straps going up and around her trim waist. Her stomach and abdomen were soft looking with just a bit of plumpness below her belly button and her tanned skin glistened in the sunlight. Her golden tits had to be at least a 34 C and were barely contained in a matching purple top with white trim. The top had barely enough material to cover her nipples but still managed to lift and support her firm tits, like a shelf made of cleavage on her chest.

Dennis licked his lips as the Genie walked towards him, each step in the high-heels causing her large tis to jiggle and swayback and forth. When she stopped in front of him he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her impressive chest. As she placed her hands on her hips she cock them to one side and he tried to look around her to check out her ass.

“Ahem,” the Genie said, trying to capture Dennis’s attention. When the teenage boy didn’t respond she snapped her fingers in front of his face again to startle him.

“Um, yeah?” Dennis asked, still not able to pull his eyes from the Genie’s golden cleavage.

The Genie rolled her eyes as she spoke, “You’ve got 2 more wishes.

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“Uh. . . Could you wash my truck?” Dennis asked, breaking away from the Genie’s cleavage to her sparkling blue eyes.

The Genie sighed as she rolled her eyes again, “Sweetie, if I wanted to do manual labor I wouldn’t have become a Genie. ”She snapped her fingers and the lawn mower started and took off down the drive way before turning onto the lawn and beginning to mow Dennis’s lawn by itself.

“Wow,” Dennis said. As the lawn mower passed the nearly naked Genie his eyes were drawn back to her impressive chest.

“How ‘bout that?” the Genie asked.

Dennis took a moment to look at the lawn mower before switching back to the Genie’s large tits. His cock was harder than it had ever been since he figured out how to jack-off and now all his decisions were being made there. “That’s cool and all, but I reeealllyyy wanna watch you wash my truck. ”

The Genie sighed, her impressive tits pushing against the little bikini top and threatening to pop out, “Whatever. ”She snapped her fingers again and a lawn chair appeared behind Dennis’s legs, tripping him and causing him to fall backwards into it. At the same time another puff of purple smoke revealed a garden hose and water bucket filled with soapy water.

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Dennis nearly squealed in excitement as the Genie walked towards his truck, finally revealing her backside to him. The white string of the thong disappeared between her luscious, golden ass-cheeks and was nearly as thin as the small straps of her bikini top. Her entire back from her slim calves to her broad shoulders was a golden tan and images of her sun bathing nude filled his mind and he nearly came in his pants.

The Genie stopped for a moment in front of the truck. “Who the hell buys a kid a truck like this?” she thought to herself. She shrugged her shoulders and decided it was best to get it over with. The kid had one wish left and she knew what it was going to be. “Oh well,” she thought. “A job’s a job and I’m only 6 credits from graduating cosmetology school. ”

Taking a deep breath the Genie stuck out her full, firm, round ass back as she turned at the waist to her side, showcasing her thick ass and the side of her large tit. She bent at the waist and picked up the hose as water suddenly shot out, splashing her wide expanse of cleavage. Cold water splashed across her tits, causing her nipples to harden as the water trailed down her chest and ran down her nearly naked body. She turned to the kid and pursed her lips as she brought the hos up to her beautiful face and took a long, slow drink of water.

Dennis groaned in lust as he shot a load in his pants without even touching himself.

Smirking, The Genie saw the wet spot growing in the boys lap and wished it could have been over then, but he was young and the tent in his shorts never went down.

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  She turned back to the truck and spread her legs about shoulder length apart and once more bent at the waist, letting the light of the setting sun shine through the juncture of her spread thighs. She flung the hose back and forth, getting the truck wet but mostly soaking herself. Water trailed down her golden body, dripping from her hair, down her back and running over her thick ass.

Dennis licked his lips and suddenly felt thirsty.

The Genie turned around facing Dennis and leaned back on the truck, thrusting her large tits out. She raised the hose up above her head and let the water cover her; soaking her hair, turning her tiny top a shade darker, dripping off her hard nipples and flowing over the bit of material covering her crotch before running down her legs. When she was finished soaking her nearly exposed body she flung the hose to the side and turned towards the bucket of sudsy water. Facing away from the boy she spread her legs again, bending at her waist, letting Dennis get a eyeful of her ass and barely covered pussy as she grabbed the sponge floating at the top of the soapy water and stood up. Standing back up and facing the kid she rung out the sponge over her chest, covering her large tits in soap suds.

Dennis croaked, nearly chocking on his own spit as he tried to swallow and he leaned forward, wondering if he was really hearing the song “She’s My Cherry Pie” or if it was just in his head.

Climbing up onto the hood the Genie got on her hands and knees and shifted her wet, gleaming ass back and forth as she moved the sponge around and around the windshield. She took a look over her shoulder and saw Dennis with his hands in his pants, obviously masturbating in the middle of his drive-way. Rolling her eyes and smirking to herself she sat up on her knees, rocking her hips back and forth as she raised herself up and down. She bent down on her elbows again and spread her knees, nearly straddling the truck as she rubbed her body back and forth across the hood. The tiny bit of clothe on her tits slid off of her hard nipples and under her breasts, the tightly tied straps now pulling her large tits higher up as her pink nipples were exposed.

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  She rolled over on her back and slid down the front of the truck, ringing the sponge out over her tits and covering her hard nipples in white soap suds. By the time her feet touched the ground her large tits were covered by the suds more that by the tiny bikini top. She looked at Dennis, with his eyes wide as plates and his tongue actually lolling out of his mouth like a puppy, and smirked.

“Fuuuccck me,” Dennis groaned under his breath, stunned by the sexy, blonde Genie and not realizing what he had said was also a command.

“I fucking knew it,” the Genie whispered as she once more snapped her fingers. “Your wish is my command,” she said through gritted teeth.

In an instant his Genie was nude; wet, sudsy and completely naked. The sunlight glinted off her skin and her large tits swayed back and forth as she strutted towards him. Dave licked his lips as she stopped in front of him and he saw that her pussy was completely bald and only a foot away from his face. He turned his head up and stared at her firm tits as she loomed over him. He never even realized that when the Genie lost her clothes that he had lost his.

The Genie looked down at the excited kid and thought to herself, “At least this won’t take long. ”Moving forward to straddle Dennis’s lap she reached down to grip the base of his cock. She jerked on it a couple of times, twisting her wrist for added stimulation, hoping to get this over with a quick as she could. When he didn’t cum after a couple of minutes she thought, “It figures,” before lining his cock up to her pussy.

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“Oh Fuck!” Dennis shouted as the sexy Genie’s tight cunt slowly slide over his dick. Her pussy slowly swallowed his prick and it felt like heaven; so tight, so warm, so wet. His hands flew up and gripped her slender waist as he thrust his hips up and buried his cock as deep as he could into her cunt. The Genie pushed his hips down and began slowly riding his dick, raising herself up and down like she was riding a horse. He gripped her fleshy ass-cheeks and began kneading her firm flesh like dough as he buried his face into her abundant cleavage.

“Don’t be a biter, don’t be a biter,” the Genie thought to herself as she rolled her hips back and forth with each up and down thrust. She kept ahold of the back of the chair to give Dennis easier access to her swinging tits and every once in a while she’d nibble on his ear and whisper, “Oh baby, feels so good,” in an effort to excite him more and get him to cum quicker.

Dennis continued gripping and massaging the Genie’s round ass as he tried to match thrusts with her but his inexperience left him just floundering on the chair. Giving up trying to get into a rhythm he simply scooted his hips forward to the edge of the chair to give her extra room to bounce up and down on his dick. He motor-boated her large tits and then ran his tongue over the warm soapy tasting skin of her tan cleavage and pink nipples. He tried to wrap his lips around one of her ripe nipples but her tits were swaying too quickly so he released his hold on her firm ass to grip and squeeze her silky tits. Now able to get a lock on her tits he popped one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard on the rubbery nub and lashed it with his tongue as he squeezed her large breasts.

“Don’t bite, don’t bite, don’t bite you little shit,” the Genie thought as she shifted positions a little. Her thighs were burning with the effort of riding the kid’s dick up and down so she reclined a bit and rolled her hips back and forth faster. Dennis’s head followed her tits as she held onto the back of the chair to keep from falling back off his lap.

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  He showed all the restraint of a nursing calf as he worked over her tits and judging by the throbbing of his cock she knew she wouldn’t have to put up with it for to much longer.

“Oh Fuck!” Dennis yelled around his face-full of the Genie’s tan tits. He used both of his hands to grip her slender waist as he thrust his hips up, burying his cock balls deep into the tight, clutching pussy of his Genie. His entire body spasmed as he came like a firehose, filling her tight cunt with his thick cum. He jerked his hips up twice more, making sure his balls were completely drained before reclining back in the chair, pulling the Genie forward and nestling his head inside the cleavage of her golden tits. “Oh yeah,” he whispered and smiled in contentment.

“Argh!” Dennis yelled as he suddenly fell on his bare ass and onto the rough pavement of his driveway. He looked around and saw that the lawn mower had stopped and that the hose and bucket the Genie had used were gone. His clothes were in a pile by his feet and his sexy Genie was standing over them, the sunlight filtering through her golden hair, the last thing he noticed was that she was once again wearing her purple pants-suit and it made him feel kinda disappointed.

“So,” the Genie said, pretending to study her fingernails, “First wish, was the bikini. Check. ”She finished staring at her nails and glared at Dennis as she continued, “Second wish, truck washed. Check. ”She walked towards the boy with just a hint of anger on her face as she went on with her speech, “Third wish, me fucking you. ”She stood peering down at him with her hands on her hips.

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  “Check,” she finished, taking a quick moment to look at the kid’s soft, sticky cock before turning away from the naked youth as if he was now completely inconsequential to her.

Dennis looked up at the beautiful Genie, “So that’s it?”

The Genie turned back to Dennis. “Yep. Enjoy your truck,” she said before snapping her fingers and disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke.

Dennis took a stunned moment to look around before looking back to where his Genie had been standing. “Coool,” he said as he grinned. A gentle breeze blew the purple cloud away and his smile disappeared as he saw his parents pull into the driveway.

“Sumabithch,” Dave muttered, looking at his clothes in a pile between him and his parents’ car.

The End. .

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