Karen Gillan Meets The Fanboys


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Karen Gillan or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a Comic-Con. You don’t have to read any of the other stories to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Code: Gang-bang

. . . Meets The Fanboys Karen Gillan
By Muhabba

Young, hot, and Scottish actress Karen Gillan walked purposefully through the large hotel, her legs scissoring beneath her short skirt and her long, red hair flowing behind her. Her long legs and high, pert ass drew stares from almost everyone she passed by but she had grown used to it as a model and by now was nearly oblivious to being leered at. Finally, after searching all afternoon for the little known promoter, she found Mel sneaking out of a room on the third floor.

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  "Hey!Hey, Mel!" she called out in her sexy Scottish accent, "You're Mel, right?"

Mel stood like a deer in headlights for a moment before slamming the door shut. "Right. What?No," he stammered.

"I've heard of you," Karen said with a cheeky grin, defiantly blocking the overweight promoter. "I've been looking for you all afternoon. "

"I didn't do it," Mel pleaded, ". . . and if I was supposed to do it I was just on my way to do it. " His eyes wandered over the young woman's long, lean body. She wasn't wearing anything special, just comfortable sneakers, wine colored tights, a tiny skirt, a loose black T-shirt and a wine colored hoodie, but she wore it extremely well. Her wide eyes sparkled and her red hair just seemed shine in the light and for a lost moment he just stared at her.

Karen smirked at the promoter's dumb-founded expression. "Relax, mate, I'm not her to pinch you for anything. I'm here to sign up as a matter of fact.

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"You're a model?" he asked hopefully as he tried to smooth out his comb-over and rumpled shirt.

"Sorry, not any more," Karen said as she held out her hand to the sweaty, nervous man. "I'm Karen Gillan. Doctor Who?We're doing a big push into America this year. You're a promoter, ya?Surely you've heard about it. "

"Yeah, I've heard about it," Mel answered in confusion, ". . . but what's that got to do with me?"He looked at the actress's outstretched hand like it might bite him.

Karen finally gave up, grabbed Mel's hand and began shaking it. "I heard about you and wanted to meet you," she said before she released him.

Mel raised a skeptical eyebrow at the stunning actress. "I thought you'd all been warned away from me?"

"Well, yeah, there's that," Karen said with a shrug, ". . .

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  but I was intrigued. "


Karen laughed. "You Americans are such prudes. We've got nudity in our Reality Shows across the pond. We're a bit more open minded over there. Now, let's go discuss my Meet & Greet. "


"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Comic Con!" Mel announced as he ushered the small group of fans into the mid-sized conference room. "And while you're here we've imported extra security for your protection straight from the land of tea and the BBC. Officer Amy Pond!"

The crowd started to cheer but the clapping quickly died down as they got their first good look at Karen. She was dressed in her sexy police woman costume from her first season of Doctor Who except with stilleto heels stretching out her already long legs, fishnet stockings, her tight black skirt hugging and barely covering her pert ass, her blouse semi-transparent to show her black bra underneath, and her flaming hair out and flowing around her sexy face.

Mel closed the door as Karen gleefully called out, "OK, who's seen the latest episodes of Doctor Who?"

Slowly, stunned, the small crowd all raised their hands.

"Whoops," Karen giggled, "Then I guess you all know my real job. "

A small, female fan with punky, multicolored hair stammered, "A. . .

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   a kiss. . . a kiss-o-gram?"

"That's right," Karen said before walking over to the young fan. She had to bend down to reach the much shorter girl and pulled her cute face closer. She pressed her scarlet lips to the fan's, kissing her lightly before standing back up. "OK, who's next?" she called out happily.

The fans came in all shapes and sizes: Some we're as tall as her but most were shorter, some thin, some overweight, some with hair every color of the rainbow and some couldn't have been plainer, some male, some female, some dressed for cos-play, some dressed in street clothes, and most wearing fanny packs or carrying backpacks. And Karen cheerfully kissed them all.

After about twenty minutes Karen found herself back with the first fan she had kissed. "Wow time sure does fly when you're having fun," she giggled. "How's my make-up?" she asked the flustered Fangirl.

"You're beautiful," the female fan whispered reverently as she looked up at Karen's lip stick smudged face.

"Awww, you're such a doll," Karen cooed, "Let's give you a treat. "She bent down again, cupping the fan's face firmly in her hands and pressed her lips to the other girl's.

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  She ran her tongue across the girl's lips before sliding it into her warm, wet mouth. The fan moaned in pleasure before Karen broke the passionate kiss and stood back up. "Well, who's up for round two?"

Karen made another circuit through the crowd, her talented tongue drawing moans and groans of pleasure from every fan she kissed. She felt more than a few erections as she began rubbing her willowy body against more and more of her fans and she felt herself becoming more aroused. As she kissed more and more she began running her hands up and down the fans' sides, across their shoulders, pressing her slender hips against the male fans and her chest against the girls.

After nearly forty minutes of passionate kissing and more and more forceful embraces, Karen found herself back with the first fan. "Whoo. I'm exhausted. How 'bout you?" she asked the flustered fan before grabbing her by the wrist. "Let's have a seat," she said as she dragged the fan to a near by couch and flopped down in the middle, dragging the girl down with her. Karen crossed her long legs and patted the fan's slender thigh. "What's your name, sweetie?"

"Su. . . Su.

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  . . Suzie," she stammered.

"Sweet, sweet Suzie," Karen whispered as she grinned wolfishly before bending over and kissing Suzie deeply, their warm, wet tongues caressing each other. She ran her hand up and down Suzie's now trembling thigh, slowly trailing to the juncture if her jeans and then felt a weight settle to the other side of her. She turned and saw a small male fan settling down next to her, his eyes glued to the hand now rubbing Suzie's groin, the female's legs spread wide. "And who are you, sweetie?" she asked before interrupting him, "Know what? Doesn't matter," she giggled before leaning over and kissing him.

As Karen kissed the male Fanboy her hand never stopped rubbing Suzie's warm groin as the actress placed her hand on the guy's inner thigh and worked it up to the bulge in his pants. She broke the kiss with the male fan and returned to Suzie, kissing her deeply as her hand began deftly fastening the moaning girl's jeans. As she slid her hand into Suzie's pants and beneath her panties, she went back to kissing the male fan and undoing his pants. With his jeans open she pulled his hard cock out as she turned and began kissing Suzie again, proud. of her ability to be able to open her fans' pants one handed. It did, after all, show how much, and how often, she cared about them.

Karen still one finger into Suzie's shopping wet pussy as they kissed while she began jerking off the male fan. She pulled firmly on the Fanboy's shaft, stretching the skin up before sliding her soft palm across the sensitive tip and then slowly sliding her dainty fist back down.

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  Both fans groaned in pleasure as she broke the kiss and smiled warmly at them as she slid a second finger into Suzie's wet pussy. "So are you two big Doctor Who fans?" she asked nonchalantly.

Both fans moaned in pleasure instead of answering as they reclined on the couch and enjoyed Karen's hands. Suzie was rolling her slender hips up to meet Karen's fingers while the male fan thrust up to meet her fist, both fans fucking themselves with her hands.

Karen's pussy throbbed in need as Suzie and the male fan both came at the same time, Suzie flooding her panties and the male fan shooting into the air. "Who else wants to talk Doctor Who with me?" she asked as the male fan's cum landed on her black skirt. "Hope you like the new series," she told the two fans before giving them a quick peck on their cheeks and turning towards the silent audience. "So?Who else wants to talk about the upcoming series with me?"

For the next forty-five minutes Karen entertained her fans with her hands. Pants, moans, and groans of lust and joy filled the conference room as her skilled digits fulfilled the hopes and dreams of her Doctor Who fans in America. Her fingertips began to wrinkle as she brought her female fans to nearly screaming orgasms and her skirt and blouse were matted with the male's cum. And as the seconds ticked on she got hornier and hornier.

Karen looked around at all her sweet, horny fans with a sense of pride. Then she looked down at the couch and back up at Suzie who had never left her spot at the front of the line. but had never tried to butt in. "I think this couch is pretty much a lost cause," she giggled and her fan just nodded slowly as if she was in shock.

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  "Care to meet me on the floor?" she asked and began to gently pull the young fan down. She laid her fan on her back and then crawled over on top of her, smirking warmly at the dumbfounded girl.

The girl's eyes swam into focus as she looked up. at Karen's wide, brown eyes. "You're so beautiful," she whispered as she lovingly stroked the star's face.

"Aww, you're so sweet," Karen said before giving the girl a quick kiss on the lips. She kissed her way down her fan's jaw as she began pulling down the Fangirl's pants. It wasn't easy using one hand holding herself up but her fingers were talented and by the time she had kissed her way down the girl's torso the pants were down below her hips. She started tugging the girl's jeans down further as she continued kissing until her head was hovering over the fan's obviously wet panties. She looked up the length of the girl's body and winked. "Ever miss an episode of Doctor Who?" she asked with a mischievous smile.

"N. . . no, never.

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  . . " the Fangirl stammered.

"Good girl," Karen said as she gripped the elastic of the girl's panties with her teeth and pulled them down to her thighs. The fan couldn't spread her legs to far apart because of her panties binding her legs so she spread her knees as Karen bent her head down and licked up the girl's wet slit. She felt the girl shiver and smiled as she circled the Fangirl's clit with her tongue while sliding two fingers into the girl's juicy prissy.

As Karen finger-fucked the girl, the Scottish actress looked up at the small crowd surrounding them. "What's a girl got to do to get fucked around here," she laughed as a sudden shoving match broke out. She wiggled her tight ass as it stuck high in the air and felt her tight skirt quickly pulled up around her waist and then giggled at the sudden silence. Knowing what she would be doing today she had decided not to wear her panties and the small crowd was shocked silent at the sight of her bald, dripping pussy.

Karen used her lips, tongue, and fingers on her fan's tasty little pussy, sliding her fingers in and out as she licked her clit and then ran her tongue into the girl's little hole as she circled the clit with her tongue. She reached her free hand up the girl's panting body and squeezed one of her small, firm tits through her T-shirt as she slid her fingers back into the fan's cunt and just as she felt a prick nuzzling against her own pussy the Fangirl came. The you girl's juices slid out of her clutching pussy slid and Karen eagerly lap them up until the girl was spent and just as the cock behind her began pushing into her own hot cunt.

The Fanboy gripped Karen's slender hips tightly as he began fucking into her tightly clutching cunt. "Bloody well love America," she gasped out as another prick appeared in front of her gasping mouth.

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  She opened. wide and the throbbing prick slid past her lips. She snapped her mouth tightly around the girth of the thrusting prick, loving the feel of the Fanboy's dangling balls slapping wetly against her chin as the Fanboy behind her's heavy sack smacked her dewy pussy-lips. She rocked her slim body between them, filling her mouth with one cock as the cock behind her slid out and then began filling her again as the cock in her mouth slid out.

As the prick in her mouth slide across her tongue, Karen firmly massaged it while raising her hips up and down to get as much of the cock behind her into her pussy as she could. She could feel her warm juices sliding down the insides of her pale thighs as she was rocked back and forth between her horny fans. The cock in her cunt suddenly seized up as the fan came, filling her needy body with his thick cum and causing her to coo in pleasure.

As the fanboy slide his softening prick out of Karen's dripping hole she felt a warm tongue push in, lapping at the mixture of her juices and the Fanboy's cum. She didn't care if the talented tongue belonged to a boy or a girl, all that mattered to her was how good of a job it was doing inside of her. Suddenly the. Fanboy fucking her mouth pulled out and came, his thick, white load plastering her beautiful face. The finished Fanboy was quickly pushed to the side and a completely shaved pussy was nearly shoved into it's place. She loved her fan's enthusiasm as she began licking at the wet pussy and straining her neck up.

Karen pulled her face back from the tasty cunt humping up against her face. "I'm getting a neck cramp here," she said and her fans moved away without a moment's hesitation.


  She took the opportunity to strip down completely naked except. for her stockings and laid on her back. The Fangirl that had been lapping at her pussy quickly entwined their legs and began humping her own cunt against Karen's as the other Fangirl straddled her face. She lapped eagerly at the Fangirl humping her face as the second fan wrapped her legs more firmly around her waist, spooning her until they both came. As their mingled juices seeped into the carpet the fan riding her face came and Karen tried to swallow every drop that she could.

The two Fangirl's were quickly replaced by two Fanboys and Karen eagerly spread her long legs wider and opened her mouth. In a flash she was being plowed by the cock between her legs as the fan above her slide his cock past her lips, over her warm tongue and into her throat. She effortlessly deep-throated the cock fucking her face due to the angle as. l she raised her hips up to. allow the fan between her legs to burrow as deeply as possible into her gushing cunt. Fan hands began flowing over her pale body, squeezing her small tits, pinching her nipples, and flicking her clit and in no time she was cumming again.

The hands were slowly joined by stiff pricks rubbing against every exposed inch of flesh on Karen's body, the pre-cum making her body gleam in the conference room. She was rolled onto her side as the cocks inside of her were replaced with fresh dick and her tight, tiny little asshole was poked and prodded by various fingers. Suddenly a tongue slid it's way into her ass, lapping at her tightest hole before being replaced by a talented finger fucking itself inside of her. The finger was joined by a second and then a third, stretching her out before she felt a warm cock-head beginning to nudge it's way inside of her.

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As the cock behind her slowly pushed it's way into her tight, pale ass, more cocks pushed and shoved their way onto her body, covering her in pre-cum as they slid all over her. Her hands were pulled up and her fingers pushed into slick, wet pussies as every square inch if her was used for sex. Her fingers soon became drenched from the Fangirl's juices and he Fanboys came on and in her continuously. Thick, white cum covered her and matted her hair to her beautiful face, dripping out of her mouth, pussy and ass. Her body was rocked, rolled, pushed, shoved, pulled in every direction as her fans struggled to reach any part of her that they could, desperate for her slightest touch. Her vision was blocked by. naked bodies, tits, cocks, cunts, asses, all wanting to touch her, feel her hair, stroke her skin, or just be acknowledged by her in some way.

After the orgy, Mel slowly escorted the fans out, pointing out where the nearest bathrooms were so they could get cleaned it. You could see some strange things at Comic Con but cum splattered guest were definitely something that would draw to much attention to his Meet & Greets. As the last guest left the conference room, Mel turned back to the giant puddle of cum in the middle of the floor with Karen laying languid in the center of it.

He could hear her moaning and occasionally giggling as he stared at her naked, cum soaked body. "Are. . . are you o.

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  k. ?" he asked, still stunned at what. he had seen. He had of course watched many gang-bangs involving celebs at Comic Con, it happened more often then they like to admit but those were accidents, the celeb lost control of their libidos but he was sure Karen had planned this. "Can. . . can I get, ah, get you anything?"

Karen looked up from her wet spot in the floor and laughed wildly. "Water and a towel. "

Already having put those items away just in case something happened during the Meet & Greet, not what had happened, if he knew what was going to happen he would have brought a hose, he handed the towel and glass of water to Karen. "Um, I guess you'll need more towels and water," he said. meekly.

Karen giggled, "You think?"

Mel turned to leave for more supplies before turning back to the thoroughly fucked actress. He just had to know. "Is this.

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  . . Did you. . . Is this how you usually treat your fans?"

Karen wiped some cum from her eyes and looked up at the shocked American. "You ever in Cardiff you should hit 'The Doctor Who Experience,' it'll change your life," she said with a wink.

The End. .
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