Karen is the best sitter


This is side one of a two sided story. All characters and acts in this story are fiction.  

Karen's perspective of events by:

C H Marshall 

Karen nervesly approached the door and rang the bell. This was not her first babysitting job but she was worried someone may find out why she wanted this one.
Her thoughts drifted to yesterday during lunch when she heard Christina telling the girls she was never babysitting for Jacob Wilson again. "That little fucker tried rubbing his balls on my face while we were watching a movie. " That thought made he feel a little tingly all over and she felt her nipples harden as she did when Christina said it. She began to have second thoughts. What if Christina dremt it worse yet what if something happens and everyone finds out. She starts to turn away from the door but it's too late.
The door swings open with a woosh. The wind from the door pulling Karen's strawberry blonde hair with it. "Hello Karen. . . .

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  . It's a little chilly out come in. " It was Mrs Wilson. Her mind starts working overdrive why did Mrs Wilson say it was chilly it's 70 freaking degrees did she notice my hard nipples. Oh god. . . . Karen blinks a couple times and gathers her thoughts.   Sorry Mrs Wilson the bright light startled me I guess. Mr Wilson breezes past and never gives a second look. Come on Maggie we are going to be late. Mrs Wilson just replies with a "pssh".
"Ok Karen we will be back home by noon or so tomorrow. I don't like to use a sitter for over night stuff but Christina just says she cannot do it and it seems we can't keep a good sitter" Karen swiftly replied "I have never had any trouble sitting day or night.

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   I know 14 is borderline especially for an over night sit. But I am far more mature than most my age. " Mrs Wilsons face began to tense a little. 14 I thought you had 2 years experience in sitting. Karen began to worry that she may miss out. She could care less about the money. I do I promise I sit for the Shaber twins all the time have since they were 3. They are 5 now and I am still the first call Mrs Shaber makes when she needs a sitter day or night. "Well if Patty trusts you with her terrorist I am sure Jacob will be a breeze" Mrs Wilson replied laughing. There is $50 on the counter if you want to order in or anything the numbers to the restaurant and hotel are on the fridge and Jacob is the shower you can't miss him. He's the dark headed 10 year old that will be soaking wet in basketball shorts coming down the stairs she said jokingly. We'll be home about noon tomorrow sorry we have to run off so fast. Have fun Karen called out as the door wisped shut.
Karen went to the solid walnut door and clicked the deadbolt to lock. She looked out the glass and slid the chain lock into it's cradle.

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    He mind began to race. Thinking of things that may come tonight. Her nipples poking out of her old navy tee shirt. She tossed her bag into the oversized arm chair in the living room and started looking at the pictures on the walls andt shelves.   One caught her eye in a hurry. A thin built brown haired boy in swimming trunks in the Hulk Hogan muscle pose. The date in the corner was from just a month ago. May 2nd. The boy looked 10 but a very handsome 10 with six pack abs and sizeable muscles for a boy his age. She picked the photo up for closer inspection. Short brown hair soft green eyes and that smile. She could feel that tingle in her whole body again as she tried to make out thru the swimming trunks what his boy toy may look like. She could feel her own juices starting to run in her inner thighs. She had only wore her pajama bottoms and old navy shirt since it was an over night sit. She did not want to lose a bra or her underwear.

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   As she focused on the groin area in the picture she began to rub her own flat stomach Around in circles slowly sliding her fingers into her waste line. As she reached the top of her pubic mound and lightly brushed her clit she had a brilliant idea.   It's only 6 o'clock now it will be hours before I'll know if he really will try something on me. If I pretend to have fallen asleep from bordom while he showered maybe. . . She listened closely. The shower was still running. She pull her hand out of her rainbow pajama bottoms And rushed to the couch.

Karen laid there with the tv playing some political bs in the background. Her eyes closed. Wondering if she should slide her pants down a little or pull her shirt up. Ugh why would I be laying she thought and sat up in the middle cushion to allow for movement room.

Karen felt the cushion move to her right. Never hearing anything but knowing someone's there by the feel of the movement.

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   Then she begins to feel the cushion to her left move. Her heart rate picks up and fear sinks in just a little. Is it Jacob or someone else maybe 2 someone else's. Oh dear she thinks.
Her nose picks up a strong smell. Irish spring. . That has to be Jacob. She begins to feel the slightest touches on her face of fingers that slowly trace her mouth and nose and eyes. The sensation stops and she feels the cushion spring back up. The freash soap smell fades slightly. She hears a boys voice from across the room. Oh you must be Karen. I guess you fell asleep while I showered. She don't respond or even move.


   The voice comes again closer this time. So I guess your a hard napper huh? She still remains motionless. The cushions push down again. Farther this time she thinks he maybe standing over her now. Straddling her. She feels touching on her face again. But a softer touch.   What maybe the softess skin she ever felt. The smell of Irish spring is nearly overwhelming now.
She feels the soft finger tip slowly slide up her chin and trace he lips around twice before sliding up her cleff as the tip of what she thought was a finger gets to her nose she feels an even softer skin begin to touch her chin. It was then that she realized the finger on the tip of her nose was boy penis and the softer touch now on her lips was ballsack. As the boy slid his balls around Karen's lips the tip of his boyhood slipped slightly into her nosteral. This almost made her giggle but she held it in as he reached his hand onto her chin and lightly pushed it down. She felt his penis push harder into her nosteral then pop up onto the side of her nose. With what she assumed to be his right hand he slowly began stroking and rubbing the tip on her face as he pushed her chin down with his other hand and pushed his hairless ballsack into her mouth.

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Almost trembling with excitement Karen does her best to remain motionless. She feels Jacobs balls as they slide fully in her mouth and come to rest on her tongue. She can no longer contain herself and flips her tongue causing the testicles to bounce up lightly hitting the roof of her mouth and settling back to her tongue.
She begins to suck softly on the boys balls. He instantly tries to pull away. Karen runs both hands up the boys legs and into his shorts grabbing each of his firm butt cheeks in each hand. Opening her eyes as she squeezed his but she now can see his blue mesh shorts are pulled to the side in the front allowing his balls to be in her mouth.   Along side her nose pointing towards her right eye is a pale white penis which looks to her to be about the size of a roll of nickles maybe a little shorter.   She looks up farther seeing his six pack stomach and his tiny bellybutton which is half inny half outy. Her eyes continue upward. To His slim long face that is completely hairless. She is put in mind of what Tom Cruise must have looked like at 10. As her eyes lock onto his she feels his body tighten and pull back.
She squeezes his butt harder and pushes towards her face pushing her middle finger on her left hand onto the boys freshly washed completely hairless butthole. At this point she starts rolling her tongue around on the boys balls while sucking lightly.

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   Pushing her tongue between the two every now and then. While pushing a little harder causing her left middle finger to push into the boys anus. She wonders if he even noticed.
As she feels Jacob relax she watches his boy meat bounce on her cheek and flex in excitement she pulls back on his buttocks with both hands her left finger now fully submerged in his ass she wiggles it back and fourth. She feels Jacob push back forward and he leans over her Head bending around her to pull her shirt up. Exposing her perfect pear shaped 34 b right breast he rubs his finger around her silver dollar sized light pink nipple before grabbing the tiny nub sticking out in the middle. This sends sensations she has never had before through her entire body. She pulls back on his buttocks again this time pushing her right middle finger into his soft pulsating butthole with her left. As she pulls his balls slide out of her mouth and she latches onto his boycock with her lips sucking as hard as she can. She pushes with both hands forcing his penis as far in her mouth as it can go. She continues her wiggle motion with her fingers buried in his ass adding an in and out motion with it. She feels a sharp pinch on her nipple bringing her to the height of passion. She begins humming and moaning while sucking. She pulls her right middle finger from his now tightening butthole. Dropping that hand straight into her pants.

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   She grabs her whole vagina squeezing the entire thing in a pinching motion. She moans harder as the wave of excitement shoots thru her body. She now hears Jacobs moan and heavy breathing she focusses on the flexing and throbbing penis in her mouth as she pushes a finger into her soaking wet glory hole. She feels Jacobs butthole squeeze down onto her remaining finger and pulse several times as the boy began to flail slightly. She releases his penis from her mouth but he don't try to get away instead placing his balls back into her mouth and moving his left foot between her thighs. She pulls her right middle finger from herself and out of her pants. Lifting her own butt off the sofa she pulls her pants down and bunched the fabric between her thighs for him to slide his foot underneath.   She feels his foot lift and settle in between her pussy and pants. His toes dragging down her wet slit lightly hitting her clit then pinching it between 2 of his toes. She grabs the bottom of his foot and presses it hard against her crotch.   While pulling again with her left hand at his butt. Using her finger that is still buried in his hole as a hook. His sack pulls from her mouth running drool down her chin. She grasps his boy hood with her lips once again sucking it in as she forcefully shoves him forward his ball noisily slapping into her chin. At the same time she pushes her finger to go back inside of her catching his big toe as she shoves it slides into her instead.

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   She feels him curle his other toes allowing his big toe to push deeper.  

Karen pushes again downward and back trying to put her finger in with Jacobs big toe. She feels her finger slide in causing a new sensation. Feeling his toe but not directly as she pushes deeper she can tell she has began fingering her own ass, with the same finger she had in Jacob's ass moments ago. This gives her a rush into a new level of passion as a haze of lust over takes her she can feel her butthole and pussy hole begin to pulse, contracting and expanding. She shoves her index finger into her ass joining her middle finger. Thrusting her fingers deeper while pushing his foot deeper and pulling on his ass. Jamming his cock to the back of her mouth Causing her to gag.   Her whole body tenses up as she gags she becomes overwhelmed with an intense pleasure she can feel her vagina pulsing pushing out and pulling in. She pulls deeper on Jacobs buttocks while pushing her fingers and the bottom of his foot with the ball of her palm. A more intense gagging and pleasure overtake her. She holds pressure on Jacob and her fingers making the gagging and pulse last as long as she can take. Feeling her pussy pushing and pulling and every part of her body tremble. She loosens her grip for just a second to get a breath. She pulls hard again but Jacob pulls away while howling is his best stern boy voice "YOU PISSED ON ME!" he turns as he pulls away causing her finger to slide out of his ass.


   Her hand can't grip his cheek and her arm comes out of his shorts. As he turns his left foot hits the floor and his right foot catches her pajama bottoms causing him to fall to The floor landing on his right side looking back at her as she jumps to her feet. I did not she retorts realizing she still has her fingers in her still throbbing butthole. Her wrist and hand laying across her now literally dripping vagina with only the slightest tuft of strawberry blonde almost pink pubic hair showing around her thin arm. She slides her fingers from her ass slowly pulling her arm to her side. Her right pussy lip sticking to her forearm as it pulls away opening her now dripping slit to reveal the darker pink skin within. The boy continues to stare a moment longer in silence.
He quickly gets to his feet and scampers towards the stairs yelling back to her "yes you did look at your clothes you pissed on yourself too". She grabs the waistband of her pants pulling them up and turns to follow him up the stairs.   Her muscles were just too weak she was still trembling and her legs felt like noodles.   I promise I did not pee on you she yells up the stairs.   A thought crossed her mind. What if he is calling his mom. She stumbles as quickly as she can into the kitchen. The numbers were still on the fridge door.

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   She looks to the display screen of the phone on the wall it does not say there is a line in use. She can now fully feel the wetness of her shirt and pants as she makes her way back to the living room. She stops by the chair her bag is in. In the air all she can smell is the sweet smell of sweat and her own vagina almost fruit like smell mixed with a light sweat scent. She lifts her shirt to her nose and inhales deeply. Don't smell like pee. She lowers the shirt to her lips lightly sucking the juices from the fabric. Like the smell she knows the taste immediately she has tasted it many times before while masturbating it's her own salty sweet juices almost like the juice from a fresh strawberry but with a hint of salt. She pulls her shirt back up only this time all the way over her head and pushes her bottoms to her ankles lifting her right leg to grab them. She walks towards the sofa stopping in front of the middle cushion.   She bends down sticking her thin butt in the air her movement and thin frame slightly spread her cheeks and vagina lips exposing her butthole and vagina hole to the cool air causing her to instantly get goose pimples from head to toe as she puts her face inches from the cushion inhaling deeply. Same sent as her clothes. She leans a little closer considering to taste that as well. With the passion and lust now completely gone from her body there is nothing driving the desire to taste that as well. She changes her mind standing back up.

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   Saying aloud I hope that dries before noon tomorrow.
I have a fan we can put on it. I am sure it will be dry. She hears Jacob say from behind her. She jumps a little startled by the voice.   She was unaware he had come back downstairs.   She spins around facing him. Her natural modesty and shyness taking back over she covers her breasts with her left arm and still wet pajama bottoms and grabs her shirt from the cushion with her right hand pressing it against her crotch. She notices he has a grin on his face.   It's not piss by the way he says it's called squirt I googled it. it means you really liked what we were doing and I must be pretty good too. His grin widens to a massive smile taking over his face. Karen pretends not to listen, I see your not shy she says nodding her head towards his shorts. Jacob smile being slightly as he drops his hands covering his crotch where is boner has stretched his blue basketball shorts almost completely tight against his skin. Why don't you put your clothes in the washing machine and I'll put a fan on the couch, we can forget about what happened earlier and just start over he says to her.

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   Karen's heart sinks at the thought of Jacob wanting to forget what happened earlier. she moves silently to the chair where her pack is still sittsitting with her other clothes trying to think of the best response. She reaches to her bag with her left hand doing her best to keep her pajama bottoms perched on her breasts , but still exposing Her left nipple as she grasps her backpack by the small strap across the top quickly raising her hand now holding her bag she recovered her breast. Karen counters his offer by saying how about we order pizza and let's forget about the very end of what happened earlier. Jacob nods his head in agreeance his smile widens again. She feels a surge of lust running into her body again as she raises her right hand holding her shirt from her crotch to her breasts grabbing her wet pajama bottoms as well and before dropping her right hand to her side and her left hand to her side still holding her backpack and her left hand. As Karen stands there with her naked body now exposed to Jacob completely she asks him what would you like on your pizza and notices he is rubbing the head of his penis through his basketball shorts. He watches her intently for several moments as if it was a hard question that she had asked. He finally responds uhhh pepperoni is fine and maybe we can have some squirt for dessert he said with a mischievous smile. She raises her right hand putting her still soaking clothing inches Jacob's face she shakes back and forth sprinkling him with glistening droplets of her own juices while saying to him I think there's some squirt left in here. Then she turns and dashes away toward the kitchen in a trot to put her clothes in the wash and order the pizza.

Written by:

C H Marshall