Kind of Friends II


rectionbarefoot made taking our clothes off seem uncomplicated and easy.
Neither of us had an erection. Our penises were soft and dangling freely down, but that did not seem to matter. It was just the pleasure of being naked that made the moment so romantically appealing. We climbed on the bed and stretched our legs and feet out, grinning modestly over what we were doing. It should have seemed absolutely outrageous. Yet, it seemed perfectly natural and normal. We kissed. Our lips wetly moving together. As we laid there, we both began to achieve an erection. It did not make either of us instantly feel all hot and bothered. Rather, it just felt pleasing as each of felt our penis growing firm and finally becoming stiff. I gently stroked his and he stroked mine. We looked at one another with a pleased expression that said how thoroughly enjoyable this was. Just two guys being naked loving with one another. Not making it complicated and anything to feel guilty about.

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   Quite the contrary. Making it entirely easy and enjoyable.
We laid there and talked about how maybe guys should be free to do this as friends. About good this was.
We kissed some more, our hands caressing one another, moving down each others back, gliding over the firm mounds of our bare buttocks. Then, going back to touch and feel each other penis and finding it inviting stiff in a naked display of male-feelings. For both of us, this was a wonderful luxury. With a refreshing openness, he told me how good it felt to have his dick hard with me like this, and how good it felt to have mine hard. I told him the same thing, thinking how I would never have imagined myself saying this to another guy. Yet, how true it was. It was the first time in my life that I had enjoyed just being so sexual with someone. So romantically sexual. Just in a way that was not concerned with performance or taking precautions.
We talked about sucking on each others dick and we did that. Although with not quite being entirely prepared to ejaculate in each others mouth.

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   We kissed each others nipples and kissed on the lips some more, and we took turns taking each others erection in our our mouth.
Then, with me laying on top of him, we started to rub our boners together. It felt wonderful laying their fucking our dicks together. Extremely stimulating and exciting. I loved how it felt to have my hard penis against his, so masculine. Our hips continued to work together as we moaned just a little and breathed harder. We knew it was going to happen, and then our orgasm was assured and we reached it together. Between us we felt the pulsing wetness. We both tensed in each other's arms. It was so wonderful. We kept moving, mixing our semen in a slick abundance of our combined discharge. It seemed to just go on and on.
We both sighed.
We kissed fully on the mouth.
We were kind of freinds and we made wonderful lovers.

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There could be nothing better than this. Not between two guys.
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