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I always wanted to make somebody pregnant. It was my fetish for as long as I could remember. So when Kitty come into my life I thought she would be perfect. The problem is I am married and she is my wife's sisters best friend. And she is 16. But shes hot. So hot.

She is 5ft tall and slim, with the perfect ass you have ever seen, she has sexy eyes and a look that would make any guy blow his load. Her tits are perfect, small but in proportion to the rest of her. I can only imagine how sexy and tighter little pussy is.

I used to fantasise about her when I lay downstairs with my wife in bed and she would be upstairs, I would imagine going up there and taking my hard cock and while she was asleep rubbing it in her palm, pushing it softly against her lips. Letting her taste the pre-cum. It turned me on to think that she might want me too. That she might be up there playing her fingers over her panties imagining that my big cock would come and take her virginity from her.

She would tease me without knowing it, she would ask all about sex and blowjobs and what cum taste like, and I just wanted to take my trousers down, show her what a real man looked like and told her she could do whatever she wanted to me. Needless to say, it was hard, and I don't only mean my cock.

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So when we went to a party all together and we all got drunk and later everybody passed out I thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage of the situation.

I sneak up to the bedroom trying my hardest not to disturb anybody, and push the door open and step inside the room. She is lying in bed with her hot pants on, the ones that show off her perfect round ass that I just want to slam my cock into. Shes lying on her back and her gorgeous tits lie there just begging me to come and take them into my mouth.

I step over to her and pull up her t-shirt and start to play my fingers on her flat tummy, running my fingers up higher
and higher until they are resting just below her breast, her breathing is still heavy and she is obviously asleep, my
wifes sister is asleep in the same room and she is snoring slightly so I know she is out of it too.

I move my hand up until I feel her soft breast and then I start to play with the nipple slightly, it gets hard and
her breathing starts to become more laboured and heavy, she is enjoying it I realise.

I then move my hand down to her waistband and pull them down slightly, showing her pink frilly girly knickers, this
makes me even harder than I was before, and my cock strains at my boxers to be let out. I pull the knickers to the side andslide my finger up her inside leg, making her shudder slightly. I then run my finger over her pussy lips, parting them slightly, loving that I am the first one to ever do this to her. I push deeper and she arches slightly in her sleep to meet my thrust and lets out an involuntary moan.

This encourages me and I start to insert it deeper into her, she arches again and I feel myself wanting to lose control. I reach into my boxers and pull my 8in cock out, my balls hanging heavy behind them waiting for the time when they can release their load and my seed into a willing and waiting womb.

I position myself over her and slide my cock towards her tight pussy lips, and I push slightly, her lips part and my cockhead slips inside her slowly, the tightness seeming to suck on my cock. She lets out a sigh and I almost explode right there and then, but I control myself.

I push further and deeper into her until I am about 3 inches inside and then I feel a barrier, good she is a virgin I think I wonder how to do this because I don't want her to wake up, I try to go slowly but she lets out little whimpers in her sleep.

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   I think that the faster the better and push into her hard and fast, she whimpers louder but doesn't scream like Iexpected her to. So far so good.

I then start to thrust into her, pushing my hard cock deep inside of her, pushing it as deep as it will go so my balls
bounce off her ass. They are so heavy with cum that the make a slapping sound and this urges me on. She starts to moanagain in her sleep and I feel juices lubricating my entrace into her, she is getting more turned on and I am enjoying it more with each thrust. I bury my cock inside her again and she moans louder this time, her breasts sway in time to my pushing inside of her, I watch them without their bra on, looking so tasty and firm.

I reach down while still slapping my cock inside of her and start to manipulate her nipple with my tongue, she moans again and I feel like she will be coming to climax soon. I pump faster and faster and lick her entire breast until sheshuddders and lets out the loudest moan yet, her pussy is awash with moisture and she jerks beneath me.

This is too much for me and my balls contract, forcing my sperm up and exploding it into her tight little pussy. I pump my seed into her and push it deeper with each thrust. There is so much sperm going inside of her, at least a weeks worth, andshe is filling up big time, it overflows from her young pussy lips and dribbles onto the bed, but I still keep cumming I place my hand on her stomach and imagine I can feel my sperm finding a fertile egg. An egg that will develop into my child and make this young slim petite girl bloated and pregnant. I cum a couple more times then feel my balls empty the last of their load inside her.

I take my cock out after a while and clean her up as best I can, removing the cum thats on the outside of her pussy andtrying to clean up inside as best I can. I then pull her underwear back up and put her top back down over her breasts and I turnaround to walk out of the room.


   As I do I realise that the snoring of my wifes sister has stopped. I look over and she is sitting up on her bed watching the whole thing with her mouth open wide.

"What the fuck have you done?" she asked

To Be Continued.

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