Late Night Gospel Study


Late Night Gospel Study

Adrian Krag


The sermon that morning had been about obedience, and how doing what you were commanded to do took precedence over the commandments.   It was controversial and the after service coffee gathering would be filled with discussion.   The reverend Spillbacks had tried to make the sermon sound generic, referring to the story of Abraham’s almost murder of his son by commandment, Joseph not exposing Mary as a whore despite the religious laws, and several other cases where people violated the commandments when they were instructed to do so by religious teachers.   Although directed to the entire congregation, Spillbacks wanted one person in particular to hear the sermon; Jennifer Barlow, a very religious woman who attempted to have child like faith that made her seem almost moronic.


He made his way through the well wishers drinking coffee and chatting about the implications of that morning’s sermon, careful not to become too involved in any particular conversation.   He knew Jennifer would be in the group and would not hurry home, but wanted to make certain he talked to her.   It was a delicate balancing act of wanting to seem extremely interested in conversations without actually getting involved or staying too long with any particular group.   He felt a tug on his arm; someone grabbed him just above the elbow.   “Oh hello Mrs. Cuddle” he said turning to see the handsome woman in her early thirties looking up at him.   “Reverend Spillbacks,” she said looking up at him, “I want to thank you for coming to my home to minister to us last week.   I so want to thank you for the blessing you gave me.   My husband and I were wondering if you might come for a late supper on Tuesday. ”  The Reverend knew that her husband would not be present.   He had begun visiting the Cuddle family about six months ago.   The husband and wife were unofficially separated with “irreconcilable differences.

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  â€  The man traveled a lot with work, and she was often left alone.   The almost constant separation resulted in the wife being left alone for long periods without male companionship which had caused a strain on their relationship.   The reverend’s visits had been under the guise of encouraging reconciliation and had done much to reduce the source of conflict.   He had met almost exclusively with the wife on a weekly basis for bible study, prayer, and as she put it ministering to her needs as a woman.   “Of course, about 7:30” he said taking her hand.   “Go with God, sister. ” 


He turned right to avoid Cassandra, but not in time.   She had seen him and was making her way toward him.   She wanted to make certain that he would be available for their weekly prayer session.   He had told her that confirmation was not necessary and it was best to keep their meetings confidential to avoid becoming the subject of the gossip that went through a small church group, but her needs were strong and her confidence was not.   It seemed she needed the constant reassurance that he would be there for her when she needed support.   As she got close, he made eye contact and mouthed “Wednesday after school. ”  She had winked, and smiled at him.   She was deeply grateful for his help and support and thought they were being so clever keeping a secret from everyone else in the world.


She had come to him almost a year ago when he first accepted the ministry and moved to this small community.

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  Â  She had been an average student but lately her grades were shipping.   She had come racked with guilt and needed to confess her sins to someone.   She was now almost fifteen, but when she had hit puberty, she had been hit with a flood of emotions and lust that she didn’t understand.   She had begun staring at boys, having sexual dreams.   A year later, she had started masturbating, and could not stop.   She had hoped he would tell her it was not a serious sin and she should not worry about it.   He had done just the opposite and condemned her not only for fornication, but also for pride, and deceit lying both to God and herself.   He had quoted her scriptures – about a man committing adultery in his heart, being worse than if he commit it in the flesh.   “It is better that a man spill his seed in the belly of a whore than on the sand of the sea” he had quoted proverbs to her. He had made the case that the sex drive in men was so much stronger, than in women and since all men could only have sex with the permission of women, it was doubly difficult for men, but it was what God expected of them.   God certainly expected more of her; he had made her cry.  


He told her she had to stop her sinfulness, and week after week she had come back to him tearfully complaining that she had tried to exercise control, but she could not.  Each week she had resolved never to do ‘it’ again.  Finally he told her that it would be better for her to start having intercourse to satisfy her desires than to continue committing this most abominable sin.   She must find a man, who was strong enough in the Gospel.

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  Â  A man who could have intercourse with her without submitting to the temptation of desire and lust, or she would be causing another person to commit sin and possibly loose his soul; she would not want that on her conscience.   With Bible study he had shown her that a woman’s place was to be obedient and submissive to the man who took her.


She was more concerned about more practical matters, worldly things he had called them, – humiliation that came from pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, or just someone at school finding out.   Marriage was the answer, but she wanted a college, career, and more fun before she made that commitment and she didn’t even know anyone that she would be suitable.


Finally when she was desperate enough, he had agreed to help her himself.   The first session had been exquisite.   He had invited her to come in a couple days before her period started, knowing that would be when she was most vulnerable.   They had drank tea, and prayed together.   He had asked her to commit before God that she was willing to give herself to him completely.   If he were going to help save her immortal soul, he wanted assurance that she would give up masturbating, and never fornicate with anyone else.  She had promised on her life and begged him to save her.  


All of the sessions with her had been wonderful, and he had loved making her cum, but the first session was never far from his mind.   They had prayed, and then he had led her to the bedroom and ordered her to undress.   She had been shy and uncomfortable, with tears streaking her face as she stood naked before him and he had rebuked her for pride and told her to humble herself before God, then he had laid her on the bed and showed her how to hold her legs open for him.   He had looked at her swollen wet pussy with satisfaction, knowing her body was eager for her first real fucking, even if she were not.

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  Â  He took off his robe and lay on top of her bringing his penis up to her slit.  She had panicked when she had seen his erection and he had to force her to lie still telling her if she didn’t lie quietly it would hurt her.  He told her to pray and ask God to help her open her pussy, and to make her humble so she might submit completely so she wouldn’t have to be forced.   He had lain on top of her and begun by sliding his cock along her slit stimulating her clit while he rubbed her budding tits.  


“It’s ok to masturbate while I’m fucking you if you wish” he had offered.   She shook her head, being to shy, but he held her chin and kissed her pushing his tongue between her lips.   Then he guided her hand between them to her mound.   She gasped when she touched his penis.


“Please” she said.   “It’s too big; I don’t want to do this.   I think I want to find someone smaller – maybe a boy my own age. ”  Tears were leaking from her eyes and her lower lip quivered but more was leaking from her pussy.


“It’s too late for that now.   You made a commitment, and I’m going to fuck you.   If I have to force you it will be painful” he threatened.

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  Â  He pressed his chest down against her breasts making it harder for her to squirm and moved his hips back.   “It will be easier if you’re aroused.   Rub the end of my penis against your clitoris. ” 


She did as he commanded her and he began making very tiny thrusts sliding his cock through her hand and pressing the head against her inner lips and tiny button.   That drove her wild.   Her sex drive was obviously a lot stronger than her other emotions even fear, and he knew she would come around with the proper motivation.   She moved her other hand down to her genitals to hold her lips open so he could get at her.   She had learned a lot about how her body worked from masturbating.


“It’s time” he said.   “Move my cock down to your hole; I’m going to fuck you. ”


“I’m scared” she cried.   “I’m too small; I don’t think it will go in. ”


“Stop crying and do as you’re told” he commanded.   He felt her hips rolling upward as she pulled her knees up and spread her legs.   She pushed his penis downward and he moved his hips to bring his manhood forward and between her lips and into her.

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  Â  As the rim of his glans pushed into her, she gasped and threw her arm around his shoulders spreading her lips open with the other hand.   She had never imagined the intensity of the sensation; partly the feeling of being stretched open, partly the feeling of being rubbed just inside her vagina.   He stopped an inch or so inside her and began short pumping.   Each thrust only touching the hymen.


The sensation was driving her crazy.   He lifted off her, supporting himself with his left hand against the bed and grabbing her left leg with his right hand just above the knee and lifted her slightly.   She was almost there with one arm around his neck and rubbing her pussy with her fingers of the other hand.   She was panting and kicking her feet.


Young girls were always so much special because it was all so new to them.   As her body started throbbing with her orgasm, he pushed his cock the rest of the way into her popping her cherry.   She screamed and dug her fingers into his shoulder as she slammed her head back against the bed.   The shock, mixed with the pain of having her hymen torn all in the middle of the orgasm had overwhelmed her.   She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled her ass up as far as his cock and her small vagina would allow and she froze there, not even breathing as the orgasm concluded.


He smiled at her; “You are an incredible woman” he said lowering her to the bed as she began trying to catch her breath.  


He had fucked her for almost two months before he had her stretched open enough to allow himself to pump her hard enough for him to cum in her.

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  Â  It had been worth it.   She came to him every Wednesday now and lay on her back, or got on her knees or bent over the corner of the bed for him.   He had eaten her and sucked her nipples.   Her grades had improved and she was taking honors classes.   She had been hoping to get into the local junior college, and now her parents were planning for an Ivy League school and counting on a scholarship.   She had gone out for women’s basket ball and started taking aerobics classes.   He had watched her body develop and his constant sucking her had shaped her nipples.   Even her tiny little clit was growing with the constant attention he gave it.  


She said God was blessing her for being obedient.   Well, possibly, or maybe with getting her hormones under control she was able to develop the concentration needed to really excel in her situation.


“Hello, Mrs. Barlow” he began.   “What did you think of the sermon?”


“Please reverend, call me Jennifer.

  Now that my husband is gone, ‘Mrs. ’ sounds so… so in appropriate” she requested accepting his extended hand.

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  Â  “I understand so very little of religious doctrine but I did enjoy your delivery. ”

“Possibly you should start a program of gospel study” he suggested.   “This is a time of new beginnings for you, and I would love to see you take your spiritual development seriously. ”


“I have tried to read my Bible, but don’t understand what I read and I usually fall asleep” she confessed sheepishly.


“Possibly I could help” he offered.   “Maybe we could study together, at least to help get you started. ”


“Thank you reverend, but I could not possibly horde your time that way” she apologized.


“My purpose is to look after the spiritual life of the members of this church.   Nothing I could do would be more important than helping you develop spiritually.   I usually study on Sunday evenings, but I could be available whenever your schedule permits, I would love to help if I can. ”  He was trying not to sound too eager, but his desire was rising to the surface.   If he got an appointment with her he would excuse himself immediately, to avoid making a fool of himself.


“Thank you reverend and tonight would be as good a time as any.   Do you want me to come to the church?” she asked.


“I actually have a call on the east side of town this afternoon.

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  Â  I could come by your place say about eight and we could start our program. ”  He said smiling.


She thanked him; they always thanked him.   If she only knew what he was going to do to her?  He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Bob Ulrich with his hand out.   “I really enjoyed your sermon this morning” he said.   “I wonder if I my wife and I might have a bit of your time this afternoon.   We are having difficulties, and we thought we should speak to you.   Marital problems and we think some spiritual guidance might help. ”


“Certainly Bob; come by the parsonage this afternoon, say one thirty?” reverend Spillbacks answered as he slapped the man on the shoulder.   He was not certain what that was all about, but usually if it was a man and his wife wanted to talk to him it was something he was very interested in, especially considering his interest in the wife who was a small dark hair woman who was very easy to look at.


By the time the coffee talk was over, and the congregation had finally filed out of the church, it was nearly one o’clock.   He usually masturbated after everyone finally left, but decided not to just in case things went well with Jennifer that evening.   When he had first arrived in this sleepy little Midwest town, and did not know anyone he had jacked off twice a day, usually everyday, however, now that he had half a dozen of the women opening for him regularly, and several others opening up occasionally he had almost completely given that up.   Except Sundays; Sunday had been his day to be alone, but not today.   The thought of Jennifer gave him a warm sensation in his groin as he felt his penis begin to respond.

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He was just finishing a light lunch when he heard a knock at the door.   Mrs. Ulrich was a small woman, barely five feet and probably not one hundred pounds.   Her husband was almost six feet and maybe two twenty-five or two fifty.   He invited them into his study and could not help smile at the thought of the big man fucking the little woman.   She would be completely helpless under him and probably would have a difficult time with the size of his penis.


“I’ve just made some tea” the reverend said filling small Chinese cups for the couple.   If there was one characteristic of the people in this small town that exceeded their gullibility, it was their politeness.   They would drink the tea he offered whether they wanted it or not.   He knew it tasted terrible, but they would say nothing, and swallow it even if they had to hold their noses to do so.   It had begun as tea, but he had laced it with testosterone, ground up Viagra and concentrated ginseng root.   In fifteen minutes, they would both be randy as hell, and Mr. Ulrich would have a hard on that could be used as a crow bar to pry her open if he had to.   He doubted that would be necessary as the testosterone and ginseng worked on women as well.   His experience and personal philosophy stated that almost all marital problems could be solved with a good fucking and this little cocktail could usually do the trick.




Seated side by side on the couch in front of him, they began with a short prayer.   Barely waiting for the echo of Amen to die out, the wife began explaining that her husband was not satisfying her.   He was having a difficult time getting hard, and when he did make love to her he seldom lasted long enough for her to cum.   The husband sat mortified besides her staring at his shoes as she went on.   Clearly her size was not an indication of her influence in the relationship, and her dominance was humiliating to her husband.   She went on and on explaining how he had trouble staying hard and how he never seemed to initiate things and she always had to tell him what to do.


“Excuse me” Spillbacks interrupted turning to the big man.   “How do you feel about all this?”


“Well, she’s right” he mumbled looking down at his hands.   “I guess I’m just getting old. ”


“I’ve made him take Viagra” his wife interrupted.   “I took him to see Doctor Kendal personally, and I watched him swallow the pills, but it didn’t help much.   We’ve been married for five years, and if he can’t do better than this, I just don’t know if I can stay with this.   I think maybe he’s gay or …. ” She paused swallowing hard as tears overflowed down her eyes.   “Or, he’s having an affair.

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Spillbacks held up his hand to silence her, and addressed her husband.   “Possibly I should speak to each of you individually first” he said.   “Mr. Ulrich would you wait in the outer room?” he said as he rose and opened the door.   He had not wanted the wife to have a chance to offer any objection, and it had worked.   The big man was walking out the door before she got her mouth open to object.


“Mrs. Ulrich, do you love your husband?” the reverend asked.


“’Do I love him?’  What kind of a question is that; if you had any idea how much I do for that man…” she was waving her arms wildly to make her point.   Spillbacks move to her side on the couch, and gently pressed the tips of his fingers to her lips to silence her.


“I didn’t ask what you did for him” he began quietly, “I asked how you feel about him.   Do you feel love for him – do you care about his immortal soul. ”


The words had hit their mark and transformed her.   She was staring at her hands fidgeting with her ring.   “I do love him reverend.

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  Â  It’s why I could never leave him, but I just don’t think I can live without intimacy.   I guess I’m not a very good Christian woman, but I need it. ”  Tears were filling her eyes.   “I’m sorry” she continued, “but I need it. ”


“Mrs. Ulrich, he needs it too.   Probably more than you do. ”  The reverends voice was soft and they could hear the big man pacing in the hall.   “You’re a very beautiful woman.   If he sticks his cock into that beautiful body of yours, and doesn’t stay hard, there is something really wrong, and no mater how unsatisfying it is for you, I assure you it is worse for him.   It shouldn’t be; I can’t imagine how mounting you could be anything other than absolute bliss.   He is not enjoying sex, and until he does, we have nowhere to go. ”


Her face had turned bright red, but she was squirming on the couch, embarrassment mixed with arousal.  He put his arm around her and stroked her shoulder.   “How much are you willing to do to save your marriage?” he asked.

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“I’ll do anything, reverend; I have always been the one who has given.   You have no idea…”  He pressed his fingers to her lips again to silence her.   She looked down embarrassed, but began to realize what the reverend wanted her to change.


“For the next six months, I want you to stop initiating sex” he said.


“If I don’t initiate…” she began, but again he silenced her gently.


“If he wants to save your marriage, he will initiate.   He’s going to fuck you, whenever he wants, wherever he wants and for as long or short as he wants.   You’re going to let him put you into whatever position he wants, and you’re going to be quiet while he fucks you.   You can moan, you can grunt, and you can scream, but you’re not to say a word of complaint, while he’s doing you. ”  He was being intentionally crude, and it had the desired effect.   Her mouth opened, her face reddened and a look of shock filled her eyes, but he also noticed her knees were moving like butterfly wings.   “Most of all, you are to tell him you like it, and you are to be obedient to whatever he wants. ”


“Reverend, that will take all the romance out of our relationship. Love making will become animal lust. ”  She said it as a complaint, but the way the words came out they indicated that she was less disgusted than she had intended.

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  Â  The animal lust was calling to her.


“You can have romance at dinner.   You can love each other as you go for walks, or watch the sunset.   You can love each other when you fall asleep in each others arms.   When he fucks you, you are going to be his ‘bitch’” Spillbacks told her.   Shock mixed with horror was on her face.   “For the next six months we are going to encourage him enjoy you.   You are never going to refuse.   Every time you refuse, we are going to extend the duration by two months.   If you don’t figure out how to be obedient quickly, you are going to be a sex slave for a long time. ”


“I couldn’t possibly enjoy love making like… that” she was adamant, but her voice betrayed her.


“If you want him to act like a man, the first thing we have to do is make certain he ‘enjoys’ it. ”  Spillbacks paused but continued before she could interrupt.   “I only have one question – do you want to save your marriage?”


The question silenced her protests.   The crudeness of what he had said shocked her, but she loved her husband and the fear of loosing him was stronger.

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  Â  “This is tough love. I know that” he said.   “I want to talk to you husband now.   I want you to wait in the living room.   While you are waiting, I want you to take off your bra and panties so you are naked under your dress. ”  He stood up opened the door and called to her husband before she could protest.


    “Please, Mr. Ulrich, have a seat. ”  The reverend motioned him to the couch as he continued to look after his wife, and then the closed door after she left.   The expression on his face showed his concern for her.   She had been shaken by what the minister had said, and now it was his turn.   “Do you love your wife?” Spillbacks asked.


    “Yes reverend, very much” the big man replied.


    “Have you been having an affair?” the minister continued the interrogation.


    “No sir, I have never done anything like that, I swear” the man said defensively.

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    “I am sure you haven’t” the minister assured him.   “However, your wife has the misinformed notion, that a man has limited sexual energy and if he is not fucking her, it is because he is fucking someone else.   As a result, I think your wife suspects you have a mistress.   This is ridicules as libido doesn’t work that way.   Low enthusiasm for sex comes from boredom, not exhaustion.   Usually if a man or woman for that matter has an extramarital affair, it increases the interest in sex, and intimacy with their partner increases.   In your situation it might be better if you had some extramarital activity. ”


    “Reverend, that would be sinful” Ulrich was shocked.


    “Sin is taken much too seriously” the reverend replied.   “Sins are forgiven everyday, but if you marriage fails it will be far more serious, and your marriage is in trouble.   Your wife is entitled to sex, and lots of it.   You promised to fuck her when you married her and sex is necessary for her health both physically and mentally, and you have not been providing it.   If you want to keep your marriage, you had better do something to change that. ”


    “Well… well, reverend, the mood…”  Ulrich was struggling to get the words out; embarrassment mixed with astonishment had tied a knot in his tongue.


    “She’s a beautiful woman, she is in good shape, and you should be fucking her at least twice a week.

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      Â  I don’t care about your mood, I don’t care if you want to or not.   I don’t even care if she wants to and neither should you.   You open her legs and shove your meat into her and keep it there until you have filled her.   What do you think your marriage commitment was all about?  You start fucking her regularly, or she’ll be looking to get her pussy serviced somewhere else, and I won’t blame her. ”  The reverend was stern leaving no room for argument.   “What’s the matter, don’t you think her tits are big enough or something?”


    “Ahh…. Ah no, her tits… I mean breasts are fine. ”  Mr. Ulrich was flustered by the directness and possibly by the obvious erection he was developing.   The tea had had the desired effect, but both of them would think it was the counseling session and the erotic subject that had turned them on.


    “Good,” he said standing to open the door to invite the wife to return.   She was hastily stuffing something into her purse.   As she walked, he could see she had removed her bra as her breasts were swinging freely with her steps.   He wondered if she had guessed what was coming.   As she passed him in the doorway he could smell she was ready.

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    “For the next six months” he began speaking to Mrs. Ulrich. “Bob is going to screw you at least twice a week.   He’s going to tell you when he wants to fuck and you are going to submit completely.   You are going to do whatever you are told.   This is a new church law.  You are going to meet with me each Sunday afternoon and you are going to report if he has fulfilled his obligations. ”  Mr. Ulrich had become timid in his wife presence, and was embarrassed by the bulge in his pants.   “You are going to submit to him whenever he wants it and do exactly as you are told” he said directing his comments to the woman.   At first Mr. Ulrich was mortified, but he became bolder when he saw his wife silently nodding obediently.   “I’ll bet she’s a good fuck, isn’t she.   Does she squirm when you take her or does she just lay there and let you pump?” the reverend asked Mr. Ulrich.

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    “Well… well, she usually kind of… well you know. ” The big man smiled out of embarrassment and could not put words together not certain if he was supposed to answer or not he looked at his wife for instructions, but found her looking at the floor with her hands folded in her lap.


    The minister picked up a pillow and laid it on the corner of the big table in the room.   “Come over here Mrs. Ulrich” he commanded.   She stood timidly and walked over to where he indicated.   He positioned her with the rounded corner of the table against her pussy and told her to bend over.   She looked at him shock and defiance on her face, but before she could object he put a hand on the back of her neck and pushed her causing her to fall forward onto the pillow, her feet lifting off the floor.   She began to protest, but the minister bent over and whispered “Not one word or it will be eight months. ”


    Mr. Ulrich stepped forward partially thinking to rescue his wife, but not at all certain how or from what, and she wasn’t complaining, the reverend wasn’t actually hurting her and he had no idea why the reverend had done that.


    With his free hand, the minister pulled her dress up over her hips, exposing her to her husband.   Mr. Ulrich’s mouth fell open and he stared at his naked wife’s bottom.   “What a hick” Spillbacks thought.

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      Â  “I’ll bet he’s never even seen a naked pussy before.   He probably only fucks in the dark with his eyes closed. ”


    The reverend reached out and grabbed Mr. Ulrich’s pants by the waist band and pulled him closer working the button free as he did so.   “Take out your penis and fuck her” the minister commanded.   Ulrich did not know what to do – his common sense said he should get his wife out of there, but lust, embarrassment and confusion had left him completely confused as he pulled his pants down and approached the wet waiting pussy.  


    “Tell her to spread her leg” the minister commanded.   Mrs. Ulrich did not wait to hear from her husband but moved her thighs open pulling her knees under the table fearing minister would force her if she did not cooperate.   In his state of confusion and arousal, Mr. Ulrich took this as a sign of desire.


    The creed of the mid west said ‘when you don’t know what to do, do as you’re told’ so he bent over her and shoved his cock into her.


    She moaned as he went in.   “She likes it” he thought as he began pumping.   Once inside her all thoughts of rescuing her were gone.


      Â  She was the obedient little woman he had fantasized about since he was twelve.   Spillbacks released her neck and she tried to push herself up, but her husband forced her back down holding her still while he rubbed his cock in her soft wet hole.   His breathing was coming hard and fast and he felt the excitement all down his back and legs as he began fucking her harder, slamming into her with each thrust of his hips.


    It took only a few minutes before he was finished and began filling her hole.   With the orgasm came a return to reality and embarrassment.   Ulrich pulled out of his wife and turned his back to do up his pants while the minister helped her to the couch to lie down.   Guilt at having enjoyed himself in a woman was burning holes in the pleasure he had enjoyed.


    Reverend Spillbacks put his arm around the big man’s shoulder.   “You did well my son.   That’s exactly what God, the church, your wife and I all expect of you, don’t let us down. ”  The big man nodded.   The minister’s words taking the sting of what he had just done to the woman he loved.   “Do you really love her?” the minister asked.  


    Mr. Ulrich nodded.

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    “You liked it didn’t you?” Spillbacks continued.


    Again the husband nodded.


    “God gave you those feelings so you would service his daughters.   The Bible says it is a joy to be in the service of your God.   The devil gives you this guilt.   You must put it away” the minister said sternly.


    Again the big man nodded.


    “Go home now” the minister said.   “Your wife needs to rest and clean up and I want to have a word with her.   I have to go to Homer this evening and I will drop her by your place on the way. ”


    Again the husband nodded as he walked through the door the minister held open for him, glad for the opportunity to get away from the situation and the woman he had just fucked without having to look at her and be reminded that it was his wife.


    “How are you feeling” he asked as walked to the couch where the woman lay curled in a fetal position.   She turned to look at him; tears ran down her cheeks from the humiliation of being fucked in front of him, but the look in her eyes told a different story.   The drugs in the tea, and the ten minutes of fucking had left her in desperate need of serious sex.  


    The minister was very tempted to pull out his cock and finish her there on the couch, but he had a different plan for her.

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      Â  He was not certain how she would respond to being fucked and violating her marriage vows even though he was positive she would not refuse him now, he could not be certain how she would react tomorrow.   Women were funny that way.                                


    There were dozens of ways to fuck a woman, only a couple of which violated the marriage covenant.   He slid his hand down the inside of her thigh and gently rubbed the edge of her lips.


    “No” she whispered between the quiet sobs, but he ignored her, turning her onto her back.   He slowly moved around her labia as she opened her legs for him.   Her breathing quickened and soft moans escaped her throat.   It would be so easy to make her climax, but he wanted it to last.


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