Life Of the Party(Part One, Two and Three)


Cindy was a normal girl and really her life had been uneventful as far as things went. However, at the age of twenty one she got an invitation that could change everything for her.

She didn't know why it was sent to her really, the card was white with fancy writing on it, stating the time, day and address of the event. It also said that she had been recommended to the party but it didn't say who'd recommended her. In all honesty, she didn't know why anyone would recommend her. She was a virgin, and had never gone very far with anyone though she spent more than her fair share of time thinking of it. But when it actually came down to getting intimate with someone before they even got close her nervousness always caused her to bolt. Which is why the invitation didn't make sense, because it was a swinger's party.

She didn't think she would go. How could she? Besides, obviously the invitation was meant for someone else even though it has her name on it. There was a number on the back, she decided to call, just to satisfy her curiosity and let them know about their mistake. At least that's what she told herself as she dialed the number. Her shaking hands told a different story.

A mans deep but gentle voice answered her call on the fourth ring, "Hello?. . .

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  . . . Hello is anyone there?"

In her nervousness Cindy had completely forgot to answer him. She finally got her throat unstuck so she could answer. "H. . . Ahem. Hello. I uh. . . got this invitation and I think it's a mistake. .

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  . "

"Oh. . I'm sure it's not, tell me your name anyway, I can check the list. "The man sounded confident and understanding, as if there was no way anything he was involved with could be mistaken. More noticeably his voice was deep, rumbling in a way that made Cindy's lower stomach tremble with nervousness and possibly other, less pure things.

"My name is Cindy Johnson. . " There was a moment of ruffling papers as he searched the list, quickly finding her name and information based on his timely response.

"Cindy Anne Johnson, 5'3", 110 pounds,red hair, green eyes, age 21?"

"Uh. . . Yes. "Obviously whoever had recommended her knew her. How else would they know her middle name?Maybe this was all some sort of prank?

"It was meant for you.

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  "The way the man said that made it seem like he meant more than just the invitation, like he was saying the experience was meant for her. Or maybe that was her own secret desires speaking.

"Oh. . . Okay, thanks. Bye. " She hung up quickly, feeling foolish about her nervousness, trying to forget about how stupid she must have sounded to that man with the sexy voice. The date on the card was for Friday, two days from now. There was no way she could go. . . Could she?

Cindy couldn't believe what she was doing as she drove her car down the dark, rain damp streets. She'd had a few beers before she left home but her nervousness was still making her want to turn back though she refused to do so. The alcohol couldn't impair her judgment about where she was heading.

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  . maybe she could convince herself that they had though if tonight turned out to be a mistake.

Glancing at the address on the card, she made sure she was on the right street and moments later she pulled into a parking lot of a store that had been closed a few months before. A caller had reached her yesterday, informing her to park somewhere close to the house, but not in the drive as to not draw unwanted attention. She climbed out of her car, the heel on her black leather thigh-high boots ticking softly against the cement. Reaching down to the seat she retrieved the invitation, tucking it into her rain coat pocket.

Her raincoat was dark blue and long, reaching her calves. Under that she wore a black lace dress that's see through with no bra and skimpy black panties made out of lace in the pattern of roses. Cindy kept wondering about what she was doing, knowing that she couldn't blame any of this on the beers because she'd bought the outfit for this day, in anticipation of tonight and had enjoyed looking for the right outfit. Her hair was pinned up with a couple of style sticks, so none of it was in her face but it was drifting down to her mid-back.

Cindy began walking down the street, only five houses away from her destination. There weren't any street lights and she was slightly frightened, keeping her pace quick so that she reached the house more promptly than she'd intended. Not wanting to wait there in case someone else approached she rang the door bell and a tall pale woman with black hair answered immediately. The woman could have only been a couple of years older then Cindy, and as she reached for her invitation she let her hand brush against Cindy's suggestively though she never said a word. The unknown woman quickly glanced at the name on the invitation and then said, "Oh yes.

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  . . You're in room 3. I'll take your coat. "

Nervousness still clutched Cindy as she slipped her coat off and the black haired woman led her into a hallway, a hand on the small of her back. Cindy didn't mind, there was no turning back now but that was something she had told herself before. She desperately wanted to experience and explore the sexual bliss everyone always talked about and she hated the idea that she might again back down. As she passed the doors along the hall Cindy could hear moans and other sounds of delight coming from in them, at the end of the hall was the living room, the room was large and the floor was covered in pillows and cushions. The entire room was a mass of entwined naked bodies and Cindy had to bite her lip to keep from whimpering, she resisted the longing to enter the living room and let herself be taken over by that mass of pleasure. Instead she was led instead into a room with a large brass number 3 on it. The room was dark except for a few candles and she entered cautiously. . .

-Part Two-

The raven haired woman looked Cindy over, aprreciating the way that the candle light seemed to caress Cindy rather then just fall dispassionately against her skin. Italmost made Cindy glow, as if the light loved her.

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  Her eyes moved back to the list in her hand reluctantly.

"It says here that the person who recommended will be with you along with some surprises. . . They want you tied up and blindfolded. "She smiled slightly at the thought of the woman before her being tied up and upon seeing the worried look on her face she assured her quickly, "I'll be the one tying you up. And we don't allow gagging anyone unless all parties agree to it so if at any point you want help all you have to do is call out and someone will be here in seconds. "

Cindy thought about it for a moment. Maybe she shouldn't have come here. Who was she kidding?She wanted to be here, she wanted to lose herself in her sexuality and throw away all her inhibitions, become the woman inside of her that her raging sex drives implied she could be if she could just let go of right and wrong and morals, her fear and hesitation. Maybe being tied down would allow her to do that, it would give her no escape and leave her helpless to whoever this person was that had invited her.

"That's fine. "She finally answered, forcing confidence into her voice. Cindy on the edge of the bed, liking the tingling feeling the woman's eyes gave her as they viewed her every move. In front of this woman, taking off her boots slowly, making a display of it, she felt as though she would be a meal for this woman.

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  The way the stranger licked her lips unconciously as she watched. Cindy decided to be bold for the first time in her life, she got up and moved to this stranger, feet bare against the plush carpet as she practically stalked over and forced her lips against the stranger's, crushing them with intensity. Automatically Cindy parted the womans lips with her tongue and teased gently, bringing it back into her mouth before eagerly nibbling and sucking at the stranger's lips.

Nervousness should have over taken her, Cindy had found other women attractive but she had never touched one like this. She felt her hand slide up the front of the woman's black velvet dress without an thought of having wanted to do so. Letting her hand slide effortlessly around the other woman's side to her breast she squeezed gently. The contrast between the gentle roughness of crushed velvet and the softness of her breast made Cindy moan. The raven haired woman's nipple was insteadly hard against her palm and Cindy teased her fingertips over the hardened bud, making her gasp.

"That's enough!" The woman managed to rasp out breathlessly, gently pushing Cindy away. "Your guest will be here soon, you must get on the bed. "

Lips still tingling from the kiss Cindy did as she was told, more eager than she had ever been. The mystery of all of this was getting to her. Who was it that had invited her?Hell, she didn't even know the name of the woman she had been kissing so passionately. Not wanting to delay Cindy pulled her lace dress up and over her head, setting it out of the way on a chair before crawling onto the bed. Now she was left just in her lace panties and she knew they did little to hide her flesh.

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  The dark haired woman waited for Cindy to lay out on the bed with her arms above her head, legs spread wide before she tied each limb to a seperate bedpost. Cindy felt helpless as she was tied down and the feeling was deliciously erotic, like she was discovering pieces of herself she didn't know existed.

Once Cindy was secured the stranger took the final silk scarf and placed it over Cindy's eyes. Nervousness claimed her once more but she forced herself to relax. The woman noted the girl's tension as she went to leave the room. In the door way she paused, looking back at the bound girl and appreciated the perfection of her before exiting. If she stayed she probably wouldn't be able to keep from going back into the room and claiming that delicate little temptation as her own.

-Part Three-

It was finally time. Cindy had been a primary focus of his for so very, very long. He hadn't even been sure if she would take the bait, respond to his invitation and come to this little event. But he knew her better than anyone, he had studied her and knew that secret part of herself that wanted this so very badly. She wanted to become free in her sexuality and though he hadn't been close to her in a very long time he knew that only he could give her what she wanted.

"She's ready for you. "Their raven haired hostess had entered the room without his having realized it and he turned towards her. A nod was his only response and he followed her back to room three.

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  The door had been left open and as soon as he caught sight of Cindy his breath caught. She was so gloriously close to nude. The hostess smirked slightly at his expression and closed the door as she left.

Cindy's head shifted slightly at the sound of the door closing but she said nothing. Which was good since he couldn't have responded just then. His gaze began at her face and slowly drifted down. Her lips were reddened and slightly swollen, apparently she had been kissing. Most likely their hostess so he wouldn't punish her for that. Her flesh was pale perfection. There were no scars and no marks aside from a small beauty mark along the inside of her right breast and it just made them that much more alluring. Her breasts were up-swept and just enough to be a perfect handful for him. They were tipped with rosy nipples that were already hard in the slightly chilled air. Her belly was just slightly curved and her hips flared. He could see through her panties that she was shaven and that pleased him more than he could put to words. As he approached the bed he was able to appreciate the curve of her ass and knew he would spend hows worshiping it later.

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  But there were more pressing matters for now.

Standing beside the bed he kicked off his shoes. They were quickly followed by his shirt then his pants after he removed the knife from his pocket and socks until he was left in black satin boxers. His cock was thick, hard and heavy already just from looking at her. A good inch and a half of the tip protruded from the waistband of his boxers and he was certain he had never been larger, at least nine inches now and so incredibly eager. And it was Cindy who did this to him.

Climbing on to the bed he knelt between her legs, setting the knife aside. Her breathing became more rapid and the trusting of her chest was distracting but she still said nothing. Starting with her left leg he slowly ran his hands over her skin. It was like warm silk, so perfect that he had to put lips and tongue to her flesh. At a torturous pace he teased his way up her leg, leaving no inch untouched as he discovered what noises she would make if he licked up her calf, kissed behind her knee and bit down gently on her thigh. By the time he began with her other leg Cindy's gasps, moans and whimpers were like a song, filling the room and his head.

Cindy was practically on fire by the time his fingertips brushed along the groin of her panties. She desperately wished she had taken them off. Whoever this was, they were driving her mad with their slow pace and at the same time every time he touched her it just made her hotter.


  She had never felt like this and couldn't restrain her moans as he ran his tongue along the skin just above the waistband of her panties. His breath blew along the wet line he had left and her hips jerked, shamelessly trying to grind down harder on the fingertips he kept running up and down the cloth covering her slit but he wouldn't let her increase the contact.

The unseen man's lips worked their way up her stomach, still taking his time. His tongue danced over the underside of her breast and she cried out. He must have been pleased with the louder noise because he pressed his fingertips more firmly, rubbing along her slit, the rough pattern on her panties causing a wonderful friction that made her want to melt. She stopped thrusting her hips for fear that he would stop if she did. So concentrated on where his hand was she was taken entirely by surprise when his mouth locked around her right nipple, the wet heat searing her to her core and she cried out again. This time she was rewarded by him flicking his tongue over that rose tinted nub repeatedly and by the time he moved to her other nipple do it it all over again Cindy was practically incoherent, squirming as much as the bondage would allow her. The cool air on the wetness he had left behind just made her nipples even harder and his teeth scraped across her over sensitive flesh, making her whimper with pleasure.

She tasted like absolute heaven. He could have spent all day just tasting her breasts and teasing her if he weren't so hard for her. It was nearly painful and he wanted nothing more to be inside her, pounding in her and making her scream but he would make sure that tonight would be something she would never be able to forget. He wanted to own a piece of his little Cindy. A soft rumbling chuckle escaped him as he watched how desperate she was. "You want this, don't you?"

As he said the word "You" he simultaneously let his breath drift over her damp nipple while his fingers drove the cloth of her panties into her wet slit, rubbing over and over her clit.

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"Oh god!Yes. . . Yes, I want it. "Her words were breathless and without slowing his fingers he looked her over. She had been biting at her bottom lip and her hands occasionally jerked against their bonds as if she forgot she was tied down and as trying to reach for him. But he wouldn't fill her, not yet. She was wet but he wanted her begging and wild. When he took his hands away from her body Cindy gave a soft cry that sounded almost morose. He wouldn't be away from her long though. Picking the knife up he pressed the sharpened blade against the delicate flesh of her breast and she instantly stilled. It was thrilling to know he controlled her, he could hurt her at any time and she could do nothing about it. But hurting her wasn't his intent so he drifted the blade over her skin lightly, never putting any pressure on it. All the way down to her panties and he quickly cut the sides, pulling the ruined fabric off of her and tossing it away before dropping the knife beside the bed as well.

He could have ripped her panties off with his hands but he didn't want her hurt or frightened, he wanted her thrilled and longing for him.

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  Already she was so wet that he could see it glistening on the soft pink flesh between her legs. Laying down on his stomach between her legs he gently parted her with his fingers, exposing the intimate parts of her. She would be his.

Cindy had almost called out for help when she felt a blade against her skin but she hadn't been able to. She was aching so very badly and couldn't just be left this way. Relief had flooded her when the knife drifted harmlessly along her skin before cutting away her panties. And now the unseen man was between her legs, spreading her open and viewing a place no one ever had before. It was so embarrassing that it took her mind completely away from the fact that his voice had sounded familiar but she hadn't been able to place it. Suddenly his tongue was on her again, this time between her legs and she wasn't able to think at all anymore. It stroked up her inner folds before flicking over her clit and instantly she was on edge again.

His fingers began stroking up and down her folds but never entered her and Cindy was so aching to be filled that it hurt. She needed something inside her, anything and the desperation just kept building as he licked and sucked at her clit, sometimes even using his teeth gently. But every time she got so close to being pushed over the edge and climaxing he would pull back. It was driving her insane. She would lift her hips, desperately thrusting towards him but he would never give her what she needed.

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Teasing her was so damn good, she was perfect in her need for him and he felt like he would burst if he didn't get her soon but he still wouldn't let her come, wouldn't enter her in any form until she begged for it on her own. He refused to even penetrate her with his fingers because he wanted her as tight as possible when he finally thrust in to her.

"Oh god. . god. . . Please. "Finally her voice rang out again, her pleading tone making him smile. He ignored her for just a few moments, flicking his tongue over her clit again and again. She was getting close to climaxing and he stopped again to answer, letting it fade again while she squirmed.

"Please what?You have to tell me what you want. "He rolled his eyes up to look her in the face and though her cheeks had been flushed before now they were an even brighter pink. It was obvious she was shy, probably ashamed of what he was doing to her and what she was saying. He wouldn't let her have any regrets about what he did to her though and he wouldn't let her believe that she hadn't really wanted it later.

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"Please. . . Please fuck me. Please!"

"Good girl. . . "Licking her a few final times he got up from the bed. Instantly his boxers were off but he still took a moment to appreciate how she looked. She was still squirming, her nipples even more flushed now and the silk blindfold was still in place. Climbing back on top of her he positioned himself between her legs but didn't enter her. He let his cock slide up her slit and repeatedly thrust that way, her clit rubbing along the entire length of him. He was so thick then that he wondered if he would even be able to enter her but he knew he would be forceful if he needed to, there was nothing that could stop him now. Wrapping his hand around his dick he pressed the head to her entrance and slowly pushed in. Nearly the entire head was in by the time he hit resistance and he paused, beyond amazed to find her a virgin.

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  The thought alone that he was the first to be in her body was almost enough to make him come. Keeping his hand in place he pulled out, her whimpers of disappointment sounding out again until he rubbed his tip over her clit again then he went back down and pushed into her until he felt that resistance again. Nonstop he kept doing the same thing as her whimpers turned into moans, when he pushed into her she would jerk her hips up towards him and he had to keep his free hand at her hips so she wouldn't push him past her hymen until he was ready. Hardly moment later she was worked up to climax again and this time he didn't stop and let it fade. Instead he let go of his cock, using that hand to rub her clit as he thrust his tip in and out of her faster and faster, every time stopping at that barrier and pulling back again.

Her cries were getting louder and just as they crested, just as she screamed out in pleasure and her inner walls clamped down he rammed forward all the way, his cock breaking her hymen as he buried himself as deep into her as possible. There was no pause, he instantly started thrusting in and out, almost pulling all the way out before ramming back in again. There was no gentle or tender, he rode her hard and her moans didn't stop. Her body kept spasming around him, milking his cock and making it hard for him to hold back.

His mouth went to her breast and he sucked on her nipple roughly as he started stroking her clit again in time with his harsh thrusts. The spasms that had begun to fade started up again and she started pleading with him between her moans, obviously frantic to feel that burst of pleasure again. He switched to the other nipple and started thrusting harder, forcing himself deeper each time. She would probably be in pain tomorrow but she didn't complain. Her moans were getting louder along with his and he could feel her getting almost painfully tight around his cock again. Any moment he was going to come and she cried out again, her walls clamping down even tighter than before and he ripped her blind fold off as she came.

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  His own body tensed and he shoved in all the way to the hilt, grinding into her as he practically roared when the first jet of cum escaped him. Cindy blinked, suddenly having her sight back she was still blinded be pleasure but he didn't stop. He pulled almost all the way out again just to shove back in as the next spurt of cum erupted and he continued that way even when recognition lit in her eyes and then horror.

Even as his orgasm faded he was still hard as stone and he lay on top of her, cock still buried in all the way as his hips slowly rocked. His hands were on her hips, pinning them down as she struggled in vain to pull away. "You're going to be my slave from now on, Cindy. You'll learn to love me and you'll do everything I say. There's a small webcam set up in that flower vase over there. . And in the mirror on the wall. . The headboard. . And it's all streaming to my laptop. If you don't obey me, I'll send a copy to every member of your family.

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  To everyone you work with. You don't want them to know you went to a swinger party to sleep with a stranger, do you, baby?"

Cindy fell still as Alan gently stroked her hair. His hips were still rolling teasingly, making her hot all over again despite her horror. She had dated Alan during her freshman year of high school. He had become violently obsessed with her after she refused to sleep with and then broke up with him. It had gotten so bad that she had been forced to move along with her whole family. She had a restraining order but she hadn't seen or heard from him in three years. What Cindy didn't know was that he had just gotten better at stalking. He had sculpted his body from a skinny nerd to a well muscled, rather attractive man. He hardly looked the same aside from those bright blue eyes and everything he had done to transform himself had been for her.

What was worse was that Cindy was getting aroused again despite her loathing for him and everything he had put her through. What they had just done was the most amazing experience of her life.