Lifes Sexual Perks


Topic: Lifes sexual perks. 1 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 As a young kid like most kids sexual experience is random, like playing Doctors and Nurses and moving on to "Truth and Dare" games pre-puberty. With puberty comes opportunities for tit flobbing and fingering our female mates. In those days no pill,so that was it.
 However once we became teenagers. Things of a sexual nature perked up in quite unexpected ways.
 Being of a business family here in England it was decided to sell up and buy a different business that was run down and then build it up and sell again for a handsome profit. Thats the way it works.
 Anyway to get to the nitty gritty, there was a hitch in the deal resulting in my being temporarily placed with my maternal aunt. It so happens I had a serious crush on her,in todays language,MILF. Jet black hair,a body you'd die for and at about 40 a habit of flashing a lot of leg when putting down on an easy chair. God she was hot and divorced for about 10 years at that time. I as all boys had a very active mind and constantly wondered if her pubic hairs were jet black like her scalp hair. The reason for this was, my mother being an absolute blond surprised me one day when I was somewhat younger and innocently got a look at her pussy. There it was in all its glory with a mass of curly brown hair.

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 I also clocked at this time my aunts oldest daughters father-in-law was visiting and paying a lot of attention to my aunt. Not being totally nieve I kept a canny eye on this situation expecting voyeur opportunities to develope in this quarter.
My aunts oldest brother always visited on sundays to see their perents who lived with my aunt,but most of the time he went to his sisters part of the house to tell her his latest sexual escapades being that he was in a difficult marriage and went elswhere for sexual satisfaction,one of the canteen ladies where he worked.
I listened intently though inobtrusively to these stories, finishing up with a severe boner,especially when he told aunt about a day when she got a bit lippy with him in front of his mates,so they grabbed her tipped her upside down,pulled her knickers to one side and gave her ten minutes with a canteen size sauce bottle as a dildo. He emphasized "canteen lady" took the full length and that the girth was bigger than his wrist. My aunt, I noticed was gigglling and virtually gushing excitedly. I wondered whether he planned getting her excited enough to try and fuck her,his own sister.
 There was a grandfather upright chair opposite the easy chair my aunt always sat in. I found this an excellent vantage point to glimpse her knickers when she changed position. I made a point of being in this chair after uncles visits because she constantly wriggled showing more than usual and a severely damp patch on the gusset. This dampness in turn made the airtex material more see through and her pubics more highlighted. . . Down to the cellar for a wank always followed.
 The cellar had new steps outside,so the original steps in a cupboard behind the grandfather chair was a young voyeurs dream.

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 About this time I had an experience which made me nearly vapourize. Uncle left,on sitting down after seeing him off, aunty's legs opened much wider than usual,her gusset was to one side and there before me was a complete half of her pussy with the pouting lips pink and puffed up with lots of jet black hairs.  (to the cellar PDQ) An iron bar had nothing on the hardness of my cock!
 Relieved but still hard,I moved to the unused cellar stair for some more vision of her pussy and to start another wank. Drat, I heard voices, its ok just a visit from the daughter's father-in-law and just when my aunts being all flashy. He's sat where I was but my vantage point is low enough to see through below the seat part. There it is again, a full flash,he must have seen it,could this be the moment I've anticipated, he gets to fuck her? She's obviously as horny as hell. I decided, she must have known she was doing it when she flashed for me.  I'd been suspicious about this before,but loved it anyway.
 I catch some of the talk. . . "Fathers in the other room,be careful"  Eh,what did I miss while in the cellar! Another flash, he says,"go on" her hands go between her legs pulling the gusset completely to one side. There it is before my very eyes, her complete cunt. Youthfulness tripped in,I shot my load without putting a hand on it, honest.
 It was like when we were kids, she says "now you" no zips at that time,he's fumbling with his fly buttons, she giggles like a girl,then "fuck me its bloody big".


  . . he "and fucking hard" He's off the chair and moves to her. He gets close to her ear,. . . fuck I can't hear what he's saying,but I can see the action,she's touching his cock,he's put his hand on her cunt,looks at his fingers and says,"fuck me you're soaking" She says,"shhhh, we can't do it here,we may get caught if father here's the noise" Thinks me, What noise!
 Aunt, "come on,we'll use the cellar" Fuck! do I bolt down the garden or stay to watch. What I know but she obviously doesn't is, her father,my grandfather has gone to his allotment digging anyway and gran's an invalid and can't walk so they could have risked it.
 I stay,but hidden in the stairs i quickly move down to a better vantage point. The cellar has an old dining table, a treadle sowing machine and seat,the rest is old clothes and other junk. Although I didn't know the terms at the time,will he be a lover or a "wam bam thank you mam" type?
 They arrive, luckily for me its going to be against the table. He's in close now forraging up her skirt, A WAM BANGER I think, her bums on the table,on my side her skirt is well up,white thigh and now her belly is naked,he's desperateley getting his fingers in the waist band of her knickers. Lift your ass he says, go steady she responds. He's chewing around her neck,while he tugs at the knickers. Fucking hell he says,more aggresively,lift your ass higher so I can get these fucking things off you.

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 She puts her hands back and on the table,he wrenches the knickers round and down over her bum cheeks,amazing his cocks out and flopping around like a flag pole,his trousers have dropped round his ankles. The stairs where I'm hidden has bricked in sides, I've got my cock out and with the sight of all my aunts sexual tributes my cum squirts against this wall.
 He thrusts at her,I'm watching intently for it to go in her so I know how to put it in when the chance comes, A mixture of curiousity and excitement. She's panting but says "wait,get that sowing stool" he puts it by her,she puts one leg up on it. . . Even better its on my side,I'm now able to see her hole and his cock at contact. Its all slippery and shiny with what I later learnt was called love juice (precum)
 Then in it went,know fucking about,right up to the hilt,he grabbed her ass cheeks,then I understood what she said earlier about noise! boy did she squeal on that cock. She swore,screamed continually that she was cumming,she grabbed the cheeks of his ass and kept saying squirt it in,then she said fuck! its right up in my womb. . . didn't appreciate what that ment then.
 Then his thigh and ass muscles went into spasm,he stopped thrusting but gave little jerks and I noticed his asshole was twitching like my dogs did with the bitch down the street. "Fuck,I needed that" aunt said,but don't think its a regular thing,you just caught me right. You'd better fuck off before someone see's us.

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  . . that was a laugh for me, sssh!
 With that he pulled it out pulled his trousers up and left. My aunt pulled her bum back on the table still with her legs open and was looking down at her cunt, like me watching all the goo run out of her. Talking to herself she said "you should have rubbed my clit more you prick" I didn't understand that bit then. She stepped out of her knickers and off she went upstairs,I sneaked out my hidding place and looked at the juice on the table. I couldn't resist a taste,my first but not last. In know time grandfather turned up with his spade to put it away. What have you spilt on that table? quick as a flash I said I don't know aunt spilt it. Not a bad answer for a kid I thought. He walked off mumbling she never cleans it up after her. Perhaps his nose wasn't to up to it because there was a distinct smell of cock and cunt. I wonder?
My first offering.
 More later then.


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