Lucky Chance PART I


I just came back from work and went to the kitchen to see my family members. There was no one. But I heard some sound coming from the attached toiled in the kitchen as I went near the toilet, I realized that the door was not closedI peeped in as saw my cousin, Susanna washing her ass. It was a fucking sexy thing to see. We are Indians but, Susanna is a very fair Indian girl. She is 23, 5. 6feet, brown hair, brown eyes, 38d bust (found out later) slim legs and nowsawthat she has two big rounded butt checks. I watched her washing her asshole for a few seconds and realizing that she had just shit cause her shit smell was still there. She was abt to turn around so I left the place. I went to my room still unable to believe that I saw Susanna’s ass today. I took off my shirt and pants ands my underwear and saw my cock was standing hard. I used my hand and stroked my hard black cock thing what if it was Susanna stroking it. This made my cock even harder. I then wanted to bath but was too tired so I tied a towel around my waist and lied on my bed. My cock was still standing hard. Abt 5 mins later I heard a knock on my door.

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   Without asking who it was, I asked the person to come in. seconds went but there was voice of any one. I opened my eyes and found Susanna in front of me.
    She was looking at something near my leg. As I turned my eyes to where she was looking, I realized that my hard cock was standing out of the towel. And that was what Susanna was looking at. Before I could do anything she kneeled down and had her hands on my cock and started stroking it. I was too shocked to even say anything. She did not look at me when she was doing this, her eyes were just fixed on my black cock. A min pasted and she started licking and sucking my cock and my balls. Now she made me so horny that I pulled her t-shirt so hard that it tore. Now reveling her black bra holding those giants 38d breasts. I started squeezing her breasts, at this stage she was swallowing my entire cock in her mouth. ……. .

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