Making it Friends I


We were both sitting on the sofa looking at the rain coming down outside, and feeling totally bored with the day. Dave and I had been hoping to get out on the beach, but that didn't look like it was going to happen.
"So what now?" I asked glumly.
Dave shrugged. "I don't know," he said, unable to come up with anything.
"Just sit here all day?" I remarked.
Dave shrugged again, unable to think of anything to do any more than I could.
We sat there looking down at our feet. We were both dressed the same, in t-shirts and cut-offs, with our bare feet slipped into flip-flops. It was pretty much the standard summer uniform. Idly, Dave bumped his foot against mine and I bumped mine back against his. We sat there and did that for a moment. It really didn't mean anything, but there was a kind of suggestiveness about it, and when we realized, we both grinned a bit self-consciously. We were both a little embarrassed for thinking the same thing.
"Well. .

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  . " Dave joked in an off-hand manner, "that would be something to do. "
I smirked good naturedly over the idea. Neither of us were gay, nor homosexually inclined. At least, that had never come up in our friendship. Until now, anyway. Dave thought that it was sort of funny, and I suppose that I did, too.
"What?" I questioned. "Mess around?"
Dave gave another shrug. "It would at least be something to do," he said carelessly.
"Yeah. . . " I said. Or rather, conceded.

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We looked at one another again and grinned with a modest amusement over the idea. Over just considering the idea. At the same time, feeling a little curious and intrigued by it. Even, feeling a little tempted. We could both tell that we were.
It was a sort of awkward moment as we sat there looking at each other and wondering about it. Then, if just wondering if we dared, we both slowly leaned close and we let our slightly parted lips touch. The effort was hardly passionate. I felt Dave's lips soft and warm against mine and the sensation was pleasing. We drew back and looked at each again to see what the other thought.
"Not bad," I appraised, surprised to hear myself sounding so casual about it.
Dave smiled his approval.
We kissed again. This time allowing our lips to move together and make the kiss more generous.
It really did feel good.

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   The idea that I was actually kissing another boy seemed excitingly daring. Dave seemed to appreciate that aspect of it, too. I felt his lips eagerly press against mine and I pressed back. My hand went to his arm and I felt his do the same, if just to keep our balance while we had our eyes closed and were attempting this endeavor.
We pulled back, taking a breath. I smiled, feeling myself blush. Dave grinned, looking pleased with the results. I was glad that his father was at work and not likely to come home. I could imagine what his father would think if he walked in right then and saw the two of us doing this. It was interesting to feel this warm chemistry between the two of us. Interesting to explore the feelings of friendship. Interesting to be able to.
We did one more kiss. I felt Dave's tongue and let him feel mine. That was even more exciting to take it that far.

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   I suddenly became aware of my penis responding to this, pushing up and becoming stiff in my cut-offs.
"Oh, man. . . this is getting me turned-on," Dave confessed when he pulled back breathlessly.
"I know. Me, too," I said.
We both smiled.
Dave reached his hand out to feel the firmness of my erection. I tried touching his.
"We could get naked," Dave suggested.
"Yeah," I agreed.
Dave kicked off his flip-flops and started tugging his t-shirt over his head. I started doing the same. It took us only a moment to get undressed.

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   We were both naked, our erections jabbing hugely up. For both of us the moment was almost shockingly masculine in a way that we had never before experience. It felt wonderful, though. My penis was unbelievably stiff. So was Dave's. I looked at his boner and was surprised by how big it was. Mine was just as big. Dave reached out to feel mine so I did the same to his, gripping that firm male-shape of his cock in my hand and pulling on it while he did the same to me. We kissed again, fondling each others boner while our lips wetly smeared together and our tongues slid back and forth. This was great! It was wild being sexual with Dave.
Enthusiastically I leaned over to take the mushrooming head of Dave's boner in my mouth.
"Oh, man!" he groaned.
I pushed my mouth down the shaft as far as I could manage, came back up, and went back down, doing this several times. I had never had the urge to suck on another boy's dick before, but right then I was happy to have the chance. I loved how it felt to have Dave's boner in my mouth.

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  When I pulled away, he went ahead and took my boner into his mouth. I found myself grinning as I watched him do this. We he stopped after a moment, we kissed. We both felt alive with naked passion and the chance to express it.
"I could fuck you," I said.
"Okay," Dave replied without hesitation.
Instinctive I knew that we would need some kind of lubrication. I got up and traipsed off to the bathroom and came back with a bottle of hand lotion, knowing that would work. I squeezed some out and smeared it onto my hard boner. Dave got on the floor on his hands and knees. I got on my knees behind him, gripped my boner, and guided it forward. The hand lotion allowed the swollen tip of my penis to push through his tight anal pucker. I was sort of amazed to find myself actually doing this with him. I pushed my sexual length all the way in. I heard Dave groan a little.

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"Oh, yeah!" I breathed, liking the warm, tight grip of his male anatomy on mine, and thinking that it could never be this easy with a girl.

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