Me, my wife, and her best friend my first 3some part 2


As with all my stories there 100% true encounters of my life. If you havent read part one you need too or you wont understand part 2.
We just got done eating and the ladies Amanda (my wife) and Heather (her best friend like a sister to her) went to shower up after are previous fun time
About 15 minutes passed and i went back to the bathroom to take a piss. I neared the door and heared some moaning and groaning i tip toed in and ripped open the shower curtain to find Amanda back against the wall and Heather with her face buried in Amanda's pussy just eating away like she was starving. Amanda looked up smiled and said "what took you so long?" she grabs me and pulls me in the shower and starts kissing me. Heather reaches up and grabs my cock and starts strokeing me off while she is eating Amanda out GOD HOW LUCKY WAS I?
Heather then takes the shower bottle, one of those Suave shampoo bottles and starts sliding it in and out of Amanda's pussy while she turns her head and starts sucking me off AMANDA WENT NUTS. She started flopping around moaning, groaning and starts digging her nails into me she was so hot. I tell Heather im gonna cum and pulls me out and says "I want to taste it" i look down and said "really?" she says "Yes cum in my mouth and let me taste it. . . " then with pouty little lips she says "Pleeeeeease" Well I let her have it and she didnt spill a drop. She swallowed me all down. She stands up and as she stands up she pulls the bottle out of Amanda's pussy and Amanda is coming down from a major orgasm and says thanks she opens her eyes and sees what heather has in her hands and turned 20 shades of fire truck red. "You fucked me with that" she yelled at Heather, "Calm down you liked it " She said and then that cute little smirk.
So now we are out of the shower and dried off Amanda says she is going into the bedroom to lay down for a bit and me and Heather start to follow her and right as we enter the bedroom Heather turns to me and says "just because shes gonna lay down doesnt mean we have to" and she drops down and starts giveing me yet another blow job. It was great her full cherry red lips sucking my cock down her throat even to the point of gagging a couple of times.

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   She stands up and lip locks me our tongues going a mile a minute in each others mouths. "So you want to fuck me doggy style yet? I never have had it that way " She said. "Fuck yes" is all i could think of and say, but she pulled me into the bedroom I figured we would go in the living room but no she pulls me by my cock into the bedroom where Amanda is laying down.
We slip into the bedroom lit by the little 30 wat lamp on the end table by the bed and she says "so you want me or not?" "YESSSS" i said. "but first I want to eat that pretty pussy again" I lay her down on the bed slowly not to stir Amanda, why I don't know since we all just fucked like rabbits but oh well.
She lays down and i get on top of her kissing down her huge breasts remember there 44dd (no shit i used to have pics but cant find them anymore) I start kissing and licking from one nipple to the next back and forth before i slowly started kissing down her belly to that sweet tasty pussy. Then I started planting little kisses all around her lips to tease her a bit then work my way in a little nibble here and there kisses here and there and start sucking on her clit till she starts grabing the sheets and moaning and moaning. after about 8 orgasms she leans up and kisses me again and says "now please do me now" She rolls over and i stand up and slide my rock hard cock in that pretty little pussy from behind.
I start out slow and soft then she starts rocking back on me so i pick up the pace and start driving it home so to speak. She looks back at me and says "watch this" she slowly takes the sheet off of Amanda and crawls up a little farther on the bed I get back in her and start fucking her harder this time I look up and ses eating amanda out . I watched as Amanda's nipples got harder and starts moaning and groaning and running her fingers across her tits. I reach down and grab Heathers tits from behind and start playing with them pinching her big thimble like nipples while i pound that sweet pussy. She starts monaning and moaning and then lets out a scream of "oh fucking yes fucking dam yes fuck me harder please dont stop fucking me" ( i will remember those words for the rest of my life) It jumps Amanda awake right as Heather slides her mouth back down on her pussy. "God you two gonna do this all night now?" Amanda asked and then starts rubbing her fingers through heathers hair pulling her in. "You dont look like your complaining to much now" i said.

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I sucked on my finger to get it wet and start sliding it between Heathers cheeks and across her ass she jumps back driving me even farther in and i didnt think that was possible i was balls deep in her pussy. "No one has ever done that before either" she said "Well I am" i said. I start sliding my finer up and down her asshole while fucking her while she eats my wife's pussy. She starts moaning even more and then I pull out of her pussy and put the head of my cock to her ass and slowly start forceing in. she starts to wince up a little bit and then Amanda grabs her head and pulls her farther in "eat my pussy bitch eat it till i scream " amanda said. I get about 3 inches in and she loosens up and starts likeing it she even starts rocking on it back and forth then she lunges forward and back and take my full 7 inches at once all the way up she pulls her head out of amanda's pussy and screams what i thought was bloody murder like screams till she looks back at me "Oh my fucking lord that is amazing" she said "Iv never had it up the ass and im not gonna start now" Amanda said "oh fucking yes oh fucking yes oh my god you need to it is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking hot and oh my (after that it was kinda like chanting lol)
We went at it like that for another 10-15 minutes till i pulled out and shot all over her back and ass and to my surprise amanda came again and again she climbs up and starts licking it off Heathers back and ass cheeks and leans up to kiss me and I laughed and said "fuck that you aint kissing me till you brush i dont do that " She laughed and Heather says "come here ill kiss you" they get into another lip lock i sprawled out on the bed and relaxed while the ladies on either side of my now start rubbing my chest, and legs. Little kisses here and there from the girls on my chest, neck and every so often leaning over me and kissing each other. THere hands started rubbing each others thighs and ass cheeks and tits which started getting me hard. "well looky here someone wants to come out and play again" Amanda said. "well i took it doggy and then some you still havent eaten pussy yet" heather says. Amanda smiles at heather and says "im still nervous about it" "after what we have done and your nervous" i said and playfully elbowed her "well you didnt taste your own cum" amanda said " and i never will but thats totally different" i said heather just laughs at us and sits up. "your gonna laugh huh" amanda said. then she sits up and starts kissing heather again down her neck.
Heather positioned herself between my legs with her back to me while amanda started kissing her, My hands are now roaming all over heathers tits and body . Amanda starts kissing down her chest and sucking on her nipples and kissing farther down to her pussy then she skips over heathers pussy and starts kissing up her thighs.

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   Heather moves a little to the side and slides down some and starts sucking my cock some more while amanda is kissing up her thighs my hands are now rubbing heathers head while she bobs up and down on my rock hard cock. She starts rubbing my balls while sucking me off and i lean my head back and close my eyes. Maybe 2 minutes later heather starts to moan againand i open my eyes look down and amanda is licking heathers pussy. HOLY SHIT MY SRAIGHT LACED WIFE IS EATING PUSSY WHILE I GET A BLOW JOBis all i could think. I'm not sure why but it some how made the blow job better watching my wife eat pussy while i was getting blown. Amanda starts slideing a couple fingers in and heather starts rocking back and forth.
I pull out of Heathers mouth and go down to the foot of the bed and get behind amanda i slip down to my knees and start eating her pussy from behind she starts moaning while eating heather and heather running her fingers through amanda hair has now gone to pulling amandas head in deeper and deeper. I stand up and shove my cock in all at once no easing it in right in amanda's pussy. She lets out a little scream that is muffled by heathers pussy but she liked it i know she did. So i starts fucking amanda from behind while she eats out heather more and more little licks up and down her clit with a little bit of my trick and lightly bite her clit and start sucking on it. I start sliding a finger around amanda's asshole like i did heathers and she pulls her head up looks back and says "dont you even think about it" i smiled and slid a finger in at the same time heather grabed her head and pulled her back down. "shut up and eat youll like it " heather said.
I look down at heather who looks at me with eyes half open and smiles mouth do it. I put the head of my cock to her ass and start sliding in "Ouch stop i said not there" amanda said Heather pulls her head in more and starts screaming "I'm cumming again" and took that sign from her and just drove in deep on amanda's ass. I figured hell if she left me at least i would still have heather.

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   But she didnt she starts bouncing back right away takeing me in and she starts screaming louder than heather but they were screams of joy "see. . mmmmm I told you you would love it. . . . . " heather said. She pulls her head up and heather slides down farther face to face with amanda and they start kissing while im fucking amanda's ass. "Oh god yesssssssssss why didn't we do this sooner" amanda said. Heahter starts sucking on amanda's nipples while i fucked her harder and harder and harder I knew i was close to cumming and amanda yells "dont cum in me spray us with it but not the face" I pulled out and grabbed a sock and wipped my cock off they girls flipped over and were rubbing there tits while i jerked it a few seconds heather says "spray my face i dont care" They turn and start kissing and i started shooting all over there tits, and yes even there faces "ugh nasty" amanda said I had to let a little laugh "you'll lick it off her back and ass, you'll suck my cock, and eat pussy now but spraying your face is nasty HA HA HA HA" "shut up"amanda said and laughed Heathers says "besides if he didnt spary you how could i lick it off" and she started licking it off her tits and then pulled amanda's head down to her tits and she licks it off heathers tits, then the kiss swapping my cum back and forth. .

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