Mila Kunis Meets The Fanboys


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Mila Kunis or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is the first in a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a ComiCon. You don’t have to read any of the other stories (after I write them, this is just the first one) to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Code: M+/F, Hand-job

Mila Kunis: Mila Meets The Fanboys
By Muhabba

Mila Kunis sighed in exasperation at her manager. “You have got to be kidding me, Mel. ”She planted her hands on her hips and glared up at the older man.

“Mila, calm down will you. Everything is going to be fine,” Mel said, trying to calm his client down. “It’s a genre thing.

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  Everybody does it and it always pays off big. These fans will follow anything else you do for the rest of your career. ”

Mila tried to stomp her foot but her dress was too tight and too long to make it effective. “I don’t care. I’ve already got fans and I’ve changed my mind!”

Mel took a deep breath. “Why are all actresses like this?” he wondered to himself. He placed his hands on Mila’s bare shoulders and tried to calm her down. “You have fans, yes. But not like these. Genre fans will follow everything you do from now on. You could do radio drama and they’d follow you. Look at James, he’s not complaining. ”

Mila shook her managers hands off her shoulders, the movement causing her small, braless breasts to wobble slightly above the tight material of her dress. “James Franco is a guy and guys don’t really care where they put their junk. ”

Mel forced a smile and thought,“They always complain, no matter what.

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  And most of them wind up actually getting in to it. ”Looking for something to do with his hands he straightened Mila’s tall, pointed hat. “That’s true, sweetie. But I’m talking about the fans. Rachel had to do it for “The Mummy” movies and those sucked, even if they did make a shit-load of money. And look at Michelle’s movies. You know she doesn’t have a problem with it. Hell, they enjoy it most to the time. Why do you think movie studios keep showing up at Comicon?”

“I know, I know,” Mila muttered. She took a deep breath to steady herself, her firm tits pressing tightly against her dress, her nipples clearly poking out. “I’m just nervous. ”

Mel smiled warmly and held his arms open to Mila. The nervous actress smiled back and hugged him, pressing her body to his as he wrapped his arms around her. “There, there. No need to be nervous.

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  It’ll be fine. You’ll be the belle of the ball. ”

“I don’t even know what that means,” Mila giggled.

“It’s a thing us old fogeys say. You ready?” Mel asked as he released Mila.

“Sure, sure,” Mila answered as she stepped away from her manager. “How do I look?”

Mel looked at his small, slender client. She was wearing a tight, black dress that left her shoulders bare with a neck line that plunged down to her belly button and exposed her tan cleavage as the back of the dress opened all the way to the top of her tight ass. The dress was as tight as a second skin and hugged to her slender curves as it trailed down her legs. The hem at the front left her black stiletto heels visible but trailed nearly a foot behind her. Her toe and fingernails were painted a glossy black and her fingernails were filed into points. Her lips were painted a dark green to match the green highlights around her eyes and cheek bones. Her long, dark hair cascaded behind her shoulders and framed her beautiful face. Her face and chest were covered with a light sheen of green, sparkly sprinkles that glistened and twinkled in the light. On top of her head she wore a tall, pointed hat and in her hand she held a old looking broom stick.

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  Dave smiled. “You look like the sexiest Wicked Witch of the West, ever. ”

Mila took a deep breath to steady her nerves and caught Mel looking at her chest. “OK. Let’s do this. ”

“Damn straight,” Mel said as he walked to the door. “Let’s show these Comicon Fanboys why the need to see ‘Oz, The Great and Powerful’. ”

Mila walked to the middle of the small conference room. It was a small room at the hotel with plenty of chairs, love seats and couches.

Mel opened the double doors enough to poke his head into the hall. “Gentlemen, may I please introduce you to Mila Kunis, Theodora of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the West!”He opened the doors wide and the room was suddenly filled with over a dozen Fanboys.

Mila smiled warmly, arched her back to show off her ass and pushed her chest out to show that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She held her broom in her hands and cackled, “Heh heh heh heh, my little pretties!”She saw Mel close the door and then lost sight of him as the Fanboys pressed in near her. She was barraged by questions and tried her best to answer each one. After several minutes she spotted Mel again and passed her broom off to him.

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The Fanboys were everything she’d expected. Some big, some small, some old, some young, some tall, some short, some overweight, some too skinny. All of them had their own little looks to them. Some looked nerdy, some looked plain, some were in costumes, some just in regular clothes, some were clean shaven, some had unique facial hair, some had regular haircuts and some were styled. It was like a mob.

The barrage of questions continued as the Fanboys got closer and closer to her and Mila continued to smile and tried to answer all their questions. As the group pressed closer she took a deep breath to steel herself, her chest pushed out and drew the hungry gaze of the group, and then she exhaled. It was time to impress the Fanboys.

The group of Fanboys pressed closer to her body as Mila extended her arms slightly until she felt her hands starting to brush up against someone’s groin. She began lightly touching and stroking the front of whomevers pants were closest, feeling their hard dicks grow as she fondled them. It was impossible to tell whose hard-on was whose so she didn’t even bother to try, she just needed them hard so their owners would like her and her movie. What amazed her most was that even as she fondled them they kept asking her questions. She slowly circled around, rubbing each groin her hands brushed up against until she was surrounded by dozens of hard, geek dicks.

As Mila made her way back to facing the original direction she had been facing she was still trying to answer their questions. And there were so many questions; “Did Sam Rami apologize for Spider-Man 3?”“Did Sam Rami smoke pot with James Franco?”“Did you smoke pot with James Franco?”“Did you smoke pot on ‘That 70’s Show’?”“Did you work with any actual monkeys?”“Were they monkeys or were they apes?” and the questions just kept coming as she tried to answer them all and fondle everybody equally.



When she had turned all the way around Mila began unfastening two of the Fanboys’ pants, one with each hand, and exposing their hard cocks. The rest of the group got the hint and all the Fanboys undid their pants and pulled out all their hard pricks. She gripped the two pricks closest to her hands and began tugging on them, jerking them off in the middle of a sea of nerdy cocks. And amazingly enough they never stopped asking her questions.

As Mila jacked off the two cocks she felt hands start to move over her slender body. Dozens of hands, caressing her, flowing over her, through her hair, over her shoulders, down her arms, across her chest, around her hips, up her back and down her legs. Fanboy hands cupped her tits and pinched her nipples as she heard one of the Fanboys whisper to another, “I told you she wasn’t wearing a bra,”Fanboy hands trailed down her exposed back and along her spine, down to her firm ass. Fanboy hands cupped her taunt ass-cheeks and tried to work their way between the firm globes, "and no underwear, too. "Fanboy hands trailed down her silky cleavage and over her dress and tried to cup her tingling pussy through the tight material. Her breathing picked up as she felt herself start to become slightly aroused.

Mila felt the cocks she was jerking on explode and splash warm cum into her skillful hands. The two Fanboys backed away from the group, tucking themselves back into their pants as she found two more cocks to jack off. And through it all; the hand-jobs and the Fanboy hands flowing over her excited body, the groups’ questions never stopped. And none of the questions were about the sex act they were all involved in, all the questions were about her career or Sam Rami’s or the movie. Nobody mentioned the fact that they were feeling up one of the hottest women on the planet as she jerked them off.

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  She was amazed.

The two cocks in her hands throbbed and twitched as they shot their loads onto Mila’s dress and were quickly replaced by two more. She kept smiling and answering questions as she concentrated on her hands flowing back and forth over two strangers’ dicks. But as the Fanboys’ hands continued to work on her body she found her concentration breaking as she became increasingly aroused. Her nipples were rock hard and her little pussy was getting warmer and wetter. Her breathing quickened and she tried to keep herself from panting in pleasure as the two Fanboys in her hands came on her tight dress and were then quickly replaced by two more.

As a fog of passion began building up in her mind, Mila lost track of the number of hand-jobs she had given and strangely enough she didn’t care. As her passion built she found it harder and harder to concentrate on the Fanboys’ questions and began just nodding or shaking her head as she answered “Uh huh,” or “Uh Uh. ”She felt some of the Fanboys begin to press up on her body, rubbing their hard cocks over the material of her tight, black dress. They humped against her ass, between her cheeks, her hips, her thighs, her legs, and one of the Fanboys was on his knees jerking off while staring at her feet. “Like a pack of horny puppies in heat,” she thought as she giggled. And they were still asking her questions but she was now so turned on as she was humped from the waist down that she lost track of how many Fanboys were left or what they were saying and now she could only mutter, “Uh huh,” over and over again.

Mila licked her lips erotically as she closed her eyes, just enjoying the rush of pleasure from all these Fanboys worshiping her, desperate to be near her, to touch her, to have her touch them. It was astounding. She felt the cock sandwiched between her ass-cheeks shoot it's load over her exposed lower back as the Fanboys on either side of her started humping her ass-cheeks harder and faster.

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  The cocks in her hands shot their loads and were replaced by the dicks that had been humping her waist. She licked her lips and moaned in pleasure at all the worship heaped on her and barely noticed as the Fanboy kneeling at her feet showered her shoes with his cum and then left.

Mila’s body kept responding to all the erotic stimulations, her nipples sizzled against the shimmering material of her dress, her pussy began to throb and a sheen of sweat covered her exposed cleavage. Her hands were a blur as they jacked the cocks in her palms and she could feel the two cocks humping her hips and rubbing against the front of her thighs. One of the pricks in her hands shot it’s load on her and was quickly replaced by one of the Fanboys rubbing against her thigh. This dick was smaller than the rest and when she looked at the owner she was shocked to see how small he was.

Mila was about to object to the boy’s apparent young age but as he began clumsily pawing at her tits a look of absolute adulation filled his face as he stared up at her in awe. She licked her lips and smiled as she remembered the age restriction at the Con. Her brain was filled with all the erotic stimulation her tight, little body was receiving. As the cock in her other hand shot it’s load and one of the cocks at her thighs showered her dress in cum she thought to herself, “Who’s it hurting, really?He obviously wants to be here. ”She looked down at the Fanboy with her best smile, “And what’s your name, sweetie?”She used the grip she had on his dick to pull him in front of her and since no new cock pressed itself into her other hand she used it cup his balls.

“D… Davy, ma’am,” he said, staring at Mila with eyes filled with worship.

With the Fanboy at Mila’s hip gone the Fanboy at her thigh moved directly behind her. He placed his hard cock along the crack of her ass and squeezed her firm ass-cheeks around the sides of his shaft as he began rocking his dick up and down against the material of her tight dress.

“Well Davy, nice to meet you,” Mila said, never losing her stroke on Davy’s hard prick.

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“I’m Scott,” the Fanboy behind Mila said as he continued working his prick between her ass-cheeks and against the silky material of her black, skin-tight dress.

Mila chuckled, “Ha. Hello Scott,” she said as she rolled her ass up against Scott’s hard cock. These were the last two Fanboys and she was surprised she was enjoying herself so much. “So do you boys like ‘The Wizard of Oz’?”

From behind Mila Scott said, “Oh yeah. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. When I heard Sam Rami was doing this movie I was super excited. ”Scott stared at Mila’s tight ass filling his hands and wrapped halfway around his prick.

“I can tell,” Mila giggled as she continued to roll her ass back and forth against Scott’s dick. “And how ‘bout you, Davy?You like ‘The Wizard of Oz’?”

Davy licked his lips and muttered, “Uh huh. ”It was all he could muster as he continued pawing at Mila’s small tits. She smiled down at him and then licked her lips. The instant he saw her pink tongue slide seductively across her lips he came, showering the front of her black dress with his white cum. The young looking Fanboy took a shaky step back and mumbled, “Thank you, ma’am. I can’t wait to see your movie,” before scurrying off with his small prick flopping around the outside of his pants.

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With Davy gone Scott reached around Mila’s undulating body and palmed one of her small, firm tits with one hand and began trying to paw her hot pussy with the other.

Mila cooed in the back of her throat as Scott pinched her hard nipples and rubbed his other hand between her legs. With everything that had happened in such a short time she was now burning with desire and wished that Scott would just rip her dress off. She felt him thrust against her one last time as he shot his load across her tight ass. As he came he squeezed hard on one of her tits and her pussy through her dress causing her to grunt as she nearly came.

Scott wiped off his dick on the tight material covering Mila’s ass and then zipped himself back up. “I can’t wait for the movie, Miss Kunis. You’ve been one of my favorite actresses since ‘That 70’s Show’. ”

Mila turned towards Scott smiling, panting, flush with desire. “Thanks so much, Scott. I hope you enjoy the move. ”

Scott left and Mel saw him off. Mel turned around from the door to look at his highly aroused client. “You did great, Mila. Really.


  Job well done,”

Mila took a deep breath to steady her nerves as she straightened her dress. As she fiddled with her dress one of her small, firm, tits popped out without her realizing. Her dark nipple was hard as a little stone. “That wasn’t as bad as I thought, Mel. It was… actually kind of fun. ”

Mel stared at Mila’s exposed tit and hard nipple, imagining how it would taste. “I told you so, Mila. You should always listen to your old pal Mel. ”He walked over to his horny client and placed his hands on her warm shoulders. “Just trust me and good things happen. ”He slid his arms around her hot body, over the smooth material of her dress and as he paced behind her and his hands caressed her he heard her moan. “Just trust me. ”He smiled to himself as he began pulling down the top of her tight dress.

Mila looked over her shoulder at Mel with shock as he bared her small, brown tits. “Mel, what do you think you’re doing?”

Mel pulled Mila’s tight dress down to her stomach as she started to pull away from him.

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  She raised her arms up to block him as he raised his hands up and palmed her firm tits.

Mila closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure, far to aroused to resist the older man as he palmed and squeezed her aching tits.

Mila’s hands rested on Mel’s wrists and he knew that she was too turned on to resist. He released one of her firm breasts and used his hand to begin pulling her tight dress up off the floor, up her slender legs, past her thighs, over her hips and exposed her wet cunt. “Just trust me,” he whispered. He pulled the petite actress to rest against his chest and she unconsciously rubbed her tight ass against his cloth encased erection.

“Mel?” Mila pleaded. “No, please Mel. We can’t. It wouldn’t be right,” she continued to plead, to aroused to stop Mel herself and hoping he would do the right thing on his own.

“Trust me, sweetie. Trust me,” Mel whispered into Mila’s ear. He plucked, rolled and pinched her nipple between the fingers of one hand while the fingers of his other hand slid up to the wet, hot, tight, slit between her legs. She kept her hands on his wrists, weakly trying to push them away from her body as he slid his middle finger up between her wet pussy lips and into her tight cunt.

“Fuuuuuuuccccccck,” Mila cooed as her manager’s thick finger probed deep inside her pussy.

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  As Mel worked his finger in and out of her she could hear the wet, slurping noises coming from between her legs. She began rolling her hips back and forth, fucking forward onto his skilled finger as she rubbed her naked ass against the hard prick encased inside his pants.

As Mel felt Mila begin to fuck herself onto his finger he began to pick up his pace, finger-banging her faster as he pinched her nipple harder. He drove his finger as deep into her wet cunt as far as he could and continued to dry hump her ass as he kept up his skillful finger-fuck. As her moaning and panting increased he pinched her hard nipple even harder and strummed her clit with his thumb.

“Fuck I’m Cumming, Mel!” Mila suddenly screamed out in pleasure. Her over-simulated body shuddered against her manager as her hot pussy clamped down on his invading finger and she ground her tight ass against his hard prick. Her cum washed over his hand and dripped to the floor as she rode out her orgasm.

Mel felt Mila collapse against him as her orgasm finished. He released her firm tit and pulled his finger out of her dripping cunt. As he felt her breathing return to normal and her strength returned he released her and began fixing her dress to cover her sweat slick body.

“Oh wow, Mel,” Mila panted. “What… why the hell… I didn’t realize you… about me I mean. I mean…”

Mel smirked and adjusted his throbbing cock. “It’s ok, Mila.

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  That was all about you. ”

Mila turned around to stare at her manager in disbelief. “What’s that mean?You finger-banged me, for me?” she asked as her temper stared to rise. He had just taken advantage of her and was now trying to say it was for her own good?“Who do you think you are?”

“Before you start yelling and fire me, can you answer one question for me?” Mel asked, remaining calm.

“Fine,” Mila said, planting her hands on her hips and accidently shaking her small tits free from her black dress. “One question. ”

“And be completely honest with the answer?” he asked with the most non-threating pose he could come up with. “If only my dick wasn’t so hard,” he thought to himself.

Mila quickly nodded her head yes.

“How turned on were you?” Mel asked. “After all that, all those Fanboys worshiping you and your body. The feel of them stroking you, the feel of you stoking them. How turned on were you?”

Mila looked down at her feet as he blushed and her pussy throbbed. It had felt great. The fan worship, knowing how much they adored her, how much they loved her.

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  And their hands. All those hands. Their hands flowing like a sensual tide over her body. The feel of their hot, ready cocks filling her hands and rubbing against her over heated body. She had never felt anything like it, it had turned her on more than anything ever before. “Very,” she muttered to Mel.

Mel smirked. “Scale of 1 to 10. ”

Mila looked up in surrender. “Eleven,” she smiled.

“Hero worship is a powerful thing, isn’t it?” Mel asked knowingly.

“Yeah,” Mila smiled wider.

“So when I say ‘that was for you’, I mean it,” Mel said.

“So you got me off to keep me from doing anything I’d regret later. Is that it?” Mila asked.

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Mel nodded.

“You couldn’t have said something this morning?” Mila said, trying to excuse everything.

Mel walked slowly towards Mila. “If I would have said, ‘A bunch of geeks are going to turn you on more than anything ever before in your life so bring a boyfriend or a vibrator’ you’d have thought I was crazy and then slapped me. ”

“Well there is that,” Mila smirked. “But it was… I’ve never…”

“They’re geeks,” Mel said. “They think about sex constantly. They may be social awkward but they know what to do after a certain point so don’t be embarrassed. It could have been worse. ”

Mila cocked her eyebrow questionably. “How?”

“Scarlett Johansson pulled two trains promoting ‘The Avengers’,” Mel chuckled.

Mila’s jaw dropped open in shock. “You’re kidding!?”

Mel smiled and tucked Mila’s firm tits back into her dress. “How do you think I knew what could have happened?Now come on kiddo, only two more Meet and Greets to go. ”

“And, ah… what about…” Mila gestured to Mel’s obvious erection tenting up from his pants.



“After your Meet and Greets I’m meeting two booth babes dressed up like Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy who want to audition to be actresses,” Mel said with a wink.

Mila laughed. “Oh, Mel,” she winked back.

The End. .