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This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Purge or the characters from it. I do not know Chloe Moretz or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Rape

The Purge: Hollywood Hour 02: Chloe Moretz
By Muhabba

Kevin double checked the address before getting out of his A1 Security van. He started towards the house before cursing under his breath and jogging back to the van. “Can’t forget to lock up on Purge night,” he said as he locked the door and then strolled swiftly to the front door of the house. The owner of the house was an A1 Security customer so it had been pretty easy to get the Master Code and let himself in, after all, you couldn’t be to careful when all law was suspended for 12 hours one night a year. After spending the first hour with Scarlett Johansson he had sped around town gathering the supplies he would need for the rest of the night and stashed them inside his armored company van. And luckily, with his company issued side arm, the supplies were pretty easy to come by. And also free.

Gathering his supplies had bit into the hour he was wanting to spend with the next A1 customer so he made sure he brought all the supplies he was going to need as he entered the Master Code and entered the house, locking the door behind him.

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  “Hello?Who’s there,” he heard a male voice ask from inside the house. He dropped his supplies with a large clang and pulled his side arm as he stepped into the living room. “A1 Security. Put your hands up,” he announced to the actress Chloe Moretz and the man sitting with her on the couch.

Chloe jumped to her feet, her teal eyes wide in shock. Her brother leapt up and stood between her and the gunman to try and block her from him. “Who are you?!” he demanded as she hid behind his back.

“Don’t move and put your hands up,” Kevin said as he waved his gun around. “You’re gonna do what I say or I’ll shoot you. It’s Purge night and I can do stuff like that,” he added without the slightest trace of menace.

Chloe shook in fright behind her brother. “Who is he, Trevor?” she asked her brother in a whisper. “How did he get in here?”

“I don’t know, Chloe,” Trevor whispered back, afraid for his beautiful sister.

“I’m Kevin and I came in through the front door and you suck at whispering,” Kevin said frankly. “Now I’m on a time table here so put your hands up already.

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“Better do as he says, Chloe,” Trevor whispered to Chloe as he raised his hands.

Chloe tried to swallow down the lump in her throat as she raised her trembling hands.

Kevin looked around the room and behind his captives, spotting some sturdy looking chairs. “O. k. , now walk into the kitchen,” he said while he shooed them with the gun. As they walked into the kitchen he pulled the duct tape from his tool belt. “Now sit at the table like it’s breakfast time,” he said as he began pulling long strips of tape from the roll. His captives sat down and he taped them to their chairs as quickly as he could. “O. k. , now just sit there and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” he said as he stood up and left the room.

“I can’t move, Trevor,” Chloe whined as tears began to well up in her eyes. “And I think he taped the chairs to the floor. ”

Trevor tried to move his chair.

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  “I think you’re right,” he agreed. “What’s he doing back there?Can you see him?”

Chloe and Trevor looked back and forth between themselves and out the kitchen, trying to see past the living room where it sounded like the gunman was building something. They could hear the occasional beat of a hammer and the sounds of a saw or drill and then after about 10 minutes the sounds stopped and the gunman reappeared.

“M. . . Mister?” Chloe said meekly. “I’ve got. . . got money. I could give you some if. . . if you want?”

Kevin took a moment to look over his small captive.

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  Her honey blonde hair was curly and reached down to the middle of her back, her teal eyes were wide with fear, her breath escaped from between the sexiest lips he’d ever seen, her small chest rising and falling quickly and pushing her small breasts out beneath her T-shirt. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt with gray, tight yoga pants and no shoes or socks, her dainty feet barely reaching the floor. “No thanks, little Miss,” he said, answering her question. “Never really needed much money. ”He walked over to her and began cutting her out of the chair. “I’m more into the simple things in life,” he said with no trace of menace.

“Where are you taking her,” Trevor growled.

Kevin waved her gun dismissively at the growling man. “Don’t worry, she’ll be back when we’re done,” he said as he left, pulling Chloe behind him.

A knowing sense of dread filled both Chloe and her brother as the gunman pulled her out of the kitchen, leaving Trevor alone, trapped in his chair.

The gunman pulled Chloe through the living room and into one of the bedrooms. Her growing sense of dread filled her heart and her stomach seemed to drop as she saw the bed. She knew what was coming. At first seeing the strange man with the gun had scared her, mostly the gun, but the man didn’t seem particularly mean. The look on his face, his body language, he just didn’t seem or look or talk like a particularly bad guy.

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  But the gun. And now the bed. She knew what he was going to do to her. She was trapped and her only hope was tied to a dining room chair. Suddenly a strange object on the floor at the foot of the bed caught her attention, a metal bar with leather straps on either side, bolted down. She didn’t even notice the metal hoop hanging from the ceiling, dangling down over the bar.

Leading Chloe to the bar he had fixed to the floor Kevin had her face the bed as he slipped handcuffs over her delicate wrists. He pulled her arms up, stretching her hands high above her head and latching the cuffs to the dangling hoop. With her arms immobile he bent down and tied one ankle to a leather strap and her other ankle to the other strap before standing back up and looking at his work. “You are just about the sexiest upside down letter Y I’ve ever seen,” he giggled.

Chloe stared at the gunman blankly, not even bothering to struggle. She knew what was coming and she knew she couldn’t stop it, all she could do was hang limply from the ceiling, her legs spread obscenely wide.

Kevin looked questioningly at Chloe. “I just paid you a complement. Aren’t you supposed to say something?” he asked like a father chiding one of his children.

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“Tha. . . thank y. . . you, sir,” Chloe hiccuped, trying not to cry.

“Very good,” Kevin said, patting the top of Chloe’s head affectionately. “Now let’s get you naked. ”

At the gunman’s words Chloe lost control and began sobbing, tears trailing from her eyes, her chest heaving as she sobbed.

In the kitchen Trevor could only sit impotently as he heard his sister begin to cry.

Kevin patted his pockets. “Crap,” he muttered. “Why when I’m in a hurry. .

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  . ?” he said as he rushed out of the bedroom. Streaking towards his pile of supplies he quickly snatched his industrial scissors and ran back to the bedroom. “Sorry, sorry,” he said, waving his scissors at Chloe as she stared at him with fearful eyes from over her shoulder. “I was kinda in a rush and left these in the living room. ”He quickly stood behind her and gripped the neck of her T-shirt, not noticing as she shivered in fear. He brought his scissors up and snipped the top of her shirt, the sharp blade slicing through the thin material, parting the thread bare T-shirt and revealing the smooth, tan silky skin of her back. The back of her shirt opened to expose her graceful back, completely bare to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He quickly snipped at the arms of her shirt and it slid off of her graceful shoulders leaving her completely topless. He took a moment to admire the girl’s bare back from her broad shoulders down to where her low slung yoga pants hung just below her hip bones.

“Mmm. . . ” Kevin groaned as he licked his lips while staring at Chloe’s graceful back. He ran his fingertips down her warm, silky skin, feeling her shudder.

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  He bent down to the waistband of her yoga pants and stuck his tongue out and licked up her spine, his mouth watering at the taste of her skin as she mewled and writhed, trying to move away from his tongue but he had bound her to tight. He held her waist to keep her still, his palms tingling at the feel of her warm flesh. She whined as his tongue slowly trailed up her back and his moans of pleasure joined the pitiful noises she was making.

“Oh God, please no,” Chloe sobbed. The gunman’s tongue tickled her wetly between her shoulder blades and she twisted her shoulders trying to get away from him. Her small breasts jiggled as she wiggled around, tears falling from her face and splashing against her firm chest.

Kevin blew along the wet trail of Chloe’s spine, causing her to shiver and gasp out in surprise. When her skin had dried he started again except he planted long, wet kisses up her spine before parting her long hair and continuing up her neck this time. When he reached her hairline he went back to blowing on her wet skin, causing her to shiver again but instead of gasping she moaned out a little. He began kissing and licking more passionately along her entire back and then blowing the wet patches dry as his hands slid slowly up and down her sides, her moaning becoming longer and deeper.

Chloe rolled her eyes in pleasure as her gunman licked and nuzzled at the back of her neck. “Not. . . not what I.

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  . . I expected,” she thought as she shivered whenever he blew on her neck. Her nipples had hardened and sizzled with need as the gunman sent erotic shivers coursing through her young body again and again. “Mmm. . . ” she moaned as she licked her lips and began to pant in pleasure.

Kevin grinned at the sounds Chloe was making. Licking his lips he gripped the waistband of her yoga pants and quickly yanked them down to her ankles, baring her taunt, teenage rear-end and causing her to squeak in surprise. “Oh. . . my. .

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  . God,” he muttered as he stared at her fine, young ass. “Your behind looks like it was sculpted by some Greek guy,” he said in astonishment.

Chloe blushed in embarrassment at the gunman’s bizarre compliment.

“No, seriously,” Kevin said. His hands crept lower down Chloe’s sides, actually afraid to touch the young actress’s rear, years of being told not to touch works of art keeping him from simply grabbing her tight cheeks. “You ever go to any museums, Miss Moretz?” he asked.

Chloe shook her head “no” before realizing that her gunman couldn’t see her from his place on the floor by her butt. “I. . . I. . . a.


  . . a few, I guess,” she said nervously. The gunman had her so confused that she couldn’t think straight. He’d come in, pointed a gun at her, tied her up, twice, stripped her naked, proceeded to lovingly kiss and lick her back and then called her something like a work of art. “What’s going on?” she wondered.

“You should go to museums more,” Kevin said as he stared in awe at Chloe’s naked back and ass. “Just in general,” he said helpfully. “And if you did you might just see your naked body on a pedestal somewhere. ”

“Thank. . . thank you?” Chloe responded skeptically.

“Not in a creepy, dead way,” Kevin added as he stood up. “But just.

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  . . Seriously, your ass belongs in a art book in a museum or something. ”

Chloe started blushing a deep scarlet. “I. . . I. . . thanks?”

Kevin slid into the small space between Chloe and the foot of her bed and sat down taking in her nude body from the front. “She sure is pretty,” he thought as his eyes soaked in her angelic face, wide eyes and plump lips. His eyes traveled down from her face to her neck and then her slender chest, small tits and hard, pink nipples. He licked his lips as his eyes crawled down her abdomen, over her flat stomach to the small patch of dark blonde hair between her smooth, slender thighs and then continued down her legs to her dainty feet. He licked his lips before whistling slightly and saying, “Yeah, pretty as a picture.

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Chloe squirmed in her bonds, embarrassed by the gunman’s adulation of her naked body. “I. . . I guess. . . ” she mumbled as she tried to hide her blushing face.

Kevin’s eyes traveled back up Chloe’s naked body back to her scarlet tinged face, her blush creeping down her neck and coloring the top of her chest. “This is gonna sound strange but can I ask you a favor?” he said as he slowly stood up.

“I guess,” Chloe said meekly. Most of her nervousness had passed with the gunman’s strange, non-threatening behavior but it didn’t change the fact that she was still his naked captive. Plus, how much he had turned her on while kissing her back had left her feeling more confused than scared but he was still holding her against her will so there was not much she could do against him except try to keep him happy.

“Actually it’s more of a deal, really,” Kevin said sheepishly. “If you don’t mind.

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Chloe cocked her eyebrow. “Sure. I guess,” she said. He looked so nervous. Every since he’d stripped her naked and molested her back he was acting more like a star struck fan. Was her naked body making him act like this?

Kevin started to blush. “Well, I was plannin’ on coming in here, strippin’ you and just fuckin’ you,” he began, not noticing Chloe gasping in fear at his words. “But, ah. . . but I won’t do that if you agree to two things. ”

Chloe enthusiastically nodded her head yes. “Yeah!Yeah, sure,” she chirped.

Kevin beamed at Chloe in relief. He was so nervous that she’d say no, not even thinking about the fact that she was tied up and couldn’t stop him either way.

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  “O. k. , good,” he said. “First, I want a kiss. Like a real kiss. ”

“Huh?” Chloe asked as she stared blankly at her captive. “You want to kiss me?”

“Oh yes,” Kevin said gleefully.

The gunman had broke into her house, held her and her brother hostage, stripped her naked, molested her back, (turning her on despite herself) and was now asking for her permission to kiss her. “Well, if it makes him happy so he doesn’t hurt me,” she thought. “O. k. ”

Kevin smiled with child like delight. He set the gun on the foot of the bed before leaning into Chloe. He cupped the back of her upturned head and bent down, brushing his lips against hers. He pressed his mouth firmly against her and slipped his tongue into her warm, wet mouth.

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Chloe moaned into her gunman’s mouth as her tongue began to meet his, caressing the warm insides of his mouth. His tongue explored her mouth thoroughly as he pressed his body against her’s, her small breasts flat against his chest and her hard nipples sizzled as they scrapped across his shirt. He pressed his groin against her stomach and she moaned lustfully at the contact before regaining control of herself as the remembered that he was here for the sole purpose of raping her. If only she could stop herself from getting so turned on. If he had out-right threatened or attacked her it would have been different but he just seemed so unassuming.

Pulling away from the panting starlet Kevin smacked his lips. “I always wondered what it would be like to kiss one of those ladies in those paintings in the museums,” he said as he licked his lips. “Kinda tastes like apples. ”

“It’s my lip gloss,” Chloe said breathlessly, taken by the gunman’s kiss. It was just so gentle and passionate.

“You taste great,” Kevin said dreamily before regaining his senses. “Which brings me back to why we’re here,” he said. “Me fucking you. ”

Chloe’s breath caught in her chest.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Kevin said, noticing the wide-eyed look of terror on Chloe’s face.

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  “This is the second thing I was gonna do. Now I can’t risk hurting a beautiful piece of art like you, I’m not a heathen. So here’s what I was wanting to do. ”

Chloe stared at her gunman hopefully. Maybe there would be a way out of this.

“I got this plan,” Kevin said. “I’ve got this plan but I can only stay ‘til nine o’clock so here’s the deal. I’m gonna spend the rest of this hour trying to get you to ask me to fuck you. If nine o’clock hits and I ain’t don my job yet, I leave, no harm no foul. Deal?”

Chloe thought it over for a minute. The only way to keep from getting raped was to not ask to get raped?“Deal,” she agreed.

Kevin licked his lips as he smiled and sat at the foot on Chloe’s bed, her naked, teenage body presented before him. He ran his hands up from her hips slowly to the sides of her chest and then back down. He rubbed her up and down a few time before leaving his hands along the sides of her chest and reached out with his thumbs, sliding them over the hard nubs of her pink nipples. He heard her gasp and shudder in pleasure as he slowly rubbed her sensitive nubs in circles under his callused thumbs.

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  He heard her moan as he stretched out her pale aureole with his thumbs and ring fingers, caressing her eager nipples with his pointer fingers and grinned as he felt her push her slender chest more firmly into his hands.

Leaning forward Kevin released one of Chloe’s small tits and replaced is fingers with his lips. He took the ripe nub of flesh between his lips and sucked softly, sliding his tongue along the hard nipple, getting it nice and wet before releasing it from his mouth and blowing lightly on it, causing the naked teen to moan and shudder in pleasure. He switched to the other small breasts and began running his hands up and down her sides again before reaching around and bring them to rest on her taunt ass, squeezing, kneading and massaging her firm cheeks. His lips licked and sucked across the young starlet’s small chest as he continued squeezing her sexy ass and she began moaning louder and louder.

“Oh my God,” Chloe groaned to herself in pleasure as her eyes rolled up in her head again. “How is he doing this?”She tried to stop herself but couldn’t stop panting and moaning as her gunman licked her tits and suckled at her hard nipples. She’d kissed and fooled around with boys before, and once a girl, but this intruder was better than anyone else she’d been with. The odd mix of emotions coursing through her was keeping her confused, on one hand she was afraid for her life, and on the other hand he was playing her body like a violin. In Hollywood she was surrounded by and worked with some of the hottest men in the world but it was this unassuming intruder that had her so turned on so easily.

Sliding his hands around Chloe’s slim hips Kevin’s thumbs just barely met above her pubic mound. He gave a quick peck on her pointed chin to catch her attention and she looked down at him, her eyes open wide as quick pants of lust escaped past her full lips. He kissed her again and she pushed her mouth more firmly against him as one of his hands slid from her waist to just above the top of her slender thigh and as he pushed his tongue slowly into her warm, gasping mouth he slid his finger into her hot, tight, virgin cunt.

Chloe’s eyes shot open wider as she felt her gunman probe against her hymen. The most she’d ever done with a boy was kissing, which her gunman was much better at, and some light petting over her clothes, which her gunman had shot right past by cutting off her clothes, but now she was on the verge of cumming already as her captive fondled her between her legs.

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  She’d lived a lovingly protective life because of her family, especially by Hollywood standards, but in this one instance it had left her completely helpless in her captive’s knowledgeable hands as she began to instinctively hump up against him. And then his thumb slid over her engorged clit.

Chloe gasped and her jaw dropped open, breaking the kiss as Kevin began slowly circling her hard, little nub. He removed his finger from her little, wet hole and began slowly sawing it between her dewy labia, his fingertip just brushing against her puckered asshole as his thumb worked softly and delicately against her clitoris. He kissed down her neck to her chest and used his lips and tongue along the sensitive flesh of her small tits before drawing in one hard nipple and lightly circling it with his tongue as he used the fingers of his other hand to toy with her other nipple. The teenage captive and deliciously naked starlet's firm, young body was practically vibrating as he used his talented fingers and tongue on her, grateful for all of his patient ex-girlfriends who had taught him everything he needed to know for just this moment.

Kevin began tapping his foot in time to a song in his head, trying to keep track of everything he was doing to Chloe’s sweating, panting body as he tried to keep her on the verge of orgasm without actually cumming yet. Her juices slid out of her hot pussy, coating his finger as it sawed between her plump labia and over her puckered asshole while she tried to push her small chest more firmly against his mouth. “1, 2, 3, 4,” he thought to himself as he circled her nipple with his tongue before switching to her other hard nipple. “1, 2, 3, 4,” again as he worked his finger slowly back and forth between her legs and she began to moan louder. “1, 2, 3, 4,” again as he worked his thumb over her hard clit and he heard her begin to chant, “Uh huh,” again and again. “1, 2, 3, 4,” in his head as Chloe then began chanting, “Yes,” over and over again.

Chloe had forgotten that she was being held captive. She had forgotten that a stranger had broken into her home and waved a gun at her and her brother. She had forgotten the fear of the gunman chaining her up and stripping her naked.

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  She had forgotten the confusion as her captive had almost outright worshiped her body. There wasn’t a single thought going through her head as she writhed around under her gunman’s hands and mouth, desperately trying to hump his hand and push her tits against his mouth. And then he stopped.

“Wha?” Chloe gasped out in surprise.

Kevin stood up and licked Chloe’s sweet, sweet juices from his fingers as she watched him hungrily. “You said, ‘Yes,’. ”I heard you,” he said as he shuffled around behind her sweat slick body.

“But I didn’t. . . I don’t. . . ” Chloe began to argue before stopping herself. Her captive body was boiling with passion, she wasn’t thinking straight, couldn’t think straight.

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  Her lust addled brain was awash in teenage hormones, her body craving sex and the release it would bring. She had masturbated before, teased herself, been teased by a boy or two but she had never felt like this before. “Would it really be so bad?” she wondered. She hadn’t invited the gunman in after all, so anything that happened wouldn’t be her fault. As far as her horny mind and body were concerned it would be guilt free sex and she would finally have the relief her body craved.

Kevin began hurriedly unfastening his pants and shoving them down his thighs. “Now, this is gonna hurt for a sec but I’ll take it easy and let you get used to it,” he said as he aimed his eager cock at Chloe’s tight, wet hole and she unknowingly gave a quick nod of agreement. He placed the tip of his dick at the entrance to her cunt, pushing in until he met the resistance of her hymen and then gripped her slender hips. He tried to remember if any of his ex’s had said anything about losing their virginities but came up empty, so having never been with a virgin, even when he had been one, he decided that the best approach to taking her virginity would be treating it like a band-aid, just ripping it away. It made perfect sense to him. With a sudden lunge he tore through the young starlet’s hymen causing her to grunt out in fear and surprise and pain as he buried his entire shaft inside of her with one thrust.

Kevin held Chloe’s tight ass possessively to him as he chanted in his mind, “Don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum. . . ”As far as he was concerned the only reason he had been born with a dick was to feel this young teen’s unbelievably tight, formerly virgin pussy wrapped around it.



Chloe’s eyes were wide in shock and her mouth hung wide open as a small stream of drool escaped. She couldn’t tell if she was in pain or pleasure at having been pierced by her captor’s dick. Every muscle in her young body felt like they were wound tight enough to snap as she struggled to remember how to breath. Her slender thighs twitched as her warm, slick juices slid down the insides to drip and puddle on the floor. She had heard a hundred different stories about girls losing their virginities, all slightly different and none had described the different sensations and jumbled feelings coursing through her.

Licking his lips Kevin looked over at the clock, rethinking his original plan after raping Scarlett. Twelve celebs in twelve hours had sounded like a dream plan but as Chloe’s tight cunt twitched and rippled along the length of his shaft he felt like he could spend all night inside of this young star. Chloe seemed to start breathing again as she moaned and rubbed her tight ass against his groin and he rethought his rethinking of his plan. “Fuck it,” he thought as he slowly pulled his shaft out of his captives hot pussy until only the spongy tip remained inside of her and she groaned with pleasure. “Never could be satisfied with only one thing for to long. Twelve it is. ”

Gripping her hips tightly Keven slowly pushed back into Chloe’s clutching cunt as he began fucking her long, slow and deep. He slid his hands from her waist to her chest, lovingly cupping her small, firm tits before teasing her erect nipples and causing her to moan louder. He kept up a slow, deep pace, enjoying the wet, sucking sounds her young pussy was making as he slid in and out of her teenage body. He ran his hands all over her sweat gleaming flesh as he increased the tempo of his thrusts, slowly building up faster and faster as she gasped and moaned louder and louder.

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In the kitchen Trevor had stopped trying to escape as his ears were filled with his little sister’s gasps and moans of pleasure. He had expected shouts and screams of fear not the sounds of Chloe obviously enjoying whatever the gunman was doing to her. At first he had been filled with dread over his sister being raped but now he was filled with shame as his cock had slowly hardened and he strained to hear more.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Chloe panted as her gunman increased his pace. She had thought of sex as just the man thrusting his penis into a vagina until both people came but her gunman was filling and stretching her at a dozen different ways, angling his cock to reach new areas inside of her body that she hadn't even known were there. "I'm gonna cum," she realized. "This strange man is fucking me and he's gonna make me cum. "Her young body shivered at the taboo act of being hung helplessly from the rafters, unable to do anything other than accept what was being done to her, even if she was enjoying it despite herself. "I'm gonna cum!" she shouted in pleasure.

Kevin was enjoying the, "thrap, thrap, thrap," sound his and Chloe's bodies were making as he fucked her harder and faster, watching the smooth flesh of her ass ripple with each of his thrusts until she screamed out that she was about to cum. "Oh boy," he grunted as he excitedly pulled his prick out of her glistening snatch. "Just one more thing," he muttered to himself.

"Wha?" Chloe gasped out startled, her needy body feeling suddenly empty without the stranger's cock inside of her. "What are you doing?" she pleaded, desperate to cum.

"Hold on, hold on," Kevin said as he struggled with his pants wrapped around his ankles, trying to find the pockets.

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  "O. k. , I got it," he said as he stood back up, parted Chloe's firm ass-cheeks with one hand and splashed lube on her puckered, little asshole with the other. With a sudden lurch he buried the first few inches of his cock into her tight ass causing her to thrash around screeching like a cat.

"Oh God no!" Chloe screamed. "Not in there!Please don't put it in there!"She bucked and yanked and pulled at her bonds, unable to move her arms more than a few inches and unable to move her feet at all, helpless to escape from the gunman sodomizing her.

Trevor's dick lurched as Chloe screamed. He could guess what she was screaming about and images of her with a hard cock buried in her ass swam through his mind and he struggled to try and get a hand free to either escape or jack-off with.

"Nooo. . . " Chloe sobbed as she surrender and stopped struggling, hanging limply in defeat as she was violated.

"Ohhh yeah," Kevin moaned as he pushed, shoved, lunged and thrust until his throbbing cock was buried balls deep in Chloe's ass. He had thought her cunt was tight but it was nothing compared to the way her heavenly rear-end was gripping his dick. He left himself buried inside of her as he began squeezing and toying with her tits with one hand and placed his other in the warm, wet juncture of her slack thighs.

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  As he pulled his prick out of her ass a little he slid two of his fingers into her drooling cunt as he began making circles around her clit with his thumb. He began tapping his foot again to keep time as he fondled her ripe, young tits, finger-banged her pussy, strummed her clit, and fucked her ass. He whispered, "1, 2, 3, 4," over and over again as he worked her young body and her pitiful groans of pain slowly turned to moans of pleasure. As his dick worked harder and deeper inside of her ass the young starlet began rubbing herself back against his thrusts, helping him enter her as deeply as possible. He continued counting under his breath and his pants joined her's and he knew that they both were close to cumming.

"I'm. . . I'm gonna. . . gonna cum. . . " Chloe moaned under her breath, afraid to speak out again after the gunman had violated her when she had said she was about to cum last time.

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  She weakly threw herself back against her gunman, once again eager for his cock inside of her but ashamed to be enjoying it so much. He had total control of her body and she was beyond simply accepting what was happening to her, she wanted it. She had never had a man touch her the way he had and she had enjoyed it. She had never had a man fuck her and she had enjoyed it. And she had never even thought of letting a man fuck her tender ass and now she was loving it. "Does this. . . this mean. . . mean I'm a slut?" she wondered as she felt her orgasm rush towards her.

Trevor rubbed his thighs together in a desperate attempt to rub his aching cock. "I'm sorry, Chloe," he muttered as he imagined his sister getting raped. "How fucked up is it for a gay guy to get turned on by his sister getting raped?" he wondered.

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Kevin suddenly buried his fingers as deeply as he could into Chloe's wet cunt, using it as a finger hold to keep her ass pressed against his hips as he exploded inside of her. He grunted as he filled her ass with his cum, his fingers wiggling in her pussy as he twisted her nipple and pressed his thumb firmly against her hard clit, his balls pressed against her sticky labia as he drained himself inside of her writhing body.

Even though she had been expecting it, had felt it coming, Chloe's orgasm hit her like a train. A small squeak escaped her plump lips as her body seized and froze in place. She was afraid of losing her balance and falling to the floor, forgetting about being tied up, as her toes curled and her fingers balled into fists. She could feel her gunman filling her ass with his cum and the sensation seemed to draw her orgasm out longer and she felt like she was flying. Her nude, sweat slick body slowly relaxed and she hung limply in the air, unable to move yet as her gunman released her and her muscles twitched occasionally.

"Oh shiiit," Kevin moaned in post orgasmic pleasure as he pulled his sticky cock out as Chloe's formally virgin rear-end. He shuffled in front of her, his pants around his ankles and nearly tripping him as he stood up on the foot of her bed. He gripped her hair to pull her face up even with his groin and then shoved his spent cock into her gaping mouth. "There. That's all your holes," he said as he probed her mouth with his soft cock before pulling his pants up, gathering his supplies and simply leaving her and her brother where they were.

To be continued. . .

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