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This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Purge or the characters from it. I do not know Natalie Portman or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Rape, Anal

The Purge: Hollywood Hour 04: Natalie Portman
By Muhabba

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy," Kevin chanted behind the wheel of his A1 Security van. He was gripping the steering wheel tight enough to turn his knuckles white and his palms were sweating in nervousness as he went over his mental check list. "Master code: Check. Gun: Check. All clear outside the house: Check. All clear inside the house:?He looked behind him at the rear of the van and the bank of security monitors lined up against one side. All the monitors showed security feeds from inside the house and the lone figure of Natalie Portman sitting on her couch reading a book wearing a T-shirt, sleep pants, and a robe. "Check.

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  Wig: Check. Hard-on?"He reached down and squeezed his throbbing erection. "Check. "Releasing his vice like grip on the steering wheel he excited the van and ran excitedly to the front door of the celebrity's house.

Using the Master Code Kevin silently crept inside the house and locked the door behind him. With it being Purge night, with all crime legal, he didn't want anyone breaking in and interrupting him with one of his favorite celebrities since childhood. He tip-toed into the small library and pointed his gun at Natalie Portman, he'd never actually hurt but without the gun he kinda doubted she'd let him do what he wanted to do. "Put your hands up and put the wig on," he demanded as politely as he could.

Natalie's head whipped around, her long, chestnut colored hair flaring out around her, her brown eyes wide in surprise. Seeing the gun she screamed and dived down onto the floor.

Sprinting around the side of the couch Kevin pointed his gun at Natalie Portman. "Crap, crap. Sorry, sorry. I forgot to say 'freeze' first," he apologized. "Freeze!Put your hands up and the wig on," he demanded again, trying to sound authoritative with out sounding mean.

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Natalie screamed again as she knelt helplessly on the floor. "Aieee!What. . . what wig?" she pleaded. "I. . . I don't have a wig. "

Kevin stared at the scared star blankly for a moment. "Crap," he muttered as he reached into his pocket. "Sorry, sorry. I skipped a couple of steps. I'm just so nervous at getting to meet you," he said, blushing as he pulled the wig out if his pocket.

Natalie looked up at the gunman in confusion with tears streaming down her face.

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"Yeah," Kevin said sheepishly. "I've been a big fan of yours since I was a kid. Sorry to have scared you, here's your wig. " He tossed the wig at her with one hand and wiggled his gun at her with the other. "Can you put that on, please?" he asked meekly.

"I. . . I don't. . . I don't understand," Natalie said through her sobs.

"It's my fault," Kevin said in frustration. "I'm just all worked up and nervous at finally gettin' to meet you. I've had a total crush in you since I saw 'The Professional' when I was a kid.

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  I even liked you in the Star Wars movies. "

"Tha. . . thanks?" Natalie stammered in fear and confusion.

Kevin suddenly perked up and smiled warmly. "You're welcome," he chirped cheerfully. "Now put the wig on and stand up, please. "

Natalie gulped and tentatively grabbed the wig, hiccuping occasionally as she fought back more tears. She worked her hair up into as tight as a bun as possible, using the snugness of the dark wig to hold her hair up. The wig was a short, black bob, the bangs framing her face and the sides framing her jaw, leaving her graceful neck completely exposed. It was the same hair style she had worn as a child when she had starred in the gunman's favorite movie. She stood up on trembling knees and stared fearfully at the intruder.

"You sure look pretty," Kevin said in awe. "You should cut your hair like that all the time.

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"Thanks," Natalie said meekly, filled with dread. The gunman could be planning only one thing and she was helpless to stop him.

Once again Kevin perked up and said, "You're welcome. Now take off all your clothes.

Natalie closed her eyes as fresh tears rolled down her face. "There's no way out," she decided as she slid her thin robe off if her shoulders. She pulled her T-shirt up being careful not to disturb her wig and possibly upsetting her captive as she revealed her small, firm breasts and her light pink nipples. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, unknowingly pushing her small chest out, she gripped the top of her sleep pants and pushed them down quickly. She may not have been able to stop what was about to happen, yet, but she refused to give the oddly easy going intruder a strip-tease. She stood up just as quickly now completely naked except for her wig.

Kevin's eyes slowly went wide, he refused to blink and wasn't completely sure that his heart hadn't seized at the sight of Natalie Portman's naked body. She stood unabashedly nude, almost defiantly, as his eyes burned her naked body into his brain, wanting to remember this image for the rest of his life, it would be the last thing he thought of every night before he slept and the first thing he would think of after he woke. She had a slim build that applied to every part of her body: a slender neck, small chest, slight waist and hips, and toned legs with a small thatch of brown pubic hair at the juncture of her thighs. He remembered how to breath and whispered, "You sure are willowy. "He wasn't sure that "willowy" was actually a word but staring at the actresses nude form he decided that it should be.

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"Thanks," Natalie said matter of factly, refusing to give the gunman the satisfaction of her fear.

Taking a step forward, keeping the gun behind his back and out of Natalie Portman's reach, Kevin reached up with his free hand and began stroking and caressing her small, firm tits, not noticing her purposeful lack of reaction. He ran his hand back and forth across her chest, cupping and squeezing her tits, rolling her nipples between his fingertips, his cock throbbing almost painfully as he realized he didn't even need his boner pills this time. He trailed his fingers down her abdomen, over her flat stomach to the juncture of her thighs, through the curls of her soft pubic hair and then slid a finger between her labia causing her to hiss in discomfort. Not wanting to hurt her he withdrew his finger and licked the tip, tasting the slight moisture of her pussy.

There were few things he wanted more than a blow-job from Natalie Portman but Kevin didn't trust her teeth near his cock. She wasn't drugged like Selena Gomez, she wasn't tied up like he had done to Chloe Moretz, and she wasn't dazed like Scarlett Johansson when he had first started the night so he was probably better safe now then sorry later. "Bend over the couch please, ma'am," he said with all the good manners he had been taught as a child as he began unfastening his pants.

One last tear escaped from Natalie's wide, brown eyes as she climbed into the couch, her knees on the cushions and her elbows in the top, her tight ass out-thrust towards the gunman. She said a quick prayer as she tried to force herself to relax, not wanting to tense up and make what was coming even more painful. She had no idea what she could do, no plan to escape because everything was happening so fast as she heard the intruder shuffling around behind her and knew she was out of options. "Please don't," she mewled pitifully.

Kevin splashed lube over Natalie Portman's backside, causing her to chirp in surprise. "Don't worry to much, Mrs. Portman,' he said as he began working the slick gel around her trimmed pussy-lips.


   "This'll help ease things along. Hell, I got a buddy used this to get three cars into a two car garage," he chuckled, hoping that Natalie Portman appreciated his joke. When she didn't laugh he shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "Oh well, comedy was never my strong suite," he said as he gripped the base of his cock and shoved it into the trembling starlet's vulnerable, well-lubed pussy.

"Oh God no!" Natalie cried out as she was suddenly violated, the hard prick stretching her tight pussy violently even with the lube. There wasn't as much pain as she thought there would be thanks to the lubrication, just a deep, throbbing discomfort that echoed from her vagina through her stomach and then throughout her entire shuddering body. She had no idea just how long the stranger's dick was but as he began shoving more of himself into her she guessed that he still had several more inches to go. "Just get it over with," she hissed.

I'm. . . I'm tryin' ma'am," Kevin grunted as he continued pushing his throbbing dick into Natalie Portman's pussy. "You're just so damned tight," he gasped as he began rocking his hips, slowly shoving the last few inches of his dick into the star's cunt. With him finally buried to the hilt he took a deep breath, steadying himself and concentrating on not cumming to soon. "I'm Kevin, by the way," he said as he reached around Natalie Portman's naked body and offered her his hand.

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"Are you fucking kidding me?" Natalie gasped out as she continued struggling to get used to the strange cock buried inside of her. She stared at Kevin's open hand for a moment before turning her head and staring at him in disbelief from over her shoulder, the bangs from the black wig dangling in front of her eyes.

At first Kevin felt a bit dejected that Natalie Portman refused to take his hand but then thought it over for a moment. "Eh, fair enough," he said as he slowly pulled his cock out an inch and then thrust himself hard back into her tight pussy. Her small tits began jiggling wildly as he began fucking her fast and deep, barely pulling his shaft out before thrusting himself back in. She was grunting and mewling with each jack-hammering thrust, her slender body jerking back and forth as he gripped her tiny waist tightly, holding her in place. He rolled his eyes in pleasure, his tongue lolling out of his mouth, small strands of drool dripping onto the gasping star's tight ass.

"This is the single greatest fuck of my life," Kevin said dreamily as he slid his hands up and underneath Natalie Portman's wiggling body and squeezed her firm tits. "Thank you so much for this. "He used her petite breasts as hand holds, pulling her body back onto his prick as he continuously shoved himself forward. "Now I understand the lyrics to, 'Your Body Is A Wonderland'. Thank you sooo much," he gasped in delirious pleasure as he slid his hands back down her body and started running them across her tight ass, rubbing his thumbs over her puckered little asshole, staring at the tiny rosebud like it was the greatest prize in the world. He couldn't stop himself from thinking of her as anything other than "Natalie Portman". He hadn't spent years masturbating to "Natalie", he had spent years masturbating to fantasies of Natalie Portman.

"Oh God, not that," Natalie thought as she felt the intruder beginning to smear the lube over her ass and between her taunt cheeks.

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  "Why does every guy want in my ass?" she wondered. She'd been getting perverted sex letters from "fans" since she had first appeared in "The Professional", and had even gotten off on a few of them, and most of them involved some kind of anal fantasy. Even her husband had tried for anal sex more than a few times but no matter what she couldn't think of her rear as anything more than boney.

Kevin pulled his hard prick out of Natalie Portman's tight cunt and placed the head at the entrance to her ass. He pushed forward gently, taking great care not to hurt her, until the tip of his prick popped past the tight ring of muscle and groaned in delight at the feel of having his dick inside of one of his favorite celebrity's asses. He heard her moan in discomfort and it steeled his resolve not to hurt her as he began rocking his hips back and forth, pushing forward gently a centimeter at a time, slowly filling Natalie Portman's heavenly ass. The tip if his tongue poked out from the corner of his mouth as he concentrated on fighting the urge to just bury himself inside of her, mounting her and riding her like a pony.

Natalie hissed as she felt a new splash of lube land on her ass, finding herself strangely thankful that Kevin was being so careful raping her. The strange pressure and discomfort stopped just short of pain as the gunman slowly violated her, seemingly concerned with not hurting her to much as he shoved himself into her up-thrust ass. She fought to force herself to relax since she couldn't stop him from taking her but she could at least try to make sure he didn't injure her to much as he slowly filled her ass.

Kevin stopped himself with only a few inches in Natalie Portman's rear-end. "Don't cum, don't cum, don't cum," he chanted under his breath. It was driving him crazy only fucking her a small centimeter at a time but there was no way he could bring himself to go faster and possibly injure her. Feeling his orgasm beginning to subside he splashed more lube in Natalie's ass and began rocking himself back and forth again. He looked around for a clock, unsure how long he'd been trying to penetrate her ass, but it felt like it had been hours, hours of having heaven wrapped around his prick.

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  "Oh God," he gasped as he felt the last inch of his cock sink into the star's tightest hole, his cum bloated balls pressed against her lube wet pussy-lips.

"Oh God," Natalie gasped out as the intruder pushed the last of his cock inside of her ass. The pressure was nearly indescribable but she was strangely relieved that he had taken his time to make sure that he didn't hurt her. "Oh God, I'm actually thankful he's taking his time to rape my ass," she sobbed to herself, fighting back tears and refusing to gasp out as he slowly began fucking her.

"Your ass feels like a velvet clamp, Mrs. Portman," Kevin groaned in pleasure, proud of himself for making it sound kinda poetry-ish. "It certainly sounds better than just grunting out, 'Terrific ass, sweetheart,'" he thought. It always bothered him when his friends would talk crudely about women, his mother had raised him better than to talk about females like that. He continued trying to think of poetical things to say about Natalie Portman's ass as he fucked her slow and deep, his balls beginning to bounce off of her pussy as he slowly began to increase his pace.

Kevin rolled his eyes in pure bliss and licked the sweat from his upper lip as he worked himself faster and faster inside of Natalie Portman's willowy body. He splashed more lube on her ass and his shaft, fumbling the slick bottle, dropping it and causing it to bounce off of her out-thrust rear-end and land on the floor. Deciding that he wouldn't need anymore he shrugged his shoulders and then ran his hands over her beautiful behind, marveling at the feel of her slick skin beneath his palms and enjoying the wet, slapping sounds his hips made as they bounced against her ass. "Call me 'Leon'," he gasped out as he fought off the urge to cum. "Call me 'Leon'. "



  . . What?" Natalie gasped out, her eyes screwed shut in concentration as she tried to remember the breathing techniques she had learned in Lamaze class to help control pain.

"I'm gonna cum," Kevin groaned. "Call me 'Leon,'. "He slapped Natalie's tight ass as he continued thrusting his prick in and out of her faster and harder.

"Oh Hell," Natalie muttered in disbelief. "I hate that fucking movie," she thought as she worked to control her breathing. "Oh, Leon. Oh, oh, Leon," she groaned out unconveniencely.

"Oh Hell!" Kevin shouted as he pulled his throbbing cock out of Natalie's clutching ass. He flipped her over onto her back, aiming his cock at her tear stained face and fisted his prick until he exploded, covering Natalie's beautiful face and the dark bangs of the wig in his white cum. "Ohhh yeah," he groaned as he used his softening prick to smear his sperm all over her, not noticing the look of disgust on her face. "Hold on a sec'," he said as he released his dick and bent down to his pants. He stood back up with his phone and used it to take a picture of Natalie drenched in his cum.

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Kevin took several more pictures of Natalie, just hanging out with her during the last of his hour. He kept her in the black wig, naked and covered in his seed as he visited with her, asking all the fan questions he had ever had, just enjoying their time together and taking dozens of selfies with her. His favorite pic was when they were in the kitchen making sundaes and he made sure she added the last of his cum to her ice cream.

To be continued. . . .

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