Mom can stay


This night did not go as planned. I had gotten off work late went to the apartment. I had been on my feet all day. My mother lives across town. When I moved out she sold the house got a smaller home closer to her work. She works north of the city. It was Friday night around 9 PM. I heard my phone ring I didn't know the number but decided to answer anyway. It was Moms neighbor. Her house was on fire and she asked him to call. I asked to speak with her but he said the fireman had her in the ambulance I asked if she was ok he said yes. I got in my car headed over, it took about 20 minutes I could see the smoke still. When I got there I could see the house was a total loss. I told the officer who I was and he took me to her. He explained she was lucky and that it was an electrical fire in her bedroom. I came around the corner mom was standing holding a blanket around her.

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  She came over to me rambling a bit. So I said slow down. She said again, I was taking a bath and nodded off I awakened to the smoke and fire under the door. I slid out the bathroom window. Thanks to my neighbor but my towel didn't make it. So he got quite a show.

I'm thinking "yeah he did" mom about 5'2 with her large breast at 45.

I told her it will be ok, if your ok then nothing else matters. Mom had been single for most my life never remarried and dated very little. She had a few girl friends but they are wild, mom referred to them as friendly. When I turned 18 two of them showed up at my birthday party in playboy bunny outfits that didn't fit and a bow. Mom told them no. So friendly is an understatement.

I walked over talked to the fireman that looked in charge and asked if I can take mom or if he needed us. He said no he was about done So I walked mom to the car.

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   It was around10PM. We slowly Pulled away. I asked her what she needed she said cloths but that's a loss. Since it was late she just wanted to get some sleep.
I drove back to my apartment sure the site of an older woman in a blanket going in with me was a site to see

I closed the door behind us and mom said I need a shower I smell.
I told her go ahead I will get you something to wear for tonight.

She replied T-shirt will do. I grabbed the only clean shirt left and some boxers. She went in came out 10 minutes later hair wet and hands me my shorts.

She says they don't fit at all.

The T-Shirt is short on her,Barely covering her bottom and with a V Cut. Her cleavage was showing but the real view was when the light fell behind her you could see her beautiful shape through the shirt.

I had fixed a glass of whiskey and she asked for one. I fixed a glass two fingers and she just swallowed it.

I told her, slow down. 

   She said it's been hell of a month now tonight. So I fixed another she slowly sipped it

I asked what's going on, well I had been seeing John from work the last 10 months.

I asked was it serious?
She replied he had stayed over a few nights. (With a smile).
So What happen
He went back to the wife.
It was nice being with a man every night even if it was for 6 months but last month it ended.

Sorry mom
Now I don't even have the house.
Look you can stay with me for now. But you need cloths
I will call Nikki tomorrow have her get me something to wear.
Mom giggled can't wait to see what she will bring, then rolled her eyes.

So mom set empty glass down and she was now feeling the drink. I said well you can sleep in my bed it's not very big but it should be ok.
Walk into the bedroom she asked were you sleeping

I will settle in front room.
Mom no if you don't mind can you lay here with me.

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It's small Mom it will be little snug. She smiled be like when you was 4 and afraid of storms.
I understood she was upset didn't want to be alone

Well give me a few I have take my shower to. She goes ok.

I got in the shower and the thought of that figure I could see through the shirt earlier started to give me a hard on so I changed my thought. I got out and put on my boxers. Stepped out and mom had fixed another glass she must have had two I helped her out of the chair as she fell against me. She looked up at me said oops.

I said come on as I held her handshe says nice shorts. Where is your shirt?
I replied your wearing it.
I pulled the covers back and slid in against the wall on my side. She did the same facing me

Thanks for picking me up and staying with me

Mom go to sleep,she turned over and in about 2 minutes she started breathing heavy.
I listened to her for a few minutes and I fell a sleep.

I woke up around 1:30AM. Mom had pushed herself up against me (spooning) and at some point I had laid my left arm over her and she had tucked it under her breast.

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  She would pull it back if I tried to move it and her nipple was rock hard. I laid there trying to figure out how to move my hand and realized she was having a dirty dream. I heard her mumble john I think.
I figure let her dream I mean shit I hadn't had sex in a year a wet dream would be welcome.

In laying there I couldn't sleep her wiggling and her breast against my hand I became aroused.
I tried to think of other things but it wasn't working. As I started to get hard I realized that while moving around my cock had slid through the opening slot of the boxers.

This realization made my condition get worst I pushed my back against the wall but it wasn't long that my cock was hitting just under moms ass

Mom I guess in pure reaction backed up against me spreading her legs to allow my cock to sit between her thighs and could fell in my mind the warmth of her pussy sitting against my cock.

Now I was in trouble her T-shirt had curled up just above her waist I was laying skin on skin.

Now I have 81/2"cock I had no where to back up and Her dream had made her so wet for I had rubbed against her opening and felt the wet across top of my cock.

I just froze as I had a raging hard on and mom moaning wasn't helping. I'm thinking how do I explain this

Mom was wiggling the cock setting on her thigh was causing her dream to go into over drive.

Then Mom leaned forward and my cock slowly slid back across the opening of her pussy and it was soaked. I was trying to not wake her, about the time my head started to clear her pussy she bowed her back and started back against me. I tried to pull back but couldn't.

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   Next thing I realized I was skidding on her pussy no I was skidding in, it was as if I open a floodgate she was so wet it ran over my cock and it slowly was going deaper. I heard mom say john. I could tell she wasn't awake but if this went any farther she was going to wake up

I was in torment I wanted to go for it but I know that was wrong and that choice was taken from me.
Mom just pushed up against me

I was 5" in and I heard her say clearly John and her hand went around my back as she started to push back and forth on my cock.

The feeling was overwhelming was she awake what will she do when she realizes. She pushed further than before and then stopped she had all but an inch or two in her. It got quiet she wasn't moaning or even breathing.

I spoke up Mom you awake

Mom pulled forward and and said oh shit!I thought I thought you was John I was dreaming. But I realized that it wasn't John

I spoke up, I tried to prevent it mom

Why didn't you wake me?
I'm not sure after it started I thought if I could prevent it, then you wouldn'tremember.

You was going to fuck your mother and not tell her?

No that's not want I meant I was trying not to Fuck you and hey you fucked me you went down on me.
Yeah but I was a sleep!!!

Mom I'm sorry. Let me out so you can sleep, she says no that's ok
She looked at me as I laid down on my back pushing her away so I could get to the edge and pull the cover off

She pushed me back my cock standing straight up.
you can stayYour right I probably started that from what I can tell cause I'm gushing still. I know that wasn't in me very long I would know, and I would remember.

What you mean?

Kenny how big is that cause that is massive I would know if it was in me

Oh you have not had sex with anyone this size.

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    Hell no!!

    Mom sorry again I should have stopped it. I guess I was just as horny and part of me wanted to.

    Kenny it's ok and she shivered.

    We set there her on her side me laying on my back she had her hand on my chest and leg throne over one of mine to stay on the bed

    She got up so I laid flat thinking she will be back in a minute when I felt her had on the opposite side of head. She sat on my tummy then said don't say anything just pretend I didn't wake up

    I just laid there she had gotten up and took the shirt off

    She slid down the bed and grabbed my shorts pulling them off.

    I was completely shocked but didn't want her to stop so I said nothing.

    She laid her breasts on both sides of my cock then I felt her mouth slowly taking it in the she choked a bit came back up. She said oh my god, and stared sucking on it. Trying to take as much in as possible and each attempt she would consume more of me.

    I was about to bust and she stopped and sucked on my balls and slowly came back up the bed. She put her finger on my lips and then she sat on my cock she slowly worked it in and started gong back and forth. The finally spread as wide as she could and took it all and fell forward on me her breast laying on my chest. Moaning at a low grunt and started to shiver.
    I asked you cold.

    She said shh.

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       No I'm not cold and then she started bouncing on my cock and every now then groan and screamed as I felt the orgazim she had just reached.

    Her juice hot and as she kept up the work it was running over my balls

    Then I explode in her and she stopped grabbed my shoulders so tight I thought she was going to leave claw marks.

    I just kept shooting load after load as she moaned at each one and then she just relaxed.

    I didn't plan on you doing that in me. But glad you did. wow!!

    She goes that was the best I have ever fucking had
    She goes sorry but I'm going to make a hell of a mess when I get up.

    When she lifts off my semi hard cock mine and her cum just washes out on to me. She hands me my shorts and I hear her turn the shower on.

    I followed, she goes I will be out in a minute. Whatever and joined her in the shower Mom that was all you.
    she looks at me what do you mean, I was having a dream.

    Well I hope we can have another dream like that.

    She smiles.

    We dried off went back to bed.


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