Mom with Dad's Friend .... Part 2


After that day passed, I often yanked off thinking about Roshan Uncle pounding my gorgeous mother. A couple of days went by and there was no action, Roshan Uncle was busy. After about 4 days, Mom again said she's off to her friends place and that moment I knew there was to be action again About some time after she left, I crept down to Uncle's place and entered through the garage again and went to the bedroom window quietly as I did the last time around My Mom was sitting nude in front of the dresser mirror brushing her long hair. I immediately pulled my shorts down to my ankles started stroking slowly. I couldn't see Uncle in the room, and was waiting for the moment he would jump on my sexy mom But then thunder struck!!!! Suddenly, a thud came down on my shoulders and aghast it was Roshan uncle, he had caught me. Uncle was furious and blurted out the choicest expletives. I cut a sorry figure Uncle said, the first thing is for you to do is go inside and apologize to your Mom. " I had no choice but to agree and started to pull up my shorts. "No way!" he stopped me. "I want her to see you just like this. " I was shaking with fear and embarrassment and my dick was starting to go limp. He led me inside and straight to the bedroom. My Mom was in bed by now reading a book. "Look who I found peeking in the window at us. " At first Mom looked shocked, followed by embarrassed. "Where are your pants?" she asked.

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   Uncle told her, "He pulled them down so he could masturbate while watching us in the act. " She tried to act angry but a little smile on her face betrayed her flattery. "Ishaan, my son, you were trespassing and invading our privacy. I have a life of my own. Your father is never around nowadays, someone needs to take care of me, and your Roshan Uncle has been doing a good job. After all I am also human. Don't feel bad" I was shell-shocked at Mom's statement and was speechless. Uncle broke the ice,  "Do you like looking at your mom's tits?" "Yes, I mean n-no, I don't know. " Mom caught on to what I was doing and jumped right in. "Do you want to see me naked again, Ishaan. " I knew there was no right answer. I couldn't take it any more and sat on the bed, starting to cry. Mom got up from under the covers, still naked, and sat next to me with her arm around me. Trying to calm she told me that she wasn't angry and that she was actually flattered that of all people, her son would be turned-on by her body. By now Uncle was as hard as a rock, watching mom, completely naked, with her arms around her son Seeing that I was growing a little more comfortable, Uncle explained that there was nothing wrong with looking at naked women or masturbating, but that peeking in someone's window without their permission, was wrong and that I would have to be punished.

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   Uncle could see that I was trying to hide my raging hard-on with my hands. "Ishaan," he said, "you shouldn't be embarrassed about having an erection. " With that, Uncle dropped his shorts revealing his huge erect penis. I looked shocked and couldn't move my eyes. I was transfixed on his cock. "An erection," he continued, "is a perfectly natural thing. And since you are the cause of mine, I think a fitting punishment would be for you to help me take care of it. " "Then," Mom interjected, "you can work on me because I'm getting pretty horny myself. " I gave an uncertain "okay" but said I didn't know what to do. "have you ever given anyone a blowjob?" Uncle asked. "No," I answered, "Don't worry, Mom said, "we'll teach you. " Then Mom demonstrated on Uncle how to start by licking the shaft from top to bottom, not forgetting about the balls. Then she showed me how to suck on it. After showing and telling me what to do, she took my right hand and placed it around the base of Uncle's cock. Then I ran my tongue down the shaft to his balls, sucking on them gently.

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   I was really getting into it because I was starting to moan and was stroking my own dick. I wrapped my lips around the head and started to suck moving my lips up and down his shaft. Meanwhile, Uncle was kissing and sucking on Mom's supple tits as she fingered herself. After a few minutes Uncle couldn't hold back anymore. He spurted his load deep into my mouth. "Suck it all up. " he ordered. I tried my best, sucking till his tool was dry. Mom helped me clean up, our tongues working together to get every last drop of semen. Mom gave me a long wet kiss sharing the taste of Uncle's jizz. "It's my turn now," she whispered and lay on her back pulling me on top of her. With a little help from Uncle I was finally able to find the warm crevice of my mom. Humping away, it took about twenty seconds for me to blow my load. Mom, hotter than ever now, pushed my face down to her pussy and demanded that I eat her. Mom directed my tongue like an expert teacher.


   I was on my elbows and knees licking Mom's pussy with my cock swinging underneath me and my ass sticking up in the air. Uncle grabbed some Vaseline and started to give me a hand job while at the same time lubing my ass. I hesitated for a moment but my moans told him that I didn't want him to stop. Grabbing my hips Uncle put the head of his monster cock to my hole. Slowly, he pushed, moving his dick in and out a centimeter at a time. My ass was so tight I wasn't sure he was going to get it in. After a minute or so his head was in, then another inch until his pubic hairs was pressed against my ass. Then, at slowly first, he pumped my cock in and out gradually increasing momentum. As my asshole loosened up he pounded harder and harder. I grunted in pleasure with each down stroke as I stroked my cock, all the while continuing to lap at Mom's pussy. After several minutes Mom couldn't hold back her screams as she orgasmed, grabbing my head and driving my face into her pussy. Then it was Uncle's turn. With a grunt he drove my cock deep into my ass, shooting his load deep within me. Exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed. Comments welcome at hardtoboil@gmail.

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