Mr Mole fucks his wife's best friend. Repeatedly.


[ last time we met Mr Mole, he was 17 and still a virgin]I was 24, a husband, a new father, and working in a new job in a big city, when a workmate, Terry, became friendly. Our wives quickly became best of friends and spent lots of time together.   His wife Rosalyn was also 24, a Bored Suburban Housewife, with a sixyearold child and lots of spare time on schooldays. She was slim and fit - she exercised a lot - with blue eyes and short blonde hair, a shy smile, slender waist, flat tummy, a tight little bum and surprisingly large breasts. All round, a perfect figure. She seemed quite shy, but had a party trick involving a black wig and a change of personality, when she'd do a most provocative dance to disco/rock music. One day in our kitchen, messing around with my wife, Rosalyn came across the floor on all fours pretending to be a dog. (No, I didn't ask what was going on. ) She was wearing tight bluejeans and a closefitting shirt. I could see down here cleavage.   I got a hardon at once, and couldn't get her out of my mind after that.   A few days later, Terry gave me a ride home from work, and we stopped off at his place for some reason (I think it was to return a book he'd borrowed, but as we'll see, that was just a pretext). We had a couple of beers, and Rosalyn turned up.   Terry suggested she should drive me home, as he'd had too much beer. We went in her Mini.   I remember watching her as she drove, her tight body held in tight jeans and sweater, in confident control of her little car as she weaved thru the traffic.

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   I hadn't seen her flesh beyond hands and face, but I'd seen her shape, and the way she moved, and I wanted her with an ache I hadn't felt since the summer of Rochelle and Jill. I don't know how I did it - I guess the beer helped -  but I told her I knew I shouldn't be talking to her like this but I couldn't help it, I was thinking about her all the time, I found her painfully attractive, and I desperately wanted to make love to her.   She didn't respond, and I felt Very Foolish Indeed.   But two days later, she phoned me at work, and asked if I'd meet her at lunchtime, she really Needed To Talk To Me.   I thought she was going to give me a severe telling off for wanting to cheat on my wife, her best friend. She picked me up near work in her car, and took me to her apartment, for "a cup of tea and a chat". She was again wearing her tight blue jeans, this time with a tight knitted sweater.   In her kitchen, with the kettle on, she turned to face me and said "do you want to come to bed with me?". I felt a sudden thrill rush right thru me. "Yes, more than anything" I answered.   She was still standing facing me, without moving.   I stepped closer, and took both her hands in mine.   Holding her hands out from her sides I moved closer, until my rising dick was pressing against the belt of her jeans, and her breasts were pressed to my chest.   Then I enfolded her in my arms and bent my head to hers for our first kiss.   She raised her face to meet me and our lips met, and opened, and her tongue found mine.

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    We kissed wetly for a long minute, then she lowered her head, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom.   My dick was obvious, sticking straight out, kept from rising completely by my pants. In the bedroom I undressed her slowly, licking and kissing each newly uncovered patch of skin.   I found her breasts even bigger than I'd expected, very tight and with the hardest nipples I'd ever sucked. Her tummy was flat though marred by stretchmarks and the scar of a cesarean. The cesarean scar was actually good news - it meant she'd never had her pussy stretched by childbirth - and my dick jumped when I realised what this meant.   I hooked my thumbs into the sides of her panties and slipped them down. That's when I had the best surprise of the day, as I uncovered her pussy.   She was wetter than I could even imagine, soaking with lovejuice, and the warm smell of her sex made my head feel light. She tried to apologise for her wetness, saying she always got really wet and hoped I didn't mind.   For an answer, I pushed her softly back onto the bed, knelt between her knees, opened her legs wide and lowered my open mouth directly onto her pussy.   With my two hands I spread her lower lips and plastered down the soaking curls of her pubes, then I clamped my lips over her entire cunt, and sucked. I lapped my tongue up and down, and pushed it in as deep as I could, and sucked and swallowed, drinking her juices.   I found her clit, almost like a secret third nipple, and sucked it and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. She bucked and humped my face, holding my head in her two hands, and pressing herself against my mouth, she came very quickly with a long shudder, more lovejuice flowed, and I greedily drank it in.

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  Her juices were running down my chin as she helped me out of my clothes.   My dick was as hard as a bone, and leaking a long dribble of precum, and I told her I'd have to fuck her twice, because I wouldn't be able to hold on long enough the first time.   I think she liked that, for she pulled me down on top of her, opening her legs and wrapping them around my waist, and my dick slid right into her warm wet cunt.   She clenched her cuntmuscles, and they grabbed my dick like an oiled fist. As she thrust against me her cunt felt as strong as a hand wanking me, resistance was impossible and I shot my load almost straight away, pumping spurt after spurt up into the tightest, wettest cunt I'd ever known. I was very glad I'd given her advance warning, and she didn't seem to mind at all. I lay beside her stroking her marvellous breasts and teasing her nipples while she played with my softening penis until it was ready for another go. ("I like it when its soft" she told me.   Then she quickly added "I like it when its hard too").   Our second fuck lasted much longer, I was on that plateau of pleasure where I could enjoy all the feeling in my hard dick without tipping over the edge into orgasm, and kept on thrusting hard and deep as orgasm after orgasm swept over her in surprisingly rapid succession.   Eventually I felt my second load start to rise into my dick, it seemed to grow even bigger and harder as I kept on fucking at the same steady pace, with my hands clasping her ass cheeks and my mouth kissing her face, her lips, her ear, or sucking on her nipple,  until the feeling again washed over my whole body and squirted out of me at the top of each stroke - one, two, three, four, five hefty squirts, I swear I could feel the recoil, then I'm freewheeling to the finish, still moving in and out, but she's gone all relaxed and my cock has nothing more to release, my strokes get slower and shorter until I stop and slide out of her.   A great slurry of our mixed juices comes out with my cock and trickles down the crack over her asshole and adds itself to the already large soggy patch on the sheet.   Her inner thighs are soaking, my pubic hair is all matted and sodden, and my softening cock is slimy and tingling.    I collapse beside her and kiss her softly on the lips. She takes my cock in her hand and slowly wanks out my last few drops of cum onto her thigh, then rubs it in with the head of my dick.

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  Before I can doze off, she leads me to the shower, where we rinse our juices off each other. Then I'm dressed, and she's driving me back to work.   I can't remember if we even spoke on that ride.   I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting dazed at my desk. Terry's desk was nearby in the same open-plan area. I tried to avoid him, I was anxious that he'd notice something,  but it turned out that he already knew all about it - he'd set me up, getting Rosalyn to give me that lift home.   It seems it was payoff to Rosalyn for his swinging activities, when he'd fuck the daylights out of almost anyone else's wife at the frequent parties they attended on their weekend trips to their old hometown.  As far as I knew, he never tried to fuck my wife - not that I'd have cared. I was addicted to Rosalyn, and wanted to fuck her whenever I could, which wasn't nearly often enough. The day after our first fuck, I phoned her at home - from a phone booth outside work - and we cooked up a plan to meet the next week.   I took a day off work, telling my wife I was going to job interviews downtown, and before 9AM I was on Rosalyn's doorstep, dressed in my interview suit.   She opened the door to me wearing a long dressing-gown.   As she closed the door, she turned to me, letting the robe fall open. She was naked underneath.   I was hard already, in fact I'd gotten hard as I climbed the steps to her front door, thinking about how we would spend the morning.

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    I embraced her naked body inside the robe, and she pressed her pubes against my thigh. "Let me get out of this suit" I said, not wanting to explain to my wife why my suit pants smelled of pussy.   In the bedroom I quickly undressed, draping my clothes over a chair, then turned naked to her.   She still had the robe on, hanging open, and I returned to wrap my arms around her and press my skin against hers, flattening my throbbing erection against her tummy. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her pubes, licking at her already soggy slit.   She was the wettest woman I've ever fucked, before or since, and she orgasmed oh so easily.   This was our second time, and we were already creating a pattern that we would repeat whenever we could.   First I'd eat her until she'd cum. Then I'd fuck her until she'd cum. Then we'd 69, while I lapped up the flood from her last orgasm, and she tasted her own juices on my cock.   If that didn't make her cum again, we'd turn round and fuck until she did.   Sometimes for a finale she'd cum one more time just as I was losing it and shooting my load deep into her cunt.   Today we had time to spare, 6 hours, and she told me not to even try to hold back, we had time to do it again.   She climbed astride me and lowered herself onto my dick, and sitting up, fucked me so relentlessly I had no choice, it felt like her pussy was sucking the cum right up from my balls, and I squirted it into her within a minute.   She was really soaking now, with my cum mixing with her lovejuice dripping from her pussy.

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    She lay back naked on the bed while I took the time to really explore her, probing with fingers and tongue, and admiring the beauty that was her pussy, open like an orchid before me, with the swollen outer lips, the tiny peehole, the little hooded button of her clitoris, and the oh-so-tight inner tunnel.   That's when I first tasted my own cum, mixed into an erotic cocktail with hers. She was playing gently with my sleeping dick, and very soon we both felt it start to stiffen again.   She worked it some more with her hand, until it was fully awake. She was lying back with her legs apart, and I climbed over her on hands and knees, one knee between her thighs, just touching her pussylips.   I sat back on her leg, and let my butt cheeks relax.   I brought my asshole down onto her knee - it seemed such an erotic thing to do - and moved my pelvis back and forth, so I was rubbing my asshole up and down her leg.   She moaned and said "You do such sexy things. . . ", and again took hold of my dick.   I continued the thrusting motion, so now I was fucking her hand while rubbing my asshole back and forth on her knee.   That was too much for her, she pulled my cock towards her pussy, and I went with her until it slid smoothly back inside. This time I fucked at least 3 orgasms out of her without pause, while she clasped my buttocks and tapped a fingertip on my asshole.   Then she rolled me over and sat up on top again so she could do the fucking.

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   She increased the pace and it became an aerobic workout, she rode me hard, with her hair flying about her face and sweat running down between her tits, and her hips bucking back and forth as she came and came and came.   Her wetness ran down my balls to my asshole, and spread out over my thighs and up my belly as she alternated between bouncing and grinding on my dick.   Her breasts were bouncing freely, and I held up a hand and let her nipple flick against my palm as it bounced.   This sent her off again, and she accelerated, getting red in the face, as she forced herself to another climax. We must have fallen asleep about noon, waking a couple of hours later with just enough time left for me to shower, dress and leave before she had to go pick up her kid from school. I moved to another job, another city, but still we tried to get together when we could. We sent each other steamy letters. I got mine at work, and would take them straight away to the mens room to read and wank, as she told me how much she wanted to suck my cock or ride my tongue. I'd write back to her, sometimes wanking off over the letter and sealing it with my cum. In our letters we described what we'd do the next time, and it was in one of those letters that I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. Once we found the chance to steal a whole weekend.   I flew in and she met me at the airport.   We sat in the arrivals lounge cuddling, and I fondled her breasts until she told me she wanted to cum and to get her out of there.   We had a hotel near the airport, and we were all over each other as soon as we had the door closed behind us. Finally we had to pause for breath - we were both naked, she on her back and me on top with my cock all the way up her, and our pubic bones pressed together - she asked if I still wanted to fuck her in the ass.

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  So we spread towels on the bed, and she turned over and presented her gorgeous ass to me.   I entered her doggy-style, getting my cock well lubricated by her pussy juice, then slipped it out and started sliding it up and down her crack, spreading the juice over the little bud of her asshole.   Gradually I probed her anus with the head of my dick until, quite suddenly, it gave way and the head of my dick sort of popped inside, with the tight ring of her anus gripping me just behind the helmet.   God but it was tight. I'd never fucked a virgin, and I'd never fucked an asshole.   I've no idea if I was fucking a virgin asshole, and in the heat of the moment I forgot to ask. Once it was in, she pushed her butt against me and we moved slowly in very short strokes, working it gradually deeper until I had it all the way up her.   She was moaning, saying "yes, it IS sexy, it IS sexy. . ".   I brought it nearly all the way out, and slowly back in, deep, and as I realised what I was doing ("I'm fucking her asshole"), I felt the pulse throbbing in my dick and my balls tightened up and sent surge after surge of cum into her shithole.   When I took it out, I could smell her shit on my dick. I reckon anal is only popular in porn because you can't smell it.  We headed for the shower and cleaned each other up very thoroughly.   By the time we'd dried off we were ready for more fucking, and this time my dick stayed hard without cumming for ages, long enough for her to cum again and again until the bed had several soggy patches.

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    Each time she'd cum, I'd go down and taste her pussy, pushing my face deep into her and my tongue as far as it would go inside, then coming out to lick and slurp around her clit. She'd buck against me and sometimes cum on my face, or demand I finish her off with my dick.   After tasting her cunt, I'd kiss her deep and she'd drink in her own juices. I loved to kiss her deep as I thrust my cock into her, then reverse and push my wet cock into her mouth and taste her cunt at the same time, then reverse again and put my tongue where my cock had been a moment before.   But for all the turning around, I always managed to cum inside her cunt. She told me she loved to feel it squirting inside her, and so did I. We never did anal again, but I'm glad we did it that once. Another stolen weekend, and we managed as well to have a couple of tabs of acid (this was the 70's).  We spent the entire weekend locked together cock-in-cunt, even between fucks when my dick went soft, we still kept it inside as best we could, living on room-service meals we ate while she sat astride me with my cock inside her once again. I don't think we ever finished a meal before the lust took over. As soon as she felt me hardening inside her there was no stopping till she'd made one or both of us cum. One time she visited my hometown, as my wife's guest - they were the best of friends and I've no idea how much my wife knew about us.   I contrived a day's hiking in the hills, and Rosalyn contrived to walk part way with me.   We got into the wooded foothills, where I'd spent my boyhood days roaming and thinking about girls.   In a quiet spot she said she'd love to strip for me, but was nervous about being spotted.

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    It was a holiday, and the foresters weren't working, but she couldn't be persuaded.   In a sheltered hollow she agreed to take off her jeans, I took off mine and we fucked standing up against a tree.   She walked back into town, and I found a cosy spot to rest before I could walk back, after allegedly tramping the hills for the day. Another weekend we were guests at a friend's home in the country.   Rosalyn was there as my wife's companion, and having Rosalyn nearby but not fuckable was such a frustration.   Next day I found an excuse to wander off alone across the fields.   By arrangement, I met Rosalyn behind a small hillock - just a mound really, no bigger than a large hut - out of sight of the house.   No time for undressing, but we urgently needed to fuck. She quickly pulled down her jeans to her ankles and I pulled mine down far enough to release my dick, and we fucked like that on the mossy ground, a hard fast fuck that took us both rapidly to a simultaneous orgasm.   A quick hug after we'd pulled up our pants again, and off to make our separate ways back to the house for dinner. It was ages before I saw her again, it was over a year since our first time, and it was to be our last.   My work sent me for a few days to a place just a few hours drive from her, and supplied me with a car. I phoned her and she told me Terry was out of town for the week.   I suggested she put on something sexy when she went to bed, and leave out a key for me.   After work I drove like a madman - the song "I drove all night" springs to mind when I recall that night - and very late came to her door.


    She was wearing one of my shirts, supplied to Terry by my wife sometime before - and nothing else.   I'd kind of hoped for stockings and suspenders, or some sexy lingerie, but if she found my old shirt sexy, I couldn't complain.   I remember most clearly fucking her doggystyle, with her head on the pillow and the shirt flung up over her shoulders.   From behind, with the stretchmarks out of sight, she was as gorgeous as any centerfold model, and that was my last sexual sight of her as we reached our final orgasms.   At 5AM I had to go, to drive all the way back, and show up at work in desperate need of coffee.   Nobody mentioned the excess miles on the rental car. That was our last time. Not that we broke up, or fell out, or had enough, just changes of address and other distractions meant we parted company, never to meet again.   We never spoke of love, and we never tried to get into each other's hearts or lives, it was enough to be able to get into each other's pants.   It was pure lust. [. . . next up, if you like, we see how Mr Mole fares after his first divorce. .

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  . ] .