Mrs Harris and the Girls


Mel and Katie were bored. It was their last summer before they went to University and they felt they should make the most of it. However the trouble with being the only two at their school meant that there was a distinct lack of opportunities for sex.
They had each other of course. But the trouble was they’d been exploring each other’s bodies for the last couple of years and by now there was little the two of them hadn’t done countless times. At least at University, Katie had said, there would be new girls to meet and some variety in their pussy diet.
Mel looked out the window of her room. In the garden next door Mrs Harris was on her knees trimming the edge of her lawn. She was in her early forties, with long black hair, with just a few strands of grey in it. Her figure was starting to go, but she still was on the slim side of chubby. Whilst Mel couldn’t see her tits from her current viewpoint, they were large and bouncy beneath the floral dresses she always wore. And as she trimmed the grass her arse wobbled seductively.
Mel had never fancied older women before, but looking at Mrs Harris she suddenly felt a frission of horniness. Turning to her friend she grinned, ‘We could always fuck Mrs Harris’.
Katie groaned. ‘Because its so obvious she’s a lesbo, what with her two daughters and those seductive flappy dresses she always wears.

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   I bet she’s not even into men, never mind women. ’
Mel grinned wickedly, ‘That’s what makes it such a challenge’. She pulled Katie to the window, and pointed to Mrs Harris on her knees. ‘Don’t you get wet thinking about her licking you out at one end whilst I bang her with a strap-on at the other. ’
Looking down at the older woman, Katie had to admit that it did.
Carol Harris attacked the verge with a vengeance. Men, she thought, she was sick of the lot of them. First of all her no-good husband had run off with a trainee clerk at his law firm. Then her date last night had been a disaster. Whilst initially she thought he was tall, dark and handsome, with a hint of mystery she had quickly discovered that he was tall, dark and handsome with more than hint of smugness. And how someone that boring could be smug was something she wouldn’t even try to understand.
Carol was forty-two and contrary to Katie’s belief she enjoyed sex. Being divorced and having two teenage daughters hadn’t made her asexual. However, as even she had to admit, it did make it harder to have sex. At least when she was married it was regular if boring.

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   And with the girls at their Dad’s for the week she’d been looking for some serious pussy pounding. However no orgasm was worth having to listen to her dates self satisfied drone, especially if he had stayed for breakfast.
‘Hi Mrs Harris’ Carol looked up. The teenager from next door and her friend had come out into their garden and were waving at her over the small fence. Obviously they were looking to a bit of sunbathing, as they were wearing a pair of very skimpy bikinis.
‘Hello girls’ Carol replied. Mel was the taller. Her jet dark hair barely reached to her shoulders. Her large tits were barely staying in their top, which Carol thought was a size too small. She was slightly taller than her friend Katie, who like Mel was tanned, with hardly a spare piece of fat.
Katie’s tits were much smaller and barely needed a bikini to cover them. Unlike her friend Katie’s blonde hair was long, so long in fact it reached a good two thirds down her back. Both of them had tiny rings through their belly buttons and whilst Carol couldn’t be sure she thought she could detect the outline of a ring on each nipple beneath Mel’s bikini.
Carol felt a pang of jealousy asKatie lay down and Mel reached into a small rucksack they’d brought out and began to rub sunscreen into her back. She bet they never had any difficulty getting cock to fill their holes.

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Sighing she settled back to the garden.
‘Do you want a hand Mrs Harris’. Mel was leaning over the fence, her tits almost determined to fall out. Not that Carol noticed that Mel seemed worried about this. ‘We’re a bit bored of just sunbathing’.
Carol considered. Truth be told with no-one in the house she too was a bit bored and the company would be welcome. ‘Why not, if you do a good job I’m sure I can rustle up some lemonade’.
‘Lemonade’ whispered Katie to her friend. The pair of them were sitting on a wooden seat whilst Carol was getting in from the kitchen. The sun had dipped behind the house and the back garden was rapidly cooling. The pair of them had specks of dirt over their faces and under their nails, and Katie thought it was a miracle none of them had been cracked whilst pulling weeds. And whilst lemonade was fine to water down spirits at eighteen she was too old to drink it straight.
‘It’s a challenge’ Mel whispered back. Admittedly it was one they didn’t seem to be doing to well at.

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   All afternoon she had being trying to flash pussy, arse and tits at Carol. All accidentally of course, a nipple peaking out from beneath her top, a slight movement of her bikini bottom showing a mere second’s glance of cunt or allowing her bikini to ride up her the crack between her cheeks before pulling it seductively away. She had to admit none of it had made any difference. Carol seemed impervious to her teenage charms. And Katie had being trying just a hard, but with no more success.
Carol looked at the two eighteen year olds in her back garden. They were so sexy. Katie and Mel had again misread Carol. When she was younger she’d had lesbian crushes on some of her school friends and teachers. However she’d never consummated any of them and had pushed them to the back of her mind. Now and then as her husband had lain on top of her, thrusting his cock into her cunt she had fantasised that in reality it was a young women doing her with a strap-on. But she had even tried to push these thoughts away, scared that if she carried on with them that her husband would find out and leave her. Well he’d left her anyway she thought defiantly.
If only these two innocents just knew the effect they were having on her.
‘Would you like to stay for something to eat?’ Carol put down the tray with the drinks on it.

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Katie opened her mouth to refuse. Mel was looking extremely sexy and a joint shower seemed a very good idea. However, Mel was not one to give up on a challenge. ‘We’d love to stay. ’ She gestured at her slightly grubby bikini, ‘I forgot to switch the hot water on for our shower. Could we borrow yours?’
‘Of course dear, there’s a couple of towels in there’.
Mel stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel round herself. She grinned as Katie followed her out and picked up the second towel. A quick finger fuck had rejuvenated her. Katie was also feeling the afternoon hadn’t been a complete waste. There was nothing like an orgasm to make you feel better.
Katie kissed her friend ‘She had better be worth it’.
Mel gave Katie’s arse a quick squeeze ‘She will be. If subtlety doesn’t work…’.
Carol sat down on the sofa.

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   She had barely been able to eat her meal. Both girls were loosely wearing towels, which had kept springing open at the most importune moments. Several times Carol found herself stuttering or trailing off into silence as she looked at Mel’s tittie rings or the tattoo of the dragonwrapped round Katie’s left nipple.
Behind her the two girls followed her in, smiling sweetly. Carol indicated the two seats next to her, ‘Why don’t you sit down’.
Mel’s towel dropped to the floor, but she didn’t bother to pick it up as she came and sat down. Carol gazed at her smooth, supple body. Mel had hardly a hair on her, even her pussy was Brazilian.
She felt her head being turned round. Katie was guiding it gently with her hands. She barely had time to notice that Katie too had dropped her towel before Katie’s mouth was against hers. Carol felt she should struggle, but instead she returned the passionate kiss.
But the kiss in turn as interrupted as Mel turned Carol’s head back towards her. Carol opened her mouth and felt Mel’s tongue flash in. And then Katie was turning her head again.

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Carol was in ecstasy. Between kisses the girls were unzipping her dress, their hands wandering over her, caressing her front and back, massaging her tits, daringly stroking down to her now soaking panties. Slowly the dress came off and then Mel was between her legs.
Carol had never had her knickers removed by mouth before. And she enjoyed it. Especially the feel of tongue licking at her pussy and being drawn down the inside of her thigh. As the panties slipped over her ankles she shifted position, gently pushing Katie down on the sofa she began to drink in the young girls pussy juices.
Katy groaned and pushed Carol’s head deeper in, leaving Carol’s arse waggling in the air. Carol could feel the juice dribbling onto her tongue and down her throat. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Mel rummaging around in the small knapsack the girls had brought. Carol returned to licking Katie to orgasm.
Katie stretched as waves of pleasure overcame her. Carol briefly drew her head away. Mel was standing there with tightening up a strap-on. Carol gasped.

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   It must be twelve inches. She had never felt so randy in her life. The thought of that in her pussy made her even wetter than she was. She smiled at Mel, what was the point of experimenting if you didn’t try new things.
‘Do my arse, baby. Push it all the way up. ’
Mel didn’t need telling twice. She positioned her self behind Carol. The hole was small and puckered. Mel pushed the strap-on, seeing the hole expand to snugly fit the dildo. Carol was gasping partially in pain, but mainly in pleasure. Mel slipped her arms round Carol’s stomach and started fucking her.
‘Hey’ said Katie and pulled Carol down. Quickly the three developed a rhythm – Carol trying to time her crescendo of pussy licking to fit in with the orgasms that were hitting her. Katie was moaning in pleasure as Mel grunted with exertion.

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Finally Mel was knackered. Pulling out the strap-on she sat panting on the sofa. Carol gave Katie one more lick and then moved to rest her head on Mel’s shoulder. Katie sat up a rested her head on Carol’s lap, who caressed her blonde hair. Carol’s tongue was so numb, she could hardly speak. But after a minutes she said ‘I’m doing the front garden tomorrow if you’re interested’.
Both girls smiled and nodded.


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