My Cousin, and My Friends Sister


I recently moved to California at first I was upset that I was moving away from Colorado and leaving all the people that I knew and loved for my entire life, but I eventually started to accept the idea. After moving to California and starting school I made a few close friends, but the one that I would actually hang out with in and out of school the most was Collin. We had a lot in common, but we looked completely different, he was short, about 5’ 8” with brown hair, and I was 6’ with sandy blonde hair.

The first thing that I noticed when I first went to his house to hang out was that his sister Claire was pretty hot. She was about 5’ 9”, really light blonde hair, green eyes, about C cup tits, and an amazing ass. She also was in great shape, because she played soccer, ran cross country and ran track. Every time I came over I started to notice more and more how hot she was, and started to think that she might be flirting with me a little. Almost every night I would jack off to her, but this was all just a teenage fantasy, I mean I was a freshman and she was a senior, it would never happen.

As me and Collin started to get to know each other better and get more comfortable around each other we started to jack off in his basement, and had seen each other’s dicks on countless occasions. One day he asked me if I would ever fuck his sister, a little uncomfortable I didn’t know what to say, but still answered truthfully and said yah. He kind of surprised me by saying he would too, but I don’t really think incest is that fucked up, I mean I lost my virginity to my cousin, but that’s for later in the story.

After about knowing Collin and Claire for around 10 months I knew for sure that she was flirting with me, and even with Collin, had she overheard our conversation? Well we started to tape her working out secretly, she would wear short shorts and tight tank tops, almost enough for me just to blow my load over by just watching. After trying a couple times we finally got a good one, when I jacked off to that I came more than I ever had before. After watching it a couple times and jacking off, we had to delete it, to make sure no one knew about our little spy tapes.

After thinking about how awesome it would be to have a threesome with Claire and Collin, I started to think about how incest really is fine, it’s just sex. I then realized how hot my older cousin, Suzy was, who had just started her freshman year in college, she was about 5’8, had light brown hair, about C cup tits, and tight little ass.

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   Now I wasn’t just fantasizing about fucking Claire, but Suzy too. When I heard my family was going to Mexico over winter break with our relatives I had to push Claire off my radar for now and focus on Suzy. Almost every day I would be seeing her in a bikini. After about three days of being in Mexico I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to fuck her, so I had to plan it out.

I finally came up with my plan and built up the courage to do it. I decided I would go into her room while she was showering, because “my parents” told me to use her shower because ours wasn’t working. I pretended I did not hear the shower and stripped down in her room, and walked in. When she saw me she jumped and screamed “What the fuck are you doing!” I lied and said “Oh shit! Sorry Suzy! I didn’t hear the shower, I’ll just wait!” and ran out. I lay down on her bed and started phase two of my plan, I started to slowly jack off. I closed my eyes and put my headphones so I could pretend to not hear or see her come out of the bathroom. When she did come out she dropped her towel out of disbelief. I could tell that she was surprised that at 14 my dick was almost 8” long and thick. She yelled at me “Jake! What are you doing?!” I pretended to be surprised and tried to cover up. She then realized that she was naked, and I could see that she was really wet. I decided that it was now or never so I jumped out of the bed and started to kiss her, she was surprised at first but slowly started to relax.

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   She whispered in my ear “this is wrong” but I ignored it and started to make my way down to her pussy. This was the first time I had ever eaten a girl out, so I stuck to fingering her mostly and just licking her clit, which she seemed to enjoy. After a while of me eating her out and fingering her she could resist any longer and told me that she wanted to fuck me, but she also said that I couldn’t tell anyone about this. I promised. I lay down on the bed and she slowly started to sit down on my dick. Her pussy felt even more amazing then I imagined. She started to softly moan and go faster, after a while she was moaning loudly and really riding my dick, she started screaming “Oh god Jake! I’m gonna cum!!” I started to thrust into her harder and hard and I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and that almost sent me over the edge, but I quickly pulled my dick out and came all over the bed’s sheets. “Oh god Suzy, that was amazing” I said. “Oh god, that was the biggest dick I’ve ever fucked, but remember you cannot tell anyone about this!” I agreed and started to slowly get dressed and left her room, with a huge grin on my face.

Whenever we could get away together we would, after swimming we would both go up to shower, and would fuck in the shower. Sadly though this fuck fest with my cousin would have to end after winter break, and she would have to go back to college.

When I got back home, I had to tell Collin, I also thought if it worked so easily on Suzy, why wouldn’t it work on Claire, so Collin and I came up with a plan. We went down to the basement about 15 minutes before she did to do her normal workout, but first we made sure that Collin’s parents weren’t home. We both started to jack off, waiting until we heard the door open and heard her coming down the stairs. She turned and jumped back surprised to see her brother and his friend both jacking off, “What the hell are you two doing?!” she screamed, we just responded with a casual “masturbating, what does it look like?” She didn’t really know what to do, so I got up went over to her and started to slowly rub her pussy through her tight workout shorts.

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   She was confused, but didn’t stop me so I slowly pulled her tank top off revealing a training bra which I proceeded to peel off, revealing her perfect C cup tits with little pink nipples. I started to suck on her tits and I felt her hand slowly start to stroke my dick. Collin then got up and pulled down her shorts and started to eat her out. We took her over to the couch and Collin continued to eat her pussy, while she decided to bend over and start to suck my dick. It was amazing, she was surprised when she felt Collin’s 7” dick start to go into her pussy but I held her head against my dick so she couldn’t protest, and eventually went back to sucking. After a while of that I told Collin to let me fuck her so he pulled out and I went back stretching her pussy even further with my 8” dick and heard her moan in ecstasy. Collin went around and started to face fuck her, after a while I heard him say “Oh god Claire I’m gonna cum!” and by the looks of it did in her mouth, and I didn’t see any come out, so I’m guessing she swallowed it all. I started to pound her pussy harder and harder, and her moans grew into screams as once again I felt that amazing feeling of her pussy closing in around my dick, but this time it pushed my dick out and she started to squirt all over my dick. I started to lube up her ass with her own cum and slowly pushed my dick in, I heard her squeal in pain, but her ass started to loosen up and once again she started moaning, it was a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. I looked over to see what Collin was doing and he was happily sucking her tits. It didn’t take long before I knew I was going to cum, I started going faster into her ass, then pushed in as far as I could and blew a huge load in her ass filling her up. After both Collin and I finished we told her to have a fun workout and left her down there, her ass dripping with cum.

This was my first story I’ve ever written, and is purely fictional, but if you like it let me know and I’ll write some more.

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