Topic: MY DAD'S TURN AGAIN My dad's turn again.
 After part 1. How the hell can I be sure of not missing it if and when my father comes back for some more hanky-panky with my dirty little caught my dad with my dirty little wife, - I say little because that's exactly what she is. At about six and a half stone (91 lb. ) of perfectly balanced female form,sizewise she could be taken for a fifteen year old.
 Now my head was buzzing like crazy. I'd figured out that the next colour of flower challenge was dependent on what underwear colour my wife had on when dad took her up on our bed. I confirmed this by checking back through our laundry basket and this was confirmed with the new flower photo in our bedroom collection. It was pale blue as was the only pair of dirty panty's in the laundry. Also dad had been their when I arrived home the day before I caught them at it. On further inspection,they were still damp from the washing they got as I had witnessed as with the turquoise ones she used and subsequently flushed clean in the shower after I watched them at it.
 Pondering how the hell I could find out when he was next coming to see her. I had an unexpected breakthrough. Gina brought two cups of coffee through to the lounge,plonked her ass down and said,"only two,your dad won't be around for a while,he's done for this time" - Almost expecting a confession as to the antics she was getting up to with him. I responded with, 'Why's that then,someone upset him?' "No,nothing like that,its just that game thing I told you about. I know he'll be buggered, I said 'Turquoise' as a colour of a flower,he'll never find one that colour" I smiled, "What? you don't know of one do you?" Intently now, "DO YOU? Tell me! - almost showing panic.

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   - tell me,you don't really,tell me. Do you?" 'No,course not,he's the flower boffin,not me' I couldn't stop adding a tormenting sting in the tail though.
 'You have considered all the wild meadow and forest flowers I suppose?' More panic,clearly on making her one off bet on Turquoise with dad,she'd convince herself she could let him play but with no fear of being fucked by him because of her little game of prick teasing. She now sat staring into her own thoughts. Dirtily I hoped she wasn't so panicky that she was considering confessing to me,so dad would be stopped by me from completing his sexual quest on her body. I was so excited about the chance of seeing my wife being fucked by him,I may also then be compromised into cohersion of trying to get her to go on with her game because I wanted her to.
 Then as so often happens with things of this nature,fate took a hand. Our Phone rang. Startled,Gina was up and to it in a flash. "Yeah,its me, - you haven't, - I don't believe you, - When then? - Not a picture,that could be just a painting,I'm not stupid. bye. The phone went down,my wife's face was a picture. Torn between,shock,anquish and downright fear of the consequence. 'Dad?' Looking through me, "Dad? Yeah your dad,he say's he's found one, - talking to herself,he must be" 'Gina,cheer up,its no big deal,so he's found one,there'll be other colours that means you'll beat him on other flower's colours' - I cuddled her closely now. Snuggling in tightly to me, "You do love me lots don't you?" 'Of course,goes without saying' "Say it then,go on I want to hear it" 'I LOVE YOU DEARLY, there,that make you feel better?' "Yes,a little" 'Ginny, what on earth has got into you all of a sudden?'
  I didn't want to be uncaring but letcherously I equally didn't want her confessing all.

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   "He must have,he said he'll be over tomorrow,if he really has,if I know him he'll be here by two" Fuck,like I said,I've got a breakthrough. Two,that's brilliant,I can make sure I miss nothing. I'll be in here by twelve having hid the car,no problem for me because its my wife's hairdo morning. 'You could put him off because of your hairdo appointment' "He knows I'm always back by one anyway" Even better I know I've got an hour window,that peeping tom camera I bought is going to see all just in case I get any hitch,but live is my main aim.
 "You're,grinning,why?" 'Oh,just something said at work' "Go on tell me" 'It was nothing, Oh,just a comment. They have a vase of flowers and a dispute I heard two of the workers having' "That's a very dark red,not black" "Yeah I know that,but at shows its displayed as a black tulip" - "Don't remind me,perhaps I should have said Black" 'Don't count' "Why,he would have been buggered with that" 'No he wouldn't have,he'd tell you its not actually a colour as is white not a colour' "Fucking smart ass,whose side you on anyway,my black see through panty's got no complaint from you,in fact you said its your favourite colour" 'Okay,I'll concede,there you are,I said you'll win some didn't I?' "Yeah, okay,but its not against your dad.
 Came the next day,I duly made myself invisible so to speak until I heard them ascending the stairs. I came from my hiding place just in time to see my wife head into our bedroom behind my father. In that split second I saw her clutching a Turquoise flower by its stem. "I really don't want too dad,can't you just play like before" I padded up the stairs not wishing to miss one single thing. "No girl a bet is a bet and its pay up time for you you little prick teaser" - "I'm not that really,its not as though I tease you and don't let you lick or tickle my pussy" - "You must have realised my desire was to fuck that tiny pussy,you're not that nieve" - "No,I know but I feel so guilty at betraying my husband,he's your son for fucks sake"
 "Come on you little bitch,off with 'em,let him see what he's been waiting for" Dad quickly dropped his slacks to reveal that hardon I'd recently seen empty its cum all over my wifes pubes. Gina was more reluctant. Dad grabbed hold of her and virtually ripped her skirt,top and bra' from her body. Trying now to wrestle my 17 stone (238lb. ) dad with her small body as his hardon slapped against her naked skin making thwacking sounds was oh so provocative that even if I'd dissaproved I wouldn't have stopped it till he'd had her down ready to fuck.

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 Her black panty's were being pulled this way and that as he pulled them trying to get them off her and she struggled like hell to keep them up. "Stop,NO,I want to keep them on" - "NO chance girl,I'm not going to fuck you up one leg hole,I want to feel my and your pubes tangling in pure lust" - "No. I'll not let you" Rip,rip,too late for that,her panty's shredded before my eyes as he pulled her ass and cunt naked. She twisted from him and tried to scramble across our bed,escaping to god knows where,from his pulsing throbbing hardon. As he crawled after her,his cock hung like a massive dog cock from his groins. Panting and holding on to one of her ankles now.
 "Come her you little fucker,hold still a minute,you're making me pant" I could see Gina's back rising and falling as she was obviously getting out of breath also. Both now lay face down as he crawled up along her back until the only part of my wife I could see was her tiny legs showing beneath the large hairy thighs of my dad with his meat wedging itself into the bedclothes between my wife's little slim thighs by comparison to his. "You're too heavy,its hard to breath" Dad lifted his torso some. "Promise you won't struggle then" - "Okay I promise" Lifting even higher,I saw his cock dong forward and as he lowered again it came to rest along my wife's tightly squeezed bum slit with his scrotum resting slightly squashed between them and below the lower part of her bum cheeks/thighs.
 "Please,dad,I never intended to make you go this far,please just play with me but don't fuck me" I thought he was giving in as he said, "Don't try to struggle if I get up from you" - "I wont,I promise" He now lifted himself onto all fours and as his cock hovered above her tiny for I took in the frail size of Gina in comparison to dad hovering mass above like a hairy bear with his cock hard as hell just inches above her ass crack with a visible dribble of precum trailing from its end to a slippery shiny patch on the crease and adjoining cheeks of my wife's little ass.
 She then raised herself up on all fours and his cock now rested against her pussy slit between her kneeling thighs. "Stay like that a minute" - the sperm pumped from my cock as a tingling orgasm overtook me. Squirt after squirt came inside my boxers as my dad gently at first started sliding his cock up and down my wife's cunt groove. "No stop,please don't you're trying to get me" I'm sure he was,but in a flash she tried again to scramble from under him.

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   With her body almost away,he wrapped a hairy arm around her belly and hips. "You cheeky bitch,where the fuck do you think you're going" He threw her over onto her back and pressed his much larger body onto her. Now with her skinny arms pushing desperately at his arms trying to lift him off her and her small legs trying to hoplessly knee his balls,I watched her about to receive her just deserts.
 I knew,dad knew,she knew it was pay up time. His cock was placed against her puffy dribbling pussy. Dad reached down and felt between her legs as she stopped trying to knee him in the balls. "You horny little vixen,your quims soaking" I heard a pissy Gina saying, "Old bastard,go on then fuck me you fucker if you must,that don't mean I'll like it,you wont make me cum with it,you fucking wont,I wont let you" Dad's ass rose up and his hand came between their bodies as I watched the head getting pointed towards her cunts hole. He held it till he felt her lips part and his cocks helmet just enter my wife.
 Now his sausage size finger searched for her clit. Looking I could see she was absolutely saturated with her own juice,it was now even trickling down her ass crack. "You're gasping for it daughter" - Put something on stupid,I don't use the pill" - "That's a gas" - "What is?" - "That's an incentive if you like,your baby would be your husbands half brother and your husband would be his brother's father,or that's what the birth certificate would imply" - "Stop being so stupid,that's why I'd feel so guilty,put a fucking condom on you bastard,why do you think I had no intension of going this far"
 I watched now as although my wife showed signs of orgasm dad left her clitoris and slid his cock deeply inside her as in realisation of his words she now desperately tried to get him out from her. I pulled my dripping aching cock out. I had to wank off,His cock was larger than mine and resembled something far to large for my wife's almost girl like sized pussy. I knew she was getting a cock deeper than anything before except when I fuck her with a cucumber, The difference with dad's was,it was flesh,warm and had sperm ready for her womb.
 His hairy thighs astride her white hairless thighs with the heavily veined thrusts from dad's knob started to take me and my wife to the orgasm's she said she'd deny him and I so desired for my own pleasure.


   I pumped my penis in time with his pumping of my wife. "Stop,lift off me,let me have a chance too,I can't move like I want to" Dad stopped fucking her and was clearly looking at her eyes and face although I couldn't see either. He must have assessed she meant it and as he lifed higher off her body her tits and belly emerged from below his now sweating belly. His cock started again and I loved the way her now sloppy but tight quim sucked at his cock at the outward strokes. "Shoot outside me,I can feel you're getting near now" She relaxed as he agreed to and then stepped up the pace. She inturn pumped her thighs up to every plunge he made into her small frame.
 The pace now became frantic and as he still pounded her,her orgasm erupted wracking her body with judder after judder of thrill. The muscles of his ass and thighs told their tale. Dad was holding back then with a mighty thrust followed by shock after shock of after thrusts he poured his seed into her belly. They steadied and as she emerged from her violent orgasm,violent because scratch marks and wheales appeared across dad's back as well as her hands still dug at his back and her legs still gripped round his hips like a baby monkey grips under its mothers torso.
 She loosened her grip and fell into the mattress. "You stupid fucker you shot up me after saying you wouldn't" - "Fucker,Oh well its happened now,nothing can be done now" -"Yeah we can" - "What then?" Dad pressed back at my wife,but as his cock had slipped completely out from her quim it slipped towards her asshole and caught against her sphincter as she lifted expecting him to plunge again into her quim. Realising which hole had his cock by it. "Oh No. Don't you dare!" But I also noticed she stayed as she was letting the head of his dick enjoy the sensation of her crinkly rim.

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   Then lowering her ass again I watched as his cock came in line with her cunt again. Her hand came through between them and presented his knob to her quim. "This one you old letcher" I could just see her face now between their bodies as he punched in and started pounding their pubic bones together.
 "You'd like that you dirty old bugger,well you can't,that's out of bounds" - "Yeah alright,like this bugger was an hour ago" - "Fuck its a hour and a half,fuck quick finish me,he'll be here in a minute" - "So what,I was tempted to tell him we're sharing" As this seemed to get them worked up and at the peak of her orgasm followed by his cumming again inside her. "You wouldn't dare,what if it made him dump me as a wife?" - "He wouldn't,you're to good at fucking apart from anything else going for you" - "Yeah but you wouldn't though,really would you" - "We'd have to if you fancied 'Three in a bed" - "What him you and me"? - "Of course woman" They lay now with dad's cock still well up my wife's pussy. "Quick get off me,the time,the time,he'll be here" - "Well would that matter,if we're going for a together thing?" - No,its not that,I need to wash your spunk off and hide,to late to burn my knicker's you've wrecked"
 "Fuck yes,wouldn't want him to say no because I'd just raped you" - "You bastard,yes you did,that's right,you raped your daughter-in-law and made her pregnant you filthy fucker" - "You like me being a filthy old fucker,don't you,you played hard to get but you weren't raped,I was seduced" Grinning she went into the shower with him watching her flush her middles and said, "You'll never know" I crept away and made my way below. 'Hello,its me home' My wife appeared from our room. "Hello love,wont be a sec' just drying my hair a bit,your naughty old dad came and caught me in the shower. I told him he should have called up but the dirty old dad-in-law has had a right old eye full and he's still getting one" Dad appeared now completely dressed. "Don't you believe a word she's saying she was hidden behind the shower glass and it was all steamed up. I didn't even get a peek when I gave her her towel"
 My wife stood naked with the towel flapping loose in her hand as she rubbed at her hair. "Dad,she's stood by you now,completely naked" - Well bless me,so she is,I really missed that then" His eyes rivetted onto every detail as my wife modestly hid her assets behind the large towel. "Get on with you dad,get on down and put the kettle on,you may as well do something useful while you're here,that flower was a phoney" - "Rubbish its not plastic its a real daisy" - "Yeah and you dyed the colour into it,I remembered when you were on the phone,you told me ages ago how those super colours in the bunches at the supermarket are dyed daises and it was one of the first things you learned at grandad's nursery when you went working there"
 With her next utterance,I decided to move them along a bit. "Black that's your next colour and don't say its not a colour because I've cheated or rather your son has by what he told me" - "You don't need to listen to him,what he knows about flowers you could write on a pin head" Here's the push now, - 'Hey dad,you missed out on her clue,if you'd caught her before she showered you'd had seen she had black panty's and bra' on. Come to think of it.

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   Shower,what happened to your hair appointment,you've washed it out,that don't make sense' "No I haven't she wasn't there,family problem the note on the door said" I gave her a one eyebrow raised look! "Okay I admit it,I had it changed and I didn't like it so I washed it out" Dad was down by me now and looking at me he shugged his shoulder's. On seeing this,my wife responded, "Oh you two,you're like a pair of clams,I seen you raise your shoulders dad"
 "Go on dad,tell him what you suggested to me" Dad wandered into the kitchen and started filling the kettle. "It was only a suggestion mind,better wait till she's down here" - 'Before she is. Wouldn't be anything about fighting a war for her body would it?' Looking me staight on now. "FUCK! You seen didn't you?" - 'Turquoise flower with matching knickers' -"FUCK! That was last time,how long? she's shitting you'll find out,that's why we only play" - 'Till today that is,you cheated by dipping that daisy' - "Well,little prick teaser,she was driving me mad with that pussy" - 'So you suggested what?'
 Gina, answered. "Three in a bed! You're not the only one that can listen and peep. You porn star movie maker" She had my spy pamphlet in her hand. "Come on,where's it hidden,what have you got done so far with it?" We laughed. 'You,he and me' "You? Well I had to set it up didn't I" 'Its me watching you two doing it with me doing what I did as I watched' "Wanking I bet. So that's yes then,because we may not have known but we've done a threesome already,its just we didn't know it" Dad now, "Plug it in then,I like a good porn,especially rape,but of course raping Gina is as phoney a rape as you'll ever get,except I'm a better porn actor" - "Bastard,you did rape me,it wasn't three in a bed stuff because we didn't know that till after" "Come on just put it on,I'm getting horny thinking about it" - "Didn't I fuck you hard enough then?" - "Gina,I'm a widower,how long do you think its been since I had a fuck,just think how long it was before you let me have it in"
 "Shut up dad and watch the film" Gina looked in my direction,I raising a eyebrow again,looked intensely into her eyes. She knew she'd have to tell me about the number of times and how it started with dad. I looked forward with relish to bed this night.

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