My ex-wife, knocked-up, My confession


This is the story of how I arranged the successful impregnation of my ex-wife Diane by her brother-in-law and his mates, and all against her will.

Diane was 15 years younger than me when we got married in the nineties and I married her for obvious reasons. Her sister Susan was married to Peter who was self-employed and was earning plenty of money running his own building business. I was unemployed and Peter used to give me work on the side, he made it very obvious that he wanted to get into Diane's knickers, she was a tall, slim and shapely brunette with curves in all the right places. But Diane was distant with him, she considered him vulgar and course, she certainly didn't trust him and thought she could have done much better as brother-in-laws go.

Peter must have worked me out real quick because he used tell me to my face how much he wanted to fuck my wife; and instead of punching him, I became excited by the idea of watching another man fuck her, especially Peter, her brother-in-law, a man she loathed and detested. I started taking pictures of Diane when she was drunk, only flashing her knickers and her boobs but they were still quite provocative, I showed the photos to Peter and this egged him on even more, he started talking about how he wanted to “knock-up both sisters” and not just his wife who was already pregnant.

Some of Peter's mates were having a new years house-party and they invited all of us to come to it, and it just so happened that it would be around 2 weeks after Diane's period, I told Peter and explained that she might be ovulating at that time, so we got together with Peter's friends and arranged a surprise for Diane, which we all intended and hoped would leave her with a permanent and unplanned souvenir.

On the night of the house party I insisted that Diane dressed sexily, red lace knickers and a micro-mini-skirt as an absolute minimum, (if I could have got away with it I'd have had her dressed in stockings) I wanted my target audience hard and horny with swollen, cum filled balls from the moment they set eyes on her. I was very tempted to fuck her myself when I saw her dressed, but I'd gone to a lot of trouble to see her cunt sperm filled and nailed this particular night by certain 'other' cocks.

Peter's wife came to the party but couldn't drink because she was heavily pregnant, it had been decided, by Peter, that she should go home around 10. 00 because he didn't want her to be up too late and the party wouldn't finish till 3 or 4 in the morning. Susan actually left about 11. 00, which left 9 of us in the house. There was me, Peter and 5 of his mates; together with a couple of attractive teenage girls who appeared to be related to one of Peter's mates. The girls seemed to know Diane vaguely, but they also seemed a little bitchy towards her, I think perhaps they had been briefed on what was planned for the evenings entertainment.

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Diane wasn't drinking very much, so Peter produced a roofie that he crushed to powder and mixed it in her drink. We were all worked up now, hard, horny and waiting as she took sips from the drink. 15 to 20 minutes later and she was virtually out cold, at this point the dye was cast and nothing was going to save her. I helped Peter carry her upstairs to a bedroom where we dumped her on her back on the bed, and as the 5 other guys crowded into the room behind us, I just stood back, cock in hand and watched.

They didn't even bother stripping her, they simply pulled her knickers and tights down to her knees. They made jokes about it being a shame they didn't have any rubbers and hoping she was on the pill, which of course they all knew she wasn't, then there were high five's all round with them saying I hope she isn’t ovulating, which they all new she was!

Peter was soon between her legs, he was to be the first to unload his swollen balls inside her, would he get his wish and impregnate her? I have never been so aroused by anything in my life as I watched him and then the other 5 fucking her really hard, they meant every thrust and grind, I watched 6 rampant, hard and horny cocks ramming their way up her, balls deep and to the hilt, as they each unloaded their swollen cum filled balls really deep inside her. They were all done in just under an hour; each one savouring the ecstasy as they ground down hard and spurted, hoping that they would be the one!

We took some shots of her lying there on her back with her knickers still round her knees and her cunt literally swimming in sperm, (see attached photos) then we placed 3 or 4 pillows under her bottom so her pussy was pointed straight up at the ceiling, we left her like that, so as what seemed like a gallon of thick and creamy sperm, could drained down into her womb to do its work while she slept.

A little later I noticed the 2 teenage girls, their curiosity aroused, as they crept into the bedroom to confirm for themselves what had been happening. I passed them coming down the stairs and heard them talking about the “dirty slag” and that “the filthiest whore alive wouldn't have done what she did. ” I managed to get chatting to them later and they showed me their mobile phones, they had taken lots and lots of photos of Diane, showing her full face, her knickers still down and her cunt and thighs slick and loaded with wet and dry cum, they had been busy showing all their friends and were still busily engaged in uploading the humiliating and depraved images to the web for everyone to see. That was the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

When Diane woke in the morning I was with her and I told her I'd carried her up to bed and fucked her, but her pussy was very sore and swollen so she knew she had been fucked by more than one person, but she couldn't prove it as her body had absorbed most of the sperm by the time morning came.

A month later and we found out how successful our plans had been, a pregnancy test showed and a doctor later confirmed that she was very much pregnant, quite possibly knocked-up by Peter, her sisters husband. Then again it could have been one of the other 5 punters, Lol.

After a lot of arguments and grief, she decided to keep the baby growing inside of her.

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   So both me, Peter and 5 other interested observers had the pleasure of watching her belly and tits swell to an enormous size over the next nine months!