My first fuck


She was just 18 and so was I. I invited her to go to the beach. During the time we were there we went onto some grass behind some bushes and had a little picnic.

She was so fine. I had a stiff erection in my bathing suit. Suddenly she took her bikini off and was wearing only a little pink thong. She smiled and got on her hands and knees and then shook her ass, looking back at me and smiling.

I pulled my suit off and my large dick popped out. She started stroking it and said softly that she wanted me to fuck her so bad and she was a virgin although she had popped her own hymen last week masturbating.

I never thought about birth control. I ripped off that tiny little thong and massaged her clit and herbreasts and nipples. My dick might shoot off before I fucked her I was so turned on. She wiggled her ass around and I forced her legs way apart and whispered, "You are gonna get your little pussy fucked good and hard. "

I rolled her back by her legs so they were sticking up and her pussy crack was exposed. I jammed my dick up in her hole after putting some spit on her hole. Immediately I shot sperm into her.

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   It was the best feeling I ever had.

A month later she came to see me and said she was pregnant. I said I would marry her but she said no she was going to raise the baby. I fucked her again and came up in her five spurts.

We lost contact but I still jack off to the memories. .