My First Time When I Was Naked Outdoor


Hi my name is Shweta Singh. I'm 19 years old girl with long black hair, tall legs, fair skin and attractive figure (I think I am attractive lol). I belong to Kolkata, India. I live with my parents and younger brother Sunny. Both of my parents are doctors. My dad is a cardiologist and my mom is a gynaecologist. All of us are very close to each other. I and my brother discuss every single thing with my parents. Even we discuss our sexual problems (if we have) with our mom. Nudity in my family is a normal thing. It doesn't mean we always stay naked lol.
My parents say to us, "If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, take them off. "
My mom says, "Nudity is normal. In fact it's good for health. If you stay naked in summer, your body will decrease heat and you will feel cool. Nude sleeping is also beneficial.

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   It increases blood circulation, decreases weight, decreases genital infection and also helps body to sleep perfectly. "
She is not only my mom but a doctor also. So I believe her. Nudity and talking about sexual things with family are considered as taboo in India. So most of the families don't discuss their sexual problems with each other. Though nudity is a normal thing in my family, we don't have any sexual attraction (better to say sexual addiction) for each other. In fact, we hardly see each other naked. Mainly in summer, I prefer to sleep completely naked. Hygiene is also important to me. So I shave my pubic area (pussy-hair) thrice a week. I don't know what my parents do or my brother does. Since my parents are doctors, they go to work in the morning and return home in the evening. So I get the whole day to stay naked in my room. My brother Sunny always put his boxers on. He knocks my bedroom door whenever he wants something like food or anything.

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   He's 18 years old. When he knocks my door; I put my clothes on and open the door. I guess he also stays naked in his room. It's summer in India now. The sun is burning everything and the temperature is approximately 41 degrees Celsius. So, we hardly have any choice except staying and sleeping naked. Now it's night here. I'm writing the story on my laptop and I'm completely naked. As I said before nudity is normal.
The story I'm going to write is a real-life experience. It occurred yesterday at night. Hope you will enjoy it and sorry for my bad English skills.
It was 22nd April, 2016. After finishing my dinner I said bye to my parents and Sunny and went to my room. I was feeling fresh because I took a shower before dinner.

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   I locked my door and took my t-shirt and shorts off. I took off my bra and panties also. I prefer t-shirt and shorts during summer. I turned the night lamp and the AC on and jumped on the bed. As usual my bare body was getting cool. Within a short time I fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up. My room was covered with darkness. It was a power-cut. My body was full of sweat.
"Oh shit. . . again!" I said to myself.
During these days power-cut is very common problem.

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   I kept lying on the bed and tried to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn't close my eyes. It was so hot! I opened my bedroom door and looked out. Everybody was sleeping except me. From the childhood I couldn't sleep without fan or AC. Suddenly I thought of a plan. I went towards the shelf slowly in search of the keys. Taking the keys, I went to the main door and unlocked it. I opened the door and closed it from outside very slowly.
I went to the backyard completely naked. It felt nice and cool outside. The slight warm air passed through my bare boobs and my bare pussy. It seemed nature was touching my stuffs and enjoying it. It was not very dark because of the moonlight. But nobody would see me standing naked there.

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   The moonlight made my body as shiny as silver. My dark areola was clearly visible to me. Suddenly I noticed my nipples were getting hard and I felt wetness between my legs.
"OMG. . . I'm wet!" I thought and smiled.
I was getting horny. I sat on the bench in our garden and rest my right leg on one of its legs. My pussy was soaking badly. I put my two fingers into my pussy and started taking it in and out. The squish, squish, squish sounds made me hornier that I doubled the speed of fingering myself. I wanted to moan badly but was unable to do so. I didn't want my parents to wake up.

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  . . it was awesome. I stopped myself before I cum. I put my fingers into my mouth and licked them covered with my juices. It was salty but tasty! I was still horny. I wanted to do something different and adventurous. I looked back at the dark street. I wanted to go out naked. It would be the first time for me to go naked in my locality.
"Nobody can see me here but if I go on the street, everybody will be able to catch me naked. What if I go and anybody sees me?" I thought.
But for some unknown reasons I couldn't control myself. I felt that something was already controlling my mind and body. I stood up and went towards the main gate of our house.

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   I checked the street if there was anybody present there. Luckily, I couldn't see anybody. It was pin-drop silence everywhere. I opened the main gate slowly and came out to the street. Then closed the gate again. I looked around again but nobody was there. I got a sigh of relief.
Now, I was standing on the street completely naked! I took a deep breath and released it. Then I started walking on the street. I looked at the windows of my neighbours. Some of them were closed and some of them were opened. Maybe they remained them opened to get some air in.
"What if they're not sleeping and watching me!" I said to myself.
But it was so much silent that I was pretty sure they were sleeping. My pussy was fucking wet and it was dripping cum.

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   Pussy juices were coming down through my legs to my feet from my wet pussy. As I was walking the amount of pussy juice started to increase. Suddenly I saw a car coming towards me. I was frightened and started to find something to hide. I ran to a shop to hide behind it. I became pale with fear. It was my first time, so it was quite unnatural to me. But I wanted to make it like an adventure. So I didn't stop.
The car passed and I came to the street again. I started walking along the street faster than before. I wanted to complete this as soon as possible. I reached a park where I used to come when I was a child. It was 10 minutes away from my home. So I suspected I walked for 10 minutes.

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   The park was also dark because of the power-cut. I went to the park and sat on the grasses. It was not as hot as I expected. I put the keys on the grass next to me. The grasses were tickling my pussy. Mmmmm. . . It felt so good! Some were sticking with my pussy for my sticky pussy-juice. I spread my legs apart and started pushing my middle and index fingers into it. I squeezed my boobs with the other hand. Took my boobs close to my mouth that I could lick it. I licked my dark hard nipples with my tongue. I was super horny! I started fingering myself fast to faster and faster to fastest. Ahh.


  . . ahh. . . ahh. . . ohhhh. . . mmmmmm. . . I exploded.


   I spread my legs as much as I could, stretched my pussy lips and squirted on the grass. My legs were shaking and my heart was beating faster. I was so tired that I could not move. I lied on the ground on my back. I licked my fingers covered with my juices. I put my fingers into my pussy again and licked it. I did it many times I loved the taste of my own cum. It was so much tasty.
I decided to take rest for some minutes. So I closed my eyes lying naked on the ground. Unfortunately I felt asleep there. Hours passed and I was still sleeping. Suddenly I woke up (thanks to my old habit. I always wake up at 04:45am in the morning everyday). I looked around.

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   It was almost dawn and I was still in the park completely naked. Now, anybody could see my bare boobs and my bare pussy (I'm not sure if anybody already caught me like this). I was pale with fear. I jumped on the ground and started running as fast as possible. I was covering my pussy with my right hand and my boobs with the left. The keys were also in the left fist.
Suddenly I saw a man jogging. He was coming towards me. It was neither dawn nor morning. So I was quite surprised to see him (Maybe he wakes up earlier in the morning). He was looking like 40-42 years old and was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sport shoes. I was puzzled to see him and could not decide what to do. I rushed to the telephone booth to hide behind it. Luckily, he couldn't see me and jogged to the other direction. My heart was pumping faster and my legs were shaking badly.

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   I felt that I would be senseless right now. I started running again. Now, I didn't cover my bare body. I was running as fast as possible. My only goal was to reach home without getting caught. My boobs were jumping up and down, my nipples were hard and my pussy became wet again.
At last I reached home. I had no time to open and close the gate slowly. So, I jumped over the wall. I fell down on the ground of the backyard. But I didn't care. I unlocked the door and opened it. I entered my home, closed the door and locked it again. Thank god, nobody woke up yet. Putting the keys on the shelf, I rushed towards my room.

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   After closing my bedroom door, I sat on the bed and looked at my left knee. It was cut and there were some traces of blood on it. I cleaned it and applied an antiseptic cream. It was hurting badly. My pussy was still wet and was dripping cum. I didn't wipe it and left it like that. Apart from this wound, I was happy that finally I did the thing what I wanted to. But I didn't know if anybody saw me. Who knew that the person caught me naked and enjoyed the view secretly!.

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