My First Time


My First Time


Well, it really felt awkward at first, for both of us.   I got each of us a drink, and we sat down to find out a little more about each other’s likes and dislikes 'in bed'.   What turned us on when we were either with another woman, or in my case, thinking about it.

Dallas started off saying she liked kissing another woman, and wanted to know how I felt about it. I responded with,  “It really turns me on to watch, and I'm really dying to experience it myself. . . . . . .     with you”.

“Okay. . . .

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  what about touching, or. . . . being touched. . . . do you like both,. . . or one. . . or the other?” 

“I really like both.

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  . . . . but I don't know, since this is my first time. . . . . not that I don't know what to do, but I feel hesitant. . . or maybe leading, or being first to make a move. . .

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“That's okay,  I'll be a little out of my character today, and lead.   I've always tended to like to please the one I'm with, rather than myself.   Well. . . . do you feel comfortable in here. . . . . or somewhere else in the house?”


“Ummm. . . .

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  . the bedroom. . . . . uh. . . . . this way. . . ”


She follows me into the bedroom, and as I kind of fumble with the pillows on the bed, she begins undressing.

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    I watch her for a few seconds, and then begin to undress as well, very slowly, and not taking my eyes off her.   I'm down to my bra and panties, as she stands before me. . . naked. . . . . I slowly finish taking off my clothes.   We both stand there a few seconds. . . . taking in what our eyes see, as our heartbeat rises.

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  . . . with a familiar hunger deep inside.


She looks into my eyes and says. . . “Shall we start with a 'kiss'. . . . or do you just want to touch. . . and feel?”


I answer her by bringing my lips to hers.

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  . . . . so soft. . . sweet. . . . our tongues tease each other. . . .

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  while our hands start to roam, and caress, and our bodies move to feel skin on skin.   She then pulls her lips away…. . only to lick and suck my hard nipples.

My hands feeling and squeezing her firm butt. . . . then moving up to her small firm breast, her nipples hard. . . . bigger than mine. . .

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She slowly moves down my body,. . . kissing,. . . . licking,. . . . . down to my clit. .

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  . . I spread my legs. . . . backing up onto the bed,  as she kneels to tease my clit with her tongue and message my pussy with her fingers. . . . I know I'm already wet.   She licks. . . .


  . sucks. . . . sticking her tongue inside me, 

then her fingers . . . . . . Oh God. . .


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  . how many times did I cum. . . . I don't know. . . .


Knowing I'd just came really good. . . . she looks up at me and says “Too bad we don't have any 'toys'.


Of course, I smile saying, “Ah.

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  . . . but we do” as I proceed to reach for them.   Finding out she doesn't actually own any.   Too self-conscious to go to a store and buy them.


I pull them out of the bag, showing her each one, while telling her what I like about each one of them.   There's one particular one, I explained, that I always start out with.   I turn it on, showing her how it worked.   Then I lay back using it on myself until I quickly cum with it, as she watches.   When I came again,  I ask her if I can use it on her.   She answers by laying back. I turn it on and place the little rabbit against her clit.   She jumps a little at the sensation. .

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  . . then welcoming the feel and. . . . inviting more.   I tease her sweet spot until she cums, then I lick the tip, and slowly insert it inside her wet pussy.   I could tell she was heading straight up to that place I call 'seeing stars'.   She came several times while I moved it around inside her, pushing it in and out of her very wet pussy.


I then pulled it out, and turned it off. . . . her body still in spasms of pleasure.

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    I kissed her. . . . . . worked my lips down to tease,. . . and suck her nipples,. . . . . while my hand.

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  . . . fingers. . . . messaged and teased her pussy, making her cum again with  my fingers inside her.   Kissing her stomach. . . . . down her body with my kisses. .

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  . . . to her sweet wetness.   Wow. . . . . . she really does taste sweet.   I lick. . . .

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  and suck as once again her body goes into spasms of pleasure.


Wow. . . . . . time flies. . . . . when you're having fun. . .

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  . . we have to get dressed now.

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