My Mom Goes Wild


Well, thanks for those that have read my stories of my life. It makes me a little hot to know you like them. This is about my Mom and how she really began getting crazy after she found my Dad had gotten me and Janet pregnant. We had taken advantage of the situtation and Mom, who was a prude before, really lost it and began having sex with amything and anyone that moved. Janet had Dad's baby and kept the little boy, something Dad had wanted. I gave my little girl up for adoption and after I healed up from the birth I was really beginning to get horney all the time. I did have milk even with my still smal tits and I enjoy the feeling it gave me. It made me feel very much the woman in spite of my almost flat chest. I had a girlfriend, Holly, that loved sucking the milk from them and we played a lot since Dad really paid a lot of attention to Janet now.

In al this Mom was being neglected a lot and I slept with her almost every night and we made love almost the same. One day I came home from the mall and came in. Dad and Janet were not there and then I heard Mom upstairs and she was really carrying on and I thought she must be taking care of her lust with a new dildo we had. I stripped in the living room and snuck up the stairs hoping to take over and help her. As I got to the top of the stairs I froze. "Oh yes, fuck me harder, oh yes, and give me one in my ass too. "she was moaning.


   She had at least two other people in there I thought. Well, what the hell, I need it too, I thought and opened the door. I was in before I saw three really great looking black guys fucking my Mom. She was on one that was in her pussy and another had his cock in her ass and the other was just going to feed his cock to her mouth and they all stopped. I stood there naked and Mom was begging, "Oh no, don't stop please. " and the one came to me and puled my nipples. "Well, we see Momma got all the titty in the family. My pussy was soaking wet just from seeing them and my Mother. "So can I join?" I said and was nervous. "Hell yes, come on little girl. " said one and my Mom saw me and reached out her hand. I took it and she pulled me in to kiss her and I did. "Oh fuck yes, Momma and little girl do it too, this is hot. " said one of the men.

"I am close" one said and they other began pumping mom harder.

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   "Me too, let's fill her at the same time. " the other said and they began filling Mom's ass and pussy. Mom went over the edge and had several orgasms while hey filled her up. They pulled out of her and were stil half hard. "Well little girl, what will you do?" one said and I laid next to Mom and we kissed. The men stood there watching us and then I looked at them and began sucking Moms tits and she sucked mine. Milk was coming from them and I began to go down Mom's tummy and soon found her pussy driping with cum and began sucking her clit and licking the juices driping from her. She pulled me over her face and began eating me slowly and I did the same for her only I was eating the cum from her pussy and ass. One guy had a camera cell phone and was taking pictures of us and we both got hotter for that reason. Mom and I both had orgasms at the same time and we laid there kissing again.

One guy came to me and he had a long slim cock and he moved it to my face. "Little girl take a cock like a woman?" he said and I began licking it and sucking the head. "Take pics of me doing this too. " I said and they did. I began moving it in and out of my mouth and then into my throat and then about 10 inches of cock went all the way in and he moaned, "Oh damn little girl, you are a great cock sucker.

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  " I moaned and kept on sucking as one got behind me and slipped into my pussy and began pumping in and out of me. After a while I was rewarded with cum in my throat and pussy and then I laid back and kissed Mom who was playing with the other guy as they watched us. We laid there for a while kissing and massaging each other thru another orgasm. "You know what would really make me hot?" I said. "What little girl?" said one man. "If while Mom and I make love you three guys jack off and spray all over us. " I said and the men moved closer to the bed and began massaging their cocks. I began kissing and fingering mom and she did the same to me and we had a couple orgasms when the guys began moaning and said they were going to cum. Soon they covered us both with cum and sprayed it all over us, from head to toe. We began licking each other clean after a little more kissing and soon were going over the edge of another orgasm.

We were all laying around and one said, "So little girl, you think you can do all three of us at one time. ?" I looked at them and said that it was not a problem. Mom got up and said, "And I will take pictures. " and so one guy laid on he bed and I slipped his hard cock into my pussy and then another bent me towards him and he moved into my ass really making me hotter and then the third moved so I could suck his cock down all the way and we began fucking as Mom took pictures. I was going nuts knowing that there were pics being taken of me and the guys kept spraying milk from my sore tits but it made me hotter and soon they filled me with their cum again.

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   Weall went downstairs and had some wine coolers and then Mom took the phone and loaded the pics to the computer and then she laughed and she sent the best pics to Dad's and Janet's cell phones. We got a call and Janet was on the line, "I can't believe you are fucking like crazy. " she shouted. We all laughed and Dad got on and said the same thing. I felt like a slut and took the phone with Janet on it and Dad listening and said with Mom listening too, "Well, you know what, I am right in the middle of my cycle and I think this is going to give me a nice black baby. " and hung up. Then I looked at the guys, "And to make sure, each of you fill up pussy one more time for me. " and they did just that. I did not get preg but I felt hot for days after.
Love ya. .