My morning "taking pictures" with another bisexual guy


This happened a couple of years ago, but worth repeating:
I am 65 bisexual and have wanted to get some pictures taken with my new motorcycle with me nude and wearing some of my leather. I did it myself in my garage several years ago with my previous bike and liked the results, but since my wife and I both retired, I don't have the quality alone time do take the pictures myself.
So, I placed an ad on craigslist in the m4m section, saying I needed someone with a private location to take the pictures and if something happened afterwards, so be it.
I got a response immediately from a younger guy, real buff, and tattoos and the whole nine yards, he is only 37.
I showed up and pulled into his garage, he greeted me naked from the waist down with his 7. 5 cock sticking straight out.
We decided to play a little, to let the bike cool down.
We stroked each other's cocks while we talked, his cock was thinner than mine but longer and uncut, he is Hispanic so it was a nice shade of brown with shaved balls. Being a bit older it takes me longer to achieve my hard on, but it came up quickly when he started an xxx movie and began stroking me.
I asked if he wanted to suck me first, he hesitated, so I went to my knees and began sucking him, he then returned the favor, wonderful lips on my hard cock made me almost forget the pictures, except he was taking them while I sucked him, so I took a few of him sucking me too. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass, so we retired to his bedroom. He had me lay face down on the bed. It had been quite a while since I had taken anything in my ass, so I was a bit tight, between lots of persistence and lube, he entered me, starting slow and picking up speed. He lay on top of me and licked my ear while he pounded my ass. I asked if he was going to cum in my white ass, he just kept pounding me.
We took a small break and actually took pictures of me with the bike, first with my leather vest and chaps on; I had him take a couple of pictures of me leaning over the bike with my ass toward him.

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   The next thing I know he is slipping his cock back in my ass! After fucking me for a while he went in and cleaned his cock up, when he came back out to the garage, we took some pictures of me nude on the bike, and then I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock again. I told him that I had not been that hard for that long in quite a while. He asked if I was close to cumming and I told him that I had been edging the whole time he was fucking my ass.
We went back in his living room, he sat me on the couch, dropped to his knees and began sucking me deep and hard, wanting every drop of my cum! I delivered and he kept sucking, then took some pictures with cum dripping off the end of my cock. He never came, so I am anxious to taste his cum as well.
This was a great experience and hopefully we will repeat it again soon, in fact he is talking about doing a 3some with a girl friend of his who loves to watch guys do each other!
Needless to say I am eager for that day!

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