My new year shock.


I'm just an average grandmother nearing seventy. Okay, the face ain't what it was,but I'm still able to look at myself in the mirror and chuckle as I think - 'If only they knew what they were missing!' - That is younger men! - In my morally questionable thoughts - I get there and think. [I'd give a couple of them a run for their money! I'd drain their balls dry for a month!]

So as you can see,I'm no frugal Granny and I'm certainly not an old shrew. But at the 'new year' this sat me literally back on my ample ass!

I'd brought a good chunk of the family together for a 'New years party' one reason being that I know that the teenage grandchildren get the chance to partake of a few drinks supposedly not noticed by their mother's where as if aparties at their homes, they get pounced on by the relevant mum or sometimes the dad. Also, they, boys and girls tend to spill the beans on things they'd never think of confiding to their parents!

So with the background out of the way. This is what transpired!

This party had the usual jigging around in the limited space in what amounted to dancing. I knew several of the kids were getting a bit boisterous with the alcohol intake and I quietly advised them that they were being clocked by their respective parents. - "Use your loafs or you'll get nailed" - Sorted! - I forgot about it, but the quiet one of these teens although looking 'three sheets to the wind' [Drunkish] made a move that meant nothing really at that moment - He grabbed me under the classic branch of mistletoe. Grab me it was, he kissed me right on the lips as opposed to his usual cheek peck. A small cheer acompanied his move. What no one knew bar myself was he was trying to do the tongue stuff as his hands gripped my ass cheeks very very tightly.

I felt my cheeks go all hot and made nothing of it, but god, the young beggar stirred something in me that I knew he shouldn't have as he turned me back to his belly. [Dick dancing I gather] It was certainly all dick! The fucker had his hardon hard against my ass! The moment passed,the party ended and low-&-behold there he was sound asleep on the settee in a quieter room. - "Just leave him mum,we'll get him tomorrow, if that's okay" - "Yeah, I'll just chuck a blanket on him and let him stay where he is,he looks comfortable enough"

So that was it. Or so I thought! - Having gotten a blanked, imagine my shock to re-enter the room and there he was with just a shirt on and more to the point a wacking great stiffy before my eyes. - "High grandmother! That mistletoe thing! I thought you might have split on what I done, as you didn't does that mean you enjoyed it?" - He grinned, as unintentionally I couldn't fail to take another look at his young hard cock.

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   - With cheek I never dreamed he had,he went on - "Like it? Want me to do it to you? I want too, I mean FUCK YOU"

Trying to gather myself, I gabbled, "Stop right there,its the drink that's talking,I'm your granny" - He was at me in an instant, his spindly arms wrapped around from the back as his uncontrolled cock pressed hard against my ass for a second time. - "Come on gran, let me find out what having intercourse feels like, I know you keep all our secrets we tell you, just one more secret just between you and me, that's all I want!" - "OLLY! Lets stop this right here" - was all I could think to say - Then my shock really set in, - "Olly! You must let me sit for a bit, its making me feel all funny!" - It was, my heart was pounding, my face was flushed again and I just kept trying to see his damn hardon.

I'm not sure if I was experiencing what a woman about to be raped does. But as I sat down with his penis hovering at my face, I froze as while looking me straight in the face he eased my skirt and knicker's down from my hips and on down until they were just laying on the floor at my ankles. Then he eased my bum down the seat until with thighs laying spreadeagled he dropped into the space between my legs.

As if in a dream I watchedas his penis got nearer and nearer to my pussy until I flinched as it touched my pussy lips. I was thinking 'No you mustn't' but just looked down over my belly as his hard flesh pushed my vagina lips open. It slid up inside and I could see his precum on the head of it as it disappeared up in there. The sensation of his cock opening my labias told me that my own juices were well advanced in my vagina as well. All the time he watched my face as he did it to me. His hairs came against my own and he just said - "Like It?" - I said nothing,but he knew I was. - Pulling back he lunged this hard thing deep up in me and went into a frenzy of fucking as it became obvious he was really excited to be inside my vagina.

His spurt never took me by surprise as his thrustings had become frantic as his orgasm grew more powerful. The surprise to me was the way I clamped his young ass with my open legs as my own enormous orgasm erupted. I was conscious of at least seven shots of spunk pumping into me, but my own eruption just jerked on and on for what seemed ages.

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   This was my own flesh and blood screwing me senseless and yet I wanted it and I wanted more of the same.

Still looking at me, he stopped and waited until my eyes opened and looked at this young smooth bellied fucker still hard inside my own belly. - "You know gran, I expected to see a real old wrinkly body, but you're fucking lovely, - [As old fashioned as hell,he went on] - your vagina and belly - [He popped my bra up over my tits]- Yeah and your titties could belong to a woman half your age - [Flattery now] - Yeah! i'd say mum's tits and body isn't as good as yours is!" - "You cheeky young flatterer, go on then do it some more!"

He did, off he went again, and again he made me cum as his own orgasm pumped my cunt full to overflowing. He pulled his knob out of me now and just watched his residue dribble from my well fucked vagina! - "Gran, that's my new year present to you. Being a widow I bet you didn't expect anything like that to start the new year! - He had that spot on. - My shock was complete. I'm sitting here with his cum creating a pool on my settee around my pussy lips. I still can't believe what has happened, even tho' his now soft cock is laying on his thigh right in front of me. - Did I really do nothing to stop him fucking me? - One thing is sure,regardless of the shock, there's NO WAY I'm saying anything to anyone!

But to myself,my thought is. - I WONDER IF HE'D LIKE TO FUCK THIS OLD WOMAN REGULARLY? - I HOPE SO! My bellies still all a tingle!.