my wife and her ex


This is a true story

i didn't want to go but my wife insisted i had been married for 4 years when this happened - it was her college reunion she was 24 and it was a 5 year reunion, i said she should go on her own but she dragged me along.
i knew a bit about my wifes past adventures at college and knew her ex boyfriend was a black guy who she dated for a couple of years
she had told me that they had had 3somes and he was a good lover, but said he was not as good as me.

my wife wore a black tight hugging skirt and a loose blouse, she had a black matching bra and knicker set her knickers were tight fitting french knickers which i loved.

when we arrived to the pub the party was at there was a good atmosphere and i started to enjoy the evening and was mingerling with some guys, my wife went off to catch up with her old friends, it was later on that i saw her at the bar chatting to this huge black guy he was about 6ft4 built and had a shaved head, my wife and him seemed to be laughing and joking around.

as i watched i saw him rub the top of her hand and then squeeze it and she looked around but didn't notice me and followed him out of the pub.

i decided to go out to find out what the fuck was going on, i went out but couldn't see them i looked around and thought they might have gone back in but i heard a noise around the back, i looked over the fence and was shocked to see my wife on all fours with this guys black cock in her mouth and she was hungrily sucking away. he had a thick cock about 8 inches long, not massive but a little bigger than mine but much thicker from what i could see.

she got up and turned around lifting her skirt, the guy pulled her knickers down and pushed her roughly against a wall before taking his cock and putting it in her, i heard her moans as he thrust franticly and roughly in and out of her. he was saying things like " i missed you babes, you were always my best fuck" he said " you still so tight does you hubby fuck you this goo, does he have a cock like mine"
my wife was shaking her head, it lasted about 5 minutes and then i heard him cumming he said " i'm filling you up babes"
they both stayed still for a few mins before he pulled out of her, she turned and kissed him and pulled her knickers up and went to leave,
the guy stopped her and said something i couldn't make out and she smiled and removed her knickers and gave them to him, they both laughed and she walked away, i quickly went back in and stood at the bar, a few minutes later my wife came up to me and i asked where she had been, she said outside for a bit of air and just chatted like normal and kissed me and went to her friends like nothing had happened.
the guy later that night came up to me and said "you Kates husband " i said i was he said " these are your wifes knickers i fucked her earlier and they have my cum on them hope you like fucking my woman "
he smiled and walked off, i was shocked but have never said anything to my wife, she has mentioned him since and has now said he was a better lover than me in the past but has never mentioned fucking him at the party.

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