My wife has found a sex partner


True story here.
My sexy wife who has been sleeping with guys for ten years on and off has found a sex partner she really likes.
although she has had sex with many men throughout our marriage she has only had full fucking sex with fourteen men and number fourteen has won her,
At night in bed every night she confesses she wants him and although for our 21yrs together she has always refused to have anal sex with me she tells me she wants him to fuck her up her arse.
He emails us and says to her she is the girl of his dreams, he thinks about her every morning and cant wait to be with her, she told me she feels exactly the same about him, she wants me to leave them alone and she said she is going to tell him she has been longing to be with him,
she wants their sex to be extremely passionate and I have to return after an hour where she said she will still be naked in bed and she will tell me to wait in the car and when they are done he will bring her to the car where they will passionately kiss and arrange another meeting together.
I love to see my wife so happy with men.

The man fucking my wife in the photo is another guy with a nine inch cock that had her squeeling with pleasure and after a very long hard deep fuck she could hardly walk the next day