Mysterious Christmas resolved.


What a relief this christmas has given me.

It happened that mum,dad,my three brothers and myself were overstaying at our parents home. I'd been somewhat apprehensive about this because of a christmas experience some years previously. That experience has now been laid to rest,thanks to mum's revelation. so I'm happy to divulge it only now! Of course,only she and I know of this. It will become obvious why in the following tale.

I'm the oldest child,closely followed by my oldest brother,about two years younger than myself. A gap then to number three of about five years. Then a much bigger space to the one we know as 'the kid' - He's not even a teen yet! - Understand that this party had the same sort of fun as all other of our get together's. [We tended to get drunk!] The difference this time was it was the first stopover since the one I mentioned at the introduction. Hence my apprehensiveness!

So as the party progressed and the booze flowed,the amiable banter ran well. Until at one stage a mention was made about how long it was since we'd all stayed in our parents home as regards the christmas past I'm talking about. [Of course we had not left home then. ] I noticed my brother,the one just a bit younger than me, chipped in and steered the conversation in another direction. This set my cogs turning.

The reason being.

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   For all the intervening years I was almost sure he was the one that had perpretrated this experience which had elluded my comprehension for all these years between. What had happened was as follows. . .

Mum,dad and us older two had got blind drunk. I'm not sure about our younger brother and the 'kid' was yet to be born. I'd been sleeping like a log,when something stirred my dreams and I came too. It was dawn as there was the slight winter gloom showing thro' the open curtains. My dreamy mind recalled I'd undressed,fell into bed and hadn't even closed the curtains.

I had a nice warm feeling and promply fell back to sleep,not coming too properly for another couple of hours. When I did, I lay with a hand tucked between my upper thighs for no other reason than it felt comfortable that way. Brain now more engaged, I realised my crotch was not only warm but had a lot of wetness. [Strange I wasn't due on for a couple of weeks!] With my fingers I investigated further! No,I hadn't pee'd myself! No it wasn't that sort of moisture.

Laying on my back now, I scooped my hand thro' my pussy slit and brought it up from under the sheets to look. Amazingly I found myself looking at what could only be sperm! I lay now with eyes wide and mind racing.

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   - No, I had no idea how I'd have spunk in my vagina. My mind raced on, Two only could have taken advantage of my drunkeness, dad? I ruled him out because mum would know if he got out of bed,or would she, she was as drunk as the rest of us. Mel? [the eldest brother] More than likely, he could have and unfairly I was sure he would have been daring enough to have taken his chances.

So there it had lain for all these years. I said nothing at the time,but racked my brain for any slight clue. Nothing! One thing only passed my thoughts about it at the time. I was completely naked in bed,but as my knicker's were on the floor I found, unlike the rest of my clothes from the night before, I just couldn't recall if I'd taken them off before retiring. Also, I had some notion that feeling hot in the night, I'd been struggling to get them down and off my body!

So there it was, Mel did it. He must have! He seemed so quick at overtalking that point of conversation as it arose last night. Now older, I raised this 'Guiding the conversation away from the christmas we were last all in the house nine years ago!' - "Nine? No rest assure it was TEN!" - That was mum, talking between ourselves. - "If you'd have said to me back then, - well lets say I could have told you. . . It wasn't Mel though" - I went flushing hot! - She knew, - it was dad that got me. Hesitatingly, more as a question.

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   - "Dad?" - "God forbid NO! - I've just told you, it was ten years ago!"

My dumb look showed, - "Here, come outside" - To her, outside was a warm secluded extension. - "Listen, this will be a relief, I've been living this like you for years, Oh! if only! We could have not needed to hord it up inside us,neither of us for all these years!" - My mind daren't now, run ahead of what I felt sure she was about to reveal. - Her definitive that it was ten years meant only one thing! Nine! Nine! Nine! the kid's NINE! - Mum's face showed relief before she even went on. - "You say you were disturbed about dawn? It wasn't Mel! - Only you must ever know this! - I had the same sort of thing just after we all went to bed"

"At first being dreamy I thought it was your dad getting randy,so just lay on my side letting him get on with it. Something swirled in my head tho' that was different! The proding continued but as I was getting randy as well,it was only as I felt his cock shoot his cum that I became fully aware that George [My dad] was there in front of me. By the time I'd sorted the sensation of my own orgasm, I was just in time to swivel my neck enough to realise it wasn't Mel [To short] It was Gerry [Yes our youngest brother at that time] With eyes wide now and eyebrows somewhere even higher. - "God mum, you're telling me, I was fucked by my thirteen, she interjected - 'Not quite thirteen' FUCKED by my other kid brother?"

"Worse for me don't you think?" - It dawned. . . "You? the Kid? Fucking hell! I grabbed mum in a hug, while guiltily I was conscious of my pussy getting extremely damp. Mum, it so easily could have been me!" - "Or both of us! Incests like that! I guess" Mum held me at arms length. - "So there, now you know who! when! and your half brothers also your half cousin or is he?" Smiling whimsically now - "Come here!" - She pulled me close in again - "I'm glad we've shared it, but I better tell you the other bit" - I could feel my heart bumping in my chest. Or was it mum's? - "Everytime I think about it,my pants get all wet, the memory of such a young cock spunking me makes me not only feel guilty, but totally wanton!"

"Mines wet as well mum!" Our conversation ended, A cup of tea followed and a totally new understanding known only to the both of us and at a distance, Gerry. - Cuppa finished, - "Hey mum. Do you think Gerry knows he knocked you up?" - "Who knows, he may have suspected it, but has never even indicated he'd screwed me.

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   He's never tried it on since either!" - "To me either, although I thought it may have happened again last night" - Mum grinning now - "Yet you still decided to stayover,not knowing which cock you may have had to take again. You dirty horny little Caroline!" My broad smile made me admit after all these years that I had been secretly hoping to catch the original perpetrator. Or was it just lusting for more of the same while being awake to enjoy it?.