Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings Meet The Fanboys


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Natalie Portman or Kat Dennings or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a Comic-Con. You don’t have to read any of the other stories to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Code: M/F, M/FF, FF, Exhib, Voyeur

Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings Meet The Fanboys
By Muhabba

“Mel!” Natalie Portman squeaked as she ran into the older man’s arms. “I’m so glad to see you!”

“Natalie,” Mel answered, embracing the actress and running his hands up and down her graceful back. “It seems like forever. ”

“Mel, this is Kat,” Natalie said as she broke the hug, not noticing her manager's hand sliding over her hip momentarily. She held her arms out to present the voluptuous young woman jiggling her way towards them.

“Kat Dennings,” Kat said as she held her hand out to Mel.


  She was smirking at Natalie’s enthusiasm so she didn’t notice him quickly ogling her large expanse of cleavage.

Mel bowed momentarily, his bald head nearly bumping into Kat’s DD-cup tits. “I’m Mel. Pleased to meet you,” he said before standing back up, taking a moment to let his eyes glide up from Kat’s thick thighs, wide hips and large, creamy jugs before taking her hand into his. He gave her hand a quick, firm shake which caused her large pale tits to jiggle underneath her top. “This is your first time at ComicCon?”

Kat blushed slightly, somewhat over-whelmed by all the attention she’d already received just walking from her limo to Natalie’s room. “Yeah. "

Mel studied the two actresses; Natalie had a slim, willowy build with small tits, a tight ass, a warm smile and bright eyes while Kat had a curvy, hour-glass figure with a wide, smirking mouth and mischievous eyes. “I take it Natalie has explained our little Meet and Greet?” he asked with a knowing smile.

Both actresses had the same flowing chestnut colored hair and Kat nervously tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “Yeah. I had no idea these Meet and Greets were so. . . intimate.

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Mel clapped his hands as he chuckled, “Ha!Why do yo think ComicCon has become so large. A genre fan is a rabid fan and none more than a Fanboy or girl. They’ll follow their favorite actors anywhere. ”He ran his hands up and down Natalie’s back, slowly getting lower and lower with each stroke. “Isn’t that right, Nat?”

“Oh yeah,” Natalie giggled. “There’s a reason fans kept going to see those prequels. ”

“Well, let’s get you two beauties to the stage,” Mel said with a flourish, holding out one arm and gesturing with his other arm down a dark hall.

Mel followed the sexy actresses as they walked, staring at their very different asses. Natalie’s was high and tight while Kat’s was thick and round. Both girls were dressed casually; Kat with sneakers, tight jeans, blousy top unbuttoned halfway down her impressive chest to reveal her large, jiggling tits encased in a push-up bra. Natalie was wearing sensible shoes, tight slacks and a crisp button up top which was completely buttoned but her hard nipples poking through the material made it obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Almost like a college professor and a student intern,” he thought to himself, thinking he knew what Natalie had planned for the stage show of their Meet and Greet. “So Natalie went over the performance with you, Kat?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Natalie said, answering for Kat as she reassuringly grasped Kat’s hand. “We got the whole think worked out.

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Kat looked over shoulder at Mel. “Are you. . . I mean. . . ”

“Don’t worry, my dear,” Mel reassured her, not wanting her to get too nervous and freeze on stage. “I shall be in the wings making sure everything stays pleasant. ”

“Will that be all you’ll be doing?” Natalie asked as she looked over her shoulder and winked at Mel.

“Well, since you brought it up, I’ll also be auditioning a female body builder for a Wonder Woman movie,” Mel answered.

Kat cocked a quizzical eyebrow. “I didn’t know they were making a Wonder Woman movie,” Kat said.

“They’re not,” Mel said.

Natalie laughed, “Oh, Mel.

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From the dark hall the group entered a small stage with a armless, sturdy, comfortable looking chair set off to one side of the stage. The stage was only partially lit with a giant mural of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor plastered to the back of the stage and a heavy red curtain closed shut in the front. They could hear a murmur of voices from the other side of the curtain as they approached the middle of the stage and stopped.

On the other side of the stage a well-built woman, at least 6 feet tall and dressed as the 1970’s Wonder Woman, stood and waved at Mel. Mel waved back at the woman before turning back to Natalie and Kat. “Well, here you go. You two have fun,” he said as he gave Kat a hug, feeling her large tits pressing against his chest before turning to Natalie and hugging her, pressing his erection against her hip.

As Mel walked off the stage Natalie turned to Kat. “You ready?” she asked in a whisper.

“As I’ll ever be,” Kat whispered back nervously.

Natalie nodded at Mel who walked down the opposite wing of the stage with the Wonder Woman wanna-be following and giggling the whole way.

Mel pick up a microphone from a podium as Wonder Woman began fondling his crotch. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” he said into the mic, his voice amplified into the small theatre, filled to capacity, on the other side of the curtain. “May I present Jane Foster and Darcy the student intern!”

The light came on and flashed and strobbed causing the two sexy actresses to lose sight of Mel as the curtain rose to thunderous applause. They couldn’t see off the stage but judging by the sound there was at least thirty fans in the audience.

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  Natalie started swaying her hips as the low, throbbing bass echoed around the theatre and she ran her fingers through her thick hair. Kat, in her nervousness just stepped from foot to foot and looked nervously around.

Natalie twirled around and stepped behind Kat, running her chest and hard nipples across her co-star’s back. “Relax, Kat,” she whispered into Kat’s ear. “Loosen up. ”She nipped Kat’s earlobe and then slid her arms around the shapely girl’s waist. Kat leaned back against her as she gripped Kat’s hips, pressing her quickly moistening groin against Kat’s plump ass. She pushed back and forth against Kat and forced the young woman to begin swaying to the beat of the music.

As Natalie swirled away from her Kat began moving on her own. Natalie had outlined their performance for her and left plenty of room for improv. “Stick to the plan, stick to the plan,” she chanted to herself. As Natalie strutted away from her she couldn’t help but admire the seasoned actress’s tight ass as she danced back up to her. Natalie spun towards her with a stern look on her face and wagged her finger in time to the beat, just like they had planned. Kat grasped her hands and pretended to plead with Natalie, her arms causing her abundant tits to wobble around in her too small bra. Natalie tapped her wrist in time to the beat, pointing to her watch before turning around and strutting to the other side of the stage.

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Natalie tapped her foot to the beat, letting the applause and cheers of the audience wash over her. It was very nearly orgasmic by itself, the feel of worship and lust, and her body throbbed. Kat approached her from behind, twirling to the music, and landing on her knees. She could see straight down Kat’s shirt as the young starlet pretended to plead some more. Natalie made like she was pondering something and she snapped her fingers like she had gotten a idea. She tapped the top of Kat’s head who looked up at her as she hooked her finger under Kat’s chin to motion her up.

As Kat slowly stood she rubbed her tits up Natalie’s legs to her stomach and up to her chest and then pressed herself tightly against her as Natalie smirked evilly at her.

Natalie whispered into Kat’s ear, “Just relax and have some fun. ”She hid her face from the audience and smiled sweetly at the other girl, “Relax and you’ll enjoy it, I promise. ”

Kat took a deep breath, unconsciously pushing her large tits harder against Natalie’s chest and let the shouts, cheers and love of the audience surround her, fill her. She nodded quickly and continued with the dance.

To the audience it looked like Natalie had given Kat instructions and then Kat had nodded yes at them. And as Kat leaned up and gave Natalie a quick peck on her lips the audience exploded in cheers and cat-calls.

Natalie ran her hands down Kat’s sides and to her back as she kissed the young actress back. Kat’s lips felt like warm pillows as she let her hands travel down Kat’s back and then gripped her round ass.

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  She slid her tongue into Kat’s mouth as she felt the younger costar moan and begin to respond. She gripped and massaged Kat’s fleshy ass and then brought her hands up her back. She brought her hands around to Kat’s now heaving chest, her tits far to large to fit in her questing hands. She broke the kiss as she brought her hands up to Kat’s shoulders and began pushing her to her knees.

Kat gave Natalie a slow kiss on the lips as she brought her hands up to her costar’s slender chest. She lightly ran her thumbs over Natalie’s hard nipples before giving Natalie’s chin a small peak as she unbuttoned the top button of Natalie's shirt. She kissed the front of Natalie’s graceful neck as she undid another button, then the hollow of her neck as she undid the next button. She started bending down as she kissed the top of Natalie’s chest while undoing the next button and then next she kissed Natalie’s breastbone as she got down on one knee to undo another button. For the last button she could reach before getting into Natalie’s pants she got down on both knees as she undid the button and kissed Natalie’s fluttering stomach.

Natalie moaned in excitement as Kat reached her tight pants and ran her fingers through Kat’s hair. Kat had started off softly, tentatively but had quickly lost herself in the somewhat intimate act of undressing her in front of a room full of strangers and her pussy was now throbbing in pleasure. She could hear the crowd cheering as the front of her shirt slowly parted to reveal her chest but still hid her excited nipples. She grinned feverishly as she continued running her fingers through Kat’s thick hair as she began unfastening her unwanted pants.

Kat’s fingers had been trembling when she had begun undressing Natalie she had been so nervous. In her past she had been drunkenly intimate with other girls a few times and had even slept with 2 of them, been in a few movies and acted in intimate scenes in front of large groups of people but this was the first time she was doing all of those at the same time.

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  Of course it wasn’t in their plan to have sex with Natalie, just a little stripe-tease with a show and then they’d meet the drawing winner that was planned after this part of the show was finished. Unfortunately for her she was so nervous that she had just been fidgeting around on the stage but luckily Natalie’s experience had calmed her down enough to start concentrating on her performance. She began concentrating on what she was doing rather than on what was going on and with a almost zen like concentration she had begun undressing the more experience actress. By the time she had gotten to Natalie’s pants she had completely forgotten that she was on a stage being stared at by dozens of Fanboys.

Natalie grinned wide as Kat undid her pants and pulled down her zipper. She stood up on her tip-toes and prepared to spin before suddenly losing her balance when Kat unexpectedly kissed down her stomach. She giggled as she thought to herself, “Good, she’s finally loosing up. ”She shimmied her hips to help Kat pull her pants down, exposing her slender legs to the audience. Her shirt was long enough to cover her to the middle of her thighs and completely hid her tiny pink thong. Kat undid the last two buttons and her shirt hung open, covering her tits but leaving a trail of creamy skin from her neck down her body to where Kat’s head hid the front of her thong. She abruptly spun around, her shirt flaring open to give a quick glimpse of her hard nipples and floating up to give a hint of her tight ass snug inside her thong. She spun one last time and landed in the chair, a quick shrug of her shoulders covering her tits again as she reclined as much as possessable and opened her legs wide to Kat.

As Natalie had spun her way to the chair the nervousness had started to creep back into Kat. She took a deep breath, unconsciously pushing out her chest and nearly causing her tits to pop out of her small bra and counted to 10. She closed her wide eyes as she released her breath and when she opened them again she felt steadier.

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  She slowly crawled to Natalie's spread legs, her large tits dangling below her and nearly falling out as she crawled in-between Natalie’s slender thighs. She concentrated on her fingers again, bringing up a bit of detachment from what she was doing, and lightly ran them up the insides of Natalie’s now sweat slick thighs. When she reached the steamy juncture of Natalie’s wide spread legs she reached up and gripped the top of her thong and began pulling it down.

Kat had pulled Natalie’s thong halfway down her slender thighs before Natalie realized what Kat was doing. They’d agreed to play act a student having sex for a good grade as their strip-tease act before their Meet & Greet with the lottery winner but as Kat finished pulling her pink thong down Natalie realized that Kat was so into the moment that the young actress had forgotten what they were supposed to be doing.

Kat licked her full lips as she brought Natalie’s slim legs up to her shoulders and leaned forward. Her concentration was impervious as the cheers from the crowd became louder and Natalie’s hands gripped her hair and she still didn’t realize how far she had gone when she gave a delicate kiss to the little strip of brown pubic hair shaved above Natalie’s bare, glistening pussy lips. She didn’t even notice as Natalie’s legs trembled and her breath caught in her chest as she kissed one of Natalie’s dewy lips and then the other. She gripped Natalie’s trembling thighs as she nuzzled her delicate labia before giving a soft lick up and down each puffy lip. As the audience whooped and yelled she gave another soft lick from the bottom of Natalie’s slightly leaking pussy to the tip, swirling her wet tongue around her hard, little clit.

“Oh God!” Natalie shouted under the roar of the crowd. Her back arched, her shirt sliding off her shoulders to reveal her small tits to the audience as Kat licked her clit. “Acting is not this girl’s first talent,” she thought as she began rolling her slender hips up to meet her costar’s talented tongue. “God, I love working off script,” she muttered as she twirled the fingers of one hand through Kat’s hair and used the fingers of her other hand to pinch and tug on her nipples. Her and Kat’s Meet & Greet hadn’t even started and it was already looking to be the best one ever.

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Kat’s fingers slid down the inside of Natalie’s thighs to the burning juncture of her legs. She used her fingers to hold open Natalie’s wet folds to reveal the pink treasure between her legs. She gently licked around the glistening entrance to Natalie’s pussy and didn’t even notice as the crowd got louder and Natalie shoved her hips into her face. She concentrated on rolling her tongue into a tube and slowly pushed it into Natalie’s wet, tasty hole.

“Oh God, just fuck me already,” Natalie groaned. Her body was on fire and Kat just stoked it higher and higher with her tongue. She used both of her hands to cup and squeeze her small tits, momentarily remembering that they were supposed to be teasing the audience, not giving them a full blown sex show so she hid her tits in her hands and kept her thigh up where it would hide what Kat was doing between her out stretched legs. She grinned mischievously at the thought of dropping her hands and spreading her legs, letting the audience see everything that was going on and revealing her sweating, panting, writhing, horny body for them to stare at. “God I hope there’s a Thor 2 so I can try that out,” she thought as her body began to crest.

As she slowly increased the speed she was using to tongue fuck Natalie, Kat barely noticed that Natalie was getting ready to cum. In her mind she kept running her 2 previous lesbian encounters through her head as she began thrusting her tongue deeper and faster into Natalie’s practically gushing cunt. She was barely aware of Natalie’s juices covering her chin and dripping down to her pale cleavage. She gave one last long, deep thrust of her tongue as far into her costar’s dripping pussy as she could before slowly pulling her tongue out and sucking Natalie’s hard clit between her pillowy lips and circling it with her tongue.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” Natalie shouted, her cry of pleasure swallowed by the audience’s yells and cheers as her back arched up and her lower body shuddered in pleasure as she came. Her trembling legs clamped around Kat’s head as her pussy spasmed and her juices gushed out to cover her costar’s mouth and chin.


  As her orgasm subsided she slid her legs off of Kat’s shoulders, making sure to keep one higher than the other to keep her wet groin out of the audiences' view. She watched Kat’s face as the young woman looked around and realization dawned on her face.

“Oh fuck,” Kat muttered as she realized that she had just tongue fucked Natalie Portman in front of a room full of geeks. “Oh shit,” she said as she looked up Natalie’s slender, naked, panting body and into her eyes. “Sorry?”

Natalie giggled as she buttoned the bottom two buttons of her shirt to hide her exposed pussy and ass and pulled her shirt up, over her shoulders to hide her small breasts. “Ha,” she chuckled before leaning down into Kat’s bewildered face, “Way to get into character. ”She quickly grabbed the back of Kat’s head, making sure she couldn’t go anywhere as she suddenly kissed her, thrusting her tongue into her costars mouth and tasting her own cum. She broke the kiss and peered into Kat’s wide, startled eyes and whispered, “My turn. ”

“This is. . . this is just a tease, Nat,” Kat frantically said as Natalie released her head.

“Just a tease, hmm?” Natalie said as she pulled her thong up quickly before standing up with a flourish, baring her tight ass momentarily as she spun Kat around.

Kat stood up and followed Natalie, pleading with her, “I just got caught up in the scene, that’s all. You know what that’s like.



Natalie fluttered gracefully around Kat, her back to the audience. “As a actress I can understand losing yourself in a part,” she said seriously. She twirled around Kat again so that the younger actress was facing the audience and she was behind Kat. “As someone that just got tongue fucked in front of a room full of strangers?Not so much,” she whispered in malicious glee as she licked Kat’s earlobe before ripping her shirt open.

As Kat’s large expanse of creamy, jiggling cleavage was suddenly exposed the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. “Oh geez Nat. Come on,” she moaned as the crowd gave her large tits encased in a push-up bra a standing ovation. She heard Natalie hum, “Uh uh,” at her as Natalie reached into her bra and lifted one of her large tits out of it’s cup and then quickly switching to the other. With her bra cups lifting her breasts up the swaying mounds sat like a shelf on her chest and she rolled her eyes in defeat as the cheers from the crowd grew even louder.

Natalie grinned as she nipped at Kat’s neck. “Turn about’s fair play,” she said over the roar of the crowed as she tugged down Kat’s shirt until it fluttered to the ground.

“It was a accident, I swear,” Kat pleaded, not even trying to cover her large breasts. She knew that there wasn’t any way Natalie was going to cut her out of the new, racier show she had accidentality started and resigned herself to accepting her payback. She began to unfasten her jeans and became worried about how far Natalie would take it as she shimmed her hips a little to get her tight jeans off, any pretense of dancing simply gone as her movements caused her large tits to sway back and forth on her chest like a wave. “Eek!” she shouted in shock as Natalie suddenly yanked her tight jeans down to her ankles.

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Natalie looked up the back of Kat’s voluptuous body as she pulled her jeans off of her co-star’s legs. Her eyes twinkled as she ran her fingernails up the back of Kat’s legs to her bikini briefs. She palmed Kat’s round ass-cheeks in her hands and enjoyed the way her fingers sank into the soft flesh. She took a quick bite of one of Kat’s plump cheeks, causing her co-star to squeak again in surprise and sending a nice jiggle through her body.

Kat rolled her eyes in surrender again as Natalie released her ass and continued making her way up her back. As Natalie stood behind her she could feel the spiteful actress’s hard nipples burrowing into her back as her arms encircled her. Natalie’s hands trailed up her body to cup her large tits and squeezed, causing her to moan out a little bit and her eyelids to flutter a bit in pleasure. She nervously licked her lips, still tasting Natalie’s tart juices on her lips as she wiped her chin with the back of her hand, more out of need to do something rather then just stand there and take her punishment. Natalie’s light touches and squeezes quickly turned more forceful and she shivered a little as her hard nipples were scraped across Natalie’s palms.

Natalie playfully licked at Kat’s earlobe as she trailed her hand down the younger actress’s voluptuous body and around to her soft tummy and just above her panties.

“Oh, come on,” Kat whined. “It was a accident. ”There was no response from her vindictive co-star as she chewed her bottom lip out of nervousness. Natalie then wrapped her free arm around her chest, just under her exposed tits to lift them up even further as she slid her hand into Kat’s panties.

Natalie nipped at Kat’s neck as her finger tips caressed Kat’s bare pussy.

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  “Completely shaved?You naughty girl,” she giggled as she softly cupped Kat’s pussy. She was surprised by how wet Kat already was and laughed as she softly squeezed and whispered, “You’re getting off on this. ”

Kat blushed in embarrassment. “I can’t help it,” she groaned. “This is all your fault,” she said defensively as Natalie began rubbing her wet pussy. Natalie’s fingers danced between her legs, softly at first and then more forcefully, quickly turning her on more and more. “Oh wow,” she gasped, surprised by how well Natalie could use her fingers. Her traitors pussy was practically dripping and her panting breaths came in ragged gasps as she leaned back against Natalie’s chest and reached back to grasp her co-star’s legs to steady herself.

Natalie licked Kat’s earlobe as she ran her thumb across the other girl’s clit, causing her to shudder. “How’s your nerves, now?” she asked as she smirked. She ran her middle finger up and down between Kat’s swollen labia and felt the horny actress slowly begin to roll her hips up to meet her fingers. She slowly pushed her middle finger into Kat’s tight pussy and then followed with her ring finger and nearly giggled as the younger actress groaned and began humping up against her hand.

Kat released Natalie’s legs and brought her hands up to grip Natalie’s wrists to help steady herself. She closed her eyes in pleasure as she rolled her hips up to meet Natalie’s questing fingers, humping her hands. So wrapped up in pleasure as she neared her orgasm she forgot her nervousness, forgot her embarrassment at getting finger-fucked in a room full of strangers, all that mattered was that she get to cum.

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  She moaned out louder as she gripped harder at Natalie’s wrists and humped up against her hand when suddenly Natalie’s thumb rolled over her clit again and fireworks exploded behind her mind. “Oh God!” she yelled out as she came, her cum gushing from her pussy and covering Natalie’s talented hand.

Natalie nearly laughed out and grinned in satisfaction as Kat shuddered against her. She felt Kat’s body shudder against her and occasionally twitch as she came down from her orgasm. As her co-star relaxed she released her quivering body and pulled her hand out of Kat’s panties. She stood behind Kat and quickly licked the cum from her fingers as she looked at the audience from behind Kat’s shoulder. The entire auditorium was on their feet, cheering and yelling loud enough to vibrate the walls and a sudden, devilish thought streaked across her mind, causing her to smile as she quickly pulled her wet thong off and leaving it on the ground, inspired by the cheers of the crowd.

“Oh geez,” Mel muttered as Natalie slid down her thong. He made to grab the mic, reaching out as far as he could, not wanting to move from his position behind the body builder. He had her down on her hands and knees as he fucked her from behind so they could both watch Kat’s and Natalie’s strip tease and he was already on the verge of cumming as they finished their lesbian strip show. The body builder groaned in pleasure as he shifted position a bit to grab the mic, never missing a stroke. “Ladies and gentleman, the winner of the lottery is ticket number 818,” he quickly muttered. He had no idea who had actually won, he just rambled off a random number so he didn’t have to stop fucking the body builder.

The crowd quickly went silent as everybody checked their tickets. Suddenly, out to the darkness, a voice rang out, “Yippee!”

As the winner quickly made his way up to the stage Kat made to tuck her mountainous tits back into her push-up bra when Natalie stopped her.

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  “Nuh uh,” she said into Kat’s ear. “We reveal as much skin as we’re comfortable with and you were plenty comfortable a couple of minutes ago,” she said mischievously.

“Oh, you bitch,” Kat muttered as she turned around to face Natalie, baring her round, panty covered ass to the audience. “No way,” she whispered sternly.

“You agreed to the terms,” Natalie said as she shrugged her shoulders like there was nothing she could do. “You signed the contract. ”

Kat’s mouth dropped open in shock. “You’re not serious,” she said as Natalie simply smirked and nodded her head. “Ohhh. . . I’m so getting you back if we get a sequel,” she said as she smiled about how well Natalie had gotten her.

One of the Fanboys quickly made his way up to the stage and handed his ticket to Natalie. She looked at the ticket and nodded as she pointed to the chair. “Have a seat and we’ll get started,” she said warmly and the Fanboy nearly ran across the stage to sit in the chair.

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  As he sat down the tent in his pants made it obvious how tuned on he already was.

A slow bump and grind started over the speakers and the girls slowly made their way across the stage to join the Fanboy, Natalie raising a leg up high with each step and giving quick glimpse of her tight ass and Kat’s large tits swaying back and forth with each step. The Fanboy himself looked pretty unremarkable; average height, kinda skinny, wearing glasses and a simple button up shirt with jeans.

As Kat and Natalie surrounded him the Fanboy looked nervously at the erection tenting his pants. Natalie twirled around the chair, her shirt flaring up momentarily to give a quick glimpse of her naked pussy and tight ass to the audience as she stopped behind Kat. “Don’t worry about the lap dance, sweetie,” she whispered to Kat as she ran her hands down Kat’s body, bending at the waist to give the audience a clear shot of her ass and pink pussy lips peeking out before quickly standing back up straight. “I’ve done lap dances before,” she said as her wet cunt throbbed momentarily as she remembered studying strippers for her roll in “Closer”. “You just worry about the rest of him. ”

“Thanks,” Kat said and her nervousness slipped away and she began moving to the beat of the music. Her large tits swayed back and forth on her chest as she bent over, rubbing her fleshy orbs across the Fanboy’s head. He immediately opened his mouth and began licking the silky flesh and trying to suck on one of her hard nipples. She cooed to herself as tiny bolts of pleasure shot through her chest and her pussy tingled at the sensation. She bent over further, pointing her round, panty covered ass to the audience as she brought the Fanboy’s hands up to her chest and he immediately started to grip and squeeze her heavenly tits. She moaned and pushed her chest farther into his face as he finally managed to latch on to a nipple with his mouth and he continued pawing at her other tit with one hand and his other hand traveling across every inch of her exposed skin.

Natalie giggled to herself as she watched Kat start to get into having her body felt, sucked and licked by the Fanboy.

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  Natalie sauntered over to in front of the Fanboy, her shirt popping up with each step to give the audience quicklm peeks of the underside of her tight ass before straddling his lap. She used her hands to position the Fanboy’s hard-on up and down his lap, pointing it up towards his belly button, to give her easier access to rub against it. She scooted up and sat more squarely on his lap, her bare cunt right on top of his erect prick, and grabbed his wrists. She practically had to pry his hands away from Kat’s voluptuous body before she could bring them around her and placed his palms against her naked ass-cheeks. His hands quickly began squeezing and massaging her tight ass as he began thrusting his hips up to dry hump her steamy pussy as she began rolling her hips against his throbbing erection.

As the Fanboy nursed hungerly at her impressive chest a naughty thought flashed across Kat’s mind and she grinned evilly. She looked at the Fanboy’s crotch and began timing Natalie’s thrusts, waiting for the perfect moment. As Natalie rubbed her wet pussy down the Fanboy’s lap Kat’s hand flashed down between their sweaty bodies, quickly unfastening his pants and yanking them down enough to expose his hard cock. She looked up at Natalie’s sexy face as her costar looked back at her dumbfounded as she felt the naked prick slide alone her wet cunt. “We can go as far with the winner as we want. You signed the contract,” she said defiantly to Natalie.

“Ha,” Natalie chuckled, amazed by Kat’s quick thinking. It seemed that the hornier her younger costar got the sneaker she became. But there was no way she was going to let the younger actress out play her, it was a matter of principal now.

“Oh my fucking God,” the Fanboy mumbled around a face full of Kat Denning’s giant jugs as Natalie Portman’s hot pussy grinded against his throbbing prick.

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  Natalie Portman raised up one of her slender legs, giving him a unobstructed view of her glistening pussy as she lifted her leg over his head and swiveled her willowy, barely covered body around on his lap. Now facing away from him and as she continued to straddle his lap she rocked her hips back, rolling his cock between her tight ass-cheeks. Kat Denning’s hard nipple was still in is mouth but he had forgotten all about sucking on the ripe nub as Natalie Portman rubbed her tight ass along the length of his prick. Her wet pussy quickly coated his cock and he could feel her puckered asshole slide up and the down the length of his cock.

Kat stared in open mouthed shock at Natalie’s bold act, rubbing her hot, naked pussy along the Fanboy’s throbbing prick.

Natalie looked over her shoulder at Kat’s dumbfounded face as she worked her horny pussy against the Fanboy’s hard dick. She grinned mischievously as she grinded herself against him, rolling and bucking her hips, rubbing herself up and down the hard length of him.

Natalie shuddered in pleasure as her hungry pussy throbbed in need but stopped suddenly as she felt the Fanboy’s hard cock lurch beneath her, almost ready to cum.

In a flash Natalie spun off the Fanboy’s lap, spinning around to land on her knees next to the still stunned and mostly topless Kat. She gripped Kat by the hair and yanked her head back, startling her and pulling her spit wet tits from the Fanboy’s mouth. She pulled Kat’s head back and suddenly kissed her, plunging her tongue into the younger actress’s open mouth. She quickly broke the kiss and pushed Kat forward, draping her across the Fanboy’s lap, covering his throbbing erection between her large, pillowy breasts. “The contract did say he could touch any exposed skin,” she whispered into Kat’s ear with nearly malicious glee.

“Dammit,” Kat whispered, frustrated by being outplayed by Natalie again. The Fanboy quickly grabbed her large tits and began thrusting himself in and out of her quivering cleavage, titty-fucking her as Natalie spun away from them.

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  Natalie’s spin brought her to the other side of the Fanboy and Kat watched as she lowered her tight ass next to Kat’s tits as the older actress lifted her shirt up to reveal her bare ass to the Fanboy.

The Fanboy’s tongue lolled out of his mouth as he continued to fuck Kat Denning’s massive tits and he stared lustfully at Natalie Portman’s spectacular ass. He had the sense that someone somewhere had lost control of something but he didn’t really care, this was without a doubt the greatest day of his life. The day he kinda sorta had some kind of sexual contact with not one but two hot, Hollywood starlets. With a grunt he came, the tip of his cock pointing out of the top of Kat Denning’s amazing cleavage, shooting his thick load over her amazing tits and Natalie Portman’s fantastic ass. His cum showered down on the sexy co-stars’ exposed flesh, covering them like a firehose as he groaned in pleasure. With one last grunt he shot his last load and collapsed back farther into the chair, hearing for the first time the audience as they cheered him on. He looked out at the audience as he released Kat Denning’s tits and gave the audience a dopey grin of satisfaction and a thumbs up.

Kat and Natalie looked at each other for a moment with blank faces before grinning at each other and breaking out into fits of laughter. Both actresses stood up straight and faced the audience, they grasped each others’ hand and walked onto center stage. They raised their clasped hands up with a flourish, Kat’s large, sticky tits swaying and Natalie’s shirt pulling up to expose her wet pussy. “Make sure not to miss us in Marvel’s Thor, opening soon,” they shouted happily before bowing deeply.

“Oh fuck,” Mel grunted as he stumbled while reaching for a rope to close the curtains. He accidentality shot his load over the body builder’s tan, muscular back as he finally successfully grabbed the rope and the curtain closed on the two actresses. “Bloody good show,” he muttered as he fell back on his naked ass, staring at Kat and Natalie.

Συνοδοί κορίτσια 


“I can’t believe I just did that,” Kat said to Natalie in excitement.

“This was nothing, trust me,” Natalie replied as she released Kat’s hand and wiped a stray strand of cum from Kat’s flushed face. “Remind me to tell you the details about the Star Wars prequels. I’ve had light saber props in places I didn’t know they could go. ”

“Where ‘No Man Has Gone Before’, huh?” Mel said as he approached the actresses, tucking his shirt into his pants before realizing his Sci-Fi faux pas.

Kat smiled and rolled her eyes in amusement the the older man. “Oh, Mel. ”

The End. .

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