This happened early 70's when I was 16 .
I was in disagreement with my Mumas she wanted me togoon holiday with her and my Aunt to a holiday camp for 2 weeks in the summer holidays and spending2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won butwas informed that mum's friend would pop in tosee how I was etc .
I had been to the park to have a a kick about with mates as I play football and Rugby for school and was drenched in sweat as was a hot day so got home and had a nice cool bath which was heaven.
I put on my summer dressing gown which was a sort of short kimono style ,as I was going to my bedroom I passed mums bedroom ,now this was a no goand was never allowed in theresince I was young. Well being 16 and mum away for 2 weeks curiositygot the better of me and wentautomatically to the handle and then I was in her bedroom.
I went toher wardrobe and open it and there was a few draws which had her knickers which were plain big sort ,same with her bra's and tights nothing exciting and her clothes hanging up were mainly ordinary work clothes.
In the other corner was another wardrobe which was locked and the key missing,after looking round saw a small jar on the table as I shook it there was a tiny rattle andtipped up and a key dropped into my hand .
The wardrobe opened and was the same as the other ,a few draws which I looked into but the knickers were completely different,there were tiny G-strings most were very shear & see through also there were crotchless ones in various colours,I held a few up and they were very see through .
There were suspender belts, corsets ,bras and stockings in the other draws,the bras were like the G-string very shear see throughalso some bras and corsets were 1/4 cupswhich I never new about soa surprise ,stockings were all sorts and colours ,seamed ,fishnet etc .
Hanging on the rails were various uniforms ,school,nurse,maid etcplus a few dresses which looking at were very short and had very low front ,some were PVC and leather others were the clingy material.
I wascompletely shocked but very hard .
Therewere lots of shoes and boots all had Hi Heelsand various coloursRed,Black,White & Patent , as I looked at these I saw a shoe box under some shoes and being nosey I pulled it out and took a look inside andwhat a Fucking shock,inside there were Polaroidphotos of mum.
There was a picture of mum in a school girl uniform ,blazer ,shirttie ,gym skirt ,white shocks & black shoes standing with hands behind her back looking down,next was her bent over showing white panties ,next was a older man dressed as headmaster canning my mum panties another with them down being caned could see the red marks. Then was one with her stripped except fortiesocks shoesbeing caned , the last was of her being fucked by this guy .
As I went through them there was more naked pics ofmum doing various things especially with Vibrators ,dildos,candles ,cucumber . Mums cunt was very smooth no hairs anywhere,plus her nipples were pierced, there were pics of her with other men and women, being Gang Banged , with women of all ages, also pictures of my Aunt with guys & females including my mum both licking each other and kissing.

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By now I was rock hard ,I put the box back making sure it was how I found it and had alook at Mums bed side draws as I pulled one draw open I saw various sex toys dildos ,vibsall sizes . I picked a black one up andlooked and sniff itcould smellmums juices and for some kinky reason I licked it then put in my mouth and sucked it but after a few seconds realised it was weird and put it back in draw . I looked in the 2nd draw and there was magazines in there the Swedish type showing a woman being Gang Banged ,there was a few of these, belowwas another magazine looking through it ,it had letters from readers stories and contact adsetc
I started to read one when the phone rang sorushed down stairs and it was mum asking if I was ok and they had arrived ok etc I was in shocked as I kept seeing in my head what was upstairs and got off the phone quick as I stood there with an almighty hard .
I went into the lounge sat on the sofa stillhad the magazine in my hand ,so laid on the sofa had my gown open and was reading a storywhile gently rubbing my 9" thick cock ( donkey was my nickname at school) I was doing this nice and slow ,I looked up and saw my mums friend reflection in the TV screen this made me more hard as I rub myself pretending to read but looking at Mary( 65 married to older husband who been ill for over 15yrs drink problems etc) I could see her staring at my cock andfeeling her tits over her blouse while pressing her hand on her cunt through her skirt .
Saw her just looking at my big cock ,I moved a bit and open my legs for her tosee my big balls ,I couldhear her breathing hard and this turned me onmore . I turned and faced her but I don't think she saw me as she stared at my cock. I decided to just go for it soI said " Mary come in and sit next to me" " this startled her but she came in and sat next tomestill looking at my cock . I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and gently rubbed it up and down ,all Mary kept saying was " Oh Fuck ,Oh Fuck its huge " as she was rubbing me I was gently undoing her top and exposed her huge tits in her bra ,I noticed her nipples were poking through soI pinched them as I did I heard a sigh and moan from Mary lips.
I pinched them and twisted them hard and Mary was saying " Oh yes Harder please Harder " .
I grabbed Mary head and pushed it downbut she was resisting and saying I cant I never done it with my husband it horrible but I pulled her hair she still resisted but I think she loved to be forced ,so I slapped her face hard and told her tosuck me ,she didn't do anything so I said " Go on you fucking Slut suck my cock now " then slapped her again as I forced her head down, she suddenly open her mouth and I pushed her down onto my cockshe started to gag on it but I kept her head down .
By now her Bra was off and I saw her Tits they were huge but not droopy but firm and I saw her nipples which were big and thick as she sucked my cock ,I pinched them hard and heard her moan as I twisted them. I pulled her head upand asked if she was a slut she said nosoI slapped her face hard still she said "no" soslapped her again and said " Are you a Slut and do you want to suck my cock "
"Yes I want tosuck it " I pushed her head down butnotlet her suck it. She begged me to let her suck my cock ,she said " I want to suck you"
"are you a slut "
"yes I am a slut ,let me suck your huge cock,please"
" are you dirty fucking slut "
" yes I am a dirty fucking slut,please I need to suck that huge cock "
" suck it you fucking slut "
she went down on my cock and sucked it as I pushed her head down ,I felt her gagging and she tried to get up but I forced her further down till it was all in which no one has ever done with my cock, she came upchoking but then went down again and I forced her as she tried to resist as I called her a dirty fuckinggranny slut.
After a while told her tostand upand take her skirt off she didn't want to do it but I slapped her tits hard and ordered her to remove it after another slap but onher face ,she removed them and stood there in her high white granny knickers her hand overher cunt ,told her to remove her hands to reveal a big wet patch by her cunt.
"Remove those wet Knickersslowly"
as she pulled down she revealed a big hairy bush
"what you want to do now slut,tell me"
" I want to put your big cock in me"
" where in you"
"in my vagina"
" it's called a CUNT"
" I cant say that "
" come here and sit on my lap facing me "
she sat on my lap facing me as my cock rested against her cunt ,gradually rubbing it up and down ,she tried to put it in but told her nonot until she said the word cunt but she said she hated theword as I rubbed my cock against her cunt .

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Her breathing was getting heavy as I rubbed my cock against her ,she was begging and tried several times to mount me until she could not take it any more and begged me to fuck her wet hairy cunt .
She lowered herself onto my big cock ,as she did she kept saying " oh my god,oh my god I cant take it "I slapped her then forced all of it in her ,her eyes went wide and no sound came out of her mouth.
Suddenly there was a scream as I kept pumping ,she started to beg me to stop saying she cant take it ,its to big & thick that she hasn't been fucked for over 20yrs but just went faster till she cumthen after that she kept cumming and begging not to stop as she started tohump my cockas I twisted her nipples and slapped her as she beg me to slap her harder ,saying
"I'm a dirtyfucking slut fuck my cunt harder ,hurt me please "
of course I obliged .
She begged me to stop as she couldn't take any more but I had not cum yet ,I got her tokneel down and rest on sofaas I entered from the back doggy style which I loved ,I really fucked her hard for about 10mins her begging for me to stop ,when I did ,begging for me to fuck her again . She passed out a few times as she cum so hard.
I asked her if she want my cum ,she said yes want it all in me fuck me harder cum in meas I shot my load she cum as well . I pulled out and saw my cum dripping out of her cunt told her to scoop it outand lick it up,she didn't want tobut now she was my bitch and a few slaps and she did what she was told .
I fucked her for the next 2hrs she begging me to fuck her hairy cunt ,she loved using dirty words and the word cunt ,she alsotook all my cum in her mouth I wanked my cock into her open mouth telling her not toswallow but tomove it round her mouththen swallow , she loved the taste and wanted more which she eventually got my load . .
She got dressed and I told her that she will need to shave her cunt smooth no hair anywhere onher body and todress like a slut when she next see me .
During that 2 weeks my mum was away we spent hours fucking ,I showed mums stuffand got Mary towear them for me we even went out at night in them and fucked in her car in and out .
We drove out one night and went to a picnic area car-park down a long track and parked up ,there were a few cars there and we got out and walked up a smallpath into the woods to a spot where there was a table . We kissed and of course I groped her big tits and nipples. Mary had a short skirt from mums wardrobe a see through top stockings hi heels and lots of heavy make up . Mary got down and pulled my shorts off as she started on my cock slow and deep ,as I looked up I saw a few guys coming up the path and standing behind Marywatching hersucking me,as she took it out of her mouth could see the guys looking at it .

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I pulled Mary up and turned her aroundand showed her off to the guys saying she my step-grandmother and a dirtyslut ,Marywas shocked and tried to turn but held her arms as I told the guys to come over and have a feel of her ,Mary was begging me let to gobut I said "you are my dirtyslut whore arntyou"
" yes I am a dirty fucking whore slut "
"Tell them who I am "
"he my step grandson and his whore "
at this the guys hands were every where ,her top was off and skirt up as fingers went in her cunt as Mary moaned with pleasure .
Pushed her down onto her knees and told her totake out there cocks and show what a whore you are ,Mary went round and tookeach one out wanking and sucking them some coming in her mouth,tits ,face etc.
Forced over the picnic table and told them she a fuck bucket fill her ,one by one they fucked her about 6-7 guys some twice all coming in her ,Marywas cumming lots as she was gangbanged by guys she got into the whore swearing and screaming to be fucked harder ,getting on her knees sucking them and begging to be fucked again .
The guys looked at my cock and said " you should be proud of that ,son how big is it "
I told them and one guy came over and asked if he could feel it at this time I was so sexed up said OK,he grabbed it and gently stroked itthen he was on his knees sucking me off it felt sogood toldMary to join himand had 2 mouth sucking andlicking after a while I shot my lot intoboth mouths and saw them kissing and licking each other clean.
The guy said its time for you to fuck your grandmother cunt . They watched as Mary begged to be fucked by my big cock and kept shouting "Fuck grandmother cunt please" ,the guys kept egging me on as I teased Maryuntil she grabbed my cock and jumped on it within a few seconds she was screaming as she cumseveral times as I humped her hard.
She was now begging to stop but the guys saidto keepgoing so I did ,Mary was cumming constant tillshefainted and I shot my load up there with the rest of the guys cum. Mary was laying on tablelegs arms spread eyes closed, naked breathing heavy , a few guys helped her get dressed( no Bra & Nics ) as these hadvanishedgrabbed by the others . After a while sitting with 2 guys and chatting she was able towalk to her car and able to drive home where she dropped me off at my house ,gave me a kiss and thanked me.
Over the 2week period Mary was either at my house fucking me or we drive out somewhere quite usually a picnic spot where she would be dressed as a dirty slut ,where we would fuckor Mary would fuck othersbare back in all holesbut she would always want me to finish her off .
During the yearswe could not see each other as muchdue to my school work andactivities as I was in the sports teams at school ,when we did Mary was an animaland didn't carewho was watching
Eventually I went off to Uni for3 yrs , it was hundred of miles from home so didn't get home much but when I washome Mary was always there waiting for me ,even when she came round tovisit mumshe would show her cunt off to me flashing etc. She would mouth that she wanted tobe fucked and if mum went out the room shespread her legsand rub herselfa few times nearly cumming , mum asked her if she was ok as she looked flasheda sweaty .
I came back from working up North as had a promotionand was basednear where I was brought up ,got myself a nice flat and car ,as a new job ,promotion I was always busy sosociallife was a bit dull .
In thesummer was informed that Mary's husband had died and the funeral will be the following week and I was to go out of respect for Mary .
I contacted Mary and told her to meet me at a Tea Room she was over the moon to hear from and stated that she had missed my fucking huge cock and was getting wet thinking of it .

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I arrived before Mary andopposite was 2 women in there 70's chatting as I waited for Mary . Mary saw me at the back of room and came and sat next to me with a big smileshe still looked good for 75 and was dressed sexy in a short skirt withbuttons at front ,black stockings and a low top and nipples poking through. We ordered a drink and sat drinking Told her I was sorry about husband but she just smiled and saidabout time he died ,hated what he put me through.
I said I have something for her , I opened a bag and brought out a 1/4 cup bra black lacy , black crotchlessKnickers ,Black Stockingsseamedanda Blacksee through Blouse . I informed her this is what she was going towearwith her black skirt which she had on , told her to hold up whatI bought her which she didthen I felt her hand on my crotch rubbing my cockthroughmy jogging pants as she did I got hard as her hand squeezed my cock.
She was feeling it saying "I want your cockin me,now " then she grabbed my hand and put it up her skirt and there was no knickersand she was soaking .
As we got up I saw the 2 women opposite looking at me ,Mary went topay as I stood there my cock was still hard and outline in my joggers ,thewomen were looking at it I left with Marybut told her I leftsomething in Tea Room . I went inand borrowed pen & paper from waitresswrote my name on 2 pieces with number and saw the 2 womenand just gave one toeach and smiled "call me" then left .
That night told Mary tomeet me in town,Maryarrived and we walked up the high street thenturned down an alley where I knocked on a door which was opened by John an old school friend who owned a Tattoo parlour . Took Mary in and told John this was the lady to bedone ,he looked , he was surprised at Mary's age . We went to a booth with a medical couch ,Mary asked what was going on ,told her to strip but she said Noso I slapped her hard ordered to strip which she did with a smile , told her to lay on couch naked sheasked what was going ontold her that her nipples were going to be pierced and then a tattoo to prove your mine .
John asked Mary did she want anything to numb the painshe said No ,John was surprised as all his clients do but hewent aheadcould hear Mary moan as the needle went through her nipples then again as he put the gold rings through . Mary looked horny with her rings ,now John got ready with his Tattooing equipment and as we discussedhe went ahead with the Tattoo which was aboveMary's smooth cunt ,Mary was enjoying it as John sat between Mary's legs and his needle just above her clit with her juicesflowing it took about 60 minsbefore it was finished by this timeMary was horny as hell . John gave her a mirror to look at was doneshe couldnt really seeso she asked ,I told her " Your Whore " she smiledand asked "who is Your" told her anyone I tell her , John looked at me so told Mary to get on her Knees and suck John's cock .
Marywas down her knees ripping his cock out from his shorts ,John about 7" andthick ,Mary was sucking and wanking himtill he stopped her bent her over and fucked her hard ,Mary came several times as John pumped her fall of cum , turned her round to lick him clean .

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John looked at me said she all yours , she pulled my zip down heard John say fuck it's evenbigger than I rememberas Mary started sucking metaking it all down her whore throat which surprisedJohn as she wanked and sucked me , shebent over the couch and told me to fuck her but I was the master and she the whore so made her beg for my cock like a whore ,John was getting hard again as I gradually pushed it into her cunt . Marywas sucking John as I fucked her ,she came loads as we both fucked her hardshe screaming for more and then begging us tostop butshe was our whore to dowhat we wanted ,eventually we finished andgot dressedas we looked at Marylaid out on the floor naked with "WHORE " above her smooth cunt ,John thanked me as we leftand said any time you want a tattoo on thehouse.
Next week I went to Mary husband funeral and sawMaryin the church yardand waited till every one had moved awayand went uptoher and askedif she was being a WHOREand asked if she was wearing whati boughther ,she open her jacketand she had 1/4 braandblack see through blousebut i noticedher rings in her nipples were biggershe smiled and said she got them as payment for service ,I asked what she meantshe smiled andtouch mycock in my trousers and said time for serviceand walked off.
After the servicewe all went to a hotel for snacks and drinks , Marymingling with themourners sayingthe usual and Marysmiling and drinking , aftera whilei went over to her and told her to meetme in car park .
I saw Marycomeout andwaved her over to my carparkedbehind ahotel van, she came overandkissed metold her to get into carback seatwhere she unzippedmeand went down on mycockas i took her jacket offand saw how sexy she looked ,she said that she wanted to leave her jacketopen andshow of herpiercednipples to everyone Itold herto do that when she goes backwhich made her evenmorehorny as she un buttoned her skirt to reveal her crotchlesspantiesshe said she was rubbing her whore cunt throughskirtduring the church servicesand kept thinking of my cockfucking heras shemountedmeand fucked me. I took her top off as I pulled her nipple rings which turned her on more and felt her juices as she cum loadsover my cock as she screamed harder ,which I did her nipples were nearly ripped off but she was cumming so much . She was begging for me tocum in herto shoot my load in her ,which I didin abundance she said " Oh my god I can feel it filling me up" .
We finished and tidy ourselves upI asked about her larger rings said she went back and got them free,it turned out she stripped for John and he did what he wanted with her fucked all holes when finished put in her new rings .
We got out and I went back and Mary waitedand followed ,was asked if I seen Mary saidsaw her in the garden at thatmoment Mary walked in with her Jacket undone and a few buttons undone on her skirt you could see her stocking tops as she walked in. I watched as she went to the bar and ordered a large Vodka and coke and leaned on it as she looked around the room as she drank her drink with a smile on her face,I saw stuff dropping onto the floor and realised it was my cum which got me hard .
During the night I watched her as she got even more daring and guys chatting toher ,a few times she disappearedand then came back followed by a guy she saw me and smiled and licked her fingers .
As everyone left there was a few people lefta few couples and couple of guys , we were all chattingtogether and suggested to go back to my hotel room for more drinks which we ordered from thebar and made our way to my room where we started to drink and chat . Mary brought up the size of mens cocks and how big some are ,a few women didn't believe her about size and thickness till she turned round to me and told me to prove them wrong . She was laying on the bed now with her legs open showing her stockings and crotchless pantiesas she told me to strip off and show them . I did as she said and heard the gasps of the women and the wowwws of the guys ,Mary went over to me and started to wank me till I was at full hardness and then saw the women looking as Mary swallowed it all .

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  She got up and led me to the wives and grabbed a woman's hand and put on my cock where she automatically carried on wankingas Mary undid her dress while looking at her husband ,showing her pierced nipplesnow very erectas his wife was wanking me. I grabbed her head and pushed her down onto my cockas she sucked it choking but didn't stop ,another wife came over and knelt down and wanked me as the other was sucking me ,they passed my cock between there mouths as Mary stripped other wife of her black dress giving it to her husband as Mary put his hand on her cuntas she was naked except for stockings and black patent Hi heels all looking at her pierced nipples and her tattoo "YourWhore" as the husband was fingering her cum filled cunt as she got his cock out and sucked it then pulled him over to the bed and stripped him as he watched his wife now nude and being felt by other guys . Mary said "you love watching your dirty slut wife sucking his big cock ,you want him to fuck your slut " he just mumbled yes ,Mary told me to bring her over next to her and fuck her while she fucked her husband .
As I laidon the bed told her to straddle me as Mary did same to her husband ,his wife lowered herself saying " I cant take it ,I cant" Mary said "Fuck the dirty slut"as I pushed up and saw her eyes widen and her mouth open but no sound ,then a scream of " Oh Fuck ,Oh Fuck" as I fucked her she was screaming she was cumming dont stop then she fell on me as her body shook ,then cumming again& again as she begged for me to fuck her harder which being the gentleman I am I did till she just fell off laying on floor panting .
By now the rest of the women were being used as husbands watched ,Mary guy had shot his load in her and was resting in a chair looking at his 50+ wife laying on floor naked except for her stockings and her hairy cunton show. Another wife jumped on me and this how it carried on for a few hours ,Mary being fucked by guys and Husbandsand her going down on the wives cunts licking them till theycame again,none have had any Bi sexand they loved it as they were in 69 position with Mary as they made each other cum . Two husbands wanked me and sucked me as there wives looked on not saying anything while others rubbed there cunts ,it was a great orgy where a few people sexuality were opened up.
We sat down with the married couples after we all dressed and had a drink , all were embarrassedbut by the time we chatted all enjoyed it and they asked if they could do it again and we arrange to meet the following weekendwhere I booked a bigger room with bigger bed ,well it was the honeymoon suitebut that is another story .
Over theyears Ifucked Mary we even went on holidayto a nudist camp in Francewhere she was well used in the dunes and in our room by both Male & Femalefromyoung to oldplus I also had a lot of fun with the young toold females . Ithink her tattooandlarge nipple rings attracted alot of glares from the normal nudists buteven more from the sexually active nudists,we even managed a 3 generation with daughter,mother & grandmother all being fucked by both of us the women never had a Bi-experiencewhich they loved especially daughter who licked her Mother & Grandmotherwhilebeing fucked by me . We did meet up with them when we got back for more funwithout the husbands knowing as not nudists .
My last fuck was on Mary's 90thshe still came loads her cunt still wet and she still swallowed my cockplus she still swore like awhore . Sadlyshe had a fall and ended up in a home where she still sucked mebut eventually passed on .
So this is in her memory forbeing the Best Dirty Fucking Whore I Ever Had . .

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