No Good Deed Goes Unpunished _ (CybersexMe_003)


 The seductive torture of sweet bondage you have just inflicted on me, has taken me to heights I did not know was possible. You think I would have learned by now that there is always another rung to climb; a new perversion of pleasure to explore and nothing taboo to we who allow our energies to feed off each other.  Still. . . . . . the sly way you suggested a shower and the way your ass wiggled as you walked towards the bathroom, raised a question in my mind and raised a stirring in parts which seem insatiable. I watch your squelching buttocks as you move coquetishly across the room and wonder how the hell I managed to slip out of the tight prison of your anus when I so wanted to shoot my seed deep into your arse?? Not that I have anything against the supreme chamber of your pussy; except my dick of course. . . . . . forever and ever Amen! "Cumming?", you shout girlishly over the noise of the shower.

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   Pausing only briefly to go into the drawer of my own bedside table, I enter the now steamy bathroom to find you plastered against the glass door of the shower cubicle. Your breasts flattened against the wet glass; the dark shapes of your nipples sliding against the wet smoothness as you move up and down. One hand is obviously toying your ever hungry love pouch and I knock descreetly on the door with one hand, my other goes to the towelrail nearby.  You slide the door open a few centermetres peeking out at me and making sure to teasingly display a hard wet nipple.  "Can I help you with. . . . . . something?" ; you ask teasingly, looking down at my ever hardening length.  "Yes I hear you have an opening; for a hard worker!", I reply as I grip the edge of the door and suddenly slide it open.  Bursting into the cubicle and heedless of the water going everywhere, I grip your waist and push you back against the glass wall! I kiss you so hard and urgently that the sweet salty taste of blood caresses my tastebuds. Squirming against me you kiss back feverishly and I know you taste it too. I reach back behind me and grab the cake of soap from it's holder and begin to lather you up, whilst still engaged in the bloodletting kiss.

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   Your tits and belly are white with suds and slippery as sin. Wrapping both arms around you, I plaster my chest against your luscious orbs and begin to grind wetly against you. Dropping my hands below the wonderous lustre of your long dark hair; I soap the curve of your back; imagining the trail of slick foamy bubbles moving down and between the cheeks of your ripe, firm buttocks. This thought stirs something in me and I drop to my knees so that I can see your smoothe, shaved pink crack. Nothing obstructing my view except a liitle soap. Taking the cake, I begin to rub your perfect belly; your ruby bellybutton stud winking through the steam. More and more I lather you up, taking the soap right down to your bare, quivering cunt and pushing it in slightly. You moan and move your hands over mine, demanding more. . . . . . . Just when you start to reach a fever pitch, I quickly stand, brace my feet against the tile surround and deftly turn you towards the jet of steamy water.

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   Before you realize what's happening I reach a hand out to the towelrail to precure what I left there. Looking over your shoulder; for once, confused and vulnerable; you make no resistance as I move both your arms above your head and quick as a flash, handcuff you to the showerhead. The soapy floor makes it impossible for you to get enough purchase to stretch up and unhook yourself and the gleam in your eyes tells me you don't want to.  I take the long-handled brush from it's hook, test the weight in my hands; tilt my head on one side and say; "So, tie me to the bed will you, my little Vamp?? Oh, you were good; Very Good! But remember 'No good deed goes unpunished. ' " You almost simper and squirm with expectation as I place the flat of the brush against your cheeks, but I turn it over and start rubbing the bristles over the swelling curve of your behind. With your hands high above your head and your bottom thrusting demandingly back; your breasts hang deliciously and invitingly full, as if awaiting milking.  Always happy to oblige, I reach out and cup the nearest mammory, kneading the dripping flesh and pinching the nipple up and down. The water cascading from and around your torso causes it to appear as if a jet of sweet milk is really squirting from the pink slippery teat. This sight is so erotic that, with mounting excitement, I reverse the brush and paddle your now brightly glowing buttocks with a few resounding SMACKS! You groan and writhe against your restraint and I drop the brush and regain the soap. Massaging the suds into the pink, pulsating flesh and into the crack, right to the tight little hole which previously denied me. My cock is virtually bursting now, almost painfully stiff with need. With soap and fingers I explore your tight cavity until you are begging for my length. I take one hand from the rich lather and soap up my aching dick. Dropping the soap I move behind your manacled naked body, part your cheeks with eager trembling hands; place the tip of my swollen member against your puckered slippery anus. .

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  . . . and Slam Home!!!!!  You cry out in dark painful gasps of lustfull abandon as my cock goes deep within your restrictive cave. . . . All the way in as if I was trying to get my balls in there too! I almost cum on the spot, but manage to control it somehow.  Bracing my feet yet again, I slide one arm around your waist supportively against the slipperyness of the cubicle floor. My other hand reaches around to seek the smoothe shaven folds of your dripping quim, exploring with finger and thumb for your love button. Your hole is gripping my cock so tightly. . . . warm and wet.

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  . . . I arch my back pulling slowly out of the dark forbidden cave; then slam home again! Our moans of delight; pleasure and sweet pain become one. . . . . . No longer do I seem to know what utterances are emenating from whom as the two of us mould into one yet again.  Feeling my balls tingle with urgency, I pick up the pace. . . . .

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  In. . . . . . . Out. . . . . In. . .

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  . Out. . . In. . Out. IN! IN! IN!. . . You thrust back hard against me!. . . . My balls stir.

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  . . My cock thickens . . . . and as the dome of my stiff prick expands prior to orgasm!!. . . you cry out as it stretches the tight tunnel walls of your rectal passage!! Vigorously I rub your clit as the hot torrent of cum gushes into your lovely bottom and you shudder into knee buckling climax! Quickly I grip you tightly around the waist, determined that you shall recieve every spurt of my blessed revenge.  Even in the intensity of the moment, a tiny part of my mind is amazed at the cum issuing forth from a well that I had thought drained only a short time earlier.  My fingernails dig deeply into your sides as the last of my load is delivered, then with a sucking slurp, I withdraw from your now gaping hole.  I lift you slightly, so that you may release your shackled hands from the top of the shower and as you come back to earth you half collapse in my arms.  We stand there panting for a minute or two, each half supporting the other; heedless of the hot water still cascading in torrents.  Then I take you by the shoulders, push you slightly away and look down at your still handcuffed wrists.

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   With a slightly puzzled, but impish look on my face I say to you. . . . .  "So. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . Would you happen to know where the key is?????".
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