Not The Whedonverse Pt. 02 Chap. 02


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Marvel’s The Avengers, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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This Is Not The Whedonverse Pt. 02 Chap. 02
Marvel’s The Avengers With Special Guest Stars Marvel’s Agents Of S. H. I. E. L. D.
By Muhabba

"This will be, perhaps, more difficult," Ward thought as he surveyed his new surroundings.

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  The S. H. I. E. L. D. Hellicarrier looked like a standard military carrier ship docked in a New York City Navy station but he knew that four powerful turbines beneath the surface of the water could lift the carrier into the sky and reflector screens would render it nearly invisible from the surface. Various security personnel scurried around the outside deck of the ship, all with various separate jobs to attend to, all keeping him from accessing the Tesseract. He made sure to keep an eye on everything and everyone while the agents moved the cube from the transport ship to the holding facility as he thought, "Maria," and immediately felt his servant's mind open to him.

"Yes, Master," Maria thought back.

"Take your men and spread my influence," Ward thought, feeling the deputy director's glee at getting to infect so many more people both for her own physical enjoyment and to serve him. "Be cautious. I cannot be found out just yet. "Feeling assured of Maria's abilities he then mixed into the crowd and followed the other agents into they carrier as the carried the Tesseract to it's new location.

"Your will is my pleasure," Maria thought before starting to compile a mental list of all the pleasures she had denied herself before now as she concentrated on her career.

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  And also a list of all the agent's she now wanted to indulge them with.


Later in the day Special Agent Natasha Romanoff watched Deputy Director Hill exit a seldom used storage room, wipe her mouth off with the back of her hand, smirk, and then walk down the hall as if she wasn't doing anything strange. After a few minutes a male and female agent exited the same room, adjusted their uniforms and then headed in the opposite direction right past Romanoff's hiding spot, never noticing her. "What were you three up to?" she wondered. She knew what it looked like but she really doubted Hill's private life was nearly as interesting as it now appeared to be. "Something strange is definitely going on here," she thought as she stealthily trailed Hill down the hall.

Romanoff had first noticed something was happening in the transport on the way back to the Hellicarrier. It had felt like coming out of a fugue state when she had started to feel a deep blush of embarrassment at the downright wanton flirting she had done in the holding facility. She knew herself well enough to know that needless flirting and embarrassment weren't part of her nature and then had noticed the same wanton behavior in Hill, but unlike herself Hill continued flirting with everyone she came on contact with or simply passed by.

Now, being in a S. H. I. E. L. D.

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   facility and being a S. H. I. E. L. D. agent meant that Romanoff didn't exactly have to sneak around while she followed Hill but she still found herself wanting to step lightly so not to draw attention to herself. What the Black Widow didn't know was that because of Maria's connection to her master she already had the deputy director's attention.

Maria smirked to herself as she led Romanoff down the hall. "Master," she thought, "She's following me. I'll have her alone soon. ""I'll join you shortly," her master thought back as she gingerly made her way down the hall until she reached the particular room she had chosen. Slipping quickly inside she closed the door behind her and unzipped her uniform.

"Well, so much for not revealing myself," Black Widow thought as she watched Hill enter the locker room. "This far into the Hellicarrier I would have doubted anyone's used these rooms yet.

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  Hell, most of these rooms haven't even been assigned yet. "She stood outside the room as she tried to decide on her best course of action. The safest bet was simply to wait for Hill to come back out and then continue her surveillance but that meant leaving the deputy director alone to do whatever or communicate with whomever she wanted. She had no choice but to follow.

"Hello, Agent Romanoff," Maria said standing completely and unabashedly nude in the middle of the locker room.

Romanoff was a bit startled at Hill's greeting. If she didn't know better she'd have to say Hill had been waiting for her but why would she be waiting completely naked?"Deputy Director Hill, what brings you here?" she asked, hopefully covering up being initially startled. If there was one thing she hated more than being caught off guard it was being caught getting caught off guard.

Maria flung a towel over her shoulder as she cocked her hips enticingly and sent her master's corrupt will out to ensnare the former Russian spy. "I'm just getting ready to take a shower. I prefer this little out of the way shower since it's a bit more private. It let's me relax a bit. And you?"

Shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly Romanoff failed to come up with any reason to be in the out of the way locker room other than the obvious. "I know what you mean. I just didn't know anyone else thought so too. 


"Well then, join me," Maria smirked as she turned around and walked into the shower putting a extra twitch to her ass to give the Black Widow a good look.

Romanoff found her eyes drawn to Hill's tight back side. "At least I know she's not carrying any weapons," she thought. "Plus she'll get suspicious now if I don't join her," she decided before unzipping her tight uniform and shrugging it off. Sliding her uniform down she slipped off her sports bra, her large tits giving a small jiggle before standing firm. She bent at the waist to remove her matching black panties and then grabbed a near by towel and joined Hill in the now steaming shower. "She must really like it hot," she thought as she noticed the large cloud of steam already filling the room but failing to notice the strange green tint.

In a small, dark, unassigned bunk, Ward sat listlessly on the edge of of the cot staring blankly at the wall.

Detached from Ward It floated freely through the shower, It's essence mingling with the steam and covering the two females' wet, naked flesh. Separated from Ward It felt no desire for the womens' bodies as the hot water cascaded over their exposed skin, only the energies their vulnerable bodies contained. It desired those energies and It let It's desire spill over them.

Romanoff shivered momentarily.

Maria's eyes crawled over the Black Widow's wet, gleaming body, enjoying the way the steamy water was dripping off of the shorter woman's now hard nipples and flowed between her thick ass-cheeks. "Something the matter?" she asked coyly, already knowing the answer as she felt her master's presence sliding across her own body.

Agent Romanoff tried to shake her now fuzzy thoughts from her head.

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  "It's, ah. . . It's just a old injury," she said. She didn't know exactly what she was feeling but it certainly wasn't pain, it was just the first thing she could think to say.

"Let me see what I can do about that," Maria said as she walked behind her junior agent. She took a moment to admire the way the water flowed from the secret agent's red hair, down her graceful back, over her taunt ass, and slid down her legs. She placed her hands on Romanoff's shoulders and began massaging her muscles, feeling the other woman first tense up at her touch and then slowly start to relax as she continued. She started by concentrating on the Widow's trapts before caressing down the other woman's shoulders to her arms, the Black Widow's head rolling forward as she moaned quietly in appreciation.

"Why am I feeling like this?" Romanoff wondered as she groaned out. She hadn't felt tense before entering the shower but now every muscle in her body felt like a live wire, sizzling in the warm steam even as she felt herself relax, a contradiction she couldn't rationalize. Every instinct she had was telling her that she was in danger but her mind felt like it had been separated from her body. Her naked, vulnerable, throbbing body.

Maria had to suppress a chuckle as she felt Agent Romanoff respond to her touch. She stepped closer to the other woman, her hard nipples scraping against the sexy agent's back.

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  She slid her hands down the junior agent's arms, enjoying the simple feel of Romanoff's silky skin. She moved her hands to the now panting woman's back, massaging her muscles from her shoulders down to the top of her thick ass as the other woman pushed her back side up towards Maria's grasping hands. Maria pressed her groin forward against the Black Widow's ass, grinding against her thick rear as she slid her hands around to the agent's abdomen. She began nuzzling the secret agent's neck as she slid her hands up to cup Romanoff's large tits. "Wow, your breasts feel phenomenal," she giggled.

"Please," Natasha groaned, lost to the lust that had sneaked it's way through her hungry body.

Maria smirked and toyed with Natasha's aching nipples. "Please, what?"

"Please. . . " Natasha panted. "Just, just. . . please," she gasped trying to fight the urge to say what she desperately wanted to say and finally failing.

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  "Please fuck me. "

Maria grinned evilly before she began kissing, nuzzling and licking down Natasha's spine. She got down on her knees and gripped the other woman's thick ass-cheeks, kneading the firm flesh like dough. She parted the panting agent's pale cheeks and heard her groan in need and then gasping out as Mara quickly licked up from her wet slit to her puckered asshole. Maria pursed her lips and kissed at Natasha's dripping pussy, amazed at how easily the agent had succumbed to her and the master, lost the moment she had entered the shower.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck. . . " Natasha chanted in animalistic need as Maria began shoving her tongue into her dripping pussy. She knew that what was going on was wrong, knew that it had to have been some kind of trap and was amazed that it had happened so quickly but she didn't care. All she cared about now was that she had never felt so horny before in her life and that Maria's tongue felt like heaven itself.

"She tastes soooo good," Maria thought as she hungrily licked at Natasha's gushing cunt. She shoved her tongue as deep as she could into the horny agent's hole and rolled it up like a tube before pushing it in and out, tongue fucking her. She used her nose to nuzzle against Natasha's taint as the Black Widow groaned and moaned in lust above her. She held her agent's hips as Natasha began humping herself against her face as she eagerly licked and sucked the secret agent's pussy.

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  She could tell Natasha was already on the verge of cumming by the spike in energy flowing over them both and couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. As far as the junior deputy director was concerned she could have happily spent all day with her tongue in Natasha's cunt but her master needed her to spread him to as many people as possible.

Pulling her tongue out of Natasha's drooling cunt she aimed herself up a bit, rolled her tongue up again and plunged it into the horny agent's tight ass.

"Oh God!" Natasha screamed as she came. If Maria hadn't been holding firmly to her wide hips she would have fallen to the wet floor as her muscles spasmed and twitched in pleasure. She slid forward and rested her heaving chest against the wall as she began palming her large tits, tugging on her nipples while riding out her orgasm.

Ward's eyes began to focus as It rejoined him and Natasha's energies filled him.


Standing outside of Selvig's new lab Ward peered though the glass door at the Cube as it pulsed, almost like it was calling to him. Selvig was alone in the room finishing the placement of the Tesseract in it's new cradle as Ward made contact with Maria, ordering her to his side.

"How may I serve you, Master," Maria obediently asked as she entered the room.

Ward didn't even bother to look at Maria as she took her place behind him, his eyes were only for the Tesseract. "Your seduction of Natasha went fairly quickly, even with my help," he said.

"Yes," Maria smirked. "A very tasty seduction. I was very pleased to have served you in that manner.

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"My powers have changed since coming to this world," Ward continued, barely acknowledging that Maria had spoken. "Previously the lust that humans feel at serving me came after sexual or telepathic contact but now it seems to come about merely through proximity. The old human, Selvig, take him. Rather, make him want to be taken. Do not force yourself on him as I wish to see how my powers have grown. "

Maria nodded obediently, "Yes, Master," before stepping into Selvig's lad. She let the door close behind her, framing her body in the doorway. "How's it going, Doctor?"

Selvig was to engrossed in his work to even look up as he said, "Very good, Deputy Director. I should have everything up and running in a few minutes. Have you been able to contact Tony Stark yet?"

"Not yet," Maria said as she started making her way around the lab waiting for Selvig to notice her, "but Stark can be a very hard man to reach. "When the doctor failed to look at her she made her way over to the console he was engrossed over. She bent at the waist and pretended to look at the various blinking lights, her back arched and her ass high in the air. "Is there anything I can do for you while we wait," she asked, trying to keep the sexual desire coursing through her out of her voice.

"No, no. I'm quite fine for right now.


  . . " Selvig started before being distracted by the woman bent over provocatively next to him. He found himself suddenly strangely drawn to her: her stern face staring intently down at the screen, her gracefully arched back, her small breasts tightly contained in her uniform, her firm and sculpted rear-end struck up high in the air, and her long legs. "I. . . uh, I mean there's not really much. . . much else I can do until I talk, I mean, you can contact Stark," he stuttered. It wasn't that he didn't find her attractive, he did, but when a man of his age saw a woman of Hill's age his first thoughts were usually just, "Young woman". He was far too old to find such a young woman as a viable sexual partner and she was far to young to find a man of his age attractive. Suddenly he shook his head. "What am I thinking?" he wondered as he tried to defend himself against finding the deputy director sexually attractive.

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Maria slowly stood up straighter and turned around, leaning back against the console and arching her back out slightly to thrust out her small chest. "Is something the matter, Doctor?" she asked while trying to sound genuinely concerned. "You seem. . . tense. "

Selvig had to tear his eyes away from Hill's chest, her nipples obviously erect. "Oh!Ah, no, no. Everything. . . everything's fine. Just. . .

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   ah, eager!Eager to get back to work. "

Placing a hand reassuringly on Selvig's shoulder Maria peered deeply into his eyes. She was purposefully making sure to keep her master's energies from leaking out but even without using them it was obvious that she was having a effect on the much older man. "I understand, Doctor. But if there's anything I can do to help I'm completely willing to be at your disposal. I'm all yours. "

"Is she flirting with me?" Selvig wondered with a small smile. "It'd be nice to think so but it's been years since I've been young enough to consider a office fling. "

Maria smiled coyly at the doctor. "What's got you grinning all the sudden?"

"Oh, just old memories," Selvig said as he took his time to fully appreciate Hill's slender, fit body. "Just, well, what you said about being tense here in the lab suddenly got me thinking about the old days in college. All those long hours locked up in the lab, just me and a friend for hours and hours trying to crack the mysteries of the universe. "

"And what did you and your friend do to release your tensions?" Maria asked knowingly.

Selvig took a moment to think it over and then let his formerly dormant libido answer for him. He cupped the back of Hill's head and leaned forward, kissing the sexy agent, their lips meeting briefly before he slipped his tongue into her warm, waiting mouth.

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As Selvig's tongue slid into her mouth it seemed to break the bubble Maria was keeping her energies in and her lust flowed into the older man through their kiss. She pressed her body firmly against his, their hands sliding along their backs as their kiss turned deeper and she felt his prick beginning to respond as she pressed her heated groin to his.

"Interesting," Ward thought as he watched the two humans beginning to mate. "Simple proximity raises the humans' libidos. That will make things easier. "He casually made his way into the lab, Maria and Selvig paying no attention to him as Maria broke the kiss, giggling sweetly as she got onto her knees. Ward held his arms open wide welcoming the energies of the Cube, basking in them. "Home," he whispered reverently as he released his energies, mingling them with the Tesseract's, preparing to open a portal to bring forth the true rulers of this world. His eyes flashed orange fire as be released his will and waited to greet the Great Old Ones and rejoin them, shaping the world in their Hellish vision. No, Hell was to small a word. The humans would pray for something as mundane as Hell.

Ward’s energies flowed around the Tesseract letting his desires to open a way home fill every atom of his existence. And then he waited. And then he continued to wait. And waited some more.

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  He looked over at Maria and Selvig as the woman released the older man’s hard cock from her talented mouth and stood up, Selvig helping her out of her uniform before she sat up on the computer console and spread her long legs to the scientist. Ward turned back to the Cube, the flames in his eyes dimming. “Why isn’t it working?” he wondered as he held his arms out even more rigidly and redoubled his concentration. Nothing continued to happen. He was momentarily distracted as Maria squealed gleefully and Selvig chuckled. Ward let his arms drop in frustration and strode over to the Cube. “Why won’t you work?” he hissed through gritted teeth. “I just want my home. ”

Looking over at Selvig and Maria again, Ward thought about asking them for some kind of assistance but he realized that he already knew everything that they knew about the Tesseract. He placed his hands directly on the Cube and concentrated again but nothing still happened. He growled in frustration and held his head in his hands as he concentrated on Natasha.

“Yes, Master,” Natasha said as she walked down one of the Hellicarrier's many halls.

“I cannot yet activate the Cube,” Ward thought at his servant. “It appears I will need this Stark person. Bring him to me. 


Natasha stopped outside the door to one of the crew quarters. “Already working on it, Master. ”

Ward nodded his head as he turned his attention to Selvig and Maria. With nothing else to do but wait for his influence to be spread he watched Selvig and Maria fuck, it might be interesting to see how well the older man kept up with the older woman. And having already had Maria he perhaps could offer the aging scientist some pointers.


There was no way Stark would allow her close enough to seduce him so Natasha would have to go about it in a round about way. She knocked on the crew quarters door and then held up a bottle of Scotch and two glasses just as the door opened. “Hey, Phil. Heard you were going on a trip. ”

Coulson smirked. “Just across town. I don’t think it deserves a bon voyage,” he said in his usual dead-pan but good natured voice as he held the door open and let Natasha in. “What’s the special occasion?”

Natasha placed the bottle and glasses on the room’s small table and then sat on the edge of Coulson’s bed. “Nothing special. We’ve both been kinda busy with Fury’s Avengers Initiative and I thought we could both use a bit of a break.

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  You’re not heading to Stark Tower just yet are you?” she asked before pointing towards the bottle. “You can pour. ”

“Techs are running some diagnostics on Lola,” Coulson said as he poured a small amount of liquid into both his and Natasha’s glasses, “Should be ready in about an hour. ”

“You and that little red car of yours,” Natasha said with a smirk as she took her glass from Coulson and he sat down next to her. “Boys and their toys. Cheers. ”

“Cheers,” Coulson said and quickly downed his Scotch. “Oh, that’s good. Where’d you pick this up?”

“Barton actually picked it up for me,” Natasha said before sipping at her drink. “I was shocked he knew anything about Scotch,” she said with a friendly smirk.

“So what really brings you to my quarters?” Coulson asked as he sat down his empty glass.

Natasha grinned. “You always were a quick one, Phil,” she said taking another sip before putting her own glass down. She knew that she needed to seduce Coulson to complete her master’s plans and she knew that all she needed now was close proximity in order to raise a person’s libido but she also knew that the agents of S. H.

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  I. E. L. D. were a close knit bunch with little time off and various histories. Including her and Coulson. “When’s the last time you had some time off, Phil?”

“Probably around the same time you did,” Coulson said with a smirk. He knew where this conversation was probably headed since agents rarely got time off to relax. Or just let off some steam.

Natasha smirked as she slowly unzipped her uniform halfway down to her torso to reveal her unencumbered cleavage. “So, a week before forever ago,” she joked as she leaned towards Coulson, lifting one of his hands up to her amazing chest as she kissed him. The kiss was short but strong, their lips mashing together as she ran her warm tongue across his lips.

Coulson ran his thumb over the spot of Natasha’s uniform covering her hard nipple before breaking the kiss. “I have to leave for Stark’s new tower soon,” he warned playfully.

Natasha smiled up at him.

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  “Remember Kuwait?I’m not going to need that long,” she said with a playful smile as she began quickly unbuttoning Coulson’s shirt.

“Oh, I remember Kuwait,” Coulson said as he hurriedly took off his jacket and began loosening his tie. He stood up and slid his shirt and tie off as Natasha smile wolfishly before standing up as well and beginning to pull her tight uniform down. He quickly slipped his shoes off and bent down to yank off his pants and boxers before standing up again to see that Natasha was completely naked and hadn’t been wearing a single stitch of underwear. “No underwear, huh?So this isn’t just a spur of the moment thing, you came prepared. ”

“What can I say, I always wanted to be a boy scout,” Natasha said sardonically as she reached out and grabbed Coulson’s already hard shaft at the base. “And speaking of prepared. . . ”

Coulson stepped closer, Natasha jerking his shaft as her firm tits pressed against his chest. “Like you said, it’s been a while,” he said before kissing her, running his tongue past her red lips as he squeezed one of her large breasts with one hand and ran his other hand down her backside. He slid his fingertips between her tight ass-cheeks, reaching low to caress the already wet juncture between her legs.

Natasha turned them around and pulled Coulson down with her as she laid down on his cot. “I thought you were dating a violinist or something?” she asked as she broke the kiss, now laying flat on the mattress.

“Cellist,” Coulson said as Natasha spread her legs and used the grip she still had on his prick to move him on top of her, between her thighs.

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  “But we haven’t gotten this far yet. ”

“What?Casual quickies between friends?” Natasha asked jokingly before moaning in pleasure as Phil slid the first few inches of his hard cock into her wet pussy.

“Ahhhh. . . ” Phil groaned as Natasha released the hold she had on his dick and her tight pussy fluttered around his shaft. “You know what I mean,” he said with a grin as he slowly pushed his shaft into her hot, clutching pussy.

“Mmm. . . She’s missing out,” Natasha groaned as Phil slid the last of his dick into her. She ran her hands up and down his back, amazed at the musculature that was usually hidden beneath his suit. She rolled her hips up to meet his groin, rubbing her inflamed clit against him as he began slowly working himself in and out of her.

Phil grunted as he began to slowly build his pace, plunging harder and faster into Natasha’s tight cunt. “Thanks,” he grunted before bending his head down to her chest and catching one of her ripe nipples between his lips, biting down on it slightly and causing the super-spy to squeak in joy.

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  His cum-filled sack slapped wetly against her ass-cheeks as he plunged into her wet hole harder and faster and causing them to both moan out.

Natasha rolled her hips up in time to Phil’s thrusts as she arched her back to push her phenomenal chest up to his sucking mouth. “She’s going to feel like one lucky girl when you finally do,” she said with a grin as she fucked back against his insistent thrusts.

“Thanks,” Phil said through his mouth-full of tit as he thrust himself into Natasha’s body over and over again. He released her tit from her mouth and switched to the other jiggling orb, enjoying the sound of her squeaking again when he bit down on the new nipple. He buried himself as deep as he could into her churning cunt, letting her nipple pop out of his mouth as he gripped her hips. Sitting straight up he slipped his hands underneath her to grab a hold of her muscular ass, lifting her lower body up and then down on top of his thighs, his prick never leaving the tight sheath of her sexy body.

“Oh fuck, she’s going to feel lucky!” Natasha gasped at the change of position. With her lower body resting on the top of Phil’s thighs and her upper body laying flat on the mattress there was nothing for her to do but enjoy the feel of him as he began fucking himself deep inside of her again.

“Thanks,” Phil grunted as he pumped himself into Natasha’s hot, sweating body while he held her legs wide open. He had a completely unobstructed view of her naked, gleaming body as they fucked and was amazed at how little her unbelievably firm tits moved when he pounded into her.

“How. . . how much.


  . . much longer until. . . ‘til you have to. . . to leave for. . . for Stark Tower,” Natasha grunted between thrusts. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the pure pleasure coursing through her body, her arms out spread and her legs held wide open.

Phil took a quick look over at his clock, not wanting to tear his eyes away from Natasha’s amazing body. “Twenty.

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  . . twenty more. . . more minutes,” he panted in response.

Natasha licked her lips. “Al. . . already?Better. . . better hurry up then. Still have.

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  . . have to clean up and. . . and get dre. . . dressed. ”

Phil didn’t want to end so soon but he knew Natasha was right. He leaned over her, letting her ass slide down his thighs back onto the bed, his throbbing cock still buried inside of her as he bent over her. Without moving his prick he rolled his hips, his groin scraping against her erect clit and his cock-head rubbing against her G-spot, making her cum.

“Soooo fucking lucky,” Natasha groaned through her orgasm her tight pussy gripping down on Phil’s cock as he shuddered and came as well, his thick seed filling her spasming pussy. Her orgasm washed over her like a warm, gentle wave flowing through her body.

Phil grinned down at Natasha’s panting face.

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  “Thanks,” he moaned as he was filled with a new purpose.

Natasha looked up dreamily at Phil. “Nothing like a quick, casual fuck between friends. You know what you have to do now, right?”

Phil smiled warmly down at Natasha. “Serve the master. ”


Nick Fury sat in his private office studying the security footage on his computer. He didn’t usually carry his side-arm while behind office doors but today he needed the comforting wight. Black boots, black slacks, black shirt, black shoulder holster and his mat black gun. He was ready for battle but he didn’t know what or who the enemy was. His computer monitor was split into a dozen window, each one shuffling through different areas of the Hellicarrier. Some showed agents going through their tightly drilled routines, other showed agents wandering around with a dazed look on their faces, and the rest showed agents sneaking back and forth form room to room, hall to hall, access corridor to walk-way to venting ducts.

Fury reached for the comm on his desk and flicked it on. “Barton, this is Fury. Come in. ”

“Barton here.

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  What’s up, Nick?” the comm clicked on.

“I need you back at the Hellicarrier,” Nick said without inflection. “ASAP. I’ll have a sit-rep for you on site. ”

"Roger, Nick. Over. " and the comm clicked off.

Fury Sat back and stared at his screen for another moment before pulling out his personal tablet. He took a breath, collecting his thoughts, organizing them, trying to figure out how to write that his Hellicarrier had been infiltrated.


Ward took one last look at the dossier before It left him sitting on his cot, staring blankly at the wall. Two human females in a foreign land far away. It had no idea how or why the humans would divide their lands but now It had to find It's way through those lands, across a wide body of water to another land that was the same as the first land. When the Ancient Ones returned there would only be one land and it would be beautifully desolate and the water would be as blood. A pang of homesickness throbbed through It as It let It's desire to find the two females fill It while It traveled across the void of land and water.

It did not feel time the way that mortals did when It was not residing in one and had no idea how long it was taking to track down It's targets as It traveled. 

  In the bright light of day it would be hard to detect It's presence as It swirled around a large area filled with scurrying humans and the two females It had found. It waited. It couldn't decide which of the females to possess, afraid that if it possessed either one than the other could perceive the changes and escape, perhaps with more information in it's mind than the one It had chosen. Sorting through It's options was more difficult without It's hosts for some reason but It decided that since It could only possess one mortal at a time then the best course of action would be to possess a different host and then simply infect them both. It quickly found a new, temporary host, one that appeared to be leading the other humans, and waited for it to be marginally alone before filling it with It's corrupting influence.

It rifled through It's new mind and found that It was now Jannik Schmidt, foreman of a construction company. His company had been hired to excavate a old, possibly ancient, building where a mysterious object had been found during World War II. Jannik had no idea what the object had been but It knew that according to the S. H. I. E. L. D. files that the object had been the Tesseract, unearthed by the Red Skull, the Nazi super-villain who ultimately betrayed the Nazi party for his own plans and had used the Cube to power his weapons. And now, also according to the S.

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  H. I. L. E. D. files, Jannik answered to Dr. Jane Foster and her assistant Darcy.

Jannik knew where they were and stalked over to them, trying to smile warmly as he approached. "Good morning," he said with a thick German accent.

"So far it is," Dr. Foster said as she caught Darcy ogling the foreman as he approached. "Stop that," she hissed to her assistant as she jabbed her in the side with her elbow.

"What?" Darcy whined. "He's, like, totally ripped. "

"Try to at least act professional," The astrophysicist said before turning back to Jannik.

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  "How's the dig going?" she asked the muscular foreman.

"Fine, fine," Jannik answered as he took a moment to admire the two females' bodies. Ward, while not represses, was a more reserved individual when compared to Jannik. Jannik had admired the two American women since they arrived earlier this morning with their special government contracts to begin to supervise the excavation of the old building. He had been lucky to have had the closest construction crew for the rushed excavation and had easily won the bid to begin the soonest which now brought him under the supervision of the two beautiful Americans. He had admired them since first meeting them but he was to much of a professional to hit on them during the job and since his libido was more robust than Ward's he planned on hitting on one, if not both, as soon as the job was finished.

Since she was in charge, Jennik looked over Dr. Jane Foster first. She was an astrophysicist which made it strange she had been placed in charge of an excavation. She had a slim build with a tight ass, small breasts, bright brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair, and wearing a plain blouse and slacks.

Jannik hadn't figured out what Darcy was. She held no degrees, made no decisions, was not consulted on anything and appeared to have no knowledge of anything they we're doing there. But her dramatic hourglass figure, round ass,giant breasts, generous mouth, long dark hair, and wearing loose fitting slacks stretched tightly over her ass and a matching blouse stretching tightly over her chest didn’t make him mind too much. "I thought we could go over the details of the dig in my trailer, if that's OK with you?” he asked the two women.

"Sure, sure," Doctor Foster said as she turned to her student assistant.

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Darcy grinned at Jannik, admiring his broad chest for a moment. "You got any food in there, I'm starving. "

Jannik smiled and posed a little for the younger woman. "I'm sure I can find something to satisfy you. This way," he said, holding his arm out to the trailer/office and then followed the two women in. "Drinks?" he asked as he casually locked the door behind them without being noticed.

"Water, please," Dr. Foster answered.

"Lighten up, Jane," Darcy said, elbowing her friend, "We're in Germany, home of beer. I'll have a beer, Jannik," she said cheerfully.

Jannik was already preparing the beers and handed one to each woman. "I assure you that there is water in beer, Dr. Foster," he said with a grin. "And such a small amount of alcohol matters very little. "He grabbed his own beer and gestured to the sitting area of his office, a small couch and chair.

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  "Sit, sit," he said jovially. Dr. Foster took the chair, sitting rather stiffly, while Darcy reclined on the couch, leaving just enough room for Jannik to slid in next to her. "So how would you like to proceed, Dr. Foster?” he asked as he watched her take a sip from her beer. He released a small bit of his power and will into the small room and waited.

The somewhat socially awkward astrophysicist took another small sip of her beer, completely oblivious to Darcy quickly downing her’s and Jannik playfully sliding the undergraduate his own. She shifted around in her chair a little, suddenly filling stifled for some reason and missing Darcy taking the foreman's beer and rubbing the lip of his cup against her full lips before taking a deep drink. As Dr. Foster made her way through her notes she had put together before coming to Germany, missing Darcy giggle as Jennik took the beer back, took a sip and then placed it back against Darcy's lips and poured the liquid into her mouth. Dr. Foster started talking over the points she wanted to accomplish as she unconsciously undid the first few buttons of her blouse, suddenly feeling very warm and still not noticing Darcy and Jennik as he placed his beer down and placed his hand on Darcy's knee. She finished her plans and continued into her over-all objectives as she began fanning her flush face while Jannik slid his hand up Darcy's leg to her thick thigh and bent over her face and they began kissing deeply.

Jane was shocked when she finally looked up from her papers, shocked and oddly turned on. Darcy and Jannik we're on the couch kissing, deeply, firmly, as Darcy ran her hand up and down his muscular thigh and he all but kneaded one of her large tits.

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  "Oh, my, God," she whispered in disbelief as Jannik deftly unbuttoned the first few buttons of Darcy's top and slid his hand inside. She could hear her assistant moan in appreciation into the German man's mouth as he worked her large tit. Jane licked her suddenly dry lips as the undergraduate slid her hand from the foreman's thigh to the growing bulge in the front of his work pants. As Darcy fondled his clothed erection, Jannik slid his hand out of her shirt and down between her legs as she opened her legs to give him easier access and groaned in pleasure. Numbly, Jane let her papers fall to the floor, unsure of what to do as she watched the couple practically maul each other.

Darcy humped her groin against Jannik's hand and giggled as he took the hint and began unfastening her pants while Jane mewled as he slid his hand inside. Jane's hands began to wander across her suddenly over-heated body, sliding up and down her torso, squeezing her small breasts, rubbing up and down her slender thighs, and dipping down between her thighs as she watched Darcy remove her blouse. Darcy's large tits we're nearly falling out of her bra thanks to Jannik's hands and she just pulled the cups down, releasing her unbelievably large tits and hard, pale nipples. Jane once again licked her lips as she unintentionally imagined licking her student assistant's pale wobbling breasts asDarcy was lifting an massive tit up and presenting it to Jannik. He bent down and began sucking loudly on her creamy tit while Jane opened up her own blouse and pulled her bra down, pinching and rolling her hard nipples without even questioning the strangeness of the situation.

Jane took her top and bra off completely and then continued to toy with her small tits and moaned in pleasure as Darcy striped off her own blouse and bra. Jannik's hand was working hard between Darcy's legs as he continued to feast on her tits and caused the young college girl to pant and moan in lust with a wide smile on her face. She had difficulties opening the foreman's jeans with him bent over her chest and even though she didn't want him to stop she needed to feel his cock in her hand. She pushed her chest firmly against his sucking face as she pushed him back, swinging a leg over his lap and straddling him, trapping his hand in her pants but giving her access to his jeans. She quickly undid his belt, buttons and zipper, pulling the front of his pants down enough to release his throbbing cock.


  "Oh yeah!" she gasped happily as she wrapped her hands around the thick tool, impressed with his size as she began double highhandedly jerking him off. "Looks like I'm the one that found Thor's hammer this time. "

With her view mostly blocked by Darcy's thick ass, Jane took the opportunity to push down her slacks and panties leaving them pooled around her ankles as she spread her legs. Her overly analytical mind wasn't concerned with the surrealness of her actions or the strangeness of what was going on in front of her, she was now only concerned with how wet and hot her trimmed pussy was as she plunged two fingers into her sopping hole and began strumming her sizzling clit. "Oh God," she groaned out as she finger-fucked herself and wished Darcy would switch positions so that she could have a better view.

Jannik had Darcy's body feeling like it was on fire and her pussy churning in desire. She pulled his head up from her chest and kissed him deeply before standing up and yanking her slacks and panties down and then quickly stepping out of them. She didn't hear Jane groan as she bared her round, pale ass to her friend, she was entranced watching Jannik pulling his shirt off to reveal his washboard abs and then yanking his pants completely off. "Oh yes!" she shouted in joy and punched the air when she saw his completely naked body. She once again straddled his lap and gripped the base of his veiny prick as she lowered herself down, aiming him at her hot, needy pussy. She tight pussy slowly enveloped his prick, stretching her almost to the max but she didn't care as he once again latched on to her swaying breasts with his hands and mouth.

"Oh Jesus," Jane groaned as she watched Darcy impale herself on Jannik's large, thick cock. She couldn't help but admire the way her assistant's obviously wet pussy stretched around the German man's hard meat as she jealously slid a third finger into her gushing count, plunging her fingers in and our at the same pace that Darcy was plunging down onto Jannik's dick. Her eyes took on the sight of the undergraduate fucking herself up and down on the large dick, her thick ass-cheeks rippling with each thrust. Jane's free hand traveled between her inflamed clit and hard nipples, never satisfied with only being able to touch one or the other and she found herself wishing she had more hands.

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Darcy was fucking Jannik with the same enthusiasm she did everything else, all out. She rocked her voluptuous body up and down, her mountainous breasts swinging wildly, occasionally slapping up against the foreman's face, her round ass jiggling as it slapped against his lap while she panted and moaned in lust and pleasure. She squealed in glee as he reached around and squeezed her ass, his fingers sinking into her soft flesh and his rough fingertips brushing against her puckered asshole. She slammed her hips down and arched her back, thrusting her wobbling tits into his face as she came. "Oh fuck yes!" she shouted in joy as her tight pussy gripped and rippled along his shaft while she ground herself down, rubbing her hard clit against his groin as she rode out her orgasm. "Thor of the Thunders," she giggled as she slid bonelessly against him, the occasional tremor running through her body.

"Oh, oh, oh. . . " Jane chanted as she worked her fingers in and out of her cunt, her hand a blur, her eyes fluttering as she felt herself about to cum. She barely noticed as Jannik slid Darcy off his lap, stood up and walked over to her until his cock was bobbing in front of her face and dripping with Darcy's cum. Her eyes widened in surprise as she stared at the thick, powerful tool, her concentration broken only when he said, "Suck it,". She eagerly opened her mouth wide, taking the sticky base on her hand as her other hand continued to work frantically between her legs. She plunged the throbbing tool into her hungry mouth and sucked hard, running her tongue along the shaft as she took it into her mouth, enjoying the taste of his skin and Darcy's cum. Her lips stretched tightly around his girth as she licked every bit of her assistant's cum from the hard pole before letting it slide out of her mouth.

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  "Fuck me please," she asked desperately as she stared up at Jannik from around his throbbing cock with her wide, brown eyes.

Jannik smirked mirthlessly as he reached down and grabbed the astrophysicist under her arms and effortlessly lifted up her slender body. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked to the closest wall and held her against it and slid his hands down her needy body to cup and hold her up by her tight ass. He placed the tip of his prick at the entrance to her cunt and let gravity do the rest to pull her wet pussy down onto his hard cock.

"Yesss. . . " Jane squealed like an excited schoolgirl as the German man's cock parted and stretched her tight cunt. He began raggedly fucking her against the wall as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs swinging and kicking out from around his waist. His dick felt so deep inside her that is was like his mighty tool was the only thing keeping her from falling to the ground as it filled her again and again. "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me. . . " she chanted again and again with every thrust as her juices ran down between their sweaty bodies and dripped off his swaying balls. She couldn't remember the last time she had been fucked this good, could barely remember the last time she had sex at all, and now it felt like she was making up for lost time.

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With almost no warning, Jane's eyes shot open and she screamed, "I'm cumming!" as her pussy clamped down on Jannik's prick and her juices gushed out of her cunt.

As Jane thrashed around, Jannik kept his cock buried inside of her pussy and carried her over to the couch and the sated Darcy. He slid his prick out of her and laid her down next to her assistant before grabbing himself and aiming his cock at their upturned faces, jerking himself until he erupted and shot his thick cum across their dazed faces. He coated the two women's faces in his primordial seed, saving his last few shots for Darcy's tits until his cock began to soften and he took a few steps back to admire his work. The tales began lazily licking his cum from each others' faces, giggling and cooing to each other as they snuggled together.

"I have some questions for you," Jannik said, his eyes flashing orange and he was filled with their energies and felt them become his.

"Yes Master," Jane and Darcy said in unison.


"Next," Maria said unceremoniously as she swallowed her latest load of cum.

"Next," Natasha said a moment later. She looked over at Maria as another prick slid past the deputy director's lips. "You know I'm two up on you, right?" she said before sucking on her next prick.

Maria slid the dick out of her mouth, jerking on the shaft and fondling the balls. "That's because you're a giant slut," she said playfully. "Plus, you can let them ride your tits. "

Natasha pulled the cock out of her mouth, tugging on it as she licked the balls.

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  "Don't remind me," she said between licks and sucks, "My chest is rubbed raw and my pussy and ass are throbbing for all the wring reasons.

"Tell me about it," Maria said as she took long, firm licks of the salty pole from it's base to it's tip, swirling her tongue around the spongy head before licking back down. "My jaw feels like it's about to fall off. There's got to be a better way to do this. "

Natasha took the entirety of her shaft into her mouth, deep throating it and swallowing around the hard dick before pulling it out so she could breath again. "This was your idea. Something about running it like a production line for 'Greater Efficiency you said. "

Maria trapped the tip of her prick between her like, swirling her tongue around it before releasing it again. "And I'm woman enough to admit when I'm wring. Any other ideas?"

Natasha wrapped her lips around the rip of her cock and swirled her tongue around it as she jerked the shaft with both of her hands before pulling it out of her mouth. "Yeah, I think I've got a idea. "


"So basically you know nothing more than what I've already learned fro the S. H. I. E. 

  L. D. files," Jannik said in exasperation.

Jane and Darcy sat unabashedly naked on the couch, snuggled up together and gently rubbing their bodies against one another. "To be honest, Master, I probably wrote some of those files explaining just how much we don't know," Jane said.

"I helped," Darcy chirped.

Jannik groaned in frustration. "I hate this world," he muttered to himself, "It is almost like information has been purposefully hidden from me. I will return to the Hellicarrier while you will spread my influence here. If for nothing else than perhaps brute strength may be needed if I cannot activate the Tesseract. "

"Yes, Master," Jane and Darcy said happily as they ran their hands softly up and down each others bodies.

From Jannik It could feel Ward across the lands and waters, a connection from host to host and perhaps, as he grew more powerful, from host to servant. "So much to learn," It thought as Jannik closed his eyes and Ward opened his. "Maria, Natasha, how goes the spreading of the infection?I can feel the power flowing into me," he thought to his servants.

"Very well, Master,"Maria thought back.

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"Maria and I have come up with a course of action to spread your influence even faster," Natasha thought.

"Influence, yes. Excellent," Ward thought at his servants. "There was no new information on the Cube in Germany and so I've decided to simply take over the while of S. H. I. E. L. D. as my own. And then, when I finally activate the Tesseract, I can remake this world the way it should be. The spread of my influence is becoming even easier, you should have no problems spreading my will. "

"Yes, Master," the two agents thought gleefully, happy to help their master end their world.

To be continued. .

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  . .