Topic: OKAY SO I CHEAT 3 Okay so I cheat 3
 More true lust.
 Lust had started ruling my waking moments. may sound crazy,but although in my own mind I was pretty sure I knew the source of sperm that had made me pregnant last time. I now had an even higher desire of lust than before. I reasoned that providing I stayed within certain common sense rules of my own,no one would suspect at where my pregnancies had started from. I liked a type of bloke similar to my husband,blond,with the caucasian features of a viking. Or that was how I seen it anyway.
 I'd been rambling along receiving many sexual moments at the hands of my husband and also from my sexually lusty server. Time to spread my options I thought. This is how it came about; We were at an event,nothing special,just a casual coming together,that had not been arranged for any particular reason. Lusty's father was also here. This old guy as I seen it,he was about fifty eight where as I was,well,in my early twenties. This old sod was a handsome,rough,tough looking craggy sort. Kirk Douglas-ish,even down to the chin dimple.  OK! So he was not unattractive,with suitable colour and features.  
 Nothing was farther from my mind than sex with an old man - Honest! Anyway,we had never spoken then and I did have an inclination about him from my cousin.

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   She reckoned he'd tapped her up,but then again she claimed he'd knocked off half the wife's in his street. Just gossip thinks me. Siddling across to cousin, "Is that your father-in-law then,the one you said about?" - "Yeah,sure is,watch out for him if you want to keep your knicker's on" I giggled. "I mean it,I don't think I'm out of the woods with him,he tried it on again the other day" - "You could always tell hubby" - "God no! They're as thick as thieves"
 We separated and I gave it no further thought until I,on passing behind him, - belly to bum - felt a finger poke me straight in the pussy through my clothes. - "Sorry" That was me although it was him doing it,as I jerked my front away from his hand,only to return to find his finger was still poking towards me. Turning,with a mischievously devilish smile on his lips, "Oh,sorry,I thought it was someone else" - No embarrassment,just barefaced devilishness. I meekly smiled and passed,hearing his naughty comment, "You're nicely formed though" It all passed into the evening and was forgotten by me,that is until I lay in bed,hubby having Zonked out through over indulgence. I started to play - as one does - and it sprung into my mind whether he'd thought I was she? his daughter-in-law?
 I now wondered if the tale she related about his neighbour's wife's was fact or fiction. I drifted off to sleep,thinking,perhaps he too is a sexual preditor like his son! . . . The thought re-occurred the following morning. While sat at the table,doing nothing in particular,it crossed my mind that I also was a sexual preditor but gave myself the excuse I was aquiring the strongest possible sperm for pro-creating the species.  Well,I liked Darwins theory,it fitted in nicely with my promiscuity don't you reckon?
 Come later in the day,having spoken to my cousin,she again said he'd just called in and had come on to her some more. "Did you?" - "NO,course I didn't.

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   Would you?" - "MMM! No course not,he's much to old" - Big red light now! "Would you with anyone,given the chance?" - Time to get off the phone - "No course not,I'm happily married. Must go now" - "Hang on a mo' - I think the old Romeo may be heading your way. My instincts tell me he was real horny and at one point I thought I'd had it" - Almost in a whisper, "He grabbed me in a kiss and squeezed my tits for ages,god it made me feel all funny" - I couldn't resist it. - "You should have let him" - "OO You,I bet you wouldn't,Bye" - I had the feeling he had made her knickers wet and she intended to masterbate as soon as possible. Well,one does doesn't one?
 I went about my doings until I heard the doorbell. I fluttered inside my stomach,no it can't be,can it? It was and he came in. "About yesterday,I'm not here to apologise or that. I liked what I felt" - In a moment,he had me against the wall and fingers squeezed into my pussy. "I knew straight away you were game" - I wrestled at him but the slim sinued arms were like bailing wire pinning me as his hand felt up my leg. Stop it,get away from me. You're much to old anyway,leave me alone" His hand was squeezing my pussy in the most prevocative way and to stop me saying anymore he kissed at my mouth and although resisting he was having the most strange affect on my body.
 "I'm here to fuck you,now stop being so damned hard to get,We're going to fuck" God,I went like jelly,my knees felt wobbly,my pussy went all wet and he kissed even harder as I felt my buttons being opened. Then it happened,A warm hard poking cock pressed at my belly. All in one I felt my knickers pulled away and down at the front and his infernal cock against my quim. "NO! NO! DONT,I don't want to have it with you" - "Liar,your pussy's as slippery as I've ever felt" - It pressed deep into my slit as he thrust hard and quick.


   "See you're happy now" I didn't admit it but this forced sex really was making my juices flow. He was hard fast and full. I found this out as with a grunt he poured his fluid deep into me. Thrust,spurt! Thrust Spurt! It went on about four or five times,then he held that still hard cock in me as though to plug my hole until I'd become inpregnated.
 "See,you liked that really didn't you?" - I stood saying nothing - "Don't be like that, - I didn't make you come did I?" - He started to move in and out of me. My instincts was to resist an orgasm at all cost,but as his friction started to again play games in my vagina I felt myself weakening. Damn,the game was up. I started to thrust back at his cock as his balls slapped against my pussy. Then I started cumming and again I felt his sperm pump up into me. This time I clung on in orgasm,milking every drop of jism from his body.
 "You old bastard,you just raped me" - "Didn't I ever?" That devilish grin again,just like last night. We stood still joined at the point of orgasm. "Better now? - I could kill a coffee" He pulled out of me and I couldn't help but look down at his knob,thick,veiny and pulsing to his fast heart beats.  While looking, he picked up my knickers and wiped his cock off in them. My thought was.

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   The neck of the man,he rapes me,then uses my knickers to wipe my juices off his cock,in doing so he peeled his foreskin off its hemet and I saw the formidable mushroom head that had just inserted a massive amount of cum up me. Purple almost anguished looking,these cocks are oh so ugly yet equally so desirable.  Standing in front of me with his staff still stiff I held this cock for the first time and tried to roll the skin back over the helmet. No amount of squeezing would yoll it over and as I let it loose it stiffened from my efforts and eyed me as though the hole was an evil eye. I was captured now! - "That daughter-in-law of mine, - he broke my attention. - don't know what she's missing out on. You ought to tell her" - I now looked at his body,clearly his torso although hidden was strong and firm,his legs were strong but thin like saplings with his belly firm and hard. A father any child could be happy to have fathered them.
 "Why so quiet? Bothered about what we've just done" - My response was, "WE'VE. You mean you! I had no wish or part of it" - "Rubbish,that second fuck made you cum and anyway you met me thrust for thrust,just like the others" - I took the opening expecting a denial" - "You mean,like your neighbours wife's you've fucked" - "Ah,so that's got too you,I'm not surprised. Its no secret, Fucked yes,but remember,they've all got children to thank me for" - I couldn't believe how blatant he was. - "Yours will be a good looking kid as well. My neighbour and daughter was well pleased" - "What with her grandchild?" - "God no,yes! Her child and her daughters child are like peas in a pod" - I stood dumbfounded with my lower body nakedly exposed and his cock still out but now only half hard. "Come on get that coffee going"
 He pulled up his trousers and I on moving my bum from the wall let my dress drop but it hung open at the front where he'd opened the buttons right down. I seen him study my body again, "You're nice you know,I'll help myself again to that" - I neither responded or desisted as he felt my body in greater detail,he kissed and felt some more releasing my tits and fondling my nipples.

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   What a bastard,I wanted to have some more now and he knew it. "Tomorrow eh? Lets drink now" - We sat and drank and talked,he told me he'd fucked six neigbours and the one with the daughter had known he fucked her daughter the next day because she had been out. They both fell for babies and although at first she had bashed his chest for fucking her daughter,he said she soon came round when she found out they were both pregnant and he spent a happy few months servicing both at the same time.
 He welcomed me to his harem,as he chose to call it and told me his next recruit was his son's wife. She knew it and was a bit hesitant compared to me. When I pointed out he'd raped me,he joked it off and told me I wasn't the first to make that claim,but everyone of his women had excepted many more fuckings regardless of their chosen claim. The pig was so sure of my and obviously these other women's needs,I could have kicked him. - But of course he was right,there was just something about this old fucker. I never managed to put my finger on it but he found me always willing to secombe to his sperm. Within three months I was impregnated and mused over my next target as yet unknown.
 The very next day he was back and having placed me face down on the table he was giving me a steady fuck when the phone rang. The steady thrusts was making me slide too and fro on my tits as he slid into my very core. - "Its me,he did it,I told you he would. God he was like a wild animal when he done it. I didn't admit to him it made me orgasm,nor that I liked it,but I hope he did.

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   I want to do it somemore with him. Don't tell anyone. He may come to you in a bit. Did he yesterday? Like I said he might" - A deep voice overtoned my own, "Yes he did and he is right now"
 "OO-Argh" - The phone went dead. "Bet that shit her up,serve her right for telling you I've just put my still wet cock from her cunt straight into yours" I admit I giggled as I imagined her face at finding he was actually fucking me when she phoned. - "Ah,she'll be alright when I turn up to fuck her tomorrow,but at the moment she'll be there wondering if she's blown it" - "You've got a head as big as a bucket,why do you think you have such a power over women?" - "Well you're still taking it from me today although I told you who and how I fucked my neighbours,you figure it out. Why do you?"
 I never did figure it out,the nearest I got too,was women are attracted to men who treat them like shit. Caveman stuff I reckon!
 The next lusty tale was a shock and even against my rules.

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