On the Edge


It happened so innocently. I was 23 and she was 36 divorced and a mother of two kids. We worked for the same small company, she was on the assembly line and I worked in the laboratory.

When I would look her way she would meet my eyes just a moment longer then would be normal. She would often find reasons to come into the lab looking for something. She’d always find a way to pass right by me even if it was the long way around. Sometimes she would brush against me as she passed.

I would smell her perfume and my head would get dizzy and my cock would start to grow. I had to steady myself against a counter and stop what I was doing until she was gone. All the time I would know exactly where she was in the room without looking up. It was a weird feeling but I could sense her warm body.

She must have noticed the effect she was having on me because she would give me a mischievous smile as she left the room. After she was gone, her smell would linger in the air. I found myself fantasizing about her.

What would it be like to kiss her, to touch her face and feel her body against mine and breathe her into me?

She excited me in a way that no woman my own age had ever done. My hormones had been raging since I was about 6 years old so I had plenty of opportunities to lust after someone.

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   This was a whole new level of erotic for me!

Her name was Jean. She was not a perfect beauty but she was cute with long blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She was about 5’ 4” with small but perky breasts and not much of an ass but enough to make it worth watching. When she smiled she had a slight overbite that actually made her look even more attractive. There was something very sensual about that little overbite.

I was an average 23 year old male, kind of quiet, average build. I mostly kept to myself but I could party pretty hard when the occasion would arise. I was involved in a long term relationship with a girl I had dated since high school. But this only made these fantasizes even more exciting. I wasn’t in love but I wanted to know this women’s body. Every inch of her body!

We started spending more time together during breaks and lunchtime. She would laugh at just about anything I said and when she did she would touch my hand or arm. The first time it happened I was so flustered I lost track of what I was saying. I made like I was coughing and excused myself.

I ran to the bathroom and immediately jerked off.

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Normally I would never do that at work but I couldn’t help myself. The warm touch of her hand sent such an electric shock through my whole body that I started to leak pre-cum and I hadn’t even gotten fully erect yet.

Anyway, as time went on I got better at reacting to her touches and teases. I guess the other employees realized we were becoming more than just coworker friends and began leaving us to have our lunch and breaks by ourselves.

This was great because now I could direct the conversation to more personal. After some of our private lunches I was so excited I could hardly breathe. We began bringing our lunch from home but leaving the building and driving to a nice secluded spot so we could eat and talk.

The conversations were getting hotter and hotter! I couldn’t take much more of this. I needed to have this woman. On me, in me, around me I didn’t care I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anyone before.

One rainy day we parked for lunch in the back of a large shopping mall way back by the far fence. No one was around, the windows were all steamed up and we were very alone.

As we ate I could feel my nerves growing more excited with each minute that passed. I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. Her smell was so thick in my car you could almost taste it.

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   If I was going to do something I had to do it now. We only had forty-five minutes for lunch and fifteen were already gone.

So I swallowed hard and looked her straight in the eyes. I put my hand on hers and said “Jean, I don’t know how to say this to you so I’m just going to say it and hope you don’t get upset. "

I think she knew what was coming because she never left my eyes. I began with, "You excite me in a way that no other woman ever has. When you walk into my room I instantly begin to get hard. The smell of your perfume makes me feel dizzy and my heart begins to pound. I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you. ”

And then, this part was just the best, she simple smiled that sensual smile and guided my hand up her skirt to her soaked panties. I left this world and was somewhere I had never been before. As I began to rub her through her panties I leaned forward and kissed her.

At first it was just a small light kiss but then when we came back together for the second kiss she opened her mouth and offered me her tongue. We sat there with tongues lightly dancing around each other's mouths for what seemed like ten minutes. She began to moan and press pussy against my hand.

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   I could feel her body heat, smell her womanly scent and taste her soft warm lips and tongue. There was nothing else on earth that mattered at that point.

I began to snake my finger around the crotch of her panties until I was touching her hot, wet and slippery pussy. Jean moaned again loudly as I started to strum her growing clit. She broke our kiss as her breathing became short and she leaned back in her seat. She positioned her shirt up around her waist and gave me clear access to her hot dripping pussy.

I whispered in her ear, "Do you like this?"

All she could do was look at me and roll her eyes back into her head. My cock was so hard by this point that I needed to shift positions to accommodate its growth. From this new position I could slid two fingers into her pussy and use my thumb to tease her clit.

Jean was mine! She just sat there and let me have her.

I pulled my fingers out at one point and she looked up at me kind of disappointed. Then I put them up to my mouth, closed my eyes and sucked all her juice off. When I opened my eyes again she was smiling and reached for my crotch.

I let her rub me just few times before I stopped her and whispered in her ear, "I need to do this to you first. I need to see you cum.

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   Can you do that for me? Can you cum on my fingers?"

She just leaned back, looked me in the eyes and smiled.

I resumed my activities and even though she never took her eyes off mine, after a few minutes her legs started to shake violently. Jean was moaning louder and louder. It was cheering me on, making me find her secret places and touching each one. All of a sudden she closed her eyes tight, clinched her legs together and started bucking like a wild woman against my hand.

She screamed, "Oh God I’m cuuummminnngg!"

I never saw anyone cum so hard in my life. This went on for a few moments until she released my hand and started to calm down. Jean opened her eyes and with sweat beads all over her fair head smiled at me.

"Can we do this again tomorrow?" She said.

"Well. . . " I said, "I think it’s my turn tomorrow. "

She said, "Are you sure you can wait?" She then gave me one of her teasing grins as she reached for my belt. We both started laughing.

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This was going to be the beginning of a very passionate relationship. . .

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