Piggy in the middle 02


Piggy in the middle 2.

BY Niteowluk2003

Chapter 2…. Peter takes his first steps to being a cuckold.

It was a few days later that Angela contacted Roger and he immediately made the arrangements to interview Peter alone on the next Friday evening. How ever the interview was not as straight forward as one would assume; for Peter had to be blindfolded whilst tied naked on his hands and knee’s to their bed. The finer details were that he had to have his legs tied wide open and his arse already lubricated ready; then Angela was to let in Roger before going out for at least two hours.

With all those arrangements made and agreed; Roger turned up at Peter and Angela’s house at seven pm and rang the door bell. Angela quickly let him in and excused herself taking her son; Colin; off to a friend’s for the evening. As a parting gesture she lightly slapped her husbands raised and exposed arse and was soon gone. Now Peter’s covered eyes held no information for his brain to process; so his ears became extra sensitive picking up on the slightest of sounds around the bed.

But even in there sensitive state they failed to register the closeness of Roger to Peter’s vulnerable arse; he shivered as he felt the cool waft of someone’s breath over his anal ring and balls. He tensed expecting a rough touch or a hard spank but nothing. Nothing for what seemed like an eternity, until he felt a gentle feather light touch on his inner thigh; there it was again as it lightly stroked closer to his hanging balls; then just as quickly it was gone.

Seconds later he felt the light tracing of a nail across his taut balls and he almost stopped breathing in anticipation; then just as suddenly he felt the firm hand grip his balls and pull them almost agonisingly sharply to his rear; then the soothing feel of a lotion being gently applied to his balls.

Was he imagining it or were his balls getting warm and an almost maniacal laugh told him he was not imaging it at all; his balls began to get hotter and hotter and yet nothing or no one touched him. Then in the distant recesses of his mind he heard the voice he knew belong to Roger as it informed him, “Your balls must be burning by now my weedy little cock sucking cuckold! I have given them a liberal coating of Tiger Balm so it should keep you busy whilst I inspect your more thoroughly!”

By now the warmth in his balls had become a raging fire and despite his desire to plunge his balls into icy water he found it the most intensive of a turn on; his cock felt harder and longer than he could remember for a long time.

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   The voice told him,“I know you want so much to wank your poor weedy looking cock and yet with your hands tied as they are you just can not reach and soon you will beg me to stroke your cock for you, but will I have the tiger balm on my hands or not; that is the question? But soon you won’t care you will just scream for me to wank your poor excuse for a cock!”

Sure enough soon Peter was begging; no pleading with Roger to stroke him; he promised him absolutely anything if he would only reduce this intense need to shoot he was now experiencing. Roger just laughed and reminded him, he had everything he wanted right now; Peter’s arse was his to do with as he pleased; Peter’s wife was going to be his whore and oh yes Peter was going to prepare that whore for their master’s to service as and when he wanted!

The combination of the talk and the tiger balm suddenly led to Peter’s cock erupting showering spunk all over the white bed sheet beneath him and brought the stern warning from Roger, that for that he would have to be spanked and punished. Roger went into great detail about Peter’s forthcoming punishment; as he said “You fucking waste of space; for coming without permission you will receive 12 slaps across your arse and for twenty five minutes your cock will be wrapped in cling film!”

Peter thought to himself, wow that is not a very good punishment; until Roger completed his statement, “Yes twenty five minutes of your cock wrapped in cling film with stinging nettles pressed tightly to the underside of your cock head, should show you I mean business about obedience!” Peter almost cried out aloud begging for Roger not to carry out the punishment but to no avail for he suddenly felt the stinging sensation of the nettles as they were held against the underside of his cock head and he felt the tightening of the cling film as it wrapped his cock tight. Then as he was made to count slowly to 10,000 he suddenly felt the cheeks of his arse burst into flame as slap after slap warmed those cheeks up. By the seventh slap his arse was a fiery red and a laughing Roger jerked on his cock to reinvigorate the stinging nettles.

By the time his punishment was ended, Peter was awash with emotions, his cock had never felt so alive, his hot balls had begun to cool and yet still tingled so deliciously and his flame red arse cheeks seemed so sensitive to the slightest draughts of cooler air. In fact his entire body seemed much more responsive to the slightest touch or sensation.

Suddenly he felt something semi hard and quite warm against his lips; without hesitation he opened his mouth when told to and sucked eagerly on the object slipped in there. He realised he was now sucking a real cock when Roger told him he was not a bad cock sucker for a wimp; but with the practise he was going to be getting he would soon become an expert.

Peter almost choked when Roger pushed his full seven and a half inch cock deep into his mouth hitting the back of his throat as it did so; he was grateful for the advice of breath through your nose, that Roger gave him. Soon he was swallowing the full length of cock like a seasoned whore and secretly was looking forward to the reward of his first full mouth of spunk since his schooldays,

Just when he thought he was about to be rewarded the cock was gone and a solid rubber ball gag was quickly fastened in place before he could react; now he felt the weight on the bed change and move between his legs; then he felt the hardness pressing against his anal ring as the voice told him he was about to lose his boy pussy virginity; it went on to describe how he was going to feel the same cock he had buried in his mouth buried in his shit tube until he felt the balls slapping against his arse cheeks.

Despite all that had happened so far to Peter this felt so good and so right; it was as if he had finally found his true role in life; to be the submissive captured slave of a dominant cock and feeling it plunge into his arse; powerless to stop it even if he wanted to, which he most definitely did not.

Soon Peter’s arse was full of cock and he was fucked hard and fast with his balls slapping against Roger’s thigh until Roger screamed in his ear that he was about to cum; then in an instant the cock was gone form his boy pussy and his face was now splattered with hot sticky thick goo; which as it cooled seemed to slide easier against his skin.

What Peter was unable to see was the camera flashes as Roger took loads of pictures of his captive slave; Oh he knew he did not need them to blackmail Peter into further episodes but they would make great reminders for both of them.

The gaping hole of Peter’s anal ring where Roger’s cock had been, was slowly closing up until he felt something really solid preventing it closing further; in fact as it was forcefully pushed forward he found his anal ring expanding even further than when full of cock; then suddenly the pushing stopped and his ring adjusted to the new size.

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   It slowly closed around the solid rubber object and squeezed it tight. Peter did not know what it was but he found its shape intriguing; for it was clearly conical in shape as he had experienced exquisite pain as its widest part pushed past his anal ring and he could clearly feel that wideness in his large colon.

The much narrower neck allowed his anal ring to close to a comfortable size but he could not hide the fact he kept feeling the need to thrust like the times he felt constipated and need to shit. He knew he had better not or he would have to endure further punishment and his still tender arse was still tingling and his cock was still rock hard and still feeling the last stings of the nettles. He thought to himself, my body had never felt so alive and such sensations I would never have considered possible for me to endure let alone love so much.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Roger who told him, “You will keep your butt plug in place till exactly seven thirty tomorrow morning. When you will get your wife; my slut; to remove it in one quick pull! Then you will kiss the butt plug before washing it and placing it on open display on top of your bathroom cabinet! There it must remain till our next little lesson my weedy little cock sucking wimp!”

Roger told peter he would be back in four days; when he would begin the training of his slut and this time peter would be told to stay away for the required time. Roger hinted at the things he planned for Angela but never told Peter enough for him to fore warn her. But he left strict instructions she was to wear only a blouse and skirt no underwear; she was to make sure her cunt was freshly shaved and powdered and she should understand that she will be his property and therefore refusing to do anything he said would result in severe punishment; “Oh and by the way; the pair of you should abstain from sex in any form from now till I give permission!” he added finally.

Peter never heard Roger slip away and he never heard the closing of the front door; all Peter knew was later although not sure how much later; he was being untied and as the blindfold was removed there was his wife, the lovely sexy Angela. She casually scooped up some of the cold clammy drying spunk from his face and offered it to Peter who immediately licked her fingers clean.

As they lay in bed that night, Peter tried his very best to relate everything that had happened to him back to Angela including the tiger balm and the stinging nettles; he conveniently missed out about him screaming and pleading to be fucked and about promising Roger absolutely anything to be his little whorish cuckold.

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